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A lone figure coughed hardly. The room was dark and only a candle on a night stand was present to illuminate the room. The figure that was sitting on a bed took a deep breath to calm his raging heart. He coughed again; but this time he spitted out blood on his palm. He stared at the blood on his shaking palm. He tried to choke down the sobs that were threatening to fall.

"No, not now, oh God, please; give me more time…" tears cascaded down the figure's cheeks. His broken voice echoed through the large room.

"Please God; don't take me now…I need more time…for him…I have to live…please…" his silent cry darkened the room. It was as if the room itself was a hell for him. His cry attracted the other tenants of the other rooms.

"Why is he crying?" asked a curious man to the guard on his jail room.

The guard took a deep breath, as if he was the one that fighting the anguish the crying man brought to the place. He's been there since the first time he was brought to the prison to start his duty as a jail warden. The guard's been hearing cries and pleads the man beg to the God almost every night.

The man's illness almost took his life away for no less than five times.

"He's not crying; he's fighting for the one he loved. He keeps himself alive so that one day he could see the face of his love one. Even just once, it would be enough for him."


Uni walked through the dark hallway. The fire that was hanging on the wall and illuminated the place flickered when she passed them as if they were not worth of her presence alone. She came into a halt in front of two gigantic iron doors. The doors flew opened at the same time, as if it was waiting for her.

The Arcobaleno princess stepped inside. The room was spacious with a fireplace and a grandfather chair near it. The walls have shelf that were full of old looking book. The window that was as big as the doors have blood red curtains hanging on it.

Uni walked to the fireplace. On the grandfather chair, a man sat with an iron mask on his face and a cane on his hand. In front of him were a small table and a wooden chair. On the table were two teacups and a small plate of cookies. Uni took her seat on the wooden chair.

"Ah, I see you're here, Uni-chan."

Uni smiled tenderly, "Yes, grandpa."


Tsuna stared at the school building in front of him. One word escaped his mouth.


Not that he meant it.

He was currently standing in front of Teishin Gakuen gate. Students stared curiously at him as they passed the gate. Some guys gave him a wild cat call. Indeed, he was dressing as a girl. He wore the same uniform Chrome and the other girls wore with white thigh length socks. His backpack was on his right hand. But what changed the most was his hair. Somehow, Reborn managed to deflate it; using a hair straightener. Now his hair was shoulder length. Two long bangs were cascaded down on both sides of his face. Some of the bangs on the right side were tied in two small braids, courtesy of Kyoko.

He was sent here with a black limousine. Reborn was with him during the journey from the mansion to make sure that he read the 'Proper Etiquettes for A Mafia Princess' book. His guardians were already inside the school; Reborn ordered them not to wait for their doll-like boss. The reason why Tsuna was sent alone was to avoid his guardians' reaction when they find out about him disguising as a girl. The only ones that knew about this plan was Kyoko, Timoteo, Iemitsu and of course, Reborn.

Tsuna shrugged as he stepped inside the school ground. He walked to the school building as whispers broke around.

"…my God…she's hot…"


"…phone number…"

Tsuna ignored them and walked to the principle office. Reborn had told him the layout of the school to make sure he doesn't get lose. He knocked softly. A faint of feminine 'come in' was uttered and Tsuna opened the door. The room was, as expected from a high standard school, very big. Big chandelier was hanging on the ceiling. The walls were soft green forest with dark green leaves identity on it. There were big glass table on the right side with black leather chair. Behind the chair was shelf with a few books and some files. In some space, the files and books were separated by different kind of things. There were small Chinese vase, a small plant vase, a small teddy bear, a picture frame and some were just plainly separated. The shelf was so high that it reached the ceiling. On front of the glass table and in the middle of the room, two pairs of cream coloured couches were there with a glass table between them. The windows had rich golden curtains hanging on it.

Tsuna turned his attention to the person sitting on the leather chair. The person had her back on him.

"Headmistress…" Tsuna addressed the person as he walked near her. A soft chuckle came from her as she turned to face him.

"Humble as ever I see, Tsunayoshi-kun."

Tsuna assessed the woman in front of him. She…looked like Uni. The hat, the white dress and the warm smile….

"Are you related to Uni?" he asked bluntly.

The woman laughed, "Yes, I am, Tsunayoshi-kun. My name is Luce, mother of Aria and grandmother of Uni."

