Hellfire and Moonlight

Mark: Hey everyone what's up? I'm OC Merchant Kaien Kurayami's top OC Mark Frey to do the intro since Kaien can't right now because he's busy bemoaning how horrible the world is. So any way this story will be a first since I'm not in it but another one of Kaien's OCs. Any here's your disclaimer: Kaien Kurayami and Ghost Writer Orange-Kun do not own Negima. Kaien owns Richaerd "Richter" Ratatosk and Orange owns Reinhart Faustus. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Paradise is just the Beginning

"Wrong!" The stone golem exclaimed as it swung its large hammer onto the platform destroying it. Negi Springfireld, Kagurazaka Asuna, Sasaki Makies, Ayase Yue, Nagase Kaede, Fei Ku, and Konoe Konoka fell into the abyss that waited below them.

"Isn't it funny that osaru means fault and Asuna is the one who touched the wrong space?" Makie asked.

"Just shut the fuck up Makie-san!" Asuna yelled as they fell. They soon hit the water that had been at the end of their fall. As they swam up they touched a rope that had been thrown in to them. They looked to who threw in the rope and saw an eighteen year old young man with short burgundy hair and gun grey metal eyes. He was wearing black shoes, jeans, and red shirt with a black vest. He pulled them out and they all panted.

"Thank you so much." Negi said to the young man. He looked at him and smiled.

"It was no trouble at all. Oh my name is Reinhart Faustus." Reinhart said by way of introduction.

"I'm Negi Springfield and these girls are my students." Negi said before introducing each girl. However unknown to them a figure was looking at where they fell. This figure had spikey red hair on the top of his head while the rest was wrapped up in cloth in a long ponytail to his waist with silvery-grey eyes. He wore black boots, ripped up jeans, a black t-shirt and what looked like a white school uniform blazer with an emblem on the right shoulder that said Class XXX. He looked down at the black abyss.

"You have got to be kidding me, seriously." He said. "I heard that there would be something like this but I wasn't expecting this, seriously." The figure sighed and jumped down the hole. When he landed in the water he swam over to shore and saw the girls and Negi having a study section as Reinhart was assisting the young mage in training. "Yo! Guess I ain't the only guy who got stuck down here huh?"

"No. It appears that this place is claiming a lot of visitors." Reinhart said. "So who are you if I may inquire."

"Oh how forgetful of me. My name is Richard Ratatosk but ya'll can just call me Richter." Richter said with a smile.

"My name is Reinhart Faustus and the boy is Negi Springfield. The girls are Asuna, Makie, Yue, Kaede, Fei Ku, and Konoka." Richter waved at them before looking at Fei Ku.

"It is very nice to meet you." Richter said in Mandarin. Fei Ku's eyes widened in shock and happiness. The young chinese girl jumped up and did a traditional chinese style bow that Richter returned.

"I am happy to meet some one else who speaks my native tongue." Fei Ku replied. Richter smiled and winked at the her before taking a seat next to Reinhart. The two looked at each other and could tell that both had magic in them.

"So the kid's a magic user right?" Richter asked, Reinhart nodded slightly confused. "Then why the hell does no magical aura come from him? I don't sense any magic from the kid whatsoever. Reinhart thought for a moment.

"I think that perhaps he may have sealed away his powers. Earlier I saw what looked like black lines on his arm." Reinhart said. "If my guess is correct he used the Black Ribbon Seal so he will be ordinary for a couple more days." Richter nodded in understanding. "I just hope that he will not regret it. Am I to assume you know of the test?"

"Yeah I know but it ain't my buisness." Richter said. "My job is Konoka. Gotta protect her to the best of my abilities, seriously." Richter sighed before looking at Reinhart. "So what are you? Sorry to say but you aren't human man." Reinhart's eyes widened in shock before looking at Richter. "I've spent my entire life around demons and other beings so I can tell though I gotta say you mask your aura rather well."

"Vampire and Werewolf." Reinhart said. Richter sat back for a moment. The idea of cross breeding wasn't odd or new but for a Vaien like Reinhart to be born would be near impossible because of the war between the two races. Richter smiled. "I'm surprised at how well you are taking my race.

"Well you know, shit happens no matter how rare it is." Richter said. "Besides it's good that your parents were able to put aside the war and fall in love." Reinhart said nothing as Richter dozed off. He awoke the next day to see the girls were taking a break. "Interesting. I better find Konoka since defending her is my job and all." Richter got up and stretched before searching around for the black haired girl. He rounded a corner and saw a naked Fei Ku, Makie, and Kaede teasing Negi. However Richter was enjoying the view too much to help him. "Not bad. The nice athletic build on both Makie and Fei Ku is nice but Kaede has that and large chest." However he was pulled from his musings when the golem attacked the girls. Mark reached to binto his blazer and pulled out a pair of chakrams. Mark then ran up as Fei Ku unleashed a powerful punch onto the golem to get it to let go of Makie who used her ribbon to grab a book by its head. "So where were you keeping that?" Mark asked. Makie said nothing but blushed.

"Whats going on over here?" Reinhart asked running up to the group before noticing the golem. Richter nodded at him and Reinhart started to run with the group as the other girls arrived and Konoka handed the girl's their clothes. Soon they were at the lake and cornered.

