CH. 1

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Three omniscient being stood looming over the body of a handsome blonde man, wearing a white sleeveless trench coat with orange flames. The first being in a dark blue robe spoke. "What shall we do with him? He was not supposed to have died just yet."

"There is nothing that we can do; we are not allowed to interfere with the realm of men." A soft, gentle voice spoke.

"I think that there is something we may be able to do, Shinigami-san, you control death, so can you not send him back?" Amaterasu, Goddess of flames asked.

The man in dark blue robes shook his head sadly. "I could do that yes, but he would be a hollow shell of his old self, he would lose all his memories, and be empty."

"But we could send him to another time, so that he could prevent all of this from even happening in the first place right?" Kami, Goddess of life questioned. Both Kami and Amaterasu looked up at their Otouto expectantly. Shinigami looked deep in thought, while rubbing his chin ever so slowly.

"It... Could work, I could definitely send his soul back into his body if it's in a different timeline, that way I won't be giving up anything. The main concern is what of the Kyuubi?" Kami looked confused, so he elaborated. "Since the Kyuubi's soul is tied to Naruto's, then we would have to bring the Kyuubi back in time with him as well, leading to having two Kyuubi no Kitsune in the same time plane." Allowing everyone to digest the information, he continued. "There can't be two of the same being in the same time zone; it would destroy that plane of existence. So what we need to do is either purge the Kyuubi's soul from Narutos, which could very well kill him again, or send that times Kyuubi into Naruto to merge with the future one."

Amaterasu immediately responded. "Allow the two to merge; we can't risk Naruto-kun dying again now can we."

"It is decided then, Naruto will be given back his new life to set things straight this time around."

Naruto opened his eyes, and stared up into the canopy of trees. Is this Heaven? He stood up and walked over to sit down next to a tree when he noticed a small trip wire barely visible under some leaves. He threw a kunai, cutting the wire and causing hundreds of Shuriken to fly into the ground just in front of the wire. What the hell was that doing there? before he could think more on this, Three ninja shushined behind him and poised to strike him with their Kunai. looking up at their headbands, he thought Iwa, why would Iwa nins attack me. He quickly disabled them, knocking them unconscious, so as to not provoke any more violence. What are you playing at old man Tsuchikge?

He started to run in the direction that he thought was towards Konoha, when he came on the sight of seeing three Konoha-nin facing off against a fort of around a hundred stone-nin. He dashed to the friendly Konoha-nin just in time to block a doton jutsu that was about to kill a redheaded beauty.

The redhead, Kushina Uzumaki turned around to see a blond spikey haired man block a killing blow, "Minato-Kun." She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss.

Naruto just stood there dumbfounded. He knew he had seen this woman before, but he couldn't put his finger on the name. "Wait, Minato-Kun? Ohhhh shit." He was freaking out. He was kissing some Minato's girlfriend or worse, wife. His super sexy wife/girlfriend, but still he was making-out with someone else's girl. Breaking the kiss, Naruto stumbled back a couple of feet. "Minato-kun, thank Kami you're here, we have to destroy the Iwa base just in front of us, and we're heavily outnumbered." Kushina explained.

"Uhh yeah sure I'll help out. I have to say you are a magnificent kisser, but I can't portray myself as this Minato, names Naruto. I'll do my best to stop Iwa, so you just get the others and retreat back to Konoha." With that said he rushed towards the fortress, and the hundred or so Iwa-nin running through hand signs. "Fuuton: Kaze Kuiki" A Tornado formed right in front of him the size of the chief toad Gamabunta, and shot it towards the enemy. He went through even more hand signs and shouted, "Raiton: Kiminari." A bolt of Lightning shot out of the sky and latched onto his arm. He threw the lightning bolt into the tornado, forming a lighting tornado. The stone-nin all used Doton: Doryuuheki to try and block the monstrosity, but the tornado just cut through all of them and had the debris add onto the mass of destruction, completely destroying the fort, and massacring all of the stone-nin.

Kushina Uzumaki, Mikoto Uchiha, and Fuka Jibashi, were running towards Konoha when they heard a huge explosion that rocked the earth. Mikoto looked at her two friends and asked, "What do you think that was?"

Fuka just shook her head equally confused as to what was going on. Kushina proposed, "It might have been the man that helped save us."

