I know, I know, ANOTHER story? Especially when i have 4 others to do? Well if you're saying that, you clearly don't like Avatar and should GTFO, just kidding. This will be second story in which i will literally own NOTHING. Not the plot, ideas, characters, nothing. The idea is from A7XfoREVer, or if you read my other stories, the person who made 'Ben' in Life Changing Text. Now for the other important info: The War Never happened. Zuko isn't a prick because of the treatment of his family. Aang is in these times because of the same situation, but not because of the impending war.

He strode down the street with a smug smile across his face. The girls literally fell at his feet. Every girl wanted the strongest bender in the world, Avatar Aang. He had many houses in the world, but there was nothing like the house in the Fire Nation. Aang enjoyed the many servants his best friend Zuko had sent over while he was in the Fire Nation. Even though he had a long complicated past, Zuko finally became the Fire Lord after his father had stepped down. His sister originally tried fighting for the throne but their father put a stop to her protests. This month, Zuko had invited Aang to come meet his new girlfriend. Even though Aang didn't believe that Zuko should be tied down, he was happy enough to come to the Fire Nation for the Royal Treatment. "Hey Aang," A sweet song like voice called him. He smiled as Ty Lee approached him, "How's the almighty Avatar doing?"

"Great, how is my favorite double jointed bed warmer?" He asked before he brought her in for a kiss. Aang squeezed her ass, making her yelp in the kiss.

"Someone's frisky today," She winked. "I'll take care of you after you talk to Zuko, but until then, keep it in your pants big boy."

He chuckled, "I can't promise that, but then again, you're the only one who can suck me the right way."

She blushed and rubbed him through his pants, "You really know how to sweet talk a girl. Come on," Ty Lee led him to the Palace, she held on to his arm, the usual place for his lady of the night. Before, Ty Lee use to be good friends with Zuko's sister, but when Zuko became Fire Lord, she fell in line with him instead of Azula. Because of her minor attraction to Aang, Zuko had her fulfill any of his sexual desires. She would usually be in his bed by the time he made it to his house, but because of the surprise Zuko had for Aang, she met him by the Palace.

"So what is Zuko's latest 'girlfriend' like?" Aang asked, making idle conversation as they walked through the main gates of the Palace.

She smiled warmly, "She's different than the usual girls. She is from the Southern Water Tribe."

"And how did she come up here?"

Ty Lee shrugged, "I don't know, I haven't even met her, but are you really worried about her when you have little ole me to worry about? I haven't been touched in months and I'm dying to get my satisfaction."

"Well, let's get this over with so I can take care of you…and then you can take care of me," Aang grabbed her ass again making her giggle. They climbed up the steps and went inside the palace where they were met by the Fire Lord. He had his traditional Royal Robes. His hair was down and went over his eyes.

"Well if it isn't the Avatar himself," Zuko smiled. He held his hand out which Aang graciously met. "How have you been Aang?"

He smiled, "I'm good, I'm about to be better once I get her back to my room."

Zuko laughed, "Before you do that, you must meet Katara."


"My new girlfriend that I summoned you here for, she could possible even be the new Fire Lady." Zuko beamed.

"I've told you this Zuko…you should just pick one of the many girls that line up out there that would do anything just for a piece of you," Aang nudged him.

"That's the kind of life for you Aang, not me. Just follow me." Zuko led the way towards the turtle duck pond as Ty Lee was whispering things into his ear that she was going to do to him later. As they came to the covered breeze way by the pond, Zuko stopped and pointed, "There she is." Aang's jaw dropped as he saw the girl feeding the turtle ducks. She had a top knot in her hair with two braids going down the front of her dress, the rest of her hair cascading down her back. Her cerulean eyes sparkled as much as her smile as she tossed pieces of bread to the small turtle ducks. She wore a red top that went over her left shoulder and stopped at her stomach. Her red dress had a cut on the right side that went up her to the top of her thigh. She also had two gold bracers and two gold bands on her upper arms. In sum, she looked drop dead gorgeous. "Katara! Come meet the Avatar." Her gaze went up and she smiled, getting up and walking over to the group.

Katara came to the group and stuck out her hand, "Hi, I'm Katara, daughter of Chief Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe. It's a pleasure to meet you." Aang looked at her hand then back at her.

"I know it is," Aang replied, "I am the most powerful bender in the world, Avatar Aang. Now if you would excuse me, the girl on my arm has an itch that she needs help scratching." Katara's mouth went agape and anger crossed her face. "I'll see you later Zuko." He walked off with Ty Lee.

