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Somewhere Only We Know: Bella

No one reacts; we all appear frozen in time, trapped inside our own turmoil-cased heads. All my nightmares I had ever imagined and then some flash trough my head, our family in disrepair, Edward stripped from my side and executed at my feet, our entire lives set alight, my self in a dark hood kissing the feet of the Volturi. They're coming…and we are trapped.

"What are you people doing? Get up we have to move!" A loud voice orders. I can't tell whose it is or where it's coming from, but I don't care it doesn't matter. We're all dead anyways, none of the vampires we gathered are even remotely trained enough for an attack this soon. Someone shakes my shoulder. I look up; everyone is erect, standing around the room emotionless. I stand.

Percy begins to pace the room with slow, precise footing in front of the large table we're all surrounding. "We have no chance of fighting them at our current state. We have numbers yes, but most of the soldiers aren't equipped enough to handle even a small battle. We need more time." Percy states. None of us question it, it's the truth, and we'd all be dead if the Volturi were to attack now. "The only chance of our survival and any hope of wining the war is time, time to train and time to move. This can no longer be our base, the Volturi now know where it is, and we need to move out of the Cullen house." Carlisle shifts his feet uncomfortably and uncertain looks are exchanged around the room. Percy has stopped his pacing and now is staring intently at Annebeth from across the room. Her face is contemplative and you could almost see the gears turning in her head.

Annebeth rushes to Percy's side and he wraps his arm firmly around her shoulders. Her voice is tentative as she says, "We need a place large, able to be easily guarded, and very remote, somewhere that only you know of. " Nods and muttered assents ripple through the room and Annebeth continues. "I heared you talking about a island that could fit our needs, Isle Esme?"

"Yes, It's perfect!" Alice squeals, her face momentarily zoning out and then replaced by one of relief. "We need to move fast though, there's allot of building to do." Alice pushes Esme down roughly into a chair at the table and places several sketchbooks in front of her. "Esme we need housing for all our guests and-" Alice tosses dozens of color pallets and fabric splotches in font of the now frazzled looking Esme, "-and don't forget to make it look good."

'I'll help!" Annebeth says excitedly. "I have some design experience." She grabs a sketchpad and begins scribbling furiously a detailed outline of a large building with soaring rafters and a large oak doors. I am emiedietly impressed with her obvious skills and clearly so are Esme and Alice. The two of them lean over the blond mesmerized with the building being drawn before them.

"Wait so we're really going to the island?" I ask finally breaking from my daze. I loved the island of coarse but everything is moving so fast, that I'm beginning to feel light headed.

Jasper looks at me, humor in his eyes, "Looks that way. But between us, I'm glad it's not me who has to tell everyone else that we're relocating." Jaspers exits the room after another glance at his wife.

I look around the room that had emptied without my notice; leaving me, and Esme, Alice and Annebeth at the table designing the islands many needed renovations to accommodate all our guests.

Outside I hear Percy's voice, "Everyone gather round we have an announcement to make." I hasten to the front porch where my family is gathered in a loose clump surrounding Percy who quickly steps back allowing Carlisle to take the stage. A crowd of vampires and werewolves quickly emerge from the house, woods, and surrounding valley. They don't come quietly, laughing loudly, pushing those nearest them, most come at their own lazy pace. Our soldiers are a disorganized mess, that obviously don't think what we're doing here is important enough to give us their full attention. Percy was right this isn't an army and unless they start acting like it and soon… were doomed.

"Carlisle what's going on?" A voice asks from the crowed, I peer out behind Emmet to see a America vampire Maisie of St. Louis staring intently up at all of us. Maisie is tall, around Annebeth's height at 5'11. She has the wildest curly hair I had ever seen, her caramel and chocolate colored strands spiral in almost all directions down her back. Her crazy out of control hair captured her personality perfectly, she is the biggest trickster I have ever had the pleasure of becoming friends with even compared to Emmett and Percy but in situations much like today her mood becomes solemn and serious. At Maisie's question the noisy crowd becomes quiet, this has nothing to do with her gift, but with her loud voice that can command a crowd.

"Thank you Maisie," Carlisle says, she gives him a wide smile, which he returns then continues, addressing the crowd. "I am going to say this once and without any objections on any of your part." Carlisle sighs deeply, "We are relocating everyone to a island were training will continue. We will tell you the reason for this when we get there, the only thing you need to know is that we're not coming back and that the relocation is needed. Any questions?" There is none but everyone looks startled at the sudden change of plans. Carlisle scans the crowed for any hands then speaks again, "We will be leaving at sundown today, Edward will then lead you to the ocean to begin your journey to Isle Esme. Please prepare for the relocation and I will see you all then." Carlisle smiles at the agitated crowed then disappear back into the house.

Annebeth POV


DATE 7/20

TIME: 18:49:12


I grip Percy's hand as we wait in the shore at a beach near Monterey. The Pacific Ocean pulls at our wastes, releases us then repeats. Every second in the oceans presence seems to make Percy happier and happier by the time the vampires arrive from the Cullen's he'll have a smile bigger than Leo's- stop right there, no more thinking about your friends…but I can't, I miss them so much. My sour thoughts are interrupted by the sound of hundreds of body's quickly swarming towards us and determination replaces my new melancholy mood.

Percy and I step forward onto the sand as the hundreds of vampires create a tight ring around us. "Alright, " Percy says quieting the crowd, "Let's get started then." I drop my hand from his and we turn to face the water, the vampires in front of us move out of the way. Percy raises his hands together until they are level with the ocean's horizon, he grips them tightly together into a ball, then pulls the two hands abruptly apart vertically. Gasps and exclamations ripple through the crowd. A large thin vertical tunnel appears in the ocean, it appears to go on forever but is much to slim for anyone to fit. A small smile appears on Percy's lips as he lifts his hands again, he presses them together as if in prayer than slowly pulls them apart. The tunnel of water copies his movement until the tunnel is large enough to fit three semi-trucks easy. Percy turns around a gives a comical bow to his enthralled audience who burst into cheers. This continues with Percy's encouragement. I smack him on the back of his head to sober him up and we watch Edward make his way through the crowd to the front. "After you." Percy tells Edward, gesturing to the watery tunnel leading steadily downward to the bottom of the ocean floor. Ed looks unsure but pushes through his angst and disappears into the tunnel with Percy, leaving me alone with the crowd.

I clear my voice, "They will lead you to the island through the tunnel, and it will be open for a week so be sure to hunt on the way there. Um… that's it, on you go." I finish lamely and sprint after Percy into the watery tunnel towards our new base camp.

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