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Flat on his stomach, snoring and with his face buried into the pillow, Naruto awoke when he felt an unmistakable - rather heavy - weight on his backside. And if he had to say what this weight was doing, it would fall, maybe, under the category of humping up against his ass.

"What time is it?" he asked, lifting his head and rubbing an eye. "If that's anyone other than you back there, Sasuke, you are about to get a punch in the face."

"Must be my lucky day." Sasuke sat on Naruto's thighs, pinning him to the bed. He had both hands on either of Naruto's buttcheeks, squeezing them alternately like they were a pair of stress balls.

"Is this a bad time to tell you I'm gonna go back to sleep now?"

Sasuke suddenly lay flush on top of him, his dick poking Naruto in the ass while he rubbed up on him and bit the shell of his ear. "You can try, but I have a feeling it'll be difficult. Although, it would certainly mean less work for me."

Naruto mumbled irritably and tried to get up, but Sasuke pressed him down and wouldn't let him move.

"Sasuke," he growled and felt his cock, no longer poking him, but sliding between his cheeks. "You're heavy."

Sasuke nuzzled him, licking from between his shoulder blades to the nape of his neck. Naruto smashed his face into the pillow again, too tired to deal with the fact his boyfriend was about to take his ass virginity by force.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered into his ear.

"What?" he snapped, voice muffled into the pillow. The sound of Sasuke's chuckle was deep and made the hairs at the back of his neck stand up.

Sasuke rested his chin on Naruto's shoulder. "I'm horny."

"Really?" Naruto turned his face so that he could speak more clearly. "I never would have guessed that's what's going on. I thought you were makin' a sandwich back there from the way you were humping me like an elephant seal."

"I'm hung like an elephant seal."

Naruto sputtered out a laugh. "Something like that." He groaned appreciatively, though, when Sasuke, sitting up to straddle his hips, started to massage his shoulders and back, the palms of his hands twisting and digging in at different spots along his spine. "Oh, fuck yes, please more of that! I thought you were all tired from your three orgasms, old man."

"I'm used to sleeping about five hours a night, so I'm rejuvenated already. To answer your earlier question...it's about 8.30."

"Fuck that, I am definitely going back to bed." Naruto grabbed for one of the other pillows and put it on top of his head, but Sasuke snatched it off right away and threw it across the room. "And would you stop poking me with your dick? That is an exit only."

"Really now?" Sasuke asked smugly. "Because I'm pretty sure you were using mine like a revolving door last night - in, in, in, in, oh yes, Sasuke, yes!"

"Ha!" Naruto turned over, and this time Sasuke did nothing to stop him. Naruto grabbed for his wrist, pulled, and rolled them until he was the one on top. "Is that really what I sounded like?"

"Well, it did seem you weren't able to string together coherent sentences, but," he brushed Naruto's hair to the side, "that's no different than usual, is it?"

"Bastard," Naruto said with a grin.

Sasuke gazed at him, his affection so transparent that Naruto's heart clenched. He touched the other man's cheek, tracing the arch tenderly. Sasuke's eyes flicked back and forth as he put his fingers to Naruto's lips, tracing them. Naruto kissed him firmly and felt Sasuke's fingers winding their way through the hair at the back of his head, applying pressure and deepening their kiss. It didn't taste so amazing, but it was good in a whole other way that had him recalling all of last night's various moments. That he'd enjoyedevery minute of it and felt even closer to Sasuke now because of it.

Reluctantly, they stopped kissing. Their foreheads were pressed together as Naruto continued to cup Sasuke's face in his hands.

"Hey," he said, smiling so big that it was starting to hurt.

Sasuke angled his head, turning his face enough that he could kiss the tips of Naruto's fingers. "Good morning."

"I had sex with you."

Sasuke gave a snort and laughed. "I know. I was there."

Naruto kissed at Sasuke's chin. "You sore?"

"A little."

"Want me to rub it?" Naruto waggled his eyebrows.

"Want me to rub yours?" Sasuke returned, smirking.

"I thought that's what you were already working up to." Naruto got off of Sasuke and sat up in the bed, next to him, running his fingers the length of Sasuke's arm all the way to the center of his palm. "By the way, nice morning wood you've got there." He prodded at Sasuke's erection, watching as it bobbed with the poke he gave it.

"It couldn't be helped after last night, and then waking up next to you... seeing your ass in the morning light, tempting me, calling out to me like a siren..."

Naruto blinked at him. "Are you high?"

"High on life," Sasuke said dryly and grabbed for his elbow, giving it a tug. Naruto leaned down as Sasuke raised himself up, kissing him in a way that made Naruto's stomach do flip-flops.

Naruto sighed as Sasuke lay flat on the bed again. "A handjob won't suffice?" he asked hopefully.

"I had something else in mind if you're up for it."

"Ah, yeah. Considering you're already up for it."

Sasuke put a hand on his leg and rubbed Naruto's inner thigh, smoothing down the blond hairs with every pass of his hand.

"Are you that opposed to it?" Sasuke asked in a quiet voice, not looking in the slightest bit judgmental, only curious.

"Honest answer?" Naruto scratched the back of his neck.

"Honest answer," replied Sasuke, moving his hand from Naruto's leg to his own stomach.

"I'm not... opposed exactly."

"Are you afraid it's going to emasculate you?"

"I... don't know?" Naruto drew his legs to his chest for a second and then opted to sit cross-legged with his hands on his knees. "I don't wanna say that, because it would be insulting to you... you're masculine, yeah, and we just- "

"Fucked," Sasuke finished for him. "You fucked me, and my dick didn't suddenly fall off."

Naruto shifted to the side and put a hand over Sasuke's mouth. "Shush. I've never thought any less of you because you prefer cock. It's just new to me is all." He removed his hand.

Sasuke started to sit, also in a cross-legged position, the both of their knees touching. Except, it was really distracting every time Naruto looked down and saw Sasuke's cock at attention against his lower stomach.

