Hellfire and Moonlight

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Chapter 4: Fangs from the Darkness

"A biannual blackout to conserve power?" Negi asked himself whenhe passed a flyer about it. "Well if you think about it this school does use a lot of power." Negi continued to walk past Richter and Reinhart. When the two heard about the black out they looked at each other before nodding knowing immediatly that Evangaline would regain her power and try to make a play for Negi's blood.

"I'm not going to interfere with this." Reinhart said. He knew that he would be a lot of help to Negi but he preferred to observe the action. Richter sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. The demon summoner didn't like the fact that Reinhart took only an observer's role causing him to trust the Vaien less.

"Whatever. Tonight I will get my revenge on that blood stealing little bitch." Richter said. He was still holding a grudge against Evangaline for putting the compulsion spell on him and sought only revenge for what had happened to him. The two parted ways to prepare for the night's coming festivities. When the sun finally set Richter jumped out of a tree holding what appeared to be a Saiga shotgun with his Peacemakers on his belt. "Just you wait Vampy. I'll make you pay for what you did." He soon found Negi talking to a glowing Makie in a maid's outfit. Negi took off after Makie used her gymnastics skills to run off. Richter had to admit that the girl was athletic but even with her. When Richter arrived at the baths he saw tha Evangaline had taken control of Ako, Yuna, and Okochi Akira as well. Negi tried to talk them down but Evangaline's hold on the girls was strong and soon they all but disarmed him except for his staff.

"Sorry girls but no means no!" Negi yelled as he used his magic to have the water swat them away. It caught Ako and Akira putting them to sleep. "I'll release the spell on you two later." Negi said as he started to get away from Evangaline. Evangaline's response was to send ice arrows at Negi but he pulled out an antique magic pistol to counter the arrows. Richter scoffed at the antique.

"Then again a gun is a gun no matter how you shoot it." Richter said as a black spellcircle appeared around him. "Bequethe to me your power." Soon Richter grew two large bat like wings that were made out of black magical energy before he flew after Evangaline, Chachamaru and Negi. When he caught up he saw that Negi had captured Evangaline and Chachamaru in a Flytrap spell H0owever before the demon summoner could jump down and do his own part he was slashed by something that moved really fast. He looked over at what it was and saw a robotivc wolf with magical claws as well as magical blades on its back. He could hear the whirr of fast movement and immidiatly knew that the blades and claws were sonic magic making them useful for cutting through just about anything. "Why me?"

Negi was having problems of his own when Chachamaru disabled his spell and capturing Negi. The gynoid had thrown his father's staff to Evangaline who admired it for a moment before throwing it into the river. Now she was on top of him ready to drain him of his life's blood until Asuna came in and kicked her away. Chamo then blinded the vampire and the gynoid temporarily and help Asuna spirit Negi out of there.

"I won't be able to beat them." Negi said in defeat. He was looking down so he didn't see the slap from Asuna coming. He looked at her in surprised but she hugged him.

"You can do this Negi." Asuna said. "Trust me we can definately beat them." Negi was confused on the we until Chamo activated a Pactio circle and Asuna kissed him on the lips creating an actual Pactio. While surprised negi quickly focused on taking down Evangaline. They jumped out of their hiding spot as Negi activated Asuna's contract. Meanwhile Richter was having a hard time with his opponent. The wolf robot was fast as hell making it almost impossible to attack. It had cut though the shot gun and Richter knew that Peacemakers wouldn't last. Richter sighed before he summoned his spellcircle again and a simple looking black pistol appeared.

"Now come and understand, Filozofio." Richter said as the pistol started to gather magic from the air. The wolf bot just continued to rush the summoner who looked bored at first glance upon closer inspection he looked haunted. "The world is black and white, only the sky is blue." Richter sang hauntingly enough that when the other four heard it they stopped their fight as Reinhart looked to Richter as if this was Richter's soul crying. "People and animals in the building are black and only I am white. I am lonely." When Richter sang the final note the wolf bot launched itself at him firing its laser cannon from its mouth but Richter fired the pistol since the song was its activation. The single bullet the pistol held flew through the laser directly into the wolf bot's mouth as it began to work its power. The bullet's power came from Richter's inner pain and that pain took on physical form before it the wolf bot had spikes of black magic coming out of it at all angles. "I am one."

"Lobozon!" Evangaline screamed. The wolf had been one of her favorite puppets and Richter had just destroyed it but when the black magic disappeared there was no damge to the puppet. "What?"

"The bullet only destroys organic compounds but cuts magical ties." Richter said. "That puppet will be usable in a couple of hours. I think that will suit my revenge for now." Richter walked over to the railing and leaned against it dropping Filozofio which disappeared in a black magic circle. When the other saw that he wasn't goiing to interfere they immediatly focused on each other again.

"Evangaline-san you can stop this. We don't have to fight!" Negi pleaded. "When I become a full wizard I can figure out how to release you." Evangaline scoffed in irritation.

"How long would that take?" Evangaline asked mockingly. "Why should I wait when i can just take your blood and be free right now? I mean to me the choice is quite clear." Negi wanted to try more to convince her but Asuna grabbed a hold of his shoulder and shook her head. The young englishman looked down before he turned his focus to Evanagaline. "So you've decided to grow a spine? Good. It'll be more fun to take your blood now." Asuna rushed at Chachamaru who jumped back to dodge the attack. The two then began to strike at and dodge each other never missing a beat as Negi and Evangaline casted spells at each other like it was going out of style. Soo they began to chant for their stronger spells.

