****9 Months later****

Mal Fallon and Natara Williams sprint after Miguel Angel who is the murder suspect in the slaying of a Priest. After confronting Miguel in his home, the young man threw the book he had in his hand and booked it out the back door, conceiving the chase.

"I ask myself this all the time, why the hell do they always run?" A very annoyed Mal asked to his partner as they made an abrupt turn into a back alley.

"Now, where will the fun be if they didn't?" Natara said, as she brushed some of her hair out of her face, her engagement ring sparkling in the late morning sun.

As they came to a split in the alley, Natara and Mal could see Miguel hesitate a little as he veered left into what they both knew was a dead end. Approaching the split, Natara yelled to Mal, "You take the left, I'll go right to make sure he gets surprised."

Before Mal could argue, Natara flew past him as she merged into the right side of the alley, forcing him to take the left. It had been a hard recovery for Natara to get to this point, even though technically she wasn't fully recovered. Her ribs and shoulder had healed back to perfection and the bruises have almost disappeared. But she still had the visible scars and burns from the taser and the defibrillators that had saved her life. Her broken femur has now left Natara with a slight limp in her left side and she still had pain in her abdomen from where the bullet tore right through her. Through those painful recoveries, Mal had been at her side the whole way through and now will be for the rest of their lives. That's why he was so worried at first when Natara, stubbornly, returned back to the force two months ago. He knew that nothing would be able to change her mind and that she needed to work. So as Mal took the opposite side as he quickly took out his gun to approach a now trapped Miguel, he prayed Natara would be okay, as he always did every day since he got her back.

Mal came to slow stop as he pointed his gun at Miguel and said, "It's the end of the road Miguel, put your hands above your head and get on your knees."

Miguel, of course not listening, started pacing in place, looking for a way out as he rambled, "I can't go to jail, man, I can't."

Mal saw a shadow approach from behind the wall and knew he had to stall in order to bring this guy in alive."

"So then why did ya kill that Priest? Just 'cause you don't believe doesn't mean you need to kill."

"Man, I had to. I was told to do it. You don't know what he was into."

"Who told you? Who ordered the hit Miguel?"

Mal could now see Natara steady herself on top of the wall, almost giving away her position by gasping as you feared what she was about to do.

"What's the point, I'm dead already."

"No one has to die today Miguel. Can you at least tell me what you meant as to what the Father Diego was into?"

"He was hitting it up with the carteles. He was no Saint."

"Come on, why should I believe that?" Mal said as he quickly nodded for Natara to get ready.

"Is the truth man! If you don't believe me, you soon will." Before Mal could react, Miguel quickly flashed a small glock, aiming it in his direction. Expecting to hear a gunshot, Mal instinctly braced himself for the shot. But none came. Instead, as he looked up, Natara came falling down, landing right on top Miguel, forcing the gun to fall from his reach and causing Mal to have a mini heart attack.

"Nat!" Mal yelled as he holstered his gun and quickly assisted in detaining Miguel.

Mal could see that as Natara hoisted up a cussing Miguel, that she was holding back her pain.

"You okay?" Mal asked as he grabbed the suspect, a little rougher than necessary, and steered him to the now approaching back up.

Natara grimaced ever so slightly as she rolled out her muscles, "…Never better. He served as a nice cushion. And you're welcome"

Mal smiled as he shook his head in disbelief as he said, "For what."

"For saving you, again." She said as Mal put Miguel in the back of a squad car and slammed the door shut.

"You know I'm the damsel and you're my shining knight in armor." Mal said as he held Natara close, not caring that the other officers were staring, some even wolf whistling.

"Just for the moment. Usually you're my dashing, crime fighting partner." Natara said as she hooked her arms around his neck.

"And you're my soon to be wife." Mal said, lifting Natara's chin towards him, closing in the distance between their lips.

As they pulled away, mainly due to the uncontrollable whistles coming from their colleagues, Natara asked, "Do you think what Miguel said was true? About the Father?"

Mal looked at the now receding car and said, "I don't know. But I know more than anything that we'll find the truth."

"Like always." Natara smiled as she took Mal's hand and led them back to their own car.

Elsewhere, Esmeralda Salazar lay lounging in front of her pool in the upscale neighborhood of Hayes Valley, nestle smack dab in the middle of San Francisco.

"Ms. Salazar, there is someone on the phone for you."

"Is it important that they had to interrupt me in the middle of my relaxation?"

"I believe so, Miss."

"Fine, give it here." Esmeralda said as one of her guards hands her a disposable phone, "What."

There is a slight pause and a smile creeps over her face as she answers, "Good. Take him out. He is of no use to me anymore." Another pause and, "No, do not take them down. Leave the happy couple be. Besides, their wedding is just around the corner. We'll have plenty of time to finally take them down."

With that, she throws the phone towards the guard and tells him to burn the phone. Once he leaves, she takes a sip of her fine Apple Margarita and says to herself, "Everything is finally according to plan."

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