The past is the solution

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The day was cold and wet as the northwestern wind blew through the camp viciously. They had been stationed here for the better of two weeks, and nothing had yet to happen. He believed that soon the enemy would strike, and strike hard at that. General Sakumo Hatake commanded the front against Suna mainly for his knowledge of Sand shinobi. When he had first met General Hatake, he was immediately reminded of his old sensei Kakashi Hatake. They looked similar; however Sakumo didn't wear a mask like his old sensei. The camp itself held four hundred leaf-nin, most were jounin however there were still plenty of chuunin. The moment he and the other reinforcements arrived, Sakumo had called them each into his tent. He, Minato, Kushina, Mikoto, Shikaku, Inoichi, and Choza all stood at attention by the side wall while Sakumo presided over the map of the surrounding area.

Sakumo glanced at each of them until his gaze landed on Naruto. "You there step forward and tell me who you are."

Naruto stepped forward and stated, "Chuunin Uzumaki Naruto reporting for duty sir."

Sakumo raised his eyebrow and glanced over at Kushina whose eyes were wide open. "Any relation with Uzumaki Kushina?"

Naruto said. "I was not aware of Kushina's name sir. If she is indeed an Uzumaki then we must be kin, but I do not know how closely we are related sir."

Sakumo looked over at Naruto and then back at Kushina, they did not look related. He then recalled upon why Naruto was sent to his camp. According to his file, he was extremely skilled in Fuuton jutsu. That would be a valuable skill to have especially on this front of the war. "Alright Chuunin Uzumaki, Jounin Namikaze will be your second commanding officer only Namikaze and I may tell you what to do. You are all dismissed; except for you Shikaku, you will help me with our defense system."

They all shuffled out of the room and left General Hatake and Shikaku to their own devices. Kushina twirled around to face Naruto. "You," She said, "Are you really an Uzumaki?"

Naruto appeared to be shocked for a moment. "Of course I am."

"Then why don't you have red hair, all Uzumaki have red hair; and yet you have yellow." Kushina questioned.

"I'm not sure; maybe one of my parents had yellow hair. I'm an orphan so the only thing I know is I'm an Uzumaki." Naruto said quietly.

Kushina was about to retort again when Minato stepped in and pulled her away. Naruto was then left with Inoichi and Choza since Mikoto ran off with Kushina and Minato. Inoichi seemed to be distant and untrusting of him at first. Choza however was extremely friendly with him and tried to engage in conversation. "So Naruto-san how long have you lived in Konoha?"

"Well to be honest not very long. I just came to Konoha around a week ago." Choza looked at him confused.

"Then how is it that you have already become a chuunin?"

Naruto smiled at the large man. "Just because I do not come from a shinobi village does not mean I don't have the skills to be a shinobi."

"There are plenty of small villages and towns that have shinobi in them, so it's not that hard to imagine you having previous training. By the way, my name's Inoichi Yamanaka." The tall blond said.

"Well nice to meet you Inoichi-san." Naruto said as a fellow chuunin came running past them screaming about Sand-nin. The three of them looked at each other and all sprinted towards the front lines.

Behind short walls of stone, most of the jounin were crouching staring off across the river. Choza ducked behind one of the walls closest to the river. Inoichi stayed at the back closest to the camp and pulled out two large scrolls. Opening the two scrolls, whole racks of kunai and shuriken appeared. It seemed like Inoichi wouldn't be a frontline hitter.

Naruto moved up next to Choza while he had twenty shadow clones pull back. Twenty chuunin and jounin were stationed around them under cover as well. So far it seemed like sand had sent three-hundred men of their forces. What rank they were had yet to be determined. Looking back towards the command tent, he saw General Hatake and Shikaku overlooking the battlefield.

"Alright everyone" Sakumo yelled, "Suna's main tactic is to fight in waves, the first will be their own samurai. Now just because they are samurai does not mean they are useless, Suna holds the fourth greatest Kenjutsu users in all of the nations. To counter them use jutsu that use minimal chakra, kunai, and shuriken. After the samurai they will send in their puppet users. Anyone who has offensive futon jutsu's; use them as the puppets will break. Then come the wind users, now to counteract them use Katon jutsu to send their futon jutsu's right back at them tenfold; Get ready!" He hoped they were ready for this; most of his chuunin and some of his jounin were all resupplying at the secondary line of defense a hundred miles behind them. He probably only had about a hundred jounin and maybe fifty chuunin.

