So this is the final part of the alternate ending. It isn't as long as the others because I didn't want this to be attached to the other chapter, since it would make the chapter REALLY long. But again, this is the alternate ending of the story. Personally, I like the original ending. I would like to thank A7XfoREVer for working with me on this story and letting me use his idea. This last chapter is dedicated to him:

Aang stirred a little, the pain coming to him now. He groaned a little as he tried to move, but was restrained. He pulled again, but still couldn't get anywhere. "He's awake," A voice quietly said. Aang opened his eyes to see a blade in front of his face. A Fire Nation soldier held the blade. "Go wake up the Princess." He told one of the other soldiers who left the room quickly. "You're lucky I don't cut you right now Avatar."

"Is Apep still alive?" He asked.

The man shook his head, "No, that's two Fire Lords you have killed Avatar."

"I didn't kill Zuko," Aang hissed, "It was Apep."

"It's still your fault we are in this situation Avatar," The man replied. The door to the metal room opened, but Aang couldn't see who it was since the man blocked his sight.

"Get off him," A familiar voice said, the guard moved back and he saw Suki.

"Suki, what are you doing here?" He asked.

Suki came and sat down by the bed he was strapped down to, "Aang, I need you to tell me what happened before I can let Katara come see you."

"What do you mean? Let me see Katara!" Aang demanded, but groaned in pain from raising his voice. "I need to see her Suki."

"What if you freak out like you did at the Fire Nation palace and try to kill her? We barely were able to get you onto the boat without the Fire Nation soldiers trying to kill you for Zuko…not to mention me…" Suki said.

"Zuko was my friend Suki, you know that. Apep took me over and killed him," Aang told her, "The other Avatars separated us and I blew up the Air Ship that was on the way to take Katara….and that's all I remember." She sat there, wanting to believe him, but still unsure. "Please…can I see Katara. She'll know it's me."

Suki hesitated for a second, then looked at the guard beside Aang, "Let the Fire Lady in." Aang's brow furrowed at the new title as the guard got up and opened the door. A couple Water Tribe Warriors walking in first and Katara behind them followed by another set of guards.

He smiled, "Katara." Aang pulled at his restraints again, but the pain in his body not letting him go any further.

The Future Fire Lady looked over to Suki, "Is he…" She nodded. Katara ran past the guards and hugged him, he groaned, making her pull away. "I'm sorry…I missed you Aang. I thought I had totally lost you…"

Katara leaned down and kissed him softly, "I missed you too Katara. What happened to me?"

"You fell from the Air Ship and crashed on an island. The healers that had come with us said you were lucky to be alive Aang." Katara told him, undoing his restraints. "I barely found you on a whim. It was like something was calling me to you." He tried to sit up, but the pain put him immediately back down. "Don't push yourself too much." She looked at the others, "Can we have a moment alone?" The guards quickly left, but Suki hesitated for a second before reluctantly leaving the room.

The door shut and the two lovers looked at each other, "You two have become good friends haven't you?"

She nodded, "Suki is very protective over me now…with what happened…and of course my current condition."

"What do you mean current condition?" Aang asked.

"Aang…I'm pregnant with your child," Katara decided not to beat around the bush. "I'm carrying the only thing I had left of you…"

His hand reached up to her stomach, "Katara, I'm sorry I lost to my inner demon…well, a corrupt demon that tries to take over Avatars…but I finished what I should have at the Fire Nation Palace. I want to help you raise our child."

She sighed, "My people aren't very happy with you Aang…well the people that know it was you that killed Zuko."

"What do you mean 'your' people Katara? Suki said something about you being the Fire Lady," Aang said.

"Well, since no one knew the engagement between me and Zuko was called off…I became next to the throne," Katara explained. "I couldn't pass on trying to bring peace back to the world Aang."

Aang got himself up in the bed, ignoring the pain, "You wouldn't have to if I was able to do my job." He started to get up from the bed, but Katara tried to stop him. "It's okay," He told her. Aang fully stood up, stretching a little bit, but the pain was still there. "Good thing I'm a quick healer."

"Aang, I don't know how good of an idea it will be to leave this room. All the guards are still very sore on the subject of you." Katara told him. "They might try to kick you off the ship…or worse."

"Katara I can handle myself," He assured her. Aang reached to hug her, but she seemed a little unsure. "What's wrong? You're still scared of me aren't you?" When she didn't answer, Aang felt his heart drop. "Katara, come on, it's me. Aang. My soul is pure now, no more evil spirits, nothing. I'm the person you fell in love with in the Fire Nation."

