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"Our father's were..." Harry started

"horny?" Ron asked

"Inspiring?" Fred and George squeaked

"Stupid?" Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Amazing!" Harry said.

"Felicity, Harry." Fred spoke and George came over. "We just wanted to say.. Your fathers, they... I promised myself I wouldn't cry."

"It's okay Freddie they're legends after all. Felicity, Harry." George took over "your fathers are an inspiration to us and all prankers everywhere. We promise some day we will honor them and their pranking legacy by not letting it be forgotten. Their names will be spoken in halls again. Not as your parents or escaped convicts. No they will be spoken of by the highest honor of record making prankers."

"They will inspire so many pranks. George, we will try and become hall of famers just like, The Marauders." Fred hushed his voice to give it emphasis. they all laughed at Fred and they spoke of Felicity and Harry's parents a bit more.

They laughed the whole way back to king cross station. When they got off the train Felicity hugged all the Weaslys, Hermione, and Harry.

"Well I've got to-"

"Fred! George! Ron! Ginny!" Mrs. Weasly called walking over to the kids.

"Hello Harry, Hermione and...Who are you?" She smiled.

"Oh I'm Felicity Black. You must be Mrs. Weasly" she stretched out her free hand smiling.

"Black as in..." Her smile faded

"Mum it's okay she's..." Ron stood

"Ron stay there." She stared at Felicity as if she were a... Murderer.

"Did she say Felicity Black?" a man turned Felicity harshly.

"Felicity Black?" Her name was scattered about the crowd felicity saw Harry's face she was being cornered by parents he mouthed 'I'm so sorry' and was covered up.

"Don't touch my child! Filth that's what you are! I didn't know they let murderers enroll! My child will not go to a school with a murderer's child" People shouting harsh words some hitting her with baggage and anything they could find.

"Excuse me coming through! I'm with the prophet!" she heard a shrill shrewish voice. Felicity searched the crowd of faces angry and scared.

"Felicity dear would you please tell us what it's like having the most wanted man alive for a father? Is it awful does it inspire you?"

"Felicity is it true when they heard you were Sirius's daughter they transferred you to Slytherin?"

"No! No stop leave me alone please! Go away I want to leave please move!" She screamed she found a small space. Felicity took the opportunity and ran.

"Miss. Black wait." they chased her trying to cut her off. with her luggage in hand she jumped through the gate way.

Gasping for breath she took a seat.


"Ack! Oh Ron it's you." she looked down at her feat.

"You okay?"

"Aren't you supposed to be leaving?"

"My mum's taking us in shifts."


"I'm sorry about my mum she worries that's all."

"Her worrying got me jumped on, thrashed around, questioned by the prophet, and threatened. People want to take their kid out of Hogwarts because of me! They want me dead Ron" She didn't cry but put her head on his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Felicity. Fred & George asked her what the Hell she thought she was doing. Ginny got mad at her called her a cow, heck even Percy said that she was wrong to do that. I yelled at her to but she had already lost her temper and stared taking us home." Ron comforted her.

"I don't want to go back Ron I want to forget all of this."

"You don't really you're just scared it happens." He held her in his arms "Everything will turn out right in the end Felicity just think of all you accomplished this year. You saw your dad, you beat up Pettigrew, you helped me pass my finals, and you became friends with all of us." He smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Thank you Ron." She hugged him


"Go ahead say it call me a bastard I am one" Felicity mumbled.

"Mom calm down" Ron stood.

"Don't try that Ronald, and you DO NOT TOUCH MY RON AGAIN" Mrs. Weasly shrieked. "Come with me Ron lets go home!"

Now Felicity really wanted to cry the only thing that kept her from it was letting Mrs. Weasly win. Felicity took her trunk and made her way across the platforms.

It was dinner at the Weasly's house and everything was silent. Percy had finish his school years story.

"How was your year Ron." Mrs. Weasly asked making conversation.

"Well I'll tell you it started out we were on the train and the dementors got on the train. That's when I met Felicity."

"Ron" Mrs. Weasly put down her utensils.

"She scared them away just by looking at them it was quite a sight to see."

