"um... yes yes she is thank you" and she took her in . "how did you get her!" she said she wa pretty pist. "arnt you happy?" "yes i am sweet heart but it's dangerus!" "mom come back to us. the light house is grate and and" "sorry i cant come" philly was sad "why"

"ugh... sit down let me tell you a story a true story. Its all began along time ago. dinotop is a place where dinosurse still live. 3 ships tank and all the people here were ship wreked humans. but the land changed them now we live in peace with the dinos. the people here have dinotopia its hard for them to get off this I was born here. How your father and I met was he was on his jet ski but then a wirl pool came and sank him. just like you he was saved by dolphins and washed up on shore. So I was at this market selling jewlary until we met. He took me to flordia where we lived but if someone with dinotopia blood stays at the main land too long bad thing happen. so i had to leave. but you, you can come and go anytime you want becuse you have both human and dinotpia blood. "