Tsuna stared at her without a slightest emotion present in his face and eyes.

"But you looked like on you're on your mid-20." He stated. Luce chuckled.

"The Sky Arcobaleno would never grow old, as it is our duty to keep the 7^3 in line. However, we could pass our responsibility to others. Right now, Uni-chan is the current sky Arcobaleno. But if I must remind you Tsunayoshi-kun, I would highly appreciate it if you don't reveal about me to anyone. I've been living in secret since my dear daughter took over my duty. Ladies of Giglio Nero are rather adamant to their decision."

Tsuna nodded, "I've been meaning to ask something, how the Arcobalenos were managed to get their original forms back? And Uni didn't have the sky pacifier with her."

Luce had a bitter smile at that, "When you were in your state of coma, a royal battle was introduced to the Arcobaleno. Whoever wins the battle would have their curse cure. However, the Arcobaleno could not fight unless under certain circumstances. The Arcobaleno each had representatives to fight for them. But somehow, all of them have their curse cured, including mine, Aria's and Uni-chan's. But overall, we're still the Arcobalenos. Someone needs to keep anybody from trying to completing the three set of world's treasures again; only the curses that keeps us within our body child and short life were cured."

"Does that means the sky Arcobaleno would live longer and the other Arcobalenos were to live like normal human?" Tsuna asked, 'Byakuran…'

Luce nodded.

"Is Aria's alive then?" he asked. Luce brightened up then nodded.

"One of the reasons why the sky Arcobaleno has short lives was to keep the other Arcobalenos alive. It's like we feed our lives to theirs. Now our lives have been returned to us."

"That's rather barbaric." Tsuna commented about the first sentence. Luce chuckled.

"Here, this is your schedule for the rest of the year. Have fun getting back to school." Tsuna nodded.

"Thank you, Luce-san. I will keep tight lip about this. Is there any other that knows about you?" he asked as he held the handle of the door. Luce nodded from her seat.

"Yes, my dear daughter and granddaughter. And also someone named Checker Viso."


Tsuna was in front of his new classroom waiting for the teacher to call him in. Somehow, the whole conversation with Luce was spinning his head. It was rather new to him since the last two weeks. He was confused. Oh well, he couldn't care less. Reborn has a lot to explain when he gets home.

"Please come in." The female teacher, Shizuki-sensei was her name, called him in from the closed door. Tsuna opened the door and the first thing, or rather someone, he saw was his redheaded friend. Gokudera was on the very last seat at the left corner, which surprisingly was glaring at him. Beside the bomber was Yamamoto who appeared to be napping until Gokudera kicked his chair did he woke up but still looked sleepy. Chrome was reading something silently at her seat at the centre of the class.

"Hai, Enma." He greeted emotionlessly. Enma was sitting on the very first row and right beside the door. The Shimon boss jumped a little when Tsuna addressed him. The redhead then stared at him confusedly.

"Do I know you?" he asked a little bit uncertainly.

Tsuna would have sighed in frustration if he was able to, "Did you hit your head somewhere that you forgot your best friend?" he asked emotionlessly. Enma tilted his head a little, still confused. Tsuna gave up and walked to the teacher that were staring at him in interest, as the rest of the class as well.

Shizuki-sensei broke the awkward silence by coughing a little, "Class, this is S-Sawada Tsunayoshi-san. She will be joining us today 'till the rest of the year." Shizuki-sensei grimaced when she pronounced the name. However, her words caused several reactions that considered as IMPOSSIBLE in Teishin Gakuen.

Gokudera inhaled on his cancer stick a little bit too much and now was coughing his lungs out.

Chrome closed her book with a loud noise and now was blushing really red.

Yamamoto fell off his chair and was sporting blush redder than Chrome as he gaped at his love interest.

Enma too gaped at his best friend then exclaimed.

"What the fuck are you wearing!"

First, Gokudera was considered as immune to smoke. So coughing over his cancer stick was unheard of.

Second, Chrome was the 'ice queen' of the school and had proud herself with that title. She never had any interest in boys that asked her out so seeing her blush made them thought of something new. She was a lesbian.

Yamamoto was the happy-go-luckiest guy in school and always has good reflexes. Fell over a chair was something very out of character for him.

Lastly, Enma never swore. He's the most polite boy a person could ever meet and his clumsiness was one of a kind; though sometimes he made girls blush with simple gesture like smiling or helping them with something.