Mikoto snickered, "You mean the guy you thought was your precious 'Minato-kun' are you going to tell him that you've found another man?" she silently laughed to herself, as Fuka joined in the snickering. Kushina's face turned as red as her hair. "That never happened, and you saw nothing at all. Got it."

Mikoto and Fuka both said at the same time, "Of course, of course, whatever you say Mrs. Namikaze." Kushina once again blushed and stammered out her protests. Mikoto and Fuka just kept laughing at their friend's expense. The group ran towards Konoha in silence for the rest of the way until they came upon the large oak gates. Kushina could feel two arms wrap around her waist from behind and turned around to find out who it was. She looked up into the man's face, but still couldn't tell.

"Hey Kushi-chan, how was your mission?" There was only one man who ever called her that, so she knew it was Minato.

"The mission was fine; I'm just going to turn in the mission report..." She began until Mikoto cut her off. "Oh no no no, I can handle the mission report, you two love birds go on and have some fun."

"Thanks Mikoto, I owe you one." Minato said as he and Kushina disappeared in a yellow flash. Mikoto said goodbye to Fuka and went to report the mission that was terribly under ranked.

Sarutobi Hiruzen stood staring at a map of the elemental nations with his two friends/advisors looking over the map. The main fronts of the war were river country, and Kusa. Suna, and Iwa declared war on Konoha, while Kumo declared war on Kiri. War had just broken out, and everyone was waiting for an attack. Iwa was launching a full on invasion in Rain country, so he didn't need to worry about Iwa for a while. Suna was the main concern since they were planning on charging through river country since that was the bordering nation for them.

Most of his troops would be stationed a few kilometers from the river country border so that Suna couldn't take control of fire country soil if they gave ground. He was about to move along his pieces to show the plan of attack he would take when Uchiha Mikoto walked in. Looking up from the map, he addressed her and told her to report.

Mikoto replied, "The mission was a success, but should have been a failure." Hiruzen looked confused, so she continued. "The fortress that we were supposed to destroy within fire country was manned more then what was told. The information we had said that there were approximately twenty Iwa chuunin. In actuality, there were twenty genin, thirty-five chuunin, and forty-five jounin level shinobi." Hiruzen, and his two advisors looked shocked to the core. They had no idea that many of Iwa's troops had been within fire countries borders.

Hiruzen asked the inevitable question. "How did you complete the mission?" Mikoto then went to explain how the blond haired shinobi, who wasn't Minato Namikaze single handedly, killed all of the shinobi and destroyed the fortress. Hiruzen slumped down in his chair and looked aghast. There was a shinobi within fire country that could decimate an entire army by himself, and the worst thing was, that they had no idea where his allegiances lied. "Mikoto, if you ever meet this mystery shinobi again, try to coax him into joining Konoha, and if he doesn't, run like hell. Do you understand me?" Seeing her nod he dismissed her and went back to the map thinking of strategies.

Naruto was currently lost. Everything in the past was totally different; the usual road to the village was just a lush never ending forest. He had been walking for what he thought about half an hour. He felt a sudden pull from the recess of his mind and slumped down against a tree unconscious. He appeared in his mind standing in front of a very familiar wrought iron cage. The only difference with the cage now was that it was wide open. Frantically looking around he saw a small orange fox with nine tails smirking at him. Before he could do anything, the fox dived at his stomach and disappeared. He was left alone standing in the murky sewer water that helped cage the fox. With the fox gone, he had no reason to be here anymore, so he let himself fall into a deep sleep. Little did he know that outside he was being watched.

Mikoto was taking a stroll around the village, with no missions today she had the day off. She was supposed to attend a meeting with the Uchiha elders about something, but she was just going to make them wait, and if it was that important to them, they would. She went towards one of the training grounds behind the hokage monument. Wanting to relieve some pent up stress at her family, she attacked the grounds vigorously. Her parents were trying to force her into a political marriage with the clan heads son, Uchiha Fugaku. She was training herself to exhaustion when she noticed the blond haired man who had saved them sleeping against a tree a little ways into the forest. She walked up to him to try and shake him awake, when his arm shot out and grabbed her wrist flipping them over where she was on the ground and he was on top of her with a kunai at her throat.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" Naruto asked applying a little pressure to her neck.

"Mikoto, Mikoto Uchiha. I'm here because i was training when I noticed you sleeping right here. I never did get to thank you for saving our lives, but it looks like you're already a few steps ahead of me." she said smirking. "Of course I like to be on top." In one fluid moment she flipped them over and pinned his arms on the ground. Licking her lips she said, "This is more like it."

