When Two Worlds Meet

It was a sunny day In a small town called mavest vill in the flordia keys. The light house keeper's daughter, Phlidelphia. But the people in the town called her Philly. She was comeing home from a day at the beach.

"hey dad!" "oh hi darling i was just about to call you. Want to see the sun set together in the light house?"

"why do you still work in a light house tower? I thought they were electronic now. I bet the one in Africa where mom lives is electronic." Philly said.

"well thats becuse this dock is important and this light house always have problems. so thats why they called me"

"what about the one where mom lives? by the way when is mom going to visit?"

"she's not"

"why cant she get a ticket and go by plane"

"becuse there are no planes"

"then how did she get from africa to here five years ago?"

"... maby your old enought."



"then what am i old enought for?"

"lisen your mom isnt relly from africa."

"what? then where? poleland?"

"no... Dinotopia"

"... what?"