But when they stared at Sawada Tsunayoshi and remembered where they had ever heard of that name, they immediately understood. First, she was pretty and second she was the friend that the school knew as a taboo topic. Some that were idiot enough to even say her name were sent to the nearest hospital and some were having long vacation to the mental institute.

"It's exactly what I'm wearing, Enma." Tsuna deadpanned. The guardians and Enma blushed, including Chrome.

"B-Boss, you look nice." Chrome complimented with a small smile and blush. The class felt their heads were drying just by seeing the 'ice queen' blushing and smiling. Tsuna nodded.

"Doomo, Chrome."

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Tsuna stared at the rest of his male friends, "Well, aren't you guys going to as kindly as Chrome give me compliments? Or are you going to gaping there like gold fishes?"


Mukuro was bored, bored out of his mind. Mr Birdy-chan was not in the class so he has nobody to pester. And the teacher was babbling about something on and on. The first period was almost over. When this is over he's going to search where Tsunayoshi's class was. Speaking of the brunet, he had seen him this morning when he was staring out of the window. He almost blew up in happiness when he saw what Tsunayoshi was wearing although he scowled when some boys ogled at him. That skirt really showed off his luscious legs and made it easier to slip a hand and touch here and there then-


A loud voice interrupted his dirty mind from going somewhere that will make him go hard. He stared at the red-faced teacher with a dazzling smile that made the girls in class swooned, "It's rude to yell at people, sensei." He said calmly while kept his smile intact but some could see that his eyes were gleaming dangerous.

The teacher, Mihaki-sensei, sighed, he's been teaching this brat since his first year and he aced all the subjects. He did not complain much, except that he had the tendency to harm people that get in his way. Mihaki-sensei was his homeroom teacher and the one that got all the complaint about Mukuro. Mukuro hurts people that did even the simplest thing, like saying the taboo name, Sawada Tsunayoshi. That name alone was like a suicide word. Say it and you will face terrible consequences, especially ones that say it with ill intent. They would have Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi, Sasagawa Ryohei, Kozato Enma, Dokuro Chrome, Rokudo Mukuro and the infamous Hibari Kyouya as their hunters.

Also, there were words from the headmistress about that Sawada Tsunayoshi has recovered from the comatose state and will attend this school soon. The specific date was not given to them. However, he heard from Shizuki-sensei that there's a new student today.

Oh well, he could worry about that later.


Tsuna packed his things into his bag. The first period was over. He saw his friends approached him.

"Hahahaha, who would've thought you'd wear that uniform, Tsuna. We know Reborn hid something from us but I never thought it would be this." Yamamoto smiled pleasantly as he put his hands behind his head. Gokudera scoffed.

"Don't worry Jyudaime, you look nice." The silver haired boy smiled warmly at Tsuna.

Tsuna nodded, "Reborn's crazy, I know that since the first time I met him. By the way, what is this representative battle for the Arcobaleno I heard about?" he stared at his friends emotionlessly. The Mafiosi flinched.

"I think it's better if you ask your home tutor." Enma said uncomfortably. Tsuna nodded, "I thought so."


Tsuna stared outside. Currently, he was riding a limo with his personal assistant, butler, guard, slave, call him whatever you want. The guy's name was Phillip, and he looked over only seventeen. Tsuna was on his way to visit his mother's grave. It was located deep into the forest of Namimori. From what he knew, his mother's grave was under the care of Vongola. He looked at the street where people were gaping at his limo openly. Yep, his limo. Tsuna was thinking to get his own car; since it wouldn't be a problem to learn how to drive one. If he can handle a motorcycle, a car should be a lot easier.

The brunet stared at his slave unblinking. He decided to call the guy his slave since it makes him sound like a king. The guy has short spiky dirty blonde hair. His bluish eyes stared outside as well. His childish curiosity was apparent to anyone that saw him as he was taking everything with pure interest. Phillip has Gokudera's old style. Punkish and rock-ish, on both his hands were the typical black rubber wristlet. His neck has several necklaces and chains. Tsuna noted the guy also has several rings on his fingers. There was one that stood out the most, the purple one and Tsuna was sure the Vongola was the one that gave it to him. On his ears were earrings of many different types.