Naruto was shocked. He was completely disabled in a matter of seconds by this woman. Deciding to have some fun of his own he said, "Well what are you waiting for, go ahead and take charge."

She licked his upper lip and whispered seductively in his ear. "Prepare yourself for the best ride of your life." She could feel the bulge of his pants rub against her thigh. Naruto, deciding that things had gone far enough wriggled himself out of her grasp and sat against a different tree. Mikoto frowned and crawled over to him and sat in his lap. "Awwwhhh now why did you do that, I thought we were going to have some fun"

"Well for one we don't even know each other, though you are very beautiful," she blushed, "and we're in a forest for Kami's sake!" Naruto tried to push her out of his lap, but she wouldn't budge so he stopped trying and just let her have her way.

"So who cares if we're in a forest, nobody would find us anyway."

"Well you found me."

"Right well I'm the exception."


"Because I'M AMAZING!" She exclaimed.

"Yes of course you are." Naruto said.

"Is that sarcasm mister... uhhhh mister?"

Laughing Naruto said, "You don't even know my name do you?"

"Shut up of course I know your name, just give me a minute." she said.

"My names Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

"HEY! I TOLD YOU NOT TO TELL ME! Wait did you say Uzumaki?" she questioned.

"Uhm yeah that's my family name. Why?"

"Oh no reason, just curious that's all.

"Uhm ok that's fine. Anyways I think I should be going now. It was nice to meet you Mikoto-chan." Naruto picked her up off his lap and started to walk away going off into the forest again.

Mikoto bit her lip. She was supposed to try and get him to come to Konoha and join her ranks, but he was walking in the opposite direction. Naruto was thinking about where he could go since he wouldn't be able to stay in Konoha. He wouldn't be able to pass of as a wandering civilian since he had kage chakra levels. He felt a sudden weight on his back while still in his own thoughts. Mikoto had jumped on his back, and wrapped her arms and legs around him. "Where are you going?" she asked all too sweetly.

"I don't know, maybe I'll find some nice little hotel off the beaten track and just stay there until I decide to move on again." Naruto answered looking behind him into her face.

"No you can't sleep at a hotel, that just won't do. I know! You can stay at my house. I have enough room." She proposed. He was going to protest saying he didn't want to inconvenience her, but the glare he received told him not to.

"Alright well then where's your house?" He finally asked.

"The Uchiha district duhhh. I thought I had told you I was an Uchiha."

"Yeah I guess you did, didn't you. So are you going to make me give you a piggyback ride all the way back there, or are you going to use those shapely legs of yours to walk with me?" The answer he recieved was Mikoto nuzzling into his neck. "I guess piggyback ride it is then."

He set off into a light soundless jog going through the forest making his way towards the hokage monument which he jumped off. Mikot Screamed as he did this clutching onto his body harder, her nails drawing blood from his neck. Naruto used his wind affinity to make a pocket of air at their feet to slow down their descent. Looking down towards the ground, he saw that he was gaining a crowd marveling at his skills. Deciding to give them a show, he used his wind manipulation to walk on a dense pocket of air over the village. This caused everyone at the base of the monument in the crowd to gasp in surprise. He slowly untangled Mikoto's legs from his body and had her standing with him on the pocket of air.

Still clinging to his neck, Mikoto had her eyes shut. Naruto then removed her arms from his neck, but kept hold of her hand. "Open your eyes." He said to her. She slowly opened her eyes and gasped in awe. "H-How a-are w-we d-d-doing this?" She managed to stammer out.

Smiling Naruto said, "Because I'M AMAZING!" Mikoto bopped him on the head and said. "That's my line jerk."

"Heh-heh well how about I tell you when we're over your house, and I can let us down eh?" Naruto recommended. Mikoto nodded and pointed at her small cozy house on the edge of the uchiha district. She had a nice small yard filled with grass and low flowering trees. "This is where you live?"

"Yes, lets go down now." Naruto released the pocket of air, and they gracefully walked down an invisible flight of stairs right to the door of her house. Mikoto unlocked the door and beckoned him to come in. "Well It's about dinner time, so why don't you join me at a restaurant?" Naruto proposed.

"Do you know of any restaurant here?" Mikoto asked with her eyebrow raised.

