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Title: The Forgotten Feeling (temporary, haven't decided yet, I take suggestions)

Rating: T maybe will change in the future.

Disclaimer: nope, I have the wallet, plushie, DVDs, etc etc but not the manga. I'm still planning on how to make Akira-sensei submit to me, hihihihi…

Full Summary: "How are you feeling, Dame Tsuna?" "Nothing, I feel nothing. It's like there's an empty black hole deep in my soul. It's suffocating. And I don't like it. Strange, I don't remember what does like feels." Tsuna was kidnapped and when he's back, he'd lost his sense of feeling. The kidnappers did something to him which turned him into an emotionless doll. Reborn told the Guardians the person that can revive him back is the person he love the most. They try, but it seems the person Tsuna cherish the most is nowhere near. And the Guardians as well as the other people that love Tsuna were left heart-broken when they knew they were not the person Tsuna was in love with. If only Tsuna himself know who is the person. All27. The real pairing is a secret~

Warning: Extremely OOC Tsuna, plot twist, rating may change to M…meaning…. *wink wink*, boyxboy maybe more warning in the future, dunno.

It was a usual morning for our beloved young Vongola Jyudaime. Nothing was unusual. Tsuna woke up with a great big hammer being whacked into his little head. Screamed and complained how much it hurts. Reborn shrugged it off and went downstairs for breakfast. The brunet, after a lot of stumbling, screaming, yelping and so on somehow, by some miracle that strangely still with him until now, managed to get his uniform on and brushed his untameable hair, though it was still defied the gravity that desperately tried to lock it down. He went downstairs and grabbed some toast then put it on his mouth before put his shoes on. He yelled to his mom to let her know that he was off. Nana called back from the kitchen and wished him a good day on school. Gokudera and Yamamoto already started their one sided argument then stopped it immediately when they saw their most beloved brunet came in view. Yamamoto waved at him and gave him his comforting smile and said 'Yo!'. The bomber, however, instead of greet his boss first, started scolding the athlete's 'informality' towards his Jyudaime. Tsuna giggled at their somehow amusing and sometimes cute argument. He greeted them with a good morning which Gokudera returned with his over-enthusiastically greet.

Yup, everything was normal.

However, there was that feeling. That dreaded feeling that both Reborn and Tsuna could feel since the last few days. It kept screamed there was something, or someone out there was waiting, waiting for the right time to strike. And the outcome would not be pleasant. Tsuna had discussed this matter with Reborn. The baby strictly demanded Tsuna to be extremely cautious. For there was only one thing they were sure about, the only target of these silent enemies would be most likely, Tsuna himself. Yes, that last statement had almost caused Reborn to summon all the Guardians and start patrolling around to look over any suspicious individual. But Tsuna insisted all of them need their rests after the Shimon incident. The battle had almost made them all turn coma because of exhaustion. It really was tiring, both physically and mentally. Enma and his Guardians had become closer to the Vongola Guardians. It was hard to believe actually. One minute they were fighting with their all and the next moment they laugh without any care on the world. Somehow, Tsuna found it was sweet. Enma's Guardians really were fun to associate with. Plus, each of them had attraction towards each other. Adelheid and Hibari still fight with each other to prove who was the strongest. Gokudera finally found a living specimen for his research about UMAs. Yamamoto finally had someone that could practise with him both in fighting and baseball. He could talk to Kaoru about both things and never have to be cautious over his words unlike with his other teammates. Lambo have Rauji to come over every day and play random games along with Fuuta and I-pin. Ryohei and Aoba would compete over anything to shows whose was the best. You could see now and then Julie flirting with Chrome around the school area. The girl whom was abandoned by the person she loved the most, Mukuro. Tsuna still wanted to talk to the male Mist Guardian about his sudden decision of leaving the poor girl behind. Luckily, he was still kind enough of maintaining his illusion over Chrome's organs. Back to the track, Tsuna and Reborn decided that keep silent about this would be the best so that everyone can get their rest and fight with full power when necessary.

But it seems fate just love messing with them.

"Boss, is there something wrong? You keep looking glancing everywhere." Gokudera asked concernedly about Tsuna's strange behaviour.

"Yeah, Tsuna. You look like you expect someone to just jump out suddenly out of nowhere and attack you." Yamamoto gave his own opinion with a frown.

Tsuna shrugged them off and walked faster. "We better hurry. Hibari-san had been itching to fight me and being late is his best option to make me fight him and his new tonfas doesn't look all that friendly after being upgraded." The two looked at each other before jogged after their friend. When they reached their class, the dreaded feeling came back, stopping Tsuna on his track.