Phillip wore a blue jeans pant, a dark blue shirt underneath a jeans jacket and a pair of blue shoes, while Tsuna had decided to cross-dress. He wore a white sleeveless sundress. He also has a pair of silver glittering high heels. On his head was wide beach hat which was also white. He has silver bracelet on his right hand. In the middle of the bracelet was a small diamond. Reborn has given him his rings. While he could not go into HDW mode, he can still summon Natsu. The sky lion was currently napping on his lap. Over a year of staying in ring mode, the box weapon was, surprisingly, felt bored and was immediately engaged in battle with his other fellow Vongola box weapons.

The limo came into a halt as the traffic light glowed red. Tsuna looked outside; the area looked battered up and stinks. He immediately knew the place was a red light district. He looked around then he spotted someone that looked idly familiar at a dark alley.


Mochida felt pain stinging everywhere on his body. The men that beat him and his friends up didn't looked like they want to stop soon. Tears were threatening to fall on his eyes. He only made a small mistake and he got beaten up badly because of it. He also dragged his two friends into this mess.

"May I ask what's going on?" a steady and slightly feminine voice called out. The beat up stopped; and Mochida found himself staring at two figures standing at the end of the alleyway. One of the bulky men spat at the ground, looked highly annoyed someone interrupted him.

"Mind your own business missy, you and your little boyfriend shouldn't butt in into someone's business."

"Oh?" the girl stepped closer. Mochida could see the girl was wearing white knee-length sundress and a wide white hat was on her head.

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen. That's my former senior you're beating up. And mind you, this guy behind me isn't my boyfriend. He's my slave and bodyguard." Her voice devoid any emotion but felt light. Mochida's head was working. Former senior?

"Oi, I can accept the bodyguard part but I am not your SLAVE!" the guy behind him huffed. The girl ignored him.

"By the way, why are you beating up Mochida-senpai and his friends? Sure he was a big bully and meanie back at middle school but I highly doubt he would want to offend a mafia related people."

Tsuna was told by his driver that this place belonged to a mafia family. As soon as he heard it, he had opened the door and almost sprinted out as fast as possible to reach Mochida. Phillip had followed him and whining about 'it's dangerous, Tsunayoshi-sama!' but the brunet paid him no heed. Now he was facing a guy five times bigger than him. Oh well, this is mafia. This shouldn't be any trouble for him. He looked at Mochida and his fallen friends. They looked so battered up and ugly, thought Tsuna's evil mind.

The man snorted, "You know it's the mafia, then why don't you stay out of this? You might just want to flee now before we change our mind." He threatened. Tsuna ignored him.

"Tell me what the problem is first. We can settle this with the easy way and nobody gets hurt, anymore. If you refuse, take me to your boss. I would gladly speak to him regarding this."

"Do you know what are you talking about? It's the mafia, missy. A place where you could lose your life in a blink of eye." The other two men snickered.

"I happen to have a relative that are a mafia member. So I know the risks and everything. Would you or would you not let me see your boss?" Tsuna tried to stern his voice. The first man smirked at him.

"No wonder you look so confident and that rich aura of yours were pissing me off too. Alright, come. Iwaki, Hirote, bring these three brats inside. Looks like our dear miss is going to have a talk with the boss." He turned around and opened a door that was there. Tsuna gave a curt nod to Phillip and the boy sighed before followed his charge.

"Pst, do you know the babe?" one of Mochida's friends, Ran, asked. Mochida shook his head. He never knew anyone with that high and demanding attitude. The two Mochida's friend stared at each other.

"Whoever she is, I'm grateful that she saved our sorry asses." His other friend, Shintouji said quietly.

They followed behind Tsuna that was walking side by side with Phillip. Tsuna was silently approved of this guy. Phillip didn't bother him much about his decision much so he was quite grateful. They entered what looked like a bar. Sure enough, it was full of bulky men in suits and woman in fancy dresses. They were chattering loudly and there was a small stage where musician playing instrumental. Tsuna and Phillip looked so out of place with their casual clothes and dress.

The music and chattering abruptly stopped when the men and women noticed Tsuna entered. They gave her and Phillip scrutinizing gaze.

"And what business do you have here, little princess?" a skinny and tall woman asked from her seat in the middle.

"I wish to speak to the person that ordered these boys," Tsuna pointed at Mochida and his friends, "to be beaten up. While I know it isn't my business, I do not wish to let my senior from middle school dies because of mafia, considering I'm a part of it." Her words caused whispers to break out.

"And what Famiglia do you from?" a man sneered. Tsuna calmly turned his to him.