"Veniant Spiritus Aeriales Fulgurientes! Cum Fulguratione Flet Tempestas Austrina! Iovis Tempestas Fulguriens!"

"Veniant Spiritus Glaciales Obscurantes! Cum Obscuratione Flet Tempestas Nivalis. Nivis Tempestas Obscurans!" As the two spells met it was quite obvious that negi didn't have the strength to beat Evangaline but he still willed everything he had into the spell before finally he pushed forward one last time causing the spell to overpower Evangaline. The result was Evangaline being completely stripped and cut up and bruised.

"Well I must say that was surprising." Evangaline said. "But it'll take more than that to beat me!" However Evangaline was thwarted by the power coming back on reestablishing the barrier to take away her magical powers and fell over the side of the bridge. Reinhart came out from his observing spot but was stopped by Richter befiore the Vaien could save Eva with his magic.

"What is wrong with you?" Reinhart asked. Richter only shrugged as he took out a cigarette and lit it.

"This is one part that we cannot be apart of. Negi must do this if he wants to to start being like his father." Reinhart nodded though he was still confused slightly but saw that Negi had jumped off the bridge to catch Evangaline and summon his staff ato take off flying before they hit the water. "Heh. I wonder if Nagi saved her like that?" Reinhart then understood what the summoner had meant by his previous statement.

"Why did you save me?" Evangaline asked Negi. The ten year old looked confused by the question.

"I don't think I need a reason to save some one." Negi replied. Evangaline just nodded as she summoned her cape to cover her as they landed. However as they landed Evangaline was assaulted by a woman with raven black hair and glowing red eyes in a maid's outfit.

"I admire your attempts to try and seduce him like this but please, Mistress, you must come to Aisha for advice." The woman said before pulling away revealing Evangaline in a white dress. "There we go! All better!"

"AISHA!" Evangaline yelled. "Wait if you're here that means-" Evanagaline looked over to where Aisha had come from to see Archleone smiling at her. "Mark! BIG BROTHER!" Evangaline ran up to Archleone and hugged him.

"Who the hell are you?" Richter asked before Aisha appeared in front of him.

"How dare you ask for Aisha's master's name like that!" Aisha screamed. "Give Aisha one good reason why Aisha shouldn't steal your souls...though you would enjoy the experience." Richter sighed before he took off his shirt and balzer to reveal his marking on his back showing it to Aisha. "A Soul Brand! You've promised your soul to another?" Richter nodded putting his clothes back on. "Then please forgive Aisha. Aisha also begs her master's forgiveness"

"You don't have to be like zat Aisha." The male vampire said. "Of course I forgive you." He walked up and patted Aisha on the head before Evangaline knocked her out of the way and he patted her on the head instead before turning to Negi and the others. "I thank you for getting my little sister under control."

"Little sister?" Asuna asked confused.

"Yes. My name is Mark Raphael Archleone McDowell, Evanagaline's elder brother." Mark said with a smile revealing his fangs. "Ze woman is my Succubus familiar, Aisha of the Silverscar House."

"Nice to meet you." Aisha said. "Perhaps a different venue would be best Master?" Mark nodded as the group all went to Eva's cottage to talk. When they arrived Chachamaru and Aisha went to the kitchen to make snacks and tea. As the group waited they sat down with Evangaline taking her spot on her brother's lap.

"So you're Evangaline-san's brother?" Reinhart asked.

"Zat is correct." Mark replied petting his sister since he missed her so much.

"Then do you mind explaining your accent? Evangaline sounds english but you don't." Reinhart said causing Mark to smile and show his fangs.

"I have been in Romania for zome time now. Zis prolonges stay has given me ze same accent zat zey have." Mark explained. Chachamaru and Aisha walked in with green and earl grey tea and served everyone as well as handed them small chocolate cakes. "Zank you so much girls."

"It was Aisha's pleasure, Master." Aisha said with a bow.

"Okay what's with the tramp?" Asuna asked looking at Aisha. Aisha looked at Asuna with a glare but before she could say anything she felt her master's hand on her arm causing Evangaline to silently growl at the maid.

"Aisha is Master's familiar." Aisha explained. "Master wished for a demonic familiar and Aisha was summoned. Aisha is now bound by her master's will and to prove as such Aisha has become Master's maid and Aisha couldn't be happier unless Master decided to use his maid as what she is." Aisha bent over to give her master a good look down her uniform at her large chest but Mark didn't seem to care all too much.

"Just because you are a Succubus does not mean zat you should be nozing more zan a sexual object." Mark explained. "I am quite glad to just have you as a maid so zat is all I require of you." Aisha nodded before Mark looked at the others in the room. "Even zough you may have many questions I vould like a chance to rest. I will answer more when I feel well rested if you do not mind." The others nodded and finished their tea and cakes before leaving. As Evanagaline watched them go she held onto Mark tighter. "You really have missed me Little Eva haven't you?"

"Mare than you could ever know dear brother." Evangaline replied looking up at his lips as her old longings filled her.

So turns out "Archleone" Is Eva's bro and now Negi had saved the academy...wwonder what'll happen next...read and review.