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Chapter 30: Epilogue
Percy's/Athlon's P.O.V.

I smiled nervously as I stood there, staring out at the congregation. It's been three months since the war and everything was going great. About a week after the war ended, everyone left to go back to the army, back to the forests, and back to Camp Jupiter. But they came back for today. As I stood there, the anticipation overwhelmed me and my tie got tighter, feeling like it was choking me. I reached up and pulled at it to loosen it but it didn't seem to work, the tie stayed just as tight as before. I heard chuckling over to my left and turned to look. Dad was staring down at me, watching as I pulled at my tie.

"Nervous there Percy?" He joked. I rolled my eyes and ignored him. He was acting cool and confident as if he wasn't nervous at all, but as I looked into his eyes I could tell he was just as nervous as me. But instead of commenting on that, I just turned back towards the congregation, waiting for it to start. Every god, nymph, demigod, hunter, friend, family member, and soldier we could find were sitting in chairs, either staring ahead at us or chatting excitedly to their friends. The room had once been called the throne room but was magically enlarged and the thrones were taken out so today's event could happen. The room was probably as big as a football field and a lot wider than one too. I sighed, impatiently and excitedly looking around, wanting it to start. For the past five hundred years I have been waiting for this day and now it was finally here. I looked at dad with impatience and he chuckled.

"Don't worry Percy, it'll start soon." He reassured. I nodded but was still just as nervous and impatient(and he could tell).

"Yea dad, don't worry." Andrew stated, resting a hand on my shoulder.

"Yea, they'll be here soon." Charlie reassured beside me. I could tell that he was talking to both dad and I, he could tell that dad was nervous too. You're probably wondering who were waiting on and why were are. Well, we are waiting on our two loves and the why is because it is our wedding day. It turns out that father and Athena never really had a real marriage, they just exchanged vows but never went all out because, to them, I was still out there somewhere and Athena, who wanted Annabeth as her maid of honor, wanted to wait till Annabeth recovered but she never did till now. So now we were all getting married on the same day. Though dad was going to choose me as his best man, now that I was getting married as well we both chose Charlie and Andrew as our best men.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as the wedding march song began. My head snapped over to look at the door on the other side of the room and I realized with dread that since the room was so big it would take a long time for everyone to reach us. Thinking that, the bridesmaids and ushers came out of the door. First came Leo and Reyna, then Jason and Piper, and next was Frank and Hazel. After then it was Nico and Thalia, Chris and Clarisse, and then Travis and Katie. It was then Apollo and Hestia, Orion and Artemis, Dustin and Olivia, and Theseus and Demeter. Now it was Hephaestus and Aphrodite, Hades and Persephone, Grover and Juniper, and Michael and Katosh. Last was Dionysus and his wife Ariadne, Hermes and Hera, and Zachariah and Uionawua(leader of sector 3). The girls were wearing light and flowing silver dresses and the men were wearing blue suits which made the entire congregation gasp and oh and aw. As they walked slowly down the aisle, I wished they would walk faster because the wait was agonizing. Finally they reached us and all stood in front of everyone.

Artemis and Thalia stepped up onto the alter since they were the two maid of honors while Hera took her place in front of us since she was the marriage officiant(she is the goddess of marriage after all). Finally Athena arrived –Zeus bringing her down the aisle- and everyone gasped at her beauty. I heard dad falter in his breathing and smiled at the look of pure love in his face. Her dress was a beautiful silver and flowed down, hugging her figure yet it still looked modest, the veil trailing behind her(A/N: find dress and veil link in author's note at end). In her hands were beautiful gray roses, about a dozen or so. As Athena finally reached the alter, she stepped up to alter and turned to face dad, grasping his hands, smiling with joy. When they were done, I turned to face the door waiting anxiously for my soon to be wife.