He was ready for the attack, and he believed his men were as well. The first group of sand shinobi charged towards them. Before he could even say fire, hundreds of kunai and shuriken flew towards the sand samurai. What sent him in shock was next to every samurai, there was a wind user. Right when the projectiles were about to hit, they wiped out their coveted metal fans and sent them all right back at them. Luckily some of his men were competent and used a doton jutsu to protect them. While others either were in shock or didn't have such a jutsu. He estimated that he lost at least ten or twenty men from that alone.

The samurai were now barely thirty feet from their position. Naruto figured this was the best time to enact his plan. He made a shadow clone right next to him and then had it dispel. Five seconds later the samurai were now closing in on their position. The twenty clones that he created earlier used Doton: Headhunter jutsu on the futon users.

Seeing that the battle fan users were down, the other leaf-nin once again fired a barrage of kunai and shuriken. Some of the samurai were able to block the projectiles with their katana's and tanto's. Most however weren't as lucky; the wind users who were all underground save for their head were mostly dead. The ones that were alive were getting dug out of the ground by the samurai. When one of the wind users came out of the ground; the samurai that dug him out screamed. There were explosive tags covering the wind user's entire body.

Naruto saw this and held up two fingers and said, "Katsu." The effect was immediate. Hundreds of explosions wrecked through the samurai line. Even if the wind users weren't out of the ground yet, they still exploded causing shrapnel and the kunai to hit them.

Sakumo could not have been more proud of his men, even though they (himself included) were surprised; they managed to fight off the wave. Next would be the puppet users, at least he hoped it would be. The rest of the sands forces were all across the river so they had to waste chakra to just get to them alone. Hopefully they would be drained enough so that they would not be as ready to fight. This was a good thing for his men, puppets couldn't walk on water and so they had to be the shinobi.

The puppet users were now getting closer. His men at the right were sub-commanded by jounin Namikaze. Under Namikaze's orders, ten Suiton: Suiryudan no jutsu were used. The water dragons raced towards the sand-nin. As the dragons were about to reach the sand-nin, each one opened their mouths as if getting ready to eat them. The water dragons ripped through their ranks instantly killing a third of the attack wave.

Looking over to his right, he saw Jounin Mikoto Uchiha to tell her squad of Uchiha's to fire. With fifteen shouts of "Katon: Karyu Endan," another third of the puppet users fell.

With over half of their comrades dead, the surviving puppet users still charged forward. They were close enough to the leaf's lines to cause damage. The twenty remaining puppet users soon multiplied into sixty. The puppets raced forward with katana's as arms and other hidden traps that they were so known for.

Next to Naruto, he could see Kushina and Mikoto fight in hand to hand combat against the puppets. He looked at Choza who nodded to him signifying it was alright to go help. While Choza kept firing off boulders at the puppets, Naruto slipped into Mikoto and Kushina's line.

'Roll left, slash, stab behind, jump right.' Kushina thought as she executed her moves against the endless puppets. The puppets that surrounded her opened their mouths and fired out a barrage of Senbon. She jumped to avoid getting hit. While in the air above the puppets she used "Futon: Daitoppa." The puppets beneath her were all broken into pieces. She turned around to see Naruto standing right behind her with what looked like twenty or so Senbon pierced in his arms. On the ground in front of him, she saw one of the puppets head with its mouth open. He must have taken the hit for her.

The last of the puppets and puppet users in her area were dead. Mikoto looked over to where Kushina was and gasped. Naruto had been hit by some of the Senbon. If Suna was still the same, then all of their Senbon were usually laced with poison. She however couldn't take her eyes off the battle, because now the futon users were coming at them. She was worried; most of their forces were already tired from fighting. Of course Sakumo hadn't joined the fight yet, but that would just be overkill if he did. That right now didn't seem like a bad idea to her though.

Naruto saw that the futon users were crossing the river. Even though his arms were on fire, he was still able to make the necessary hand signs. Kushina saw this and tried to stop him from hurting himself, but he was adamant. He softly whispered, "Suiton: Goshokuzame," and focused on the river. He smiled as he recalled when Kakashi taught him that jutsu when he stole it from Kisame.

The futon users were now walking across the water when it happened. Five fierce sharks jumped into the air and started attacking them. One shark took a large bite out of the side of a sand-nin. There were only five sharks, but they had no way of killing them without going into the water which would be suicide. They all made a beeline for the shore where the leaf-nin were stationed. With each step, another comrade fell to the demonic water sharks. Around sixty of their one hundred men survived the sharks. They now set their sights on the leaf's camp. Getting within thirty feet of their position, each one of them swung out their battle fans. They each shouted out in unison, "Kamaitachi no Jutsu." A fierce sharp wind cut through the leafs defenses.

The wind didn't kill anyone thankfully, but it did cause some damage. As the sand was about to send another attack, Mikoto told her group to use their most powerful Katon jutsu.

