There's a soft *click* as all the doors simultaneously unlock. Its quiet enough but even still it reaches the ears of the high-strung teens. Nervous hands fumble with knobs and slowly a number of the doors on the third floor begin to creak open. Careful fingers peak through slight cracks in doorways; cautious eyes risk a glance outward not long after.

"Helloo?" A voice echoes down the silent hallway, making all eyes squint in darkness in search for its source.

"Jessie May?" Another voice calls out in a lower tone, still bearing fear.

"The lights aren't working…" Someone else mutters quietly.

"Reillie?" Jessie May calls out, not expecting the small girl to suddenly throw herself at her in a hug. A loud crash, followed by a round of curses and hissing in pain made the newly forming group chuckle quietly.

"You okay there Chlo?" Julie asks with a smirk in her voice, earning herself a smack on the head.

"I'm fine thanks." Chloe spits running her hands along the wall.

"Hey!" Cassandra shouts stumbling back when the other girl's hands slid across her face instead of the wall.

"Sorry wrong person!"

The sound of the door unlocking wakes the two blondes' who were locked in a slightly uncomfortable embrace in their tense sleep. Two sets of eyes blinked at one another before disentangling limb-by-limb and sitting up.

"S-should we go see what's happening?" A quiet whisper falls from the mouth of one of the boys as the sound of voices speaking in hushed tones in the hallway flood his ears. A shaking hand reached out, taking the speaking teen's hand. Sam's eyes swung up from the floor to meet Zach's, catching the small affirmative nod given in response to his question. The pair was silent as death, moving from the small bed to the doorway with little more than the sound of breathing.

The two shuffled quietly into the hall, their sudden appearance causing a tense silence for a moment.

"Zachariah?" A voice called out somewhat timidly and the taller boy turned his head the direction where he thought it came from.

"Who's your friend?"

"Hey Sam." Chloe said with a smile in her voice making a few of the others look to where the girl had previously been only to find nothingness.

"Sam? Who is he? Is he in another group?" Randy asked rapid-fire, not even sure who the questions were directed at.

"Samuel Eric Jones , group 5. Guardian Alfred Jones-Older brother. Attempted and still found to be suicidal, also has split twin personality dubbed "Eric" by him whom he talks to. Some people refer to his or them as Samneric." The group blinked silently taking in the new information. Another awkward quiet was broken by the sound of laughter.

"CHLOE YOU FUCKING STALKER!" Reillie laughed and without hesitancy, the others joined her. "Anything else you wanna tell us about your little obsession?"

"His blood type is AB- and he's dating Zachariah." Chloe spat out smugly hearing a few awkward snorts and happy giggles.

There is a soft, electric hum sliding down the hallway that none of the teens seem to register. What does catch their attention though is the sound of approaching footsteps. The steps are uneven; unlike those, marching footsteps of the orderlies and officers the patients have grown accustomed to and a sinister chill creeps down the spines of the adolescents.

"Who's there?" Johnny called out suddenly, startling a few of the group as he does. The mismatched staccato beat pause and a malicious laugh fills the corridor.

"Well, well, well I suppose so people are more forgetful than I'd first supposed." A male voice chuckled and the footsteps continued once more. "I dare say it hurts, you don't remember me Johnny-boy." He said with an obvious smirk in his voice. The group of teenagers with Johnny took a step backward.

"Who are you?" Tristan snapped squinting down the dark hall. His question was meet with a sickeningly sweet giggle.

"Come on baby-doll, surely you've heard of us by now." A female voice tittered and a few other voices seem to join in. The Allenwood children inch back further, as if compelled by some un-uttered command. There's a definite cracking sound as multiple sets of flashlight click on at once. Stillness settled between both groups and neither moved, waiting edgily for the blinding light to become bearable.

A low whistle leaves a member of the opposing group followed by a unnerving grin. "Looks like we've got a pack of wolves here." The dark haired boy snarled in a tone not matching his smile.

"Can we play with the pups some before we kill them Boss-man?" An innocent voice snickered as the two groups finally become visible to each other. Three sets of gasps fill the otherwise quiet night, all filled with a different emotion. Once simmering with anger, another shaking in fear and the last quietly awestruck.

"Ooh, so it seems our friends here DO remember now, eh?" The leader leered, green eyes tapering as they slid across the members of the larger group.

"RUN!" The order is screamed and it takes a split-second to click with the larger of the groups and suddenly the teens scatter, taking off in smaller groups down unlit corridors.

"Beka." The leader barked out, waiting until the younger girl stood at his side to continue. "Get me a blonde and," He paused for a moment thinking over his next sentence. "Make sure it's alive."

"Aye-aye hotshot!" The brunette winked before taking off down a random dark hall.

"Hunter, Ali-Get me the one who was all bandaged up. I need to have a word with my dear friend." The leader nodded toward the pair. "Don't bring any tag-alongs either. Kill any blond filth that crosses your path but just wound the other; I may need them."

"This is not happening, this is not real, I think were going to die…" Chloe chanted, clutching tightly to the two hands that held hers equally as tight. The soft sound of panting filled the silence as the trio huddled inside the small stairwell.

"I knew something was wrong...I knew it...I don't wanna die." The youngest whimpered, letting a few warm tears slip down his cheeks. A choked sob left the girl as she pulled the littler teen closer into a hug.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." She repeated rocking slightly as she did. An uneven breathing disturbed the two and with the help of the foggily glassed window, they glanced at their last companion. Trembling pale fingers still laced with the brunette boy's abruptly came untangled and moved to grip their mirrors.

Slow lips moved to form words and unsteady breathes lay in wait behind an unopened mouth. A quiet whisper was all, yet that quiet whisper held more knowledge than was formerly know.

"I know him." Zachariah mumbled, staring straight ahead of him at the blank wall. " I know him."