Hey readers it's me…the author… The-ADVENTURE-Begins… I wrote the crossover you're about to read…I'm the fricken writer! (Sigh) Anyways this is my first fanfic and I am a 100% canon writer and reader. Everything that is read here is the absolute truth (except for the crossover part). Ok more like 90%. I'm doing something strange by making the title of each chapter the title of a song. Awesome I know. Just deal with it and I'll be happy. I'd wanted to write a story here for over a year now but inspiration never struck…until 3 months ago that is. It took one month to write the entire layout and two more to write/type a quarter of the book. I did this because I have tons of personal experience with the agonizing moments of waiting for the next chapter to come out. This prologue is to give you an early taste of the crossover. The first chapter will be published on December 16 at 4 o'clock. The story takes place ten years after Breaking Dawn and just before The Son of Neptune. I had to tweak t a bit to make it work. The Cullens have moved to a national park in California, Nessie is fully grown and now can receive visions. Percy is hot as usual. Enjoy or not, your choice.

New Sole

A white house sits silently on a flower-laden hillock, deep within the forest of Yosemite National Park. Most people would question the owner's sanity for living in such a, damp and sunless place in the very sunny golden state know as California.

"It feels like home," was always the answer, given by a man, who if moved farther down the state, could have found a career as a profound plastic surgeon, based on his statistics, or model, based on his looks.

In fact, every member of the doctor's family was most abnormally…perfect. All with paler then pale skin and golden eyes, all except for the youngest with rosy cheeks and deep chocolate browns… perfect. The doctor's many adoptive children, went to Yosemite National Park Valley School along with the youngest's boyfriend.

When the gossip pool was low in the town, the people often spoke of the trouble the seven children must cause their young parental figures. 'I'm surprised they can even get up in the morning with so many teenagers and that Jacob Black coming over every day, it's unbelievable!' This was usually answered by, ' And they're all together', followed by exited giggles. After all what else would you expect in a house of cramped gorgeous teens. Of course it is more than roomy in the white, 3 stories colonial in the middle of no were. Today, as I said before, it is unusually quiet, holding its breath.

"It's time," an agitated whisper cuts trough the silence like church bells in the rafters at daybreak. Flashes of color sweep inside the manor, assembling a rough circle of figures. They all stare at the tiniest person in the room with spiky black hair inside a cream long sleeve sundress. 9 pares of eyes continue to train silently.

"Wish us luck," she laughs nervously and grabs hands with the tall blond man at her left side, he nods at her.

" Alice, are you sure you can do this?" the leader asks, his back to the window, concern for the outcome depending on the tiny women's actions.

Alice replies, "No Carlisle, Jasper and I'll do alright, besides we know how it'll turn out. It's going to be fine."

"Off you go then and…keep him safe," he pleads. With a rush of air, they're off faster than fast towards the beginning of their next great adventure. Whizzing past clumps of trees and patches of light streaming through the overgrowth, they race. All quests have a hero and they had found theirs. A new story starting with a new accomplice, a new member, a new piece to their puzzle, a new thread to the weave, a new life added to their many lives, a new brother… and his name is Perseus Jackson.

Suspense. Song by Yael Naim. Remember to tune back in on December 16 at 4 o'clock for the first official chapter. The faster the reviews are given, the faster the next chapter is subitted. And I mean it.