"Really, Sasuke, just let me suck you off, dude."

"Oh yeah," said Sasuke, slapping Naruto's thigh hard enough to make a loud crack. "That really puts me in the mood."

"It's just..."

"Would it be more convincing if I started talking dirty to you? That seems to be what gets you off."

Naruto almost looked embarrassed. "Shut up! I can't help it!"

"Let me fuck you and if you don't like it, we never have to do it again... for a few days."

"What happened to the patient you that felt guilty just for dragging me into a dressing room for an impromptu blowjob?"

Sasuke smirked, resting his hand on Naruto's knee. "I'm sorry, he disappeared after he got to experience sex with you. I told you the night of our date that you'd probably created a monster. Now it's impossible to hide my attraction, hence, my little predicament." He gestured to his penis.

Naruto spared it a look. "Don't sell yourself short now. It's not what I would call little... in fact, is that even gonna fit in my ass?"

Sasuke pressed a hand to Naruto's stomach, fingers trailing downward. "I'm certainly willing to help you find out."

Naruto gave him a wary look. "It's gonna hurt, isn't it?"

"Not if we do it right. You might feel a little 'full' your first time, but I'll be gentle. You're not my first virgin, after all."

Naruto growled. "That's not something I wanna think about."

Sasuke touched his arm. "Lay on your stomach."

Naruto's eyebrow shot up. "Why, so you can try to rape me again?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Don't be overdramatic. Are you a man or what? It's just a little butt fucking."

"For some reason, your argument doesn't move me."

"I'll move you alright." Sasuke got on his knees and gave Naruto a playful shove that sent him rolling to the other side of the bed. He put his hand on Naruto's lower back, rubbing it. "Comfortable?"

"M'fine, yeah."

"If you really don't want to do this, Naruto - "

"No, it's not that I don't want to... I'm just," he sighed. "Nervous. But if it's you," he looked over his shoulder at Sasuke, "I'm okay with it. I'm even a little... excited about it, I guess."

"Excited?" Sasuke lay next to him against his side, hand gliding over Naruto's back, relaxing him. "I've thought about it a lot. I'd thought about what it would be like to have you do it, and last night was... great. However, I've thought about fucking you so much over the past few days that I have to admit, I'm at my limit."

"I understand. Last night was... really fucking incredible."

Sasuke kissed the curve of his shoulder. "I can't help how attracted I am to you. I was from the moment I saw you at Starbuck's and had I guessed that this would be the result if I'd been the one to ask if I could sit at your table..."


Sasuke put an arm across Naruto's lower back, fingers gripping the edge of his hip. "I can't help but want you. I won't lie. The fact that you're straight, that this will be your first time and that I get to be your first…," he paused, "It's proving difficult to remain patient, especially when I'm used to - "

"Being a manwhore?" said Naruto, looking at him with an amused grin.

Sasuke glared and playfully slapped the back of his head. "I was going to say, taking the initiative."

"I get it. I'm a man, too. I think about sex as much as you do. It's just that my fantasies usually focused on parts of the anatomy that were a bit more self-lubricating and..." He poked Sasuke in the chest, "bigger and rounder here."

"Sorry for not having breasts." Sasuke frowned. "I guess I was worried that some of the things Suigetsu said last night might give you the wrong idea. I don't want you to think I'm using you. I want to be clear on that point."

Naruto nodded. "It never crossed my mind. I was only ever jealous about what he said, so you don't have to explain. Obviously, on my part, the desire for you is there. I felt it last night. I know you want this, and I'm willing to try it."

"Are you?" The hand Sasuke had on his hip moved lower, passing over Naruto's left asscheek to just underneath it, where he snuck his fingers between Naruto's legs, narrowly brushing the back of his balls and making his cock give a twitch at the contact.

As they started to kiss, Sasuke moved his fingers to the other thigh, sliding them up to his balls and then the top of the back of his thigh, under his ass and then ghosting across his sac again. As their kissing became more passionate, he felt Sasuke's fingers slip into his crack and brush over his entrance, teasing him. Sasuke was erect and pushing against his side as he sucked on Naruto's tongue. Naruto had his hand on Sasuke's cheek, only half-conscious of the pressure he felt against his hole, at least until the very tip of Sasuke's index finger entered him dry and made him moan into the kiss.

Pulling away, Sasuke looked into his eyes, searching. Naruto was breathing heavy as Sasuke gently began to suck his bottom lip, and when he sunk his teeth into it, Naruto let out another uninhibited groan at the brief pain. Sasuke's mouth parted as he took in a quiet breath, releasing it seconds later in pent up sigh. After removing the tip of his finger, he licked his tongue along the sharp edge of his teeth, staring at Naruto intensely.

Naruto's voice came out husky and breathless. "You look like you have something to say."

"I want to fuck you so bad right now."

Naruto licked his lips. "Then what are you waiting for?"

"For you to want it as much as I do."

"What do you want me to say?" Tilting his head forward, he drew nearer to Sasuke's mouth. He nibbled Sasuke's bottom lip and, very slowly, swiped his tongue across it.

Sasuke's hand found its way to Naruto's throat and squeezed, pushing him away, putting distance between their mouths. Naruto tried to force himself to go forward, ignoring the way Sasuke's fingers squeezed tighter when he tried. He made it far enough that their mouths brushed, the contact too light. Not enough to satisfy. Naruto opened his mouth and made a noise that was something between a keening whine and a pleading moan.

At the sound, Sasuke narrowed his eyes. He lifted Naruto's chin and let their lips touch - just a simple, taunting brush - and then did it again. The fingers around his throat loosened, but he could still feel them against his skin. Before he knew it, there was a hand at the back of his head, fingers burying into his hair and guiding him into a harsh, hungry series of kisses as Sasuke's hand dragged across his ass again. He rubbed a finger over Naruto's hole, circling it, and slipped a finger in all the way. When Sasuke started moving it inside of him, it was too much. The world disappeared entirely. There was nothing but Sasuke's mouth and tongue and that finger entering him, fucking him, and turning him on so much that he started to push back against it without realizing what he was doing.