"Mm? Boss?" Gokudera now positively worry. Yamamoto zipped his mouth and frowned at his friend. Tsuna shook his head and flashed a force smile at them.

"Nothing." He walked towards his seat. The two Guardians knew something was wrong but if their friend insisted on not telling them, what do they can do?

The first lesson went smoothly. Though the teacher congratulated Tsuna on managed to stay awake during the whole lesson. But in the middle of second lesson, Tsuna's intuition alarmed the boy to get out of the class immediately. 'This is not good.' He glanced outside the window worriedly. Both his palms already wet with sweat, as well as his forehead. The teacher noticed the discomfort on Tsuna's face.

"Sawada, are you alright? You don't look good. Is there something wrong?" The male teacher inquired with a frown. Though majority of the teachers hated Tsuna, some of them still stay on their way of a teacher. Right after the teacher spoke, all the students shot their heads towards the petite cute brunet. Enma, Yamamoto and Gokudera immediately leave their seats and went to Tsuna's side.

"Okay, Tsuna. Now you really need to rest. Come, I'll take your things."

"The baseball idiot is right Boss. You do look like you need to rest for the whole week. You can skip school for the rest of the day."

"Tsuna-kun, it's better if you go home now."

Tsuna did not responded, 'This is bad. None of them notice yet.'


"GET DOWN!" he threw himself on top of his friends and they landed on the floor with a thud. The rest of the class and the teacher took Tsuna's advice and get down.


The wall near Tsuna crumbled into pieces of brick.

"Quick! Find the Decimo!"

"Roger!" numerous numbers of men in black suit appeared in the class via the hole on the wall. The students froze on their spots, they knew if they make a false move, it will be the end of them. Tsuna and his friends froze as well, but not because of their guns, rifles and knives, it was because of the order that was clearly heard throughout the classroom. The students cringed when one of their unfortunate male classmates was surrounded by four of the men.

"Hm, brown hair and small figure, no, not this one." They threw him toward some female students. They moved onto another student. Tsuna's patience finally snapped when they raised one gun to one poor boy right on his forehead.

"STOP!" he stood up and ran towards the men. He kicked the gun that it slipped from the man's grasp and landed on the floor.

"Why you brat-"

"It's me that you want! Don't you try to hurt any of them! They have nothing to do with this!" he shouted with tears threatened to fall down. The men eyed him from head to toes.

"Oh, never thought you would surrender, Decimo. We were expecting you to give up all of your friends so you can escape." One of them taunted with a smirk.

"After all, that's what all mafia bosses do to survive." Said another.

"But then again, this is Vongola Decimo we're talking. A boy with no experience of killing." They laughed mockingly.

"Now, come with us and we won't hurt any of your friends, Decimo." They looked at where Tsuna was standing only to see he was nowhere to be seen.

"Careful! He's starting his attack now!" they put on their fighting stances.


"Two down." A cold and calm voice exclaimed. They occupants of the room looked at where the voice came from and saw Tsuna in HDW mode with two bodies laid still beside him, clearly had been knocked out by the boy. Tsuna raised his gaze and stared coldly at the men. "What Famiglia are you from?" he demanded. The one that looked like the leader in this attack stepped aside. "You don't have to know, Decimo. Our boss would be please to meet you in person." The bulky man smirked despite the fact two of his men has been taken down. Tsuna narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Hey bastard, the boss is going nowhere."

"Hahaha, sorry bro, you have to pass us, the Guardians if you want our boss."

"You will have the Shimon Famiglia on your trail if you dare to touch him."

"Nobody…..touch the boss…."

Four calm and collected voices called out. Once again, the occupants of the room looked at where the voices came from. There, stood four of Tsuna's loyal friends with their fighting stance on. Enma already activated his fighting mode like Tsuna while Yamamoto and Gokudera decided to fight like how they use to, a katana and bombs. Chrome joined the fray and had her trident in one hand as she stared coldly at the man. The men gaped at the flame on Enma's forehead.

"It's the Shimon Decimo!" one of them called out frightened. The leader licked his lips with his grin wider. "Just our luck, we came for Sawada Tsunayoshi and as a bonus, we meet Kozato Enma. Today is just so much fun." He charged toward Enma right after he finished. Enma dodged an incoming punch on his left cheek as he ducked down and then distance himself from the man. "Who are you?"

The man seemed to enjoying himself. "Alberto. What Famiglia, none of your concern." Enma narrowed his ruby eyes.

"Enma, don't interfere. This one is mine to finish." Tsuna raised his hand to show his resolve. Enma nodded his head and discarded his fighting mode. "Be quick." He said timidly. Tsuna nodded. The rest of the student population gaped at them. What the…? Two of the weakest students in school talking about who is going to finish a man that looked like a Mafioso, no, definitely a Mafioso like they were talking about who is going to finish the last piece of meat? Wow, that was really…absurd. What they were thinking?