"Ron" Mrs. Weasly spoke up

"Then we got our marks she was top of our class better grades than Hermione even."

"Ron" Mrs. Weasly sighed.

"She helped all of us with potions. In fact I'm willing to bet she's the only reason I passed potions she helped me understand it."

"Ron" She raised her voice.

"She forgave me for being rude to her. In fact she was very kind and considerate to me we had a giant snowball fight together right guys?" all the Weasly kids shook their heads and a few said "yep"

"Ronald." she became very angry.

"Then she help save Professor Lupin so he wouldn't hurt anyone when he became a werewolf"

"Ronald Weasly be quite!"

" No mum! I'm just getting to the best part that makes her so amazing. She's a bastard child."

"Ronald Weasly do not use that language!"

"She was born when her parent were not married that makes it appropriate! Her mother died, her father was framed, she was abused for two years, and was sent unwillingly to a foster home! She is at the top of our class! TOP of our class! Number one in fact! She tutored me after schooling everyday and helped me pass my classes! She has a strong mind and a good heart and that is fine with me she is a good person and that is all that matters Mum! Her heart is good! She hasn't been corrupted like you say she has been! She has an amazing head on her shoulders! Mum she helped save Harry, Hermione, and I! You should feel indebt to her! Yet you left her to be crowded, beat, and..and humiliated in front of all those parents! How dare you say those things about her when she has done nothing wrong, When you don't even know her! Mum How Dare you?" Ron stood in anger.

He breathed heavily and retreated to his room. Everything was silent until Fred & George stood and left the table. They were closely followed by Ginny she also like Felicity she helped tutor her in history of magic, and also she had told Felicity how she thought that she was kinder than her own mother.

Last to leave was Percy who followed Ginny closely. Mrs. Weasly was all alone at the dinner table. she sighed and cupped her face.

Felicity wandered the platforms with only her thoughts to keep her company.

"Felicity!" She turned around to see her six year old brother Eric standing with his eight year old brother Jack, and standing behind them was ten year old Aden.

"Hiya boys!"they ran into her arms and kissed her "I'm home Boy's." She smiled picking up Eric "You've all grown so big. I've missed you so much."

"Felicity did you have fun at school?" Aden asked

"You know I did." she took Jacks hand with Eric in her arms, "where are mum and dad?"

"Out the next dowr" Eric told her.

"Felicity I drew you a picture in class!" Jack jumped.

"Thank you was second grade as bad as you said it would be?"

"Yes" He joked.

"Felicity I loved fourth grade! It was so fun" Aden spoke leading the way.

"that's great Aden have you decided what music class your going to take?"

"Orchestra!" He said excitedly.

"How about you Eric how was your first year of school ever?"

"I wiked it a wot" Eric smiled.

"Miss. Black" Felicity remembered that voice and walked faster.

"Race you guys to the car! Come on Eric lets beat 'em!"

"Yeah!" He smiled.

"Miss. Black wait!"

Felicity reached the car put her trunk in buckled up Eric because he was still too young to do it himself, and filed the boys into the car rented by her foster parents.

"Miss. Black Who are these people? Miss. Black!"

"Let's" She told her foster parents. The reporter chased them for a bit but eventually gave up.

"Stacy! Jackie I'm home!" Felicity called up running up the stairs of the old fashioned cottage house. It had three stories of twisting stairs, and three bed rooms. Felicity shared a room with her sisters they had all decorated their walls together. The boys also shared a room and the attic served as a play room for the boys. Each bedroom had a bathroom.

When she got to their room she opened the door and put her stuff down. "Jackie! Stacie!... Are you in the bath room. Jackie Stac-" when she stepped in the bathroom she heard what sounded like stepping in water.

Felicity didn't want to look down because she knew that when she did she would see her sister's dead on the floor of the bathroom. She forced herself to look at her sisters dead bodies with a gaping mouth she stood still. They had committed suicide with a bathroom razor.

Felicity screamed bloody murder.

"What? What is it? Oh My God!" Her foster parents saw their daughter's bodies dead.

"What happened?" Aden walked in slowly.