My breath was stolen as she came into view, her father leading her down the aisle(Athena made him and his wife immortal as well as their kids). She was wearing a beautiful silver dress. Below the waist it was in small waves going to the ground and trailing behind her. At the waist the fabric dipped in waves and at Annabeth's left side there was an intricate design of beads. Waves traveled up the dress until they stopped at the shoulders, right where the veil started. It fell onto her shoulders and trailed behind her on the floor. Her face glowed with beauty, love, and happiness and her beautiful stormy gray eyes were vibrant and sparkled. Her hair was curled and she wasn't wearing make-up, but she was beautiful without it, she's never even needed it. In her hands was the same kind of bouquet as Athena's. As her eyes met mine and her smile widened I remembered back to the week after the victory in the war, the night that I proposed.

~~~~~~flashback starts~~~~~~

I was scheduled to leave back to the army in an hour so I decided to take a last look around the camp before going. There was thirty minutes left and I had just one last place to go to: the beach. As I walked along it, I breathed in the sweet sea breeze and smiled sadly, I had missed the ocean so much and now I was leaving it once again. As I continued down the beach, I spotted someone sitting on the hill I now called Annabeth and I's hill. I just knew it was her. Shaking in nervousness, I hesitated before walking towards the hill. She turned to look at me as I was five feet away and she quickly looked away, wiping her face. I frowned, realizing she was crying and trying to hide it. Sitting down next to her, I turned to face her.

"Annabeth?" I questioned. She hummed in question but wouldn't look at me, probably so I wouldn't see the tears. But the moon illuminated her face, showing the wet trails going down it, "Annabeth, look at me." She shook her head though. Sighing, deciding to let her look when she was ready. It was silent for a while before I spoke, "I'm leaving in a while." She nodded quickly and shakingly, a soft and barely audible whimper coming out of her mouth which made me internally flinch, "Annabeth?" I questioned, wanting her to speak, "Annabeth, are you alrigh-" I started to question in worry but she interrupted me.

"I'm fine!" She snapped, her voice quivery slightly. I wanted to press her, but decided to leave her alone. It was silent for a while before I spoke.

"I'm going to miss you." I quietly stated. Her lip quivered but she nodded strictly, still staring out at the ocean, "It feels like I've only been here for a short while and now I'm just leaving again." Annabeth winced slightly on the last two words, "Annabeth…" I started but she interrupted me, standing up.

"You should go." She stated, turning to leave, "Bye Percy." It felt like there was a hole burning in my pocket and I knew I had to do it now or I never would be able to.

"Actually," She stopped at that, "There's something I have to do before I leave." I hinted, walking up to her and kneeling down, taking the nagging thing out of my pocket.

"Oh, then go do that. Bye P-" She started and I interrupted her.

"Annabeth." I stated.

"What?" She snapped, still not facing me. I shook my head lovingly.

"Turn around." I stated softly, trying to clamp down on my nerves, worries, and doubts. She hesitated for a second before sighing and turning around. She looked at me and gasped, seeing me kneeling on one knee with a ring in my hand, facing her. Her hand flew to her mouth in shock and she stumbled back in shock. I smiled my usual lopsided smile before speaking, taking a deep breath, "Annabeth Marie Chase, will you marry me?" I proposed(literally and figuratively). She stared down at me in shock, her mouth still covered by her hand. My smiled wavered at the silence that followed and I wondered if maybe this was the wrong idea, maybe she didn't want to marry me at all.

Tears filled Annabeth's eyes and I immediately started to panic. I definitely shouldn't have proposed, I-I was pulled out of my thoughts as Annabeth launched herself at me, hugging me tightly as I lost my balance and fell back. She sobbed into my shoulder nodding her head yes before pulling back and kissing me on the lips. I grinned widely and happily before taking the ring out of the box and putting it on her finger. I had it specially designed by Hephaestus a few days ago. It was silver and had gray diamonds surrounding a large sea-green gem in the middle. The ring shined brightly and was perfect for her. Annabeth smiled at me, laughing with joy, before unexpectedly punching me in the shoulder. Rubbing my shoulder, I stared at her in confusion.

"I could see the doubt in your eyes; you actually thought for a second that I wouldn't want to marry you!" She exclaimed, laughing. She ran her hand through my hair before kissing me lightly, "Of course I would want to marry you Seaweed Brain." She stated.