Katara tried to work up the courage to look him in his beautiful silver eyes without wanting to end the lonely nights, "…I need to trust you again Aang. It wasn't that long ago that your face haunted my dreams and I woke up in tears, wishing that what you left me with wouldn't be known as the baby of the former evil ruler of the Fire Nation."

"But that wasn't me," He told her again, "That was Apep."


"Katara," He interrupted her. "Do you still love me?"

"Of course." Her view was downcast.

Aang lifted her face up so she was looking him in the eye, "Katara…Do you still love me?"

Katara bit her bottom lip, but finally nodded. "Yes Aang." He pulled her in, capturing her lips between his.

8 Months Later

Katara trudged through the hallway, Suki to her right and Aang to her left. Her stomach had bulged with the baby that grew inside of her. "Katara, I really don't think this is necessary," Aang told her, "Our baby is coming at any time now and you don't want to push things too much."

"I wouldn't be where I am right now if I didn't push things," Katara reminded her husband. "And if there is any trouble, Suki and the Avatar Warriors will be here to protect me if you're not there." Ever since Katara had became Fire Lady, much had changed. The Kyoshi Warriors had moved to help in the Fire Nation and changed to the Avatar Warriors, though they kept the same outfits with all the nation's symbols on their kimonos. Some of the Water Tribe Natives moved the Fire Nation, mixing the two cultures. Aang and herself had gotten married, but he didn't get the natural Fire Lord title since he was the Avatar.

"Suki, you have to agree with me, traveling to Ba Sing Se in her condition isn't the best," He asked her.

She shrugged, "I think she can do it."

"Two against one," Katara happily mocked her husband. He just sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. They continued down the hallway until they met a familiar face.

"Fire Lady Katara," Ty Lee's chipper voice, "The boat is prepped and ready for your trip to Ba Sing Se. Is there anything else you are going to need?"

Katara shook her head, "No, we should be fine Ty Lee." They were all alarmed when they heard a messenger running down the hall.

"Lady Katara! Lady Katara!" He yelled and stopped in front of her, "You can't go to Ba Sing Se." The messenger handed her the letter. Katara silently read and covered her mouth in shock.

"What's wrong Katara?" Suki asked.

She looked at the Warrior, "Half of Ba Sing Se was demolished."

"Suki, keep her here," Aang demanded as he continued past Ty Lee.

"Aang! I'm coming with you." Katara told him.

He shook his head, "No you're not. There is no way you're going to Ba Sing Se. Suki, make sure nothing happens to her, you got it?" The Warrior nodded as Aang left again.

"Aang!" She yelled again, he stopped and turned to her. "At least let me say goodbye."

Aang came back to her and she gave him a passionate kiss, "I love you, be safe."

He smiled, "I love you too." Aang knelt down and kissed her stomach. "I love you as well." Again, Aang was off.

Katara and Suki watched as he left the palace, "I wish sometimes he wouldn't be so protective."

"Your baby is due at any moment Katara, he's making sure that you're not stuck in a situation where you're in danger." Suki told her.

"Yeah yeah, you sound just like him," She grumbled as they walked back to her chambers.

After a straight trip to Ba Sing Se on Appa, Aang had finally arrived at the big city. He was amazed to see most of the lower and middle rings of Ba Sing Se in ruins. Aang landed Appa at the palace to be met by the Dai Li, "Where is the King?" They silently led him to the King's quarters, past many sections of security. He finally made it to the King's room and was met by the familiar face of King Kuei. "Oh Thank the Spirits you are here Avatar. Our city was destroyed by some…"

"So I've seen," Aang said, "Do you know who did this?"

"No, but…whatever it was bent all four elements…like you." Aang instantly knew what he was dealing with.

"Was there any message he left? Anything?" He demanded, hoping he could find him before he found Katara.

King Kuei thought for a moment, but shook his head, "No, but there was something weird about the attack. In the middle of the destruction, there was a part of the land he didn't destroy. It couldn't have been missed because it was in the middle of the destruction. The land is in a shape a crescent with the house bunched up in a cone like shape."

"…like a Volcano?"

He nodded, "Yes, exactly!" Aang immediately left, rushing back to Appa, ignoring the King's calls. Before he got onto Appa, he turned to a servant.

"I need you to send a message to Fire Lady Katara," Aang told her, "Tell her to not leave the Fire Nation Palace, Apep is still alive." The servant nodded and Aang bent himself up on to Appa's saddle. "Yip Yip!"

"What do you mean he's back?" She cried as Suki led her through the hallways, "That's impossible, Aang killed him."