Sasuke nipped at his lips, breathing heavily. "Naruto..."

"Sasuke…," he started to say, his eyes hooded and teeth pressed into his lip as he felt himself grinding down against the bed for friction. "I want..."

"What do you want?" Sasuke's finger pushed deeper. "Hm? Tell me."

Naruto placed a hand on the side of Sasuke's face and, leaning in, brought their mouths close. "I want you to fuck me."

"Do you?" Sasuke's smirk became feral as he slid his finger almost all the way out and then back in again. "Do you like this, Naruto?"

Naruto was panting now. "Y-yes..."

"You want me to stick my cock inside of you and fuck you?"

His eyes shut, and he inhaled sharply, letting his answer out on the exhale. "Yes... fuck me. I want to feel it."

He let out another groan from the thought alone and felt the bite of Sasuke's teeth on his right asscheek.

"You're more eager than I thought you'd be," Sasuke murmured against the skin of Naruto's upper thigh and slid his tongue across the curve of his ass to the back of his balls.

"Oh God," he groaned and buried his face further into the pillow, biting his lip.

Sasuke's finger was slick as it entered him again, and there was no doubt in his mind that Sasuke was watching it go inside his ass. He was starting to grow painfully hard against the bed, his growing erection trapped underneath him. In this state, with all his senses already feeling overwhelmed with pleasure, it was almost too easy to relax as Sasuke worked his hole with all the steady concentration of a neurosurgeon. He kept a hand on Naruto's hip to keep him from writhing, which he did alternately, unable to help himself as he started to rock his hips against the sheets.

"So good, Naruto," Sasuke murmured and shifted on top of his legs.

When the second finger penetrated him, Naruto took a sharp breath, even though he'd had two of them inside himself in the bath. But these were all the way in, not justhalfway. Sasuke fingered him slowly, an arm pressed atop his lower back, keeping Naruto in place. He kissed the curve of Naruto's ass, sucking on the skin occasionally. Naruto was nearly out of his mind by the time the third finger squeezed in, stretching him fully, making him arch his back and lift his hips off the bed - until Sasuke pressed him down again.

"Soon...?" Naruto managed to pant out as the fingers began to fuck him more deeply, suddenly bending to press against that spot, the one that made his vision go white and spotty. "S-Sasuke, stop, too much," he pleaded and gave a prolonged groan as the fingers gradually withdrew. With them inside, he'd felt so full, but it wasn't entirely uncomfortable. When he felt Sasuke's weight disappear, he glanced over his shoulder, only seconds passing before Sasuke swooped in and kissed him hungrily, their teeth clanking in their urgency for more.

Prying himself away with some effort, Sasuke rose to his knees, his erect cock right in front of Naruto's face, the color a deep, almost painful looking red that made Naruto very aware Sasuke was already at his limit, already close, but so was he.

He watched Sasuke put the condom on and lube it up, but closed his eyes as Sasuke crawled behind him, between his legs, and started to caress the backs of his thighs. Naruto was about to lift his hips when Sasuke pushed him down. He parted Naruto's legs and positioned himself to where Naruto could feel the front of Sasuke's thighs touching the back of his.

Naruto's legs gave out underneath him, and he slumped onto the bed, Sasuke falling with him. They were both breathing heavily. Naruto's face was smashed into the pillow, and he was highly conscious of Sasuke still being inside of him, connecting them. Sasuke let out a tired sigh that lifted the wispy blond hairs at the nape of his neck. He proceeded to kiss Naruto all over - his shoulders, his back, his neck. He moved Naruto's hair to the side and licked the drops of sweat just under his hairline, making him shiver and clench.

"Aah," Sasuke let out a breathy noise of surprise as he was squeezed and licked him again, his hands gliding up and down Naruto's sides. "That was..."

"...Really intense?" Naruto finished for him, words muffled against the pillow.

"Yes, it was that, for sure." Sasuke grunted as he lifted his hips and slipped out of Naruto carefully.

"Oh wow," said Naruto.

"Feel empty now?" Sasuke's voice was hoarse, and there was humor in his tone even if he sounded out of breath.

"It's... different." He tried to lift himself up, but his arms wobbled, and the dull pain coming from his ass threw him off a bit.

"You might be a little sore."

Naruto could at least glare over his shoulder at him. "Y'think?" Then his eyes were drawn to the spent condom. "I really let another guy fuck me," he said.

Sasuke, who'd been smirking, now regarded him with a look of consternation. "Regrets?" he asked.

Naruto turned over onto his back, wincing as he propped his upper body up with his elbows, shaking his head. "No regrets. It...," he bit his lip as he gazed at Sasuke, "was some of the best sex I've ever had."

Instantly, Sasuke appeared relieved. "Of course it was," he said and crawled on top of him, "Since I'm good at everything. Naturally." He kissed Naruto with a tenderness that caused his already erratic heart rate to skyrocket.

Putting his hands on either side of Sasuke's face, he kissed him back, surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of emotion that went into it. They lay together a while, just kissing and touching, Sasuke's thumb constantly brushing the underside of his ear. They seemed on the same page, lost in their thoughts about what just happened, about each other. Naruto had always liked being in love, but this, this was something he knew not everyone could experience in a lifetime, and the reality of what he was feeling for Sasuke did a good job of shaking him to the core.

Sasuke leaned back and traced Naruto's bottom lip, everything Naruto was feeling right now, reflected clearly in Sasuke's eyes.

"Sasuke," he said, wanting to say something but not knowing what.

Sasuke smiled and pushed his hair behind an ear. "You look happy."

Naruto grinned, as well. "You do, too."

"I am." Sasuke gave him another peck on the lips. "You make me happy."

Naruto chuckled. "You mean I make your dick happy."