The Sand-nin shouted "Kamaitachi no jutsu." Once again the blades of wind came towards the leaf-nin.

Mikoto's group all shot out fire balls. Mikoto herself shouted "Katon: Yurika no jutsu." The mass amount of fire collided with the blades of wind and was sent back at the Sand-nin. Now a huge inferno was barreling towards them. They didn't even have the chance to lift a finger before the fire swallowed them up and burnt them to a crisp.

Sakumo starred at Mikoto's group and called for the medics behind him to go and help them. He looked at Kushina, who was kneeling on the ground next to a smiling Naruto. There was not much that he knew about the blonde man, but he knew he was powerful. He was also either very loyal to the leaf, or loyal to his family; who Kushina now seemed to be part of.

Mikoto watched over Kushina, who was pulling out all of the Senbon. She watched as her friend started to gather medical chakra in her hands about to try and heal Naruto. "Kushina you can't do that, you don't know the affects Kyuubi's chakra could have on him." Mikoto said.

"I know, but he needs attention now." She started to heal Naruto's arms very slowly while concentrating on keeping the nine-tails' chakra out of her own. However, she saw a tinge of red come out of her hands and into Naruto's body. She immediately jumped back in pain; her entire body felt like it was on fire.

Mikoto could only stare in shock as Kushina's body became surrounded in red chakra. She tried to grab her friend, but her hands were burned.

Sakumo who was helping oversee the damage done to the camp whipped his head around. He saw Kushina surrounded by a red chakra. 'She's a Jinchuriki' he thought to himself. Inside he was bridled with anger. He had a fucking Jinchuriki under his command and he wasn't even told! And now it seemed like the Bijuu was trying to get free.

Everyone in the camp stared at Kushina warily as the red chakra separated from her body and began to take form. The chakra moved over to the river where it condensed and formed into a massive Nine-tailed fox. The Kyuubi roared in rage and then set its eyes on the leaf camp. With a flick of one of its tails, it destroyed the main command tent.

There was suddenly a flash of light and the Kyuubi stood stock still, unmoving. Sakumo taking this as a good sign yelled, "Everyone retreat back to the secondary line. Now!" Suddenly everyone in the camp ran in panic from seeing the Kyuubi; taking everything they had brought with them. Soon the only ones left in the camp were Naruto, Mikoto, and Kushina.

(With Kyuubi)

Kyuubi stared into the spectral beings eyes. "Shinigami." It said.

The spectral being Shinigami smiled. "Hello again Kyuubi, it's so nice to see you."

The Kyuubi eyed the Shinigami warily. "What are you doing here? Trying to stop my freedom that I so rightly deserve; I presume"

Golden strands of chakra shot out of Shinigami's hands and wrapped around Kyuubi's neck. "You do not deserve freedom demon. Now you shall rejoin with your future self. I hope you enjoy being sealed within another Uzumaki for the third time." Shinigami laughed as the golden chakra threads pulled the Kyuubi down into Naruto's seal. Before the Kyuubi was completely sealed, it roared out in anger and frustration at being sealed again.


Mikoto watched as the Kyuubi burst into yellow flames and then vanish. She looked back to see Kushina slowly pushing herself off the ground while Naruto lay on the ground unconscious. She went over to him and took off his shirt to see if he had any other injuries that Kushina hadn't finished healing. As she took off his shirt, she saw a large seal on his stomach that was glowing yellow. It appeared that he was now the new Jinchuriki for the Kyuubi. She quickly put his shirt back on him so that Kushina wouldn't see. It was good if nobody knew he was Jinchuriki, that way he wouldn't be ostracized. Also being new to the village, he would just scrutinized even more.

It was good that she covered up Naruto's seal because Minato along with Sakumo came on the scene. Minato went straight for Kushina while Sakumo just stood looking at them.

"Kushina are you alright? Where's the Kyuubi, how'd it break out?" Minato asked her.

Kushina who was struggling to get up just glared at her boyfriend. "No I'm not alright, the Kyuubi just burst out of my seal and I feel dead tired." She said this and fainted.

Minato was shaking her when Sakumo looked at Mikoto. "What happened to the Kyuubi?"

Looking at Sakumo she said, "I don't know. It burst into flames and then disappeared."

"Hm very well. Take Kushina back to base camp, this outpost is forsaken." Sakumo ordered her. He turned over to Minato. "Namikaze, set explosive tags all around the base. We blow this base to Makai so Suna can't get it." Sakumo pulled out his own sets and started to put them around the base. Within twenty minutes the camp was littered with explosive tags.

Minato picked up Naruto and started to carry him back to the second camp. Sakumo, who was just behind him detonated the tags.

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