Katara huffed, "He is such an asshole Zuko! I can't believe you are friends with him." She stormed off into the palace with Zuko right behind her. "Did you listen how he talked to me? Like it was the whole meaning of my existence that I got to meet him. He is an insensitive asshole. I cannot believe that he treated me like that! I am Chief Hakoda's daughter! I am pretty much Royalty like you or Yue! And did I mention he was an asshole?"

Zuko sighed and nodded, "You did." She continued on down the hallway until he finally stopped her. "I'm sorry he treated you like that, it was out of line, but that's how Aang is, he's been that way for a long time."

"No one can be that much of an asshole Zuko!" She shouted, "Please tell me he was beaten as a child or something because if not, I'm going to have to kill him. Or maybe I could even get Sokka, he would have torn that son of a bitch a new one if he heard how he spoke to me."

"He became that way after I found him," Zuko explained. "You've heard the stories obviously. After running away from his duties, he was frozen for those 100 years. While out to go sign another sort of treaty for our nations, I came across his iceberg floating in the water. I was surprised no one had found him and thawed him out. Then the rest is history, he finally accepted his duties learned Water and Earth Bending, then learned from me. The student surpassed the master and now he has an inflated ego."

She crossed her arms, "I know of Water bending training. He was taught by Master Pakku in the Northern Water Tribe. Yue told me about him, but she is lucky she didn't meet the arrogant asshole side of him."

He smiled sadly, "I've tried to change him, but it just can't be done. I just try to ignore. I'm sure he will warm up to you sooner or later."

Katara laughed at what he said, "Oh no, I'm not waiting for him to change. If I'm going to be a part of your life Zuko, he's going to either have to go or he has to change."

"How do you suggest that Katara? It's not like we can take away his powers something like that," Zuko said.

She started pacing in the hallway they stopped in, "I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. He will regret the day that he ever crossed me!"

Zuko placed his hands on her shoulders, "Okay Katara relax, you can do that later, right now, I would like to spend some time with my girlfriend since she just got back."

"I almost totally forgot honey, I'm sorry," She smiled warmly at him, "What would you like to do?"

"How about we get you some tea to calm you down, then we can take a stroll?" He suggested.

"Sounds lovely."

Aang awoke roughly when there was a rapping on the door. "Who is waking me at this hour?" He growled as he pushed himself up and out of his bed. Ty Lee rolled over and noticed the absence of The Avatar.

"Aang? You didn't invite another girl here did you?" She grumbled, rubbing her eyes.

"In the Fire Nation? No. I only sleep with one girl while I'm in the Fire Nation and that's you." Aang put on his shorts. "Just go back to sleep." He went down the steel made stairs and saw one of the servants already at the door.

"I'm sorry Miss Katara, but the Avatar is already asleep," He told her.

"Who is there?" Aang asked the servant. Katara instantly froze when she saw Aang walk down the stairs in nothing but shorts. His body was something to drool over. Everything she planned to say to him was all gone now and was replaced with shameful and lustful feelings. "Hello?" Katara realized he was now standing in the door way. "Wait, you're Zuko's new girlfriend, the one I met today, what do you want?"

She cleared her throat and her mind, "Uh, um, I wanted to talk to you about what you said to me today."

"Is that really the reason why you woke me up?" He asked. "This is ridiculous, I'm going back to sleep." Before he could shut the door, Katara stuck her foot in the door.

"You're not getting rid of me that easy," She finally gained back her anger. "You're going to listen to what I have to say to you or else."

Aang laughed, "Or else what? I'm the Avatar. I am the most powerful bender in the world, what can you possibly do to me that would affect me?"

She crossed her arms and shifted her weight to her right leg, "I can make sure you and Zuko never see each other again."

He sighed, "Fine, what do you have to say?" Katara bumped into him as she went inside. "Oh go ahead, come in," Aang said to himself sarcastically. She went into his unused sitting room and sat on the cushioned couch. He lit the fire place in the room and sat across from her. "Would you like to say what's on your mind now? Or are you going to need a servant get you a drink."

"Aang, I don't like you," She began.

"Well the feeling is mutual, good night," He stood up.

"I'm not finished yet," Aang sighed and sat back down. "I don't like you…because you are arrogant, have a giant ego and you're an asshole. You have all the power in the world, but you choose to let it go to your head. Why is that Aang?"

Aang yawned, "I'm guessing you're not going to leave until I give you an answer that you will deem, truthful?" She nodded, "Well it's obvious, I am the Avatar, I'm almighty and powerful. I think I deserve a little bit better treatment than you common people."

Katara scoffed, "Me? Common People? Do you realize I am like Royalty? I am the daughter of the Chief."

"Yeah yeah, I heard you say it before," He said.

"You may think you deserve to be treated that way Aang," She stood up, the orange glow now highlighting her whole body. "But what about friends? You have none."