Sasuke tilted his head, his bangs falling across his left cheek. "That too."

Naruto took hold of Sasuke's hand, curled it into a fist, and kissed each one of his knuckles, all while keeping eye contact with him. When he was done, he smiled broadly at Sasuke, who looked as dazed as Naruto had seen him last night. Whatever preoccupied his thoughts, he snapped out of it and was quick to pull Naruto into another soul-searchingly intense kiss that, at the end, left Naruto light-headed and almost giddy.

"Thank you," said Sasuke, his voice shaking a little.

With a quizzical tilt of his head, Naruto searched his face, smiling crookedly. "For what?"

"Everything," replied Sasuke as he placed a hand on Naruto's cheek, stroking the faint scars. "But especially for asking me to sit down at that table."

Naruto was pretty sure his heart was going to burst out of his chest soon. "I told you, didn't I?" he flashed a confident, boyish grin. "That it was fate."

Sasuke ruffled his hair affectionately. "Whatever the reason, it was the best damn decision I've made in my life to not hold it against someone for being an over-talkative, blond idiot."

"Hey!" cried Naruto. "I resent that!"

"Mm. I'll make it up to you," said Sasuke.

"Yeah? How's that?"

"I plan, in the future, to fall so much more in love with you that I'll give you anything and everything you could possibly want."

Naruto scrunched his nose and knew that his face had probably gone incredibly red. "Oh, shut up and get rid of that damn condom, would ya? I don't want your spunk spillin' out all over me."

"Why?" Sasuke smirked. "It's not like it would be the first time."

A half hour later, Naruto was scrubbing himself under the shower and singing in the loudest voice possible, "Toniiight, we are young, so let's set the world on fiiire, we can burn briiighter than the," he took a deep breath, more off-pitch than before, "suuuun. Toniiight, we are young. So let's set the world on fiiire, we can burn briiighter, than the suu-ooh-oh-ooh-uuun!"

The shower door opened and Sasuke entered, shaking his head. "What will the neighbors say?"

Naruto made room for him under the spray. "Oh, right. Y'think they're gonna complain more about my singing voice or the sounds of us having sex all night?"

"Singing voice," Sasuke answered and kissed the back of his shoulder. "They're going to think I'm strangling the cat and report me to PETA. How's your ass feeling?" He gave it a light slap. "Better?"

"Er, I guess. I wanted to check it out in the mirror and see if it's back to its original size, but I'm apparently not that flexible."

Sasuke rested his forehead against Naruto's back and laughed. "Is that what you were in here doing while I made sure the cat was fed?"

"You wish, pervert." Naruto reached for the shampoo on one of the shelves and gave it a sniff after opening it. "And, like, um..."

"Yes?" Sasuke asked, and Naruto could tell he was dying to laugh at him some more.

"So, I have the worst gas now. What's that about?"

Sasuke lost it after that, even when Naruto turned around under the water and glared.

"I know it's related!" Naruto said, pointing an accusing finger at Sasuke's chest. "You kept ramming all that air up in there! It's gotta come out eventually, right? Why didn't you warn me about that sorta stuff? But considering the things I read on the net, at least I'm not shitting out your cum or something."

When Sasuke finally composed himself, he placed his hand flat to Naruto's chest. "Yes, well, if you warn a guy about those things ahead of time, it sort of ruins the mood."

Naruto shrugged. "It's no big deal. Whatever."

"Don't be mad." Sasuke kissed him on the mouth and took the shampoo bottle from him. He squeezed some into his palm and started lathering it into Naruto's hair. "So. I guess you'll be going home today?"

Naruto nodded. "I should probably check on my apartment and then go to Dad's."

"You know," said Sasuke in a tone that made Naruto raise an eyebrow, "If you got rid of the apartment, wouldn't you save a lot of money?"

"Yeah, I guess, but it's nice to have a place to go that isn't my Dad's, y'know?" Shutting his eyes, Naruto groaned as Sasuke's fingers massaged his head.

"Oblivious as always," mumbled Sasuke as he set Naruto under the spray and rinsed out the shampoo. "What I'm saying is that, I have a place you could stay. There's even an extra bedroom should you get tired of me."

Naruto coughed and sputtered as the water went into his mouth and nose. When his brain processed what Sasuke had said, he grabbed for his wrist. "Um, pardon? You mean, like, move in with you?"

Sasuke shrugged. "Like I said, I have an extra bedroom. It'd be more like...roommates? You'll probably be spending half of your time here and the other half at your Dad's, won't you?"

Naruto wiped a hand over his face. "I mean... I don't know what to say."

Sasuke started to pull away from him, but Naruto squeezed his wrist and dragged him back. "Ah, don't do that," he said. "I... just hadn't considered it yet, and it's not anything I thought you'd suggest so soon."

"Well, it seems a waste for you to have that apartment considering you're not there all of the time."

"God, Sasuke. I've never even lived with any of my girlfriends - "

"It's fine, Naruto. It was only a suggestion. I figure," he breathed out a sigh and pushed Naruto's wet hair behind his ear, "You'll be spending the night here sometimes. So, between my place and your Dad's..."

Seeing Sasuke struggle, Naruto couldn't help but grin crookedly at him. He put a hand on the side of the other man's face. "Are you nervous?"

Sasuke frowned. "Should I be?"

Naruto cocked his head, amused. "You're not worried that after us having sex that I won't, like, want to come back?"

"No, idiot. More like I've never asked anyone to move in with me, obviously. I know it's soon, but I thought - "

Naruto covered his mouth, wanting to silence all of Sasuke's worries. "We can talk about it," he said. "I don't think it's a bad idea." He kissed on top of the hand he had covering Sasuke's mouth. "Really."

Sasuke's eyes widened.

"But," continued Naruto, his hand still covering Sasuke's mouth, "You have to promise to do something first before I'll consider it."

Sasuke moved his hand out of the way and glanced at him suspiciously. "What's that?"