"Oh, it's a small and quite famous family I must say. It's the Vongola. I'm sure you know what family that is, am I correct?"

Phillip was quietly snickering at the dumbstruck look the women and men were displaying.

"And what's a member of a prestigious family wish to speak to me?" a deep and sultry voice asked from across the room. Everyone's gazes turned to left corner of the room where a man was standing beside a door.

"I believe it would be only proper for you to address my 'mistress' with the respect 'she' deserves, considering 'she' has a high position in the Vongola." Phillip growled but inwardly smirked when he addressed Tsuna as a girl. He admitted his boss was rather attractive, but he's still a male and not a girl.

Meanwhile, Mochida and his friends were gaping at Tsuna. 'She's a part of mafia!"

The new man nodded and walked nearer to Tsuna. Then he took his hand and kissed it, "To what honour do we owe for your splendid visit, Vongola?" he smirked. He has a fine feature, handsome dare Tsuna say it. He was tall and has black hair. It was combed neatly to the back and his light brown eyes were sharp looking. He wore a tuxedo and black shoes. His face sported a scar from his temple all the way down to his neck. Woman would find it very wild and sexy at the same time. Tsuna retracted his hand.

"Can we speak to somewhere private? My slave would blow up if you keep me standing for an hour since he's extremely loyal to me." Tsuna returned the jibed Phillip threw earlier. The blond pouted but didn't protest.

"Very well then, come with me. Sam, take the boys." He turned around.

"No, they're coming with us." Tsuna retorted. The man looked at him for a second before signalled Sam and his friends to take Mochida and his friends with them. They were brought to where the man appeared from before. It turned out to be an office. Tsuna sat on of the two couches that were there as Phillip stood behind him. The man sat across from him and Mochida and his friends were held back to the man's right side.

"My name is Ginneto, the one in charge here since the boss is busy in Italy." The man, Ginneto introduced himself.

Tsuna nodded, "If you don't mind, may I ask why your boss is always busy?" Ginneto snorted.

"It's because of what happened one year ago. The tenth Vongola boss, your future boss, was kidnapped. I think you know the story. Heck, anyone of the underworld knows it. Since that happened, our boss, Dino Cavallone never left Italy, since that little Vongola Decimo was there. He doesn't have any reason to come here. He only calls or asks for reports to keep him update of this place. Now I know his constant visits here to Namimori was to see his little brother only."

Tsuna kept silent for a second before he responded, "Okay, thanks for telling me. By the way, I would like to speak regarding of the reason why Mochida-san and his friends got beaten up so badly." He gazed at Ginneto stoically. Ginneto snorted again. Phillip gritted his teeth.

"Oi, show respect to-"

"Phillip!" Tsuna cut him off. The blond shut his mouth then threw Ginneto a dirty look. Ginneto frowned.

"What place do you have in Vongola?" he asked the young boy. Tsuna stared at him dully.

"It's none of your concern. Let's just say that my father and grandfather are both very respectable members of the family. Now, shall we get back to the topic? I need to go somewhere and I don't want to stay here any longer."

Ginneto nodded, "Very well." He jibed a finger towards Mochida and his friends, "These punks had upset a very important person just now. The guy then stormed out of this place without paying and swore to break the alliance between the families. I only wanted to teach them a lesson and told them to never come back."

Tsuna stared at him blankly, "You're being unreasonable. There's no family that is stupid enough to break an alliance with the Cavallone family, considering it's the third strongest family in the underworld. Also, do you think your boss would approve of this? I don't think so. Knowing Dino's personality, he would shred you to pieces and leave you to die somewhere. Oh wait, that's wrong. He would lashed you with his whip then punish you to fight his pupil."

Ginneto immediately paled at the mention of 'pupil'.

"Do you want to fight that violent cloud guardian of the Vongola Decimo? You're like a punching bag to Hibari Kyouya. I heard he's the strongest of the guardians and is par with the boss of Varia, Xanxus, probably even stronger." Tsuna continued his psychological threat.

"What!" Mochida interrupted. The two stared at the boy.

"Hibari is a part of mafia?" Mochida asked fearfully. Tsuna stared at him.

"Ah, I forgot you're here. Yes, he is. I see you still have fresh memories of middle school. I think you remember me then?" Tsuna asked. Mochida stared at him then shook his head. Tsuna shrugged.

