Authors note: I was inspired to write this story after watching the Wild West Rangers. I love Power Rangers.

Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers. The Star Rangers , their allies, their enemies, and their hometown are mine and have been originated from my own imagination. Please enjoy.



Chapter 1: Into The Past

(Woodland Ca, 2012) Sarah O'Connor, the Pink Star Ranger, and her ranger team were all eating at their favorite restaurant, Dairy Queen, celebrating their latest victory against the evil Argo. "Do you guys know what?" Asked Benjamin "Ben" Richards, the Green Star Ranger, with a little laugh. Sarah and Emily Lee, the Yellow Star Ranger, both just smiled and said, "what?" "That we are the best rangers that ever lived!" screamed Ben, the other rangers all wore alarmed expressions on their faces when this happened. Chris Knight, the Blue Star Ranger, who was sitting next to Ben, threw his hand over his mouth trying to shut him up. When Ben finally calmed down, Matthew "Matt" York, the Red Star Ranger, looked kinda mad and they all guessed it was Ben's outburst that had upset him. Kyle Johnson, the Black Star Ranger, smiled playfully at Matt and said, "Oh cheer up Mattie, Ben meant no harm, he was just having fun, it was an accident." And so Matt did "cheer up" so they all went back to having their fun. About 15 minutes later Sarah looked at her watch and realized that she needed to get to the library before it closed. "Hey guys, gotta go, the library you know," she said sadly, "see ya" "see ya," the others said in unison. On her way out, she got held up by a group of little leaguers, who were all trying to decide what kind of ice cream they each wanted. So while Sarah waited to leave she pulled out her compact and gave herself a touchup (she was unaware that when she wasn't looking Argo had sent down a monster, Eclipse, who had cast a time traveling spell on the compact's mirror). As soon as Sarah looked into the mirror, it transported her through time and the next thing she knew she was sitting on someone's lap, that someone she had no idea, until she turned her head. And instantly she wished she hadn't because she was sitting on a young man's lap and it wasn't just any young man, it was the most handsome young man she had ever seen and she became very faint.

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