"Aang survived the explosion, Apep could too." Suki told her. "But that doesn't matter right now, he will take care of him and I and the Warriors are going to protect you." They passed by a door with two of the Warriors standing on either side. "Make sure no one passes here without my consent." The two nodded and opened the door for them.

Katara held her stomach, "I just hope he doesn't get himself hurt again."

"Aang will do whatever it takes to keep you safe Katara." Suki said.

They both heard a splash on the ground. Suki turned to Katara who looked down between her legs, "I think my water just broke."

He finally made it back to the Fire Nation and went to his destination. Roku's Island. Aang guided Appa to the burnt ground and hopped off. "I'm sorry I can't give you a break buddy. But go back to the Palace and protect Katara." The Bison groaned and set off back to the palace. Aang used his earth bending to find Apep, but was knocked over by a wave of water. He landed on the hard ground and it shifted, throwing him up in the air and felt an air current shoot him back to the ground. Aang bounced off the ground, groaned as he heard footsteps approach him.

"Good to see you again, Avatar," He looked up to see the scarred grey look-a-like. His eyes and tattoos were still pitch black. "You thought you killed me didn't you?" Aang scowled and spun his legs around, fire coming out of his feet until he made it back to a vertical base.

"You should have just laid there and died." His tattoos and eyes glowed, pulling the water around him, earth from the ground, an air current and produced some fire. Apep smirked, following his suit. But Aang was faster and blasted him back with his air current. He smashed the earth into small pellets and shot them at the evil figure, but he created an earth shield, protecting him from the shots. He scowled and dropped to the ground and brought his hands up, sending Apep up in the air. Aang flew up to meet him and hit him back to the ground with the water. "Stay down Apep," Aang told him, the many other Avatars voice's mixed with his.

The evil double got up and cracked his neck, "Why? I'm just getting started." He took a stance and slowly raised his arms, the ground below them started shaking. There was an obvious strain on his face, veins in his arms started to bulge and gritted his teeth as his arms continued to slowly rise. Aang finally understood what Apep was doing, he was raising the lava in the volcano.

Katara took short breaths as Suki held her hand. "Where is he?" She panted.

She frowned a little, "He isn't going to make it Katara."

Katara cried out as she felt another painful contraction, "Suki…I need him."

"I know honey," She tried to soothe her. "But his duty is to save the world…for you and your child."

The midwife raised her head from between her legs, "Just keep pushing Lady Katara, your baby is starting to crown." Katara pushed, crying out and squeezing Suki's hand.

Aang floated down to the ground as Apep continued to raise the lava. "You do realize that if you do that, neither of us are going to live."

"You can't defeat me Aang," Apep growled as the ground shook below him. Aang sent blast of fire at him, but nothing phased him. He saw some lava shoot up over the rim, but fall back down in the volcano. "It's already been done." Aang dropped out of his Avatar State and tackled Apep to the ground. The demon kicked Aang off of him and flame kicked at him, but Aang bent back narrowly avoiding the flames. Aang quickly bent a rock, hitting Apep back towards the active volcano. The lava started to pour out as Aang dodged another attack by Apep and blasted him back with an air blast. Streams of toxic air blast out of the ground around them, making Aang choke and fall to one knee. Apep laughed, "You're weak, you can't continue." Aang struggled to get up and noticed the lava coming down towards them.

"Screw you." Aang gathered his strength and blasted him with fire into the lava. Apep screamed as his skin burned in the boiling lava. Aang watched as he disappeared under the red glow. He went back into his Avatar State and brought the water from the shore to stop the lava.

The lava started to slow down, but something caught his eye. Apep came out of the fiery lava, "You haven't w-won yet!" He was badly burned and now had a glow to him.

Aang was astonished, was there no way to kill the demon? 'Aang….you know what you have to do…to save the world.' Roku's voice echoed in head. 'Not only for the world…for Katara.' He exited the Avatar State again and felt a tear escape his eyes. "I love you Katara." He whispered and used his Air Bending to fly over to Apep, tackling him into the lava.

As Katara's cry ended, another cry followed. The mid wife smiled, "It's a boy." Suki smiled as a servant dabbed the Fire Lady's forehead with a damp towel. The mid wife wrapped up her baby in a small blanket and handed the baby to her. Katara smiled as the baby cried in her arms.

She softly hushed it, holding him close to her. "He's beautiful Katara." Suki smiled. "What are you going to name him?"

Katara smiled, "Tenzin."

"He looks just like his father," The Warrior said. They all relished in the joy of the new born, not knowing of Aang's sacrifice. Much like the joy of the heir to the throne, in the Southern Water Tribe, a similar celebration was being held in a hut as the happy mother named her child Korra.

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