"Come to my house for dinner tonight and meet my Dad?"

Sasuke paled. "You want me to meet your Dad?"

"Why not? I mean, you're my boyfriend. I want to introduce the two of you. You've told Itachi about me, right?"

"I didn't have to. He could tell since I apparently sounded less moody than usual on the phone last night."

"Mm." He tugged Sasuke into a hug and kissed him. "Come to the house, have dinner, and I'll show you my... room."

Sasuke smirked. "Your room, eh?"

Naruto chuckled. "Ah, I can practically see all those perverted thoughts rattling around inside your brain."

Playfully, Sasuke pinched one of his nipples. "I hope so."

"So now that you've taken my ass virginity, am I at least gonna get breakfast out of it?"

"I'm the one who did most of the work, shouldn't it be you making me breakfast? But I suppose if I leave it up to you, we'll end up having something from the McDonald's drive-thru."

"Ha. What's wrong with that? It's always a good feeling if you can make it there before breakfast ends." Naruto grabbed for the soap tucked away in its niche and the rag he'd thrown over one of the hooks. He started washing Sasuke's chest. "And maybe on the way to dropping you off at your car, we can stop by the pet store?"

Sasuke put his arms around Naruto's neck. "What for?"

"Since I'm probably not spending the night, I want to get Ollie something so he won't forget me."

"Naruto," said Sasuke, his voice serious enough to make him glance up from what he was doing.


"Has anyone ever told you that you're a big dork? You sing in the shower, you get sentimental over cats, mmph- "

Naruto shut Sasuke up with another kiss and laughed at him when he looked surprised at being cut off.

"Hey," he said, "You knew what you were gettin' into when you picked me up at Starbuck's."

"Oh, is that how you remember it?" Sasuke pushed him against the shower wall. "You're getting awfully cocky these days."

"You must be rubbing off on me." Naruto smirked at him challengingly.

Sasuke leaned in. "I believe I already did."

Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the arm and pulled him against his body, laughing into his ear. "I almost feel weird about the idea of going home. I've gotten used to having you around. You're like a shadow. Or, at least one that I can kiss and have sex with."

"Very poignant," said Sasuke, kissing his neck.

"I think it would make a great haiku."

"I think you're better off making artwork out of macaroni. That may be more your speed."

Naruto took hold of the sides of Sasuke's face. "Say, is that how you talk to all your boyfriends?"

"Only the ones I've had to pay for."

Naruto chuckled. "You're awfully sharp for so early in the morning."

"Mm." Sasuke kissed his cheek. "With you, I always feel like I have to be at the top of my game."

"We've already had sex, I'm your boyfriend-thing, and you're still wanting to impress me? I'm flattered."

"Good," said Sasuke, leaving a trail of kisses along his jaw. "I'm willing to do anything I can to make you feel as good as you make me feel, Naruto."

Naruto bit his lip and touched the spot on his chest where he'd felt a pang. "That works both ways," he replied softly and cupped the back of Sasuke's neck as he drew him into a long, slow kiss.

After they finished showering, got dressed (Naruto again wearing Sasuke's clothes because he'd forgotten to wash his), and said his goodbyes to Ollie, they were finally off to go pick up Sasuke's car. Of course, not that he would admit this, but the scene that followed was incredibly ridiculous, what with it taking about ten minutes to actually say goodbye because they kept making out in the middle of the parking lot.

So, while Sasuke went back home to do all the chores he said would take him the rest of the afternoon (like take his recycling to wherever it was in town that they did that), Naruto went to check in on his apartment (pick up the mail, water the plants, throw away the spoiled milk), and then headed over to his Dad's. He'd been home 20 minutes and was just heading into the game room after talking to his Dad and telling him Sasuke was coming over for dinner when he heard Kiba charge down the basement stairs.

Naruto turned on the PS3 and pulled both of the leather ottomans over toward the TV. The Call of Duty menu came up on the screen. He already had the second controller ready for Kiba as he took a seat beside him.

"So, you actually decided to come home?" Kiba asked, grinning obnoxiously.

"I figured Sasuke probably wanted some space," said Naruto. "Advanced Domination, okay?"

"Yeah, that's cool with me. You gonna snipe?"

"Yeah. I'm in a sniper kinda mood. You must've played it while I was at Sasuke's. I saw we got a new rifle."

"Yep. Your Dad and I played yesterday." Kiba started to roll up his sleeves. "By the way, from the way it looked last night, I didn't get the impression Sasuke wanted anyspace. Uh, everything, y'know... work out alright?"

Naruto glanced over as they waited for people to join the game and for it to load. "In what context are we talking about?"

Kiba rubbed his nose and made a last adjustment to his weapon's class. "Yeah, okay, not gonna beat around the bush here. Pardon the phrase. Did you guys, like, fuck?" He leaned over and sniffed at the sweater Naruto was wearing. "Those aren't your clothes, are they? I think I even sense a change in your pheromone levels! Ah, God, you did it, didn't ya? What was it like? Who did what?"

"Kiba," said Naruto with a sigh, "The game is starting."

"Hmm. Suspicious. Listen to these twits talkin' on the mic. Makes me embarrassed to think how many 13 year olds are playin' this game with us."

"Tch. What are you talkin' about? Most of those 13 year olds can whoop your ass."

"Shut up, I'm no noob. Ah, see, look at that, I just took out two guys at once with a grenade at the B flag. Ah, fuck and this guy here, haha, ah, he didn't even see me. Knife to the face, bro, you're welcome."

"So what's Ino up to today?" Naruto asked, trying to sidestep the subject of he and Sasuke's sex life.

"Shopping with her Mom, I think. Are we doin' dinner here tonight?"

Naruto shook his head. "Sasuke's coming over."

"Ooh really?" Kiba nudged him in the ribs with his elbow really hard. "To meet your Dad? What did he say about it?"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head. "You know, Dad, he's cool with it. Except he wished I would've told him sooner 'cause he seems to think the house is a disaster and we have no groceries."