"Give up!" The Golem commanded. Even if there was a way out it would take you three days to reach the surface!" The girls looked dishearted until Konoka saw something behind the waterfall.

"Hey everyone a door!" Konoka said. Richter smiled before he rushed the golem and struck with a kick to its head.

"You babes go on ahead with the kid and Reinhart." Richter said with a smile. "I'll take care of stone boy here." Mark spun his chakrams furiously before he started to carve gashes out of the golems body. Before Mark could do any more damage Reinhart appeared and kicked the golem before using a back hand fist knocing the golem down.

"The girls are heading up the stairs." Reinhart said before looking at the golem. "I say we wait before you persue them further. Agreed Konoemon-san?"

"I agree whole-heartedly." The golem who was in truth Konoe Konoemon, Headmaster of Mahora Academy and Konoka's grandfather. He then looked to Richter. "You really do play for keeps huh?" Richter nodded.

"The only thing my worthless family ever taught me that I agreed with." Richter said as he put his chakrams away in the speciel apparatus hidden by his blazer. "So this is the boy's test to help him become a wizard is it?" Konoemon nodded. "That's kinda demented, seriously."

"True but it also shows him that he has to rely on more than magic but his wits and ability to teach." Reinhart said. He looked at his pocket watch before looking to Konoemon. "Time for you to get going golem." Konoemon nodded as he willed the golem to move and began to chase the girls again. Richter just fell asleep as Reinhart looked at him. Reinhart may act civil around Richter but he didn't trust him and he was unaware that the distrust was mutual. While Richter was glad about Reinhart being a Vaien it also made him a wild card. The two could see that the other could be an ally or formidable enemy. Richter slept in peace until he was awoken by Takahata.

"Time to get up." Takahata said. Richter shrugged beforeputting a hand beneath him and performing a one handed handstand before setting his feet down to stand. Richter saw Reinhart and waved at him sleepily. The two were brought to Konoemon's office and told to wait since he had something he needed to get done. Richter shrugged as he brought out his chakrams and spun them to pass the time. When Konoemon came back he was also with Negi.

"Negi-san I am aware you know these two." Konoemon said.

"Richter-san and Reinhart-san?" Negi asked surprised. "Did you know what was going on as well?"

"Yes we did. But we have other reasons for being here." Reinhart explained. Negi nodded but he also had a smile before he realized something.

"Headmaster are these two-" Negi began.

"Yes. They are from the magical community." Konoemon said.

"Yes I am an illusionist with some knowledge of gravity and earth spells." Reinhart said. He didn't want his being a Vaien to be public knowledge.

"I'm a magical gunslinger and weapons user. I'm also an accomplished summoner." Richter said. "Yeah kiddo sorry for trickin ya but I'm under cotract."

"Negi these two will also be joining you through your training." Negi nodded smiled at the guys. "Reinhart will be your assistant while Richter deals with what he's been contracted to take care of."

"Officially my cover is counselor though I won't have paper work or an office." Richter said. "But don't worry kiddo we'll help you if we can." Reinhart nodded. Konoka came in and asked if the trio was busy. When Konoemon said no she grabbed Negi and urged the other two to go with her. The two nodded and followed her. She sent a quick text and showed the two newcomers around Mahora. She guided them around for an hour before she received a text and brought them back to the academy and led them into a large room where all of the girls from class 2-A had set up a party for being number one as well as welcoming the new assitant and counselor. Richter and Reinhart enjoyed themselves and Richter even got to spar with Setsuna, defeating her due to her not being used to fighting chakrams. As everyone left Richter realized something.

"I don't have a bloody place to sleep." Richter said sighing to himself. "I guess I better go look for a hotel or something." Mark walked out only to see Konoka again. "Ya need somethin Konoka-san?"

"Actually, Grandfather told me to tell you where you'll be sleeping." Konoka said cheerfully. Richter nodded and followed her to a cabin in the woods. Konoka knocked and the person who answered the door was a short girl with blond hair almost as long as she was tall. She seemes to be glaring at Konoka. "Sorry Evangaline-san but Grandfather said you have to let Richter-san live with you until he can make his own arrangements." Evangaline looked like she wanted to snap but only nodded her head. Mark walked in and waited for the door to be shut before pointing a gun at both Evangaline and Chachamaru who was in the kitchen doorway.

"Figures I would be stuck living with a vampire and her doll." Richter said. Evangaline lookes surprised. "Sorry Vampy but I deal with the inhuman a lot so I can tell when something not human is around. YOu have awell hidden aura but I can still sense vampire from it and your doll has no aura to speak of.

"What do you mean you deal with the inhuman alot?" Chachamaru asked causing Richter to smile.

"I'll answer that if I get this question answered. By Evangaline, you wouldn't happen to be the Dark Evangel would you?" Evangaline looked slightly more shocked but soon she smiled.

"Why yes I am." Evangaline said. "I am indeed the Dark Evangel, the Undying Magi, Maga Nosferatu, and other names."

"So you're the Dollmaster. I've heard a lot about you from my friends." Richter said as a black spell circle formed around him when he put his guns away. "You may have heard of me. Richter Ratatosk."

Reinhart was looking out to the moon. "So now there's a summoner with magical weapons here as well. This academy has changed from back then." Reinhart said looking at an old painting that included him in european noble clothes.

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