"Whatever, so, are you or are you not going to let them go? I could force you to." He threatened a bit. Ginneto gulped.

"What authority do you have to do so?" he retorted. Tsuna stared at him blankly.

"Don't think you have your father and grandfather have high influences in Vongola you can do anything. You can't win with that." Ginneto continued. Tsuna stared at him more.

"Who said I'm going to use their power to win you over? My position alone in the family is enough to ensure me to get whatever I want. Whoever that goes against me is the stupidest person ever. In Vongola, my words are laws. My wishes are their command. My existence is what they are terribly grateful of and I have the Vongola, Shimon, Varia, Arcobaleno and Cervello on my side. I have nothing to fear to get what I want. And mind you, I'm on a great terms with Uni-chan of Giglio Nero family and your boss is my surrogate brother. Also, I don't think the Vindice would hesitate to follow my request to send you to Vendicare. I think Bermuda would be pleases to see one of his cell get fill in this week." Tsuna said nonchalantly. Ginneto and his henchmen shifted uncomfortably.

"Fine, but what proof do you have?" Ginneto asked. Tsuna merely raised his rings.

"Natsu." He said softly. The sky lion appeared on the table with his Vongola insignia showed proudly. The cub then noticed his master and leapt onto Tsuna's lap. The men gaped at the cub.

"Now, do you have any more doubt? Or do I have to call Dino here?"

Ginneto sighed then signalled his men to let go of Mochida and his friends. The boys immediately shifted to Tsuna's side.

"Thank you for your cooperation. I hope we wouldn't see each other in near future." Tsuna stood up and bowed a little before heading for the door with Phillip, Mochida, Ran and Shintouji behind him. Natsu was in his hands purring softly as Tsuna stroked him. Before he was out of the room, Ginneto spoke.

"I thought you're still in coma." He said quietly.

"…Then I guess you have to update your network of information." Tsuna responded without turning around. He then exited the room with his companions. Ginneto sighed then leaned back onto the couch.

"Damn, he's back."


"Thanks, for saving us back there." Mochida said. They were currently riding in Tsuna's limo. Tsuna and Phillip sat across Mochida and his friends, Ran and Shintouji.

Tsuna stared at him, "While I admit what I did back there was just a display of humanity, I believe that you really do owe me an apology for what you did to me back in middle school. You know, during my first year. You're such an asshole back then. I wonder if I should throw you off the cliff."

Mochida and his friends gaped stupidly at that.

Phillip snickered, "Reborn-san would be proud if you do, ojou-sama."

"Phillip, one more word that refer to anything feminine I swear I'll rip your spine from your back"

Phillip put his hands up, "Woah, you're really enjoying threatening people, don't you?

"I don't enjoy, I just feel like doing it. I don't really mind if I do it literally anyway. Some people just deserve punishment." Tsuna gazed at Mochida. The older boy was getting anxious about Tsuna.

"Look, I am thankful to you for saving us but don't you think we deserve some explanation about who you are? I never met you let alone does something that makes you feel like killing me." He said sternly. Tsuna stared some more.

"I don't think you'll be thankful once you discover who I am. You are after all, the cold hearted bastard that treated Kyoko-chan like a possession to win." Tsuna stated. Natsu purred in his hands.

Mochida gulped, "Look, it was a long time ago, okay? Can we just let it slide?"

Tsuna stared at him, "Very well, my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. What do you think?"

Mochida choked on air, "Sawada Tsunayoshi! As in, dame-Tsuna?" the black haired boy looked at the cross-dresser with wide eyes.

Tsuna hummed, "Glad I'm still fresh in your memories. I haven't seen you since like, three years ago? Oh, I spent one whole year in Italy. I was coma you see." He stated casually.

"B-But! Aren't you-"

"A guy? Yes, of course I'm a guy. I do look pretty convincing as a woman, right? This could be proving useful in seduction mission."

Mochida was at losing of words. His friends look at Tsuna.

"You're a guy? I gotta admit, that's some cool cross-dressing you do." Ran grinned.

"Hey, are you like, rich?" Shintouji asked in astonishment. The limo had a small refrigerator and a Hi-Fi, along with a red royal carpet and a chandelier. A black wall was separating the passenger's seat and the driver's.

Tsuna shrugged, "You could say that. My family owns 10 percent of this earth, so yeah, we're rich." He stated, leaving the three boys gaping.