"Gokudera, Yamamoto, take care of those gentlemen. Chrome, please sit back on your place and Shittopi-chan?" Shift. P appeared behind him with her usual weird custom. "Please make sure Adel-san clean up the classroom later." Shift. P winked and rolled out of the class to call Adelheid.

"Well, well, Decimo, aren't you a little too full of yourself?" Alberto taunted with a smirk.

Tsuna narrowed his eyes with distaste. "I believe you know what happened between us and the Shimon, Alberto. Why are you here?"

Alberto shook his head. "The boss wants you, what else?" right after he finished, he charged directly toward Tsuna in full speed. 'He's fast!' before Tsuna know it, his jaw was kicked hard that he flew across the room and landed on the wall, a crack was created behind Tsuna like human shape. He spitted out blood through his gritted teeth.





They rushed to his side. "Stay back!" he said hastily as he landed on his knees. Alberto smirked in smug. The Guardians and Enma gritted their teeth in depressed. Alberto chuckled darkly when they complied on the young boss' request. He stepped closer until he was right in front of a kneeling Tsuna.

"I expect nothing more from you, Decimo. You are capable of seeing through my invisible barrier."

Gokudera, Yamamoto, Enma and Chrome frowned in confusion. Gokudera widened his eyes when he figured out. "Masaka….." the other three snapped their heads toward him. "What is it, Gokudera?" Yamamoto inquired. The bomber gritted his teeth harder. "You bastard! You tried to lure us in, don't you?" he gripped his fists until it turned white. Yamamoto immediately understood. "So that's it." He glared at Alberto. The latter chuckled darkly. "Truly are the Guardians of Vongola. You could understand the situations by at least 80% or more with a simple hint. You have my adoration." He kicked Tsuna right on the ribs with his right foot. Tsuna, whom was still tried to recover from the previous attack, gasped then went unconscious. He fell limply on the floor. The Guardians and Enma grew wide eyes in terror when Alberto carried Tsuna bridal style.

"Give him back!" Enma tried to attack Alberto regardless his fighting equipment on but Yamamoto held his shoulder to keep him on bay. "What is it, Yamamoto? We need to rescue Tsuna-kun!"

"Don't, that guy have water barrier around him. We could get capture if we enter his area of barrier but we don't know how large the barrier is. And trust me, you don't want to get capture." Gokudera warned seriously. Chrome finally understood. "Sokka…." She whispered quietly as she clutched her trident harder. Slowly, mists started to gather around the men. The girl immediately alerted with the common use of mist flame, the mist that can deceive. Gokudera and Yamamoto were as well.

"Until next time, Vongola, Shimon. We'll take a good care of your pretty boss. RETREAT!" they vanished into the thin air along with the mist just before two sticks of bombs hit their previous place.

"We're in deep trouble." Gokudera gritted his teeth in frustration. 'Jyudaime…..Tsuna.'

"We need to tell the baby about this, now." Yamamoto frowned. 'Tsuna…..'

Enma and Chrome kept silent. The latter already had tears running down her cheeks. Enma's eyes covered by his bangs, "Whoever they are, they won't get away that easily." He swore darky that a few students nearby actually flinched.

"Hey, what happened?"

"That guy wants to kidnap dame-Tsuna, obviously."

"But why him of all people?"

Gokudera shoved the teacher from his spot, which was on the floor, and stood in front of the class.

"I have a little warning for you all. What happened just now, it will remain in this fucking room forever. Sell this information to any bastards out there and you will have the most ruthless Mafiosi on earth as the last persons you landed your fucking eyes on. Meaning we will be the ones that will end your pity lives, got it?" he glared at each of the students. They flinched.

"A-ano?" a random male student raised his hand nervously.

Gokudera glared at him immediately, "What the fuck do you want?"

The boy squirmed. "A-are you guys members of the Mafia?" he whispered. Gokudera clicked his tongue on the question. Yamamoto's face hardened. Chrome turned into the impassive girl she was and still.

"There's no point in hiding it." Enma answered without even looking at the boy. He still set his red furious eyes on the spot where Tsuna was knocked out with rage. 'Tsuna, hang on. We'll save you. Just, hang on.'

"And the suicidal that were stupid enough to kidnap the boss of the most powerful Famiglia will pay a hell lot of lives." He stormed out of the room followed by the other three leaving the rest of the room's occupants trying to wrap their heads on this new piece of information.

Sawada Tsunayoshi, Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi, Kozato Enma and Chrome Dokuro are in the mafia.

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