"What are you doin'? Makin' him a nice romantic dinner?"

"Don't be an idiot." Someone shot him from behind. "Ah, shit, they finally got me up here."

"Not much to worry about. We're dominating. Strike that, we're losin' A."

"No, for dinner we're - " he was suddenly distracted by his cell phone going off and checked it.

"Is that him?" asked Kiba.

"Yeah, he says he's comin' over a little after 5. And, uh, what was I saying?"

"About dinner," Kiba reminded him. "Fuck, they're all over A. I've died twice. It's that damn BeastMode guy camping out."

Naruto gave a nod. "Oh, right. Uh, I think we're gonna just grill since it's nice out today."

"Mm. Good choice. Sure you don't wanna let me stay?"

"No," answered Naruto. "It's already gonna be awkward for Sasuke, so, I doubt he wants to put up with you asking about what my spunk tastes like every ten seconds."

Kiba made a gagging noise. "Ah, that is an image I really did not just need to have in my head right now."

Naruto chuckled. "Thanks though. For coming to get us last night and for..."

Kiba looked over, his eyebrow raised.

Naruto cleared his throat. "For being so cool."

Kiba started to grin. "Hey, we're best bros, er, non-sexual category. I know how to read the mood."

Naruto put his arm around Kiba's shoulder. "I know."

"So, you're really not gonna tell me about what it's like to get fucked up the ass?" asked Kiba as he gave Naruto's knee a violent squeeze.

Naruto smacked his hand away. "Jesus, Kiba. We were having a moment there."

"What's the big deal? I'm not gonna judge you, dude. I'm assuming you were the one, who, y'know. Since that's what you're used to...?"

Naruto scratched the back of his neck. "It's too soon to talk about this. At least wait until I'm able to process it, too."

"Fuck." Kiba nearly dropped the controller and peered more closely at Naruto. "So you really did do it? Ah shit, and you let him fuck you, too! Oh man... I dunno what to say!"

Naruto shrugged. "It's not as bad as you think."

" 'Not as bad as you think'?" The game ended in victory for their team. Kiba stared at him for a moment and then slapped him hard on the back. "How's your ass feel then?"

"Heh. A hell of a lot better than around 9 this morning."

Kiba shuddered. "Okay, now it's too much information."

Naruto laughed at him. "You asked."

"So... like, did you... enjoy it? I mean... were you able to get hard since you're used to chicks and stuff?"

"You seem awfully curious about it," Naruto said, turning to him with a sly smirk on his face. "Are you wanting a demonstration?"

"Hell no, but of course I'm fuckin' curious! You've been straight for 23 years of your life, and now you're lettin' some dude you met a week ago fuck you in the butt! I can only assume that it must be, like, really good? And to do it with a dude, we all have the same equipment, so, a guy would know just what to do?"

Naruto checked his phone when it went off again. "Sasuke's good at everything he does if that's what you're asking."

"Aw, shit," said Kiba. "Yeah, you're right. I better not show up at dinner 'cause I wanna ask him all kinds of stuff. I thought he was cool as hell last night, though, so, really, anytime you wanna bring him over, I'll behave. Promise."

"I'm not worried about it, Kiba. Plus, Sasuke can handle himself. The three of us can hang out one night this week maybe."

"Yeah, he seems like he'll fit in with our group of friends." Kiba stretched his arms in the air, twisted, and arched his back, something in there making a loud popping noise in the process. "Well, you're gonna have to invite Ino eventually, too, 'cause it's about all she's been talkin' about since you asked her over before your little date."

"Right, yeah," Naruto agreed. "I'll give her a call, or, well, she'll probably come in to work tomorrow, huh?"

"Think so, yeah. Forget."

They ended up playing CoD for the next few hours, and it was ten til 5 before Naruto even realized it. He shooed Kiba out of the house and promised to give him a call later. Sasuke texted a little after to let Naruto know he was on his way.

Naruto hurried upstairs in order to tidy his room. He decided not to change out of Sasuke's clothes since they were far nicer than anything that he could've dragged out of his closet. Not to mention that it was sort of nice how they smelled like Sasuke. Hastily, he checked himself out in the mirror of his attached bathroom, fussing with his hair. He sprayed on some cologne and gargled a half a cap full of Scope.

His Dad had already gone outside to fire up the grill when Naruto heard the knock at the door and went downstairs. He opened the door, running his eyes over what Sasuke wore: a lighter gray sweater with a button-up shirt underneath, rolled up to his elbows, and a pair of dark-washed jeans. He was holding a case of beer.

"Oh, good choice," said Naruto, taking it from him. "We're grilling out, I hope that's okay?"

"Sounds great actually," Sasuke said with a smile.

He smiled back goofily, closing his eyes as Sasuke moved in for a brief kiss and gave the side of Naruto's neck a sniff.

"Hm, you smell good," he told Naruto, who stepped aside to let Sasuke in through the doorway.

"So, this is the house," said Naruto, gesturing grandly with his hand. "Dad's outside, but he'll be in any minute."

"It's... a really nice house," said Sasuke as he followed him in from the entryway to the kitchen, where Naruto set the beer on the counter.

"Want one?" asked Naruto, taking a bottle for himself.

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah, please."

They were both standing next to each other, in front of the sink, leaning against the counter as Naruto took out one of the bottle openers from a drawer. He handed Sasuke his and then took a sip from his own.

"You look nervous," he commented to Sasuke.

"I am."

"He didn't ask much except where we'd gone in Chicago, but that's how Dad is, he doesn't pry. Kiba on the other hand, I had to tell him to shut up and mind his own business."

Sasuke laughter was genuine, and Naruto was pleased he could make him relax.

"So, you didn't tell Kiba then?" asked Sasuke, leaning into him and making their arms touch.

"Well, it's not any of his business, but, yeah, he sort of guessed. He kept asking me who did what though, so it was fun to torture him over that." Naruto tilted his head to the side, unable to stop smiling. Sasuke studied him and then brushed his hair out of the way, tucking it behind an ear.

