Shelby and Wings first real kiss

The actual kiss of the series The actual text from Zero Hour All Mark Walden's

'come on' show me what you got' Shelby said throwing a set of gear to wing before pulling on a pair of gloves herself 'I'll try not to hurt you too badly'
' how reassuring' wing said pulling on his gloves he had been giving Shelby hand-to-hand combat training for sometime back at H.I.V.E And what she lacked in technique she made up for in speed and cunning.

' Bring it' Shelby said with a grin raising both gloves in a defensive stance and beckoning him towards her

' It will be brought' wing replied. He feinted to her left and she went to block as he simultaneously swung a low blow into her other side, Carefully pulling his punch so that he just tapped her.

' Two perhaps three broken ribs' wing said matter of factly 'maintain your Guard'

Shelby nodded and took a quick jab at his jaw which wing blocked effortlessly

' Try not to look where you are striking you betray your intentions'

They went on like that for a couple more minutes just as in their previous sparring sessions wing knowtised that once they began Shelby became totally focused. There were none of this smart comments or sarcasm that she'd normally used - she was suddenly deadly serious.

' Broken job possible unconsciousness' wing said calmly as he struck her passed her guard stopping his fist millimeters from her chin.

'Oh my God' Shelby gasped suddenly, staring in shock at something over wings shoulder. He spun around, his guard raised. Shelby dropped low swinging her leg out, sweeping wing's feet out from under him and sending him crashing to the floor.

'Wounded pride, possible humiliation' Shelby said with a grin offering her hand to wing and pulling him up off the floor. 'and so ends today's lesson' she said pulling off her head guard.

'an unconventional tactic' wing said with a nod, taking off his own helmet. 'but a successful one none the less'

' I kinda like unconventional tactics' Shelby said stepping towards him. 'never underestimate the power of surprise'

She grabbed the back of his neck and kissed Him for a few long seconds.

'what was that about maintaining your guard?' she said with a smile as she pulled away from him.

'sometimes one should let ones guard down' wing said staring at her for a moment before drawing her towards him and kissed her back.

'Er...guys?' a familiar voice said causing wing and Shelby to spring apart.

'dr Nero wants you to report to the briefing room' wing winced slightly as he saw Nigel and Franz standing in the doorway. Nigel was looking pointedly at the floor and Franz was staring at him and Shelby, his mouth hanging open in surprise.

'come on big guy - no rest for the wicked' Shelby said to wing with a grin, taking his hand and dragging him out of the room past Nigel and the stunned looking Franz.


That was pages 110-112 Shelby and wing's first kiss of the series in the book Zero Hour.