"Hi, everyone. I'm Ms. Lopez and I'll be your Spanish teacher this year." Santana stood in front of her class with her hands clasped together and her body perched tall on a pair of 6-inch heels that made most of the boys in the class blush. Santana was replacing Mr. Schuester. Mr. Schuester was the Spanish teacher before Santana and had recently taken a job as an accountant after a few botched auditions for the local theater made him realize that his high school dream of being a 'star' was impossible.

"Sorry, I'm late," Brittany, a blonde cheerleader, walked into the room with a stolid face. "I got lost."

"Oh, are you new?" Santana asked, since it was Spanish 3, a class taken by juniors and seniors who should've known their way around the halls of McKinley by now.

"No," Brittany said simply as she sat down next to Quinn, another blonde Cheerio, who was shooting a glare at Rachel in the front of the room who was fawning over Finn who sat in the back of the classroom. When Brittany sat down, she finally got to get a look at Santana. Her jaw nearly flew open as she let her blue eyes travel from her toned legs to the raven curls that fell past her shoulders.

"You're so hot," she said loudly, so loud that it was enough to be heard by everyone around her, but you could tell she didn't care. She didn't bow her head or try to cover up her tracks, she didn't do that all, she kept staring, not letting her eyes drift like they were accustomed to in all her other classes.

"What?" Santana's face contorted with confusion.

"You're just like really hot," Brittan explained, her eyes glued to Santana's curves.

"I uh, err- thank you," Santana said softly with a nervous smile.

"Can I touch her?" Brittany whispered to Quinn who was still shocked that Brittany just called their new Spanish teacher 'hot.' Santana on the other hand couldn't wipe away her smile as she walked to her desk to pick up all the syllabi that she was going to give out. As she passed it out, she couldn't really explain what had come over her. The right word would have to be warm, like if Santana had been switched on for whatever reason, well Brittany's the reason in this case. Santana stole a few glances at Brittany while she went over the class rules and expectations. Brittany, of course was staring at her the entire time.

When the bell rang and everyone was already shuffling out of class, Brittany stayed behind and paced over to Santana's desk with a white piece of paper in her hand.

"If you ever, ever need someone to come over and give you sweet lady kisses, call me," she gave Santana the piece of paper with her phone number on it and walked away without another word. Santana sat in her chair awestruck, and after the shock surpassed partially, her immediate thought was to throw the paper away, but as her hand waded over the wastebasket next to her desk, she stopped. Her arm moved almost robotically and hid the piece of paper under all the paper clips in Santana's drawer. Disoriented with her actions, Santana decided to leave it alone and grabbed her class list for her next period. Watching slyly by the door was Brittany, who saw the whole paper hiding fiasco unfold right in front of her eyes. Her insides felt both alive and tired at the same time, seeing Santana almost throw it away made all the organs in her body wane but when Santana decided against it her organs waned again… in a good way this time. Squealing, Brittany sprinted to her next class where she met Quinn Fabray's arched brow.

"What are you so happy about?"

"I think Ms. Lopez likes me," she whispered with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"I think she probably thinks you're creepy, Britt."

"She keeps me in her desk," Brittany retorted, Quinn cocked her head to the side and dismissed it as another Brittany-ism before going on about Rachel and Finn and how disproportionate they were, Brittany tried to stay attentive to all of Quinn's complaints but soon found her attempts useless as her mind kept drifting back to Santana.

The next day, Brittany was the first person in her Spanish class. She spent an entire 2 hours the night before remembering the entire McKinley map that she stole from some anxious freshman in the halls.

"Hi," she said quietly as she strode into class, Santana jumped in her seat at the sudden noise, not expecting anyone to be 5 minutes early to her class, especially during the first class of the day.

"Hi, Brittany," she said already warming up to her presence. Brittany smiled at her and sat in her seat.
"So, are you taking over the glee club?" Brittany asked. Santana remembered something about a club in one of Figgins' long, drawn out, Indian flavored speeches.

"Figgins said something about that. What is it?"

"It's like a family where everyone sings, well Rachel sings and we sort of sing behind her but I get to dance. Not like Cheerio dancing but actual fun dancing that doesn't make my insides hurt," Brittany smiled brightly at Santana, and Santana couldn't help but smile back at her obvious enthusiasm.

"Well, sounds like fun but I don't know if I'd be into it as much as Mr. Schuester was. Maybe that weird guidance counselor might be better at it than I would."