"You're such a good friend," he said sarcastically and tugged at the collar of Naruto's sweater. "I see you still have on my clothes."

"Yeah. They smell like you. I couldn't help it." He grabbed for Sasuke's hand and laced their fingers, which was about the time his Dad came back into the kitchen. Neither of them moved away, neither were embarrassed or looked surprised. Naruto remained holding on to Sasuke's hand. "Hey Dad," he said. "This is Sasuke."

Minato smiled at them. "Sasuke," he said, looking sincerely happy as he greeted him. "It's really good to meet you. Naruto's told me so much about you that I feel like I know you already!"

Sasuke left Naruto's side to shake Minato's hand. "It's nice to meet you, as well. I hope it's not too much trouble having me over tonight."

"Of course not," said Minato as he put his hand on Sasuke's arm. "We have people come in and out of this house so much it feels like a hostel sometimes. It's always sort of lonely when it's just the two of us."

"Ah, yes. I had the opportunity to meet Kiba last night."

Minato squeezed Sasuke's shoulder, shaking his head sympathetically. "I hope he didn't cause you too much trouble," he said. "Kiba has been Naruto's best friend for as long as I can remember, but he can really be a handful."

"No. He was very... personable. Just what I expected from one of Naruto's friends. I can see why they get along so well." Sasuke stepped back and leaned against the counter again, crossing his arms.

Naruto, who'd been quietly smiling at their exchange, bumped against his arm. "Yeah. Kiba took us to Bar and Wok. He was... surprisingly subdued. For him anyway."

Minato nodded at his son. "I'm sure. He knows how important Sasuke is to you, so I'm sure he was on his best behavior."

This made him blush. He lowered his head and rubbed his thumb against the side of his nose, sneaking a glance at Sasuke, who wore a pleased smile. Minato laughed at the both of them.

"If you want, you guys can come outside and help," suggested Minato. "Sasuke, do you grill very often?"

"Not often," answered Sasuke, "Because I don't always live where there's space to have a grill, but I do sometimes. Growing up in Seattle, my Dad used to grill a lot when I was a kid. When it wasn't raining, anyway."

"Naruto and I do it a lot in the summer." Minato leaned on the counter opposite to them, nearly mirroring how Sasuke was standing. "It's always nice. Naruto's friends are over and they go out on the boat or the jet skis and we grill for lunch and turn around and grill for dinner."

"Sounds like a good time," said Sasuke. He looked at Naruto.

Naruto grinned. "You'll have to join us. It's a lot of fun."

"I look forward to it then," he replied.

"So, Sasuke," said Minato, reminding the younger men that there was someone there besides themselves, "Let's see your skills. Mind if I grab a beer?"

"Please," said Sasuke and took the opener Naruto had left out. When the cap popped off, he handed the bottle to Minato.

Minato put an arm around Sasuke's shoulder and guided him toward the hallway that led out to their large deck in the back yard.

Naruto was left standing on his own, listening to the bits of their conversation he could overhear, wondering if that was really jealousy he was feeling over the two of them getting along so well. He shook his head and sipped his beer, giving them a while longer - maybe another ten minutes - to bond more over the grill.

When he walked out on the deck, his Dad looked particularly happy speaking to Sasuke, who rotated the chicken with a pair of tongs and closed the grill cover. The wind rustled Sasuke's hair, and, whenever he smiled while talking to his Dad, Naruto thought he looked… really attractive.

He liked seeing how at ease the two men were with each other. It made him feel such relief that Sasuke fit so nicely into his group of friends and his family. Sasuke noticed Naruto standing there and when their eyes met, they both smiled at one another. Naruto took in a deep breath, exhaled, thrust his hands in his pockets, and went to join them.

After dinner, the three of them sat around the table, talking and joking about all kinds of things, including embarrassing stories his Dad told Sasuke from when Naruto was a kid. About how when he was a toddler he used to dance around in his diaper to Michael Jackson's "Beat It" (with Sasuke, graciously, declining to make a comment on the song title and Naruto's prepubescent interest in it).

Luckily, there was enough beer to go around that Naruto didn't mind so much and even demonstrated some of the moves but with a few updated twists that made his Dad cover his eyes in shame. Sasuke only shook his head, embarrassed on behalf of himself and Naruto.

"You're my boyfriend now," said Naruto. "You can't be embarrassed by me."

"The hell I can't," Sasuke responded.

Eventually, Minato started to take in their plates, and though they both offered to help, he refused so that the two of them could continue to sit out on the deck and be alone. Their hands were joined and resting on Naruto's thigh.

"See, Sasuke, it wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No. It was really enjoyable. Your Dad's a great guy. You're lucky."

Naruto nodded. "I Know. I feel pretty lucky."

"If you show me your room soon, maybe you'll even get lucky," Sasuke teased him and smirked.

Naruto laughed. "Sure, I'll show you. Let you see where all the magic happens." He stood up from the chair, tugging Sasuke by the hand. Sasuke got up, too, and pushed his chair under the table, grabbing both of their empty bottles. They walked into the house together and found Minato was already done with the dishes. He told them he had some work to do in the shop, but Naruto figured he was probably just being considerate and allowing them their privacy.

(That or didn't want to have to overhear anything that could potentially happen between his son and his new gay boyfriend.)

Naruto gave Sasuke a brief tour of the house, from the game room in the basement, up to the second floor, finally leading him into his bedroom. Naruto shut the door behind them and took a seat on the foot of the bed while Sasuke had a look around.

"It's very you," said Sasuke, drawn to the dresser where there were all sorts of frames and pictures taped to the wall above it.

Naruto watched with amusement as Sasuke wandered from one part of the room to another, quietly taking everything in, even scanning the books, CDs, and DVDs he had on his bookshelves and the shelf above his computer desk. There was a particular picture tucked behind the top corner edge of a mirror that caught Sasuke's interest.

