Everything stopped right then the world stood still she felt frozen unable to process anything. Her eyes darted from side to side. Beathing became a hassel and her heart was swimming toward her stomach. How could...why... no she softly breathed. She wasn't quite sure what happened then whether it was a nerve that snaped or she was just compelled to move.

She stood but was unable to stay still for long and ran into the infirmary she stood in front of professor Snape and the Minister. She didn't need to say anything to catch their attention they looked at her automatically. She wanted to talk to say things that made sense that were calm and compelling. Well as most things seem to go for Felicity it went a little more discombobulated.

She couldn't help the word vomit that just came out she was saying what she wanted to say just very fast and not discernable from the point she was trying to make.

"Calm down now what is it you're trying to say?" Professor seemed hesitant to ask considering she had fallen to her knees. She looked up at the two men. Puffy red tear stained eyes felt strained to look into the full light that accompanied them. Her unuasually sea blue eyes tried to blink the tears away but it was a failed attempt.

"Was she with them?" The minister asked Snape under his breath.

"I have no choice but to assume so sir." He answered still looking at Felicity.

"I wasn't sir." Felicity tried to balance her voice, "At least not until they were unconscious" she said in a more hushed tone.

"Well than what is wrong."

"You can't do this sir you can't! Some one like me who's been through as much as I have... It can't have been all for nothing sir you can't put someone a CHILD no less through that just to end up here!" She breathed heavily

"End up where child?" The minister laughed at what he thought was a childish tantrum.

"Here..." She paused, "I'm done fighting... I'm over being ashamed of who I am. I should never have let it get this far. Sir no child should have to fight for life of her father. No single person should have ended up where I am right now... Sir Please don't take my father from me."

"What?" Snape took a step forward.

"My father... Sirius Black."