"I'm sure you'd be awesome at it, you're probably awesome at everything." Now lets get one thing straight, Santana Lopez does not blush. Her boyfriend, Noah Puckerman, to this day after a 4 year relationship has not gotten the girl to blush, but now Brittany, after a day, has made Santana turn 3 different shades of red.

"Thank you," the most genuine words that Santana has ever said to anyone probably. Noticing the way Santana reacted to her words, Brittany was sure she could get her to coach the glee club, she had the idea of getting her to take over the club the night before in hopes of spending more time with her.

"So yea, you should at least check it out."

"I don't know anything about singing," Santana confessed.

"Don't worry, no one does and its not like Rachel will let you talk in the first place," already knowing about the girl's talkative behavior, Santana laughed at Brittany's comment, and as if she knew she was being talked about, Rachel Berry walked into the room.

"Ms. Lopez, I have gotten word that you have been asked to take over the glee club this year. Now, before you decline, I would like to represent the glee club and try to swa-"

"Let me stop you right there, Rachel. I'll do it," and with that Rachel smiled and left Santana to sit at her desk, meanwhile Santana sent Brittany a wink that was probably a lot flirtier than Santana had originally intended. Either way, it still made Brittany's pale knees wobble.

"So hot," Brittany responded and Santana smirked to herself as she got up to write the day's vocabulary on the board.

"Brittany you're drooling," Quinn said observantly as she put her binder down on her desk. Brittany squinted at Quinn and then down at her notebook.

"I don't even have a pencil in my hand." Quinn looked at Brittany like if she spoke another language.

"Drooling, not doodling, Brittany," Brittany's lips formed a perfect O as she realized her mistake. She smiled at Quinn almost thanking her, and Quinn just smiled back not being able to stay irritated with Brittany's questions or errors for very long.

Later that day when almost all of Mckinley had already driven home, Santana was sitting in her cold dark classroom, filing all of the student information under each of the students' names. She was on the last name when Brittany strolled in.

"Hi," Brittany said softly like she always did.

"Hi there again, Brittany. Can I help you with anything?"

"I came here to get you."

"Brittany, no. I am your teacher and I have a boyfriend and I could lose my jo-"

"Glee club, actually. It's today and since you decided to be in charge of it, we need you to come to the choir room," Brittany interrupted. Santana's eyes widened and she could feel her face turning purple as her lungs decided to stop breathing because of the humiliation that had hit her all at once. Her hand tightened around her own knee, ultimately scratching right through what seemed like her skin. "Yea so, do you wanna go or?"

"Uh, yea. Let me just get up and just uh, yea. Okay," Santana managed to get up and join Brittany on the walk to the choir room. Their hands managed to touch twice throughout their little journey across the school and Brittany's breath hitched each time while Santana cursed at herself for being so susceptible to feelings.

"Well here it is," Brittany said as they walked through the doorframe to find a group of rowdy teenagers who were laughing and singing, but as soon as all of their eyes caught Santana as she walked in they all simmered down. Rachel sauntered over to Santana and greeted her.

"Hello, Ms. Lopez. I'd like to welcome you to the New Directions. I, as you know, am Rachel Berry, captain of the glee club. This is my co- captain and boyfriend, Finn Hudson." Rachel Berry motioned an arm towards a big burly boy in the front who smiled shyly at Santana. "Those are our Divas, Kurt Hummel, and Mercedes Jones," Rachel pointed to a thin boy with porcelain skin and pushed back brown hair with a questionable wardrobe, and a sassy black girl next to him as they both waved coyly at Santana with a proud smile on their face. "This is the glee club's second power couple, second to Finn and I of course, Tina and Artie," this time it was a wheelchair clad boy in a hideous sweater and glasses and an Asian girl with blue high lights in her hair. "Artie's also the rapper of our group, over to the left there is Sugar Motta and Quinn Fabray, the New Directions' meaner counterparts," that earned Rachel glares from both Sugar and Quinn who then tried to show their most innocent smiles to Santana as she eyed them. Santana probably liked them the most since they reminded her a lot of herself when she was in high school. "And last but not least, the dancer extraordinaire, Brittany S. Pierce, not to be confused with Britney Spears." Brittany's name echoed in Santana's head, its like she could feel it being tattooed to the inside of her scalp making sure that she would never ever forget.