The sharp smack of David snapping the cell phone shut made a few of the makes a few of the teen jolt as they stare silently at the man waiting from some sort of explanation. "My wife was in an accident. An eighteen-wheeler rammed into the side of her car on the highway and kept going. She's in ICU." The blonde utters getting up from floor and making his way to the door with in a zombie-like state. The awe that settles over the small group is instantaneous and no one moves to stop the nurse as he wanders out into the hall. Dead silence lingers in the air for some time before the intercom in the hall comes on with a loud crackling.

"All patients are to return to their rooms immediately for a prescheduled lock down. I repeat. All patients are to return to their rooms for a prescheduled lock down. That is all." The box is quiet once again and the small assembly of teens moves languid toward their own room.

"This is bad, very, very, bad." Cassandra whispers wringing her hands nervously as she exits the room.

"Ya think?" Tristan bites out with a surprising amount of malice behind it as he slams the door to his room shut.

"Wait…lockdown? Why?" Chloe asks staring down the quickly emptying hall as if expecting an answer to appear out of thin air.

"Who knows, maybe they just want to scare us. So we don't try anything like the Greenwich kids, you know?" Reillie shrugs before shutting her down behind her.

"Yeah…scare us." Jessie mutters under her breath watching the last of the doors on their hall close with a resounding click and the lights shut off one, by one.

"Nancy, Jason, I need you two to stay here with Officer Gram. The rest of you, are to come with me to search for escaped teens from Greenwich." Nurse Tara states as last of the monitors show every door in the building shut tight and all of the light are dark. Pulling open the bottom drawer of one of the large filling cabinet, the woman hands a flashlight to everyone before speaking again. " There was an incident a few towns over where resident s think they spotted teens."

"So…why do we need to go looking for them? Shouldn't the police be doing that?" One of the younger nurses asks glancing at the flashlight in his hand warily.

"Because we're trained to deal with these sort of, psychotic teenagers. "Tara says giving the man a cross look. "Remember, these kids are armed and dangerous. If it comes down to it," The old nurse looks pointedly at each person in the room. " Shoot to kill."

"Drop the innocent act kitten what were you and pretty-boy doing in here with the doors locked?" Beka smirks sliding into the back of the cab beside the raven hair girl. The blush the paints the other girl's face draws a small chuckle from the brunette as the pair moves over to make room in the back of the cab for another member of their renegade pack to take a seat. "Say Boss-man how close are we?" Rebekah grins watching the older teen climb into the driver's seat of the truck.

"Not much further, twenty minutes tops. Honestly we would have already been there if it wasn't for this fuck up." The boy growls gesturing at Hunter. The darker haired boy's eyes narrow in response but he doesn't say anything as the semi roars to life once again.

"Do you think that lady's gonna be alright Tiger?" Ali whispers leaning closer to the brunette boy who flinches slightly at the nickname. Hazel eyes dart up to the rearview mirror before glancing back at the girl.

"Yeah…she'll be fine kitten." He says with a somewhat forced smile. Hunter's gaze flickers back up at the mirror and catches a pair of green eyes burning with anger glaring back at him before he ducks his head and leans his forehead against one of the tiny windows in the backseat.

"Wanna turn the radio on hotshot?" Beka questions drumming her fingers on the top of their new driver's head.

"No." He snaps in a clipped tone before smacking her hands away. "And stop fucking touching my hair.

"Me~ow." The girl snickers. "Wake me when we get the kay hotshot?" Rebekah breaths leaning close to the other's ear before slumping back in her seat. A soft yawn escapes the youngest of the group and soon enough she's curled up against Hunter fast asleep.

"Enjoy your last few minutes of peace Allenwood." The leader of the group spits through his teeth, clenching the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles go white. "Cause it's the last your going to get."

"Hey Zach…Zachariah?" A voice whispers into the near darkness. There's a soft click and suddenly the tiny room flooded with light. It takes a minute for two sets of eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness emanating from the small bedside lamp. The younger of the two shifts quietly on his feet before sitting down at the foot of the twin bed. Silence stays in the air and neither boy makes a move to change it until with a soft sigh the younger speaks again. "Something bad's going to happen." He whispers trying to hide the tremble in his voice.