"Phillip, you have some champagne in the refrigerator? Reborn said I can drink as many as I want. Bring me some, you lazy slave." Tsuna ordered the blond. Phillip made a sour face.

"I am not your slave!"

"You are. Grandpa stated clearly that you follow my every demand. So that means even if I ask you to have sex with me, you will. Now quit your whining and do your job." His casual sentences left the four boys blushing. Phillip stumbled to get to the refrigerator while blushing madly.

"I swear, as soon as my job is done I'm going to get married." The blond muttered.

"Hey, where are we going?" Ran asked. Tsuna looked outside.

"I want to visit my mother's grave. I hope you don't mind. I've never met her since…." He left at that. Mochida stared at him.

"Your mom is dead?" he asked. He remembered that woman; he met her once on the school ground during the sport day.

Tsuna nodded, "She died shortly after my kidnapping." Mochida stared at him questioningly.

"Your kidnapping? Oh, right, you're the Vongola Decimo…." He muttered. Tsuna turned to him.

"Yes, I'm the Vongola Decimo. Sad, isn't it? I could crush you like the little bug you are right now. In fact, I could have done that a long time ago. But things always keep distracting me until I can't even remember you until I saw you just now. I really wonder if I really should kill you. But I don't think my friends would be happy about it. Not that I care about them. It's just, better late than sorry. I'll keep an eye on you. When I recover fully, I'll make sure to find you and give you a kiss on forehead that will transform you into a saint."

Mochida gaped at him.

They arrived at the outskirt of Namimori. They walked a little further into the forest before they were greeted by two men in black suits.

"Decimo, an honour to meet you in person." They took turn to kiss the Vongola rings on Tsuna's hand. The sky guardian nodded.

"Please to meet you too."

They were brought to a clearing. Around it was flowers of rare kinds. Black and blue roses, red lilies, green sunflowers and more were there. On the centre of the clearing was a small island with a tree on it. The island connected to the ground they were standing on with a small bridge. Tsuna walked forward and crossed the bridge.

"Pst, I never knew there were black roses." Phillip whispered to one of the men. He turned to the teen.

"It was a breed especially created by the lightning Arcobaleno in the honour of Vongola Decimo's mother. She was a roses' lover, they say. I'm sure you know about the funeral day, where even the Vindice came to give her honour."

Phillip made an 'o' shape. Of course he knew about that. It was a history in the mafia.

Tsuna heard what they were saying across the island. Even the Vindice came? That's awesome….

The boy looked around and he saw a small gravestone. He walked to it. He kneeled down to read what was written.

Sawada Nana

A mother, a wife, a friend, a lover

Dino Cavallone: She was an amazing woman. Her big heart accepted those who crave for love.

Enma Kozato: She was a mother to me. She makes me feel like a family. My friend is lucky to have her as his mother.

Arcobaleno Reborn: Sawada Nana was a friend, a family. Being with her gives us a family feeling.

Lambo Bovino Vongola: Mama will always be in my heart. She's the best mama ever.

Bianchi: She was my second mother. I could never thank her enough for the love she gave me.

There were many others below. The last one was his father.

Sawada Iemitsu: There's not enough word to describe how much she had gave me.

Tsuna stared at the word for a long time. Not enough word to describe how much she had gave him? Tsuna could feel something that is akin to anger welling up enough inside him.

'You gave her nothing, Iemitsu. You gave her nothing! She died because of you! I lost my mother because of you! You ruin my life! You took away my mother from me! She was my precious person! She was the only reason I didn't kill myself when I was bullied! I keep myself alive just to see her smile! She already lost you! I don't want to make her cry more! But in the end, I made her cry because of your stupid decision hailing me as the mafia boss! I never wanted to be one! I didn't protest strongly because I would lose all my friends and then I will make her cry again! You bastard! I wish you are not my father! I hate you!'

The emotion slowly dissipated away. Tsuna could only feel warm feeling. The wind slapped his face softly. The boy closed his eyes. He felt the warm feeling was like giving him a motherly hug. He felt so content and safe. The first positive feeling he felt after a long time.

"Kaa-san, tadaima…."

"Okaeri, Tsu-kun… Kaa-san no aka-chan…."

"Okaeri, Tsu-kun… Mama no aka-chan…." – Welcome home, Tsu-kun… Mama's baby boy….

Oh yes, I love family drama so much. I love how Tsuna harbour hatred at his father.

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