~~~~~~Flashback ends~~~~~~

I left after that, promising that I would be back as much as I could to plan the wedding. And here it is. I smiled as Annabeth and her dad reached the alter. She kissed her father lightly on the cheek, smiling happily at him. She stepped up the steps before turning to face me. I reached out and grasped her hands tightly, smiling my usual lopsided smile. It was here that Hera started.

"Everyone, we are gathered here to unite Athena, goddess of Wisdom, battle strategy, arts and crafts, reason, and queen of the gods and sea," She smiled, turning to look at dad, "And Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, horses, and king of the gods in full matrimony. We are also here to join Annabeth Marie Chase, daughter of Athena, Heroine of Olympus, One of the seven, immortal camper of wisdom, peace, justice, feelings, knowledge, weaving, reading, writing, learning, and immortality with Perseus Allen Jackson, son of Poseidon, Commander of the Army of Chaos, Hero of Olympus, one of the seven, Defeater of Kronos, Hyperion, and many other immortals, defier of Gaea, and bane of all monsters in matrimony as well…" She continued on through the whole thing and we said and did everything she asked for the rings and we put them on each other, taking turns saying our speeches. Finally the final vows came.

"Poseidon, do you take Athena whom you now hold by the hand to be your lawful wedded wife? Do you promise to love and cherish her, for better for worse, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, for your whole immortal life?" She questioned. Dad smiled, looking into Athena's eyes.

"I do."

"And do you Athena, take Poseidon whom you now hold by the hand to be your lawful wedded husband? Do you promise to love and cherish him, for better for worse, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him, for your whole immortal life." She inquired.

"I do." Annabeth stated, smiling widely. Hera smiled softly before turning to face me.

"Perseus Jackson, do you take Annabeth Chase whom you now hold by the hand to be your lawful wedded wife? Do you promise to love and cherish her, for better for worse, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her, for your whole immortal life?" She repeated. I looked down into Annabeth's beautiful grey eyes and smiled.

"I do." I softly stated.

"And do you Annabeth Chase, take Perseus Jackson whom you now hold by the hand to be your lawful wedded husband? Do you promise to love and cherish him, for better for worse, forsaking all others, keeping yourself only unto him, for your whole immortal life?" Hera asked. My nervousness reached new heights here and I begged that she would say yes. She looked at me and one loving and happy smile from her erased all my doubts.

"I do." She spoke those beautiful words. Hera smiled at all four of us.

"As goddess of marriage, I know pronounce you as husbands and wives. Husbands, you may now kiss your bride." She allowed. I smiled down at Annabeth before leaning down and kissing her on the lips just as dad did the same with Athena. We pulled away five seconds later amidst cheers and exclamation from the congregation. We walked down the aisle together and followed everyone to the room where the reception was taking place. It's been an hour already and I had gotten tired of dancing and talking so I decided to just sit out and watch my new bride. She was dancing around with her father, laughing as he spun her around. Everyone else was having a blast; Travis and Katie, Dustin and Olivia, Katosh and Charlie, and all the couples were slowly dancing to the music, happy and content smiles on their face. I raised an eyebrow as I saw Luke(A/N: What? You didn't think I would keep him dead for long, did you?:)) and Dyana Treyci(leader of sector 4) laughing as the chatted at the food table.

They have been best friends with each other for the past five hundred years or so and constantly flirted with each other, though neither of them would ask the other out, they were too stubborn. I grinned, chuckling, as I watched Andrew and Kim dance together, both of them blushing like crazy. I briefly wondered when they would admit their feelings for each other before shrugging, knowing Aphrodite and her love plans, it'll probably be soon and big. As I went back to watching my bride, I smiled once again, happy that my life turned out right. The chips that I found out Kronos had put in Andrew and I had been taken out and destroyed by Kronos, Everyone was happy, the Army has finally visited earth, Dad finally got truly married to Athena, and Annabeth is finally mine. As I watched her twirl in her beautiful wedding dress I smiled as I thought, hmmmm…Annabeth Marie Chase-Jackson, I like the sound of that…

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