Zachariah hears the waver in his friend's voice, the fear. He knows the other boy is right and he says so with a nod. The quiet is back again but its not as though that's something new between the duo. Outstretched arms reach out and pull the smaller blonde into a soft hug as he begins to shiver. "I wish things could just go back to the way they were." Comes out in a choked sob and Zach hugs the boy tighter as the tears begin rolling down his face.

'It'll be alright.' Zachariah wishes he could say those three words, but he just can't seem to form the syllables no matter how hard he tries. He simply holds his friend as the soft sounds of crying fill the room.

"Maybe it would just be easier to just die now…on my own terms." Sam hiccups gripping the front of the older boy's shirt as he continues to bawl. The hand petting his hair stops and there's a sharp tug as Zach grips the dirty blonde hair and forces the other teen to meet his eyes.

Silent words echo in the boy's pale blue eyes, just three pleading, desperate words. 'Don't do it.'

"Okay." Sam sighs trying to wipe away the tears staining his face. "I'm not going anywhere just yet Zach." The hand gripping his hair relaxes and moves to turn the lamp off once again. "Night Zach."

'Goodnight Sam.' The mute sighs.

"No...NO...NO WAY!" The small nurse screeches jumping to her feet. Her left foot connects with the back of the orderly's chair and sends him sprawling onto the floor.

"What the fuck Nancy!"Jason shouts pulling himself back up and shooting a nasty glare at the woman. A soft laugh from behind the pair of co-workers alerts them that Officer Gram has finished his rounds of the building.

"Got a thing for football there, Little Miss Rage?" Gram chuckles looking from the small office TV to the nurse.

"She's got a thing for kicking me out of my chair every time the Bulldogs score." Jason grumbles.

"WHAT! You've got to be kidding me! He fumbled the damn ball is that ref. fucking blind!" The tiny woman howls looking for all the world like she's going to break the TV if one more thing goes wrong for her team.

Suddenly the Plexiglas surrounding the small office shatters, tiny pieces slicing into the trio's skin and sending them ducking for cover. Footsteps resound in the now near silent corridor and without warning a pair of feet land on the floor just inches from Jason's face and with girly shriek he scrambles away from the offending objects.

"Hit the lights." A boy's voice laced with hatred growls and one by one the lights in the hall and office begin to flicker out.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing you little shit?" Officer Gram barks picking himself up off the floor and glaring at the teen before him. The boy doesn't give him an answer. He just bends down and snatches the keys off Jason's belt.

"Hey Pretty-boy, catch." The adolescent snaps tossing the keys out into the darken hall where they jingle upon being snatched from the air.

"You little punk, get the fuck back in your room." Officer Gram snarls pulling the tazer and aiming it at the kid.

"Why don't you shut the fuck up?" The teen jeers clicking his tongue with distain. The man's eyes narrow and his grip on the tazer tightens. Just as he's about to press down on the trigger pad a foot slams hard into his stomach and sends him stumbling back, knocking the weapon from his grasp.

"Hunter, take care of that." The mouth attached to the foot orders and within seconds, Officer Gram is knocked off his feet, his throat slashed, and blood pools around his head. A flashlight appears from seemingly nowhere and is shined on the dead man and his attacker. Lips pull back reveling pearl white teeth in a sadistic grin. A scream rips from Nurse Nancy as she spots Officer Gram's lifeless form.

A raven-haired girl is suddenly two feet in front of the woman, a knife with a gleaming serrated blade at her side. She smiles with lightning in her eyes at the woman and in leans close enough to whisper in her ear. "Run." Eyes wide with terror Nancy obeys struggling to her feet and bolting down the hall. With a glance at the boy pulling all the strings, Ali takes off after the screaming blonde, shrieking in unbridled delight.

"Hit 'er right between the eyes, kitten!" Hunter calls out after the retreating lithe form and the girl waves her hand in acknowledgement. Another bloodcurdling scream tears through the building and there's a shattering noise as the poor woman is presumably thrown out the window or through one. "Thata girl." The dark haired boy smirks tipping his head back to look at Rebekah.

The girl's holding a stack of files in her arms and glaring at the older boy who continues handing them to her. "Kirstin." The boy calls out making the others look up at where he's sitting on top of the filing cabinets. "Open all the doors on the third floor," He paused a minute looking down at the file in his lap with a sneer. "But keep the lights cut."