Rubbing the back of his head, he said, "Well no, but I figured you might know of one, and I could just pay."

"Hmmm well I suppose I know of a nice place. How do feel about bars?"

"Haha I'm not a light weight if thats what your asking. I bet I could drink you under, if your up for the challenge." Naruto goaded.

"Fine but if I win, you have to join Konoha and become a ninja."

"And if I win?" Naruto asked.

"Not going to happen, but If you do win, I'll let you take me on a date." Mikoto said cheerily.

"Hmm well to me it seems like you would win either way, I mean even if I win you get to go out with me!" Naruto snickered.

Minato Namikaze was siting in the shinobi bar in Konoha with his teacher Jiraiya of the Sannin. Right now he was really hoping he wouldn't get murdered by his girlfriend Kushina for being with Jiraiya and his lady friends. His two other teammates Uchiha Fugaku and Hyuuga Hiashi were in no better situation. Both were from powerful respected clans and weren't used to this kind of place just yet. He always thought it was funny whenever Hiashi went to any kind of bar he would always sit up straight and be dignified.

Fugaku was sipping his Sake when he saw Mikoto clinging onto the arm of some stranger. If he wasn't sitting right next to him, he would have sworn it was Minato with her. He glared at the two of them as they went to their own table and ordered some drinks. Wanting to know what was going on he got up and strode over to their table. Minato seeing a chance to get away from Jiraiya took it and went along with Hiashi.

"Hi Mikoto do you mind if we join you?" Minato asked kindly, wanting to know who this person she was with.

Mikoto looked up away from Naruto and said, "Of course, were just about to have a drinking contest since this guy thinks he can put me under the table." Fugaku, Hiashi, and Minato scoffed. Nobody except Tsunade of the Sannin had ever been able to drink Mikoto under the table, and here some nobody just comes and thinks he can.

"While I highly doubt that, I'll join in this contest of yours." the three sat down and were immediately given sake dishes.

"Alright, well lets see if you boys can handle your liqour. This Is Naruto by the way, he just got here, and I was showing him around. Naruto this is Minato, Hiashi, and Fugaku." She said the last name with malice.

"Hey guys, like she said I'm Naruto Uzumaki, hope we'll be good friends." Naruto smiled. Minato raised an eyebrow at this. I thought all the uzumaki except for kushina died. The first round of sake was delivered and all of them were able to drink the first shot of course. Naruto didn't even taste it, or feel the burn down his throat. One of the advantages of having a demon shoved in your gut was that you couldn't get drunk. That was also a bad thing since he couldn't get drunk and forget about everything. He and Mikoto were both going strong on their twenty-first shot. Hiashi and Fugaku passed out after they hit the fifteen mark, Minato knew his limit and stopped while he was still sober so as not to feel Kushina's wrath later on. Mikoto was starting to feel a little woozy, while Naruto was still perfectly fine.

"How (hic) are you not drunk yet you bastard. (hic) you should be passed out already." Mikoto asked as she now slumped over the table barely conscious. Minato also wanted to know this so he was listening intently.

"It's a secret." Naruto laughed at their disappointed faces. He noticed that Mikoto had passed out, so he picked her up. "It was nice meeting you Minato, have fun getting those two home. See ya!" He then left carrying Mikoto bridal style back to her house. Once he got her home, he set her in her bed, and then went to fall asleep on her couch.

Mikoto woke up with a killer headache. She noticed that she was still in her clothes from last night and walked into the kitchen. Grabbing a few pills of Aspirin she went to sit in the living room. What she saw there startled her at first, but then she remembered that she had invited Naruto to stay over at her house for the time until he got his own place to live. Granted that was if he was willing to stay in Konoha. "Morning Naruto-Kun."

"Good morning Mikoto-chan, have a nice sleep?" He asked.

'if you dont count the spliting headache, then yeah I had a nice rest.' "Yeah I had an excellent sleep. So you ready to become a Konoha shinobi?"

"Hold on a minute, I won the bet, you didn't."

"Alright fine, I want my date to be in the Hokages office."

Naruto laughed in his head. He was planning on asking if he could join konoha, and be a part of his home anyway. "If you really want to then I guess I have no choice do I?" A little chibi Mikoto was dancing inside her head screaming 'Yatta! I did it!' On the outside, she just had a small beautiful smile on her face.

"Well lets get a move on, shall we." Mikoto grabbed his hand and rushed off to the Hokage tower.