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He supposed it started in her third year, when they first met. Her courage and bravery had impressed him, especially in one so young.

When her and her friend Hermione had gone back in time and rescued him from the Ministry, he had been in awe that they would rescue him.

He had only seen her briefly the year the year after that, but even then he had seen the beginning of change. He wasn't able to explain it, not then, but there had been something about her then that had drawn him to her..

Of course the food she brought had helped.

During their time apart, he had missed her. And when he found out she was coming to live in the dark, gloomy house with him, he had been ecstatic. He had become even more excited when she had shown him her animagus form.

The two of them had spent hours holed up in his room talking, while the rest of the household was left unaware.

He had been sad when she had to leave to return to Hogwarts, and wished he was able to go with her. But when she told him that she would come back in a few months, he had been pleased.

Those few months had been spent in thought. He knew he was attracted to her, that he wanted her, and he determined to have her.

She had returned two days ago.

Now, with his member buried in her tight sheath, his eyes wandered over her beautiful form. Piercing green eyes, sparkling like emeralds. Black hair and feathers, combined with an obsidian beak and talons that would make her almost invisible when she hunted at night.

'Oh yes,' Buckbeak thought as he continued to ram himself into his mate, 'Harriet Potter was the perfect mare, and she would give him strong foals.'

And she was his.


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