Title: Seating Chart

Rating: T

Spoilers: No

Description: Becker and Jess are awfully interested in the seating plan at the Lester's dinner party.

Disclaimer: Don't own Primeval or the characters.

Author's Note: silly little story of 260 words, like a drabble but not 100 words

Seating Chart

"What are you doing?" asked Mrs. Lester.

"Checking who I'm sitting beside," said Jess.

"Hoping for Becker?"

"No! I was just curious."

"You don't mind sitting by him?"

"No. That's fine," said Jess.

"Good," said Mrs. Lester, with a smile.

Later, she caught Becker.

"You're checking to see if your sitting by Jess, aren't you?"

"No! Not at all."

"Good. I'm moving you by Abby instead."

"No! I mean, Don't bother. Jess is fine."

She laughed as he backed away, blushing. "They're crazy."

"I know," said Lester. "I'm thinking of locking them in a closet together."

Mrs Lester looked at her husband, and he looked at her.

"Jess dear, can you get something from the closet for me?" called Mrs. Lester.

"Becker," called Lester. "I have a chore for you."

Finally, everyone sat down to dinner, but there were two conspicuously empty chairs.

Lester and the Mrs. exchanged looks.

"Call them again, dear. Perhaps they can't hear us."

"Becker! Jess! We're hungry!" Lester cried.

The diners heard commotion down the hall, and hushed voices. Finally, Jess and Becker arrived, flushed, red, and rumpled. Jess smoothed down her hair while Becker straightened his shirt.

"Sorry, did we interrupt something?" asked Lester.

"No," said Jess innocently.

"Nothing," said Becker, but he stared at Jess, she stared back and they both blushed and giggled.

"Well, let's eat. I have a feeling that the Captain and the field coordinator need to build their strength back up," said Lester.

Mrs. Lester passed the turkey as Jess and Becker coughed and sputtered.

The End