"Tired?" Sarah inspected the curtain of fatigue draped across Jareth's drawn features.

The Goblin King half smirked in exhaustion, rolling his weary eyes with a sardonic sweep.

"I've reordered time, been reordered through time…turned the world upside and had the world turn me upside down. Need I say more?"

Sarah lowered her gaze with a knowing warmth before planting a welcome-home kiss on her monarch's cheek.

As she withdrew, Jareth protested.

"Is that all I'm getting, my dear?"

Biting her lip with a raised eyebrow, Sarah took his hands in hers.

"Why don't you come with me and lie down. No point in sitting, I'm sure they made you do plenty of that at the Council."

Allowing her to lead him to an awaiting sofa, Jareth stretched out with a long sigh as Sarah sat down at his side.

"Rest well, my liege. It is good to have you back." Sarah cooed as she let her hands melt away the tension in her Fae's forehead, neck, shoulders…

Jareth gradually drifted away, surrounded by the soothing touch of his beloved.

Sarah watched his breathing slow. Even though she knew he was asleep, she didn't want to move. She'd missed her king dearly in his absence and so held silent vigil over the unconscious sprawl of limps, torso and tousled mane. That is until she too dozed off and laid sleepy head across her sweet king's chest.