"I have Zuko," Aang answered her.

She laughed, "You know what he told me? He told me he think you have a big ego also and that he tried and tried to help you change, but you just won't." By the look on his face, she knew she had struck a nerve. "Do you know after you left he had to apologize for you. He was so ashamed of his best friend that 4 months into Zuko and I's relationship, I was just now meeting you, what do you think that says?"

"I don't care what Zuko thinks," She could tell he was lying, "I don't need Zuko as a friend."

Katara started to circle around the seat he was on, "Don't lie to me Aang, I don't need to read your mind to know you are lying. You risk being alone because of your arrogance. Once Zuko cuts his ties, Ty Lee won't have to come by here anymore. You'll have no point to even be here anymore. The only source of human contact you will have is with the local whores in the Earth Kingdom and trust me, I have had to heal some of them, they don't have clean bills of health." She could tell that she was getting to him. "Just admit it Aang, through that big ego, you really do care about Zuko and you don't want to lose him." Katara found herself now under Aang. In almost a flash he had grabbed her by her top and held her down on the couch he was sitting on.

"Stop," He demanded. His voice was loud and wasn't angry, it was calm. It frightened her more than anything in the world. Being underneath him brought back her first thoughts. Throughout their four months of being together, Zuko had never taken charge over her like this. He had always kept his distance. The most Zuko had ever done was kiss her on the cheek and that was when they weren't around others. Aang's sudden hold on her made her ache for the closeness he was showing her. "You don't need to tell me what I already know." What he said amazed her, had she already gotten through to him?

"Y-You know?" She asked.

He let go of her and rested his elbows on his knees, "Yes. I might have a giant ego, but I'm not stupid. I do think I am the best bender in the world, but I have no friends because I make sure everyone knows it. I can't help it, that's just the way I have been thinking since Zuko helped me accept the fact that I am the Avatar."

Katara sat up beside him, placing a hand on his back, "I'm guessing no one has really sat you down and talked about this?"

"Zuko tried, but not the way you did," He told her. "Not in any way you did…" Katara felt her heart go cold. Even though he didn't deserve her sympathy after what he said to her, she couldn't help but feel it. "No one has ever done that to me before. Not even the anti-royalty groups who nearly blew up Zuko's Palace had hurt me like that."

"I'm sorry Aang, but I couldn't accept how you talked to me today."

Aang nodded. They stayed silent as the crackling of the fire echoed in the fire place. "Is it crazy that I think I may like you?" Her heart beat quickened. "Well, maybe not like, but you are incredible attractive."

She moved her hand from his back, "Well, uh, thank you but what about Ty Lee?"

"You said it yourself, she's only over here because Zuko tells her to. She is the only person I've been in constant physical contact with for more than a week," He told her. Aang stood up, "I think you should go."

"Why?" She asked, finally feeling that she was making more progress than she could ever think of.

He walked to the door, "So I don't do something stupid…like I've been doing. I need some time to myself, to think this over, to rethink my actions."

"Aang, I can help you. Maybe even turn you back into your old self. We could even be good friends," She told him.

"Maybe tomorrow, but not right now Katara, you have to go," Aang said.

"Just tell me why Aang." Katara was caught by surprise as his lips met hers. Her eyes went wide when she felt his arms embrace her. Everything in her mind screamed at her to pull away, scream, do something to stop him from kissing her, but her body wouldn't respond in a way she wanted. What her body did do was move her lips to deepen the kiss. She was surprised when he pulled away from her.

"That's why, if you don't go I won't be able to control myself…" He opened the door for her.

Katara nodded, she went out the door but turned around, "Can we not tell Zuko about what happened here?"

"I won't."

She softly smiled, "I'm glad I could get through to you Aang. Please come over to the Palace tomorrow, hopefully you can control yourself there." Katara leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "Goodnight Avatar Aang." Before Katara pulled away, she kissed him on the lips once more. Before he could say anything, she was gone. He shut the door and slid down it when he leaned against it. He was crazy to do what he just did. He should have never let her in. Though she was the first person to really lay into him like that, she was still someone's girlfriend, his best friend's girlfriend.

"Master Avatar, do you need anything?" The servant asked.

Aang shook his head, "No…I don't…you and the other servants can go back to the palace in the morning. I won't be needing your services anymore."

The servant bowed, "Thank you Master Avatar."

"Please…call me Aang."

Just in case you didn't understand, that was Aang changing, becoming the non-asshole version of himself haha. Anyways, I really hope you liked this. If you have any questions, I'm sure either myself or A7XfoREVer can answer them for you. Well, i guess only me since I'm actually writing this and he is giving me the plot. Anyways, leave a review, telling me what was good and I'll update as soon as i can :D