"Nothing Aden." She didn't skip a beat. "I hear you got a new computer game for Christmas would you like to show me?"

"Yeah it's really cool come on." Aden tugged on her fingers leading her from the death scene unknowingly.

"Time of death seven thirty two" a medical practitioner called the girls time of death. The boys were crying and Felicity was in charge of calming them. Those little boys were the only thing keeping her from her own tears.

"Hey boys don't cry. Jackie and Stacy well... They were unhappy with themselves for a long time and now Jesus has taken them on his wing. And they're going to Heaven. Where they will get to see us all the time, and they will have a whole bunch of people love them. And... Just remember they are never truly gone. They will always be in your hearts and memories."

"Really?" Jack asked wiping his tears, Aden had stopped crying but Eric was balling.

"Yes" She hugged all of them " Because love sometimes is so strong that of a sister or mother or father or brother that not even death separates them. Love reaches over seas through towns and countries because no matter how far away you are no matter what has happened there is always love."

"How... sure?" Eric cried.

"Because I lost my mother when I was little but she loves me so much I can feel it in my heart every day and night. and whenever I think of her that love intensifies so much." She smiled.

"I love you Felicity." He hugged her.

"I love all of you." she picked up Eric and held him as Jack laid across her lap. Aden came and leaned on her shoulder. and in the children's ward of the hospital she sang them a lullaby,

"Little child be not afraid the rain falls down against the glass like an unwanted stranger there is no danger I am here tonight. Little child be not afraid though thunder explodes and lighting flash illuminates your tear stained face I am here tonight. and some day you'll know that nature is so this same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and land and forest and sand makes the beautiful world that you'll see in the morning.

"Little child be not afraid though storm clouds mask your beloved moon and it's candle light beams still keep pleasant dreams I am here tonight. Little child be not afraid the wind makes creatures of our trees and its branches to hands there not real understand and I am here tonight. and some day you'll know that nature is so this same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and land and forest and sand makes the beautiful world that you'll see in the morning.

"For you know once even I was a little child and I was afraid but a gentle someone always came to dry all my tears trade sweet sleep for fears and to give a kiss goodnight. Well now I am grown and these years have shown rains apart of how life goes. But it's dark and it's late so I'll hold you and wait till your frightened eyes do close. And I hope that you know that nature is so this same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and land and forest and sand makes the beautiful world that you'll see in the morning. Everything's fine in the morning. The rain will be gone in the morning. The sun will be out in the morning. But I'll still be here in the morning." She looked down at three sleeping boys.

"Alright Felicity. It's time to go. We'll plan the funeral in the morning." Her faster father picked up Aden and her mother took Eric. Felicity took Jack they buckled up the boys and drove home.

Just to add in I do not own that song it is by Vienna Tang it's called lullaby for a stormy night. I do not own it

Once the boys had been put to bed Felicity went to her room she sat down in front of her vanity. she was in a night dress and she brushed her hair. She remembered that her sisters were the first to tell her she was not just pretty but she was beautiful. "My sisters had loved me did they not think of me when they decided to die what about Aden, and Jack, and Eric? Did they think about what this would do to us?" she was angry at herself and her sisters. " And what the Hell gave Mrs. Weasly the right to do that? What the Hell? And Why can't I have my Father? Why can't I...Why can't I? Ugh" She threw her brush at the wall.

She started crying this time actual tears but this time there was no Ron to hold her and tell her good things that made her happy. There was no Hermione to be nice to her when everyone wasn't. There was no Harry to hug her and make her laugh. In the muggle world she was alone. Just as she had always been, "If anyone should die it should be me! Why did they get to leave? Why did they get the easy way out? I don't belong anywhere!" she sobbed on her vanity

"Felicity Black."

"What the Hell could you possibly want now? Haven't you had enough torturing me yet? Good God is this some kind of sport to you people?" She turned to face the minister crying as she fell to the floor.

"Come with me." He gave her a hand.

"Leave me the hell alone!" She screamed at him, "My sisters just died! Died! as in never coming back! I was nearly killed at King Cross what in the name of Hell could you want?"

He grabbed her wrist and apperated her from her room.

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