"I trust you have a plan because I need her in order to begin this war. She might have escaped me once, but she will not escape me a second, not this time. This time is going to be different." Genevieve Collins looks to Esmeralda Salazar with a devious demeanor.

"I have someone as we speak taking care of that. And don't worry," Esmeralda looks to Genevieve with a smirk on her face, "I've got everything under control."

Genevieve nods and replies, "I sure hope you're right my love, because if it doesn't get done," she turns to walk away as she waves her hand as if swatting a fly, "Let's just say that it won't turn too well for you."

You are now Special Agent Natara Williams

You and your partner Mal Fallon race up the stairs after your murder suspect, Cecil Rucker.

As you reach the end of the stairs and go for the door to the roof, you hear gunfire and Mal pulls you back just in time before the door explodes with bullets.

"Natara, are you okay?" Mal asks.

"Yeah, thanks Mal."

You wait for the bullets to stop and once they do, Mal kicks in the door to reveal Cecil reloading his gun. Cautiously you approach Cecil and say, "Cecil Rucker, put down your weapon and hands on your head, NOW!"

Cecil pauses for a sec before raising his gun and asking, "Why would I do that you pigs?"

"We know what you did to Gerry Ross." Mal responds.

Cecil freezes in his place and glares back, tears starting to form around his eyes as he says, "Yeah well do you know what he did to my little girl? That drunken bastard beat her every time she went to her whore a mother's house!"

You and Mal slowly take a couple steps toward Cecil as you say, "What Gerry did to her was wrong but killing him wasn't the answer. We can help you, though, if you just put down the gun and come with us."

Cecil hesitates for a moment, tears staining his face, before sadly saying, "It's too late for me." With that, he aims his gun towards you and you hear the sound of gunshots. You hold your breath for a second before realizing that Mal had shot Cecil right in his forehead and he was now lying in a pool of his own blood.

Mal looks to you with a concerned look on his face before smiling and says, "Damn Natara, that's the second time I had to save you in less than five minutes."

You shake your head and laugh with him as you say. "Isn't that what partners are for?"

Mal chuckles before sadly noting, "Too bad it had to end this way, though."

You look to where Cecil lies, where he now is being put into a body bag.

"Yeah, too bad."

You are now Detective Mal Fallon

You drive back to the precinct with Natara in the passenger seat in an awkward silence that is interrupted by the buzzing of her phone. She looks at her blackberry and sighs as she answers the text.

Curious, you ask, "Is that the Captain with another case?"

Natara gives you a weak smile as she answers, "No, it's just Oscar."

Your face falters for a moment before you regain your composure as you say, "Just Oscar, since when is he just Oscar?"

As you roll to a stop in front of the precinct, you gaze into Natara's eyes and ask her, "Come on Natara, what's really the matter?"

Natara looks down as she just shakes her head.

Gripping the steering wheel tight, you tell her, "Don't you trust me Nat?"

Natara looks up instantly in shock as she angrily says, "What's that suppose to mean?"

All your emotions you have been holding in since you put your feelings out there, the hurt of Natara choosing Oscar over you, comes out in an angry rush as you say, "Come on Natara! You know exactly what I mean! We've been through hell and back together; the Maskmaker, the Flores cartel, Zero, Shawn and freakin' Genevieve Collins and so many more! All of this and you can't spare me a hint at what's going on between you and Santos? I've bared my heart and soul to you and you decide to choose Oscar over me, a cocky attorney who you hardly even know. I respected that, though. So now I'll give you space if you can't talk about him in front of me." Still fuming, you get out of the car and slam the door, without even looking back to see Natara's reaction. You know you have hurt her and can't stand to see her upset, but you couldn't control yourself.

As you keep walking, you hear a car door slam and within seconds, a hand grabs your arm in a tight grip, forcing you to look into Natara's anger stricken eyes.

"I can't believe you just said that Mal! You think it's easy for me to just jump into a relationship with anybody? "

You look down to Natara's hard grip on your arm then look up as you reply in a harsh tone, "Well, I assume not since you're one of the best FBI profilers in the agency."

Natara's hand flinches from your forearm as her eyes go dark, "Well then, I guess there's nothing to say if my profiling is correct. And since you asked," Her voice falters as she turns to walk around, trying to fight back the flow of tears, "Oscar made dinner plans with me tonight even after I told him not to because he hadn't visited his son since Halloween." With that, she stormed in the opposite way of the precinct, heading to her apartment, not even bothering to sign out of the precinct and file the report.

You hang your head as everything that just happened sinks in.

You are now Special Agent Natara Williams

Putting on the final touch of makeup, you stroll out of your bathroom and await the arrival of Oscar. You hope that Oscar will keep your mind off of what happened between Mal and yourself. Deep down, however, you know that Mal is right. Well, partially. Being an FBI profiler, you know how to get into the heads of some of the sickest people in the world yet, you can't even figure out your own feelings without having to hurt someone.

A knock on the door signals the arrival of Oscar and tears you away from your thoughts, bringing you back to the real world. You open the door to reveal a smiling Oscar who you notice is holding something behind his back.

Smiling, you ask, "What are you hiding behind you, Oscar?"

Oscar chuckles as he answers, "I thought you might notice."

With one final chuckle, he reveals a bottle of some sort of wine with a bow on top of the cork.

Seeing the confuse look on your face, he quickly says, "It's an Italian Red Wine that I thought we should share before we go out. I know you aren't much of wine drinker and that you prefer beer, but I figured, why not?"

Laughing, you let in Oscar and grab two wine glasses from the cabinet. He pops the cork off and lets in a strong aroma of wine as he pours it into the glasses. He lifts up his glass and says, "Here's a toast to the most beautiful FBI profiler there is."

Smiling, you toast his glass before bringing it up to your mouth. As you taste the wine, you feel a burning sensation go through your throat along with a sour aftertaste. You try coughing it away but you can't get rid of it.

A concerned look flashes along Oscar's face as he asks, "Is everything alright, Natara?"

Trying not to be rude towards Oscar, you say, "Yeah…. just a little… strong is all."

You turn away as you chug the rest, hoping it will get rid of the taste. However, it just seems to get worse and you realize that you are starting to get a sharp pain in the back of your head. Unable to support yourself, you collapse onto the floor, coughing violently. You realize right before everything goes black, that Oscar is nowhere to be seen.