"Is this... your mom?" asked Sasuke, glancing at him.

"Yeah," Naruto got up and went over to look at it. "That's her when she was about 20. Shortly before she and Dad got married."

"You look a lot like her."

Faintly, Naruto smiled. "She was hot, so I'll take that as a compliment."

Sasuke gazed at the picture again. "I've always said you're hot, but, yeah, now I see where you get it from."

Naruto grinned in full at the praise as he was rather proud of how attractive his Mom had been. "Heh. Just imagine what our kids would look like if that were possible," he joked. "They'd be so good looking, people wouldn't be able to look directly at them."

"Mm," Sasuke agreed. "Like a solar eclipse."

"I guess that means you could put a tiny hole in the center of a paper plate to see them then."

"I remember doing that while in grade school," said Sasuke, observantly running his eyes over all of the other pictures - of all Naruto's friends, old classmates, even a few former girlfriends. "Kids though," he turned to Naruto. "I suppose you want those, right?"

"Not now, but in the future, yeah. I think so. Have you ever thought about it?"

Sasuke's mouth scrunched to the side. "I hadn't really, no."

Naruto gave a single nod. "But you're not opposed?"

"No. I'm not opposed." Sasuke peeled off a picture that happened to be of Naruto with his last girlfriend. "This is…?"

"Hm? Ah, that's the ex. We'd gone to Florida together on vacation. I'm sorry, maybe I should've taken some of these down?"

"I'm not bothered. You already told me about the situation. Three years together, even if it was on and off, was a long amount of time." Sasuke studied the image carefully. "She's very pretty. And she was older?"

"Uh, yeah." He scratched the back of his head. "By a few years, I guess."

"A few?"

"Maybe five."

"Interesting," Sasuke hummed and put it back into its place. "In a way it makes me feel proud. You're such an idiot sometimes, it's a wonder you could attract a woman as good looking as that."

"Well, I'm glad you feel you now have a boyfriend you can be proud of," said Naruto as he went over to the bed again and sat down on it, giving Sasuke ample time to nose around a bit more and get comfortable with…well, parts of Naruto's life that Sasuke knew nothing about yet but would, hopefully, come to know in the future.

Sasuke was picking up some of Naruto's old trophies from his high school days.

"Questions?" Naruto asked in a soft voice.

"Did you ever have a favorite job growing up?" Sasuke asked. "In high school I was a life guard for two summers at the country club. It was not as terrible as it sounds."

"Oh, I bet," said Naruto, rolling his eyes. "I'm sure you got a fair amount of attention, sitting shirtless up on one of those chairs."

"Hm." Sasuke looked over at him. "I wouldn't have minded seeing you in your swim trunks."

"Is that how it would work? Did you wear sunglasses so the guys didn't realize you were checking them out?"

"Of course," answered Sasuke. "Why else did you think it was a favorite job of mine. So what's yours, Naruto?"

Naruto fell back to lie on the bed, his hands folded together on top of his stomach. "When I was an umpire for the little league games. Although, I did it in college, too. Umping for the high school games. God, I used to get such a kick out of watching those kids bat and run around the bases."

"I can see that about you." Sasuke walked over to the bed and got on, lying beside him, their arms brushing. "You'd be good with kids. You would've been a good elementary teacher. What did you major in at college exactly?"

"Business administration," replied Naruto, his head turned Sasuke. "But, I didn't really have any plans for the future. I mean, I mostly used school as an excuse to party and have s-," he laughed at his stumble, "er, basically I was a - "

"Party boy? Were you a frat boy?" asked Sasuke, his voice teasing more than it was patronizing.

"I bet you'd like that," he said. "Nah. I acted like one, but the school was too small to have much of a Greek scene. Not that I would've joined anyway. I always figured I'd stay around here though, y'know? The thought of leaving my Dad alone kinda sucked. And a lot of my good friends still live here."

"I can tell your family is important to you." He fussed with a piece of Naruto's hair and gave it a gentle tug.

Naruto looked him at him warmly. "You're important to me, too, now. You fit into the category of people I want to keep around. Close. You, though, I could probably keep in my pocket so I have access to you at all times."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"What?" asked Naruto. "Did I say something weird?"

"No. You just reminded me of something."

"Yeah?" Naruto rolled onto his side, facing Sasuke, his head propped up on his hand. "What's that?"

"This book called The Missing Piece."

"Duh, yeah. I've heard of it. Shel Silverstein. Are you saying I'm your missing piece, Sasuke?"

Sasuke smiled. "It's debatable."

"That story's so sad though since in the end, after all that damn work, the circle guy finally finds his missing piece and then just lets it go. I mean, if you have someone who's important to you, can you really just let them go like that?" Naruto asked, the corners of his mouth set into a frown.

"Well," said Sasuke, pushing Naruto's hair to the side, "I think that's only until the 'circle guy' rolls back again."

"Mm. That's true. That's fair. Hey," Naruto prodded him, "Why did you end up having such an interest in music after high school? You had to drop out of college to work for your current company, right?"

Sasuke rolled onto his side, facing Naruto, and put a hand on his hip, drawing him a little closer. "Music was a good escape. I didn't have to drop out, but the opportunity basically fell into my lap, and with Mom and Dad gone, I felt no obligation to graduate or get a degree."

"Well, yeah. Who cares about degrees? I have one, and you make far more money than me, and you're definitely the smartest person I know."

Sasuke's grin grew wider. "You think I'm smart?"

Naruto tugged Sasuke's ear. "C'mon. You know I think you're the cleverest, wittiest bastard I've ever met in my life."

"Saying that is dangerous. Naruto. I'm thinking that I may more than fancy you."

"Yeah? We still need to come up with a word for that."

Sasuke moved his hand from Naruto's hip and set it between them on the bed. Naruto watched Sasuke's fingers drum over the comforter.

"There already is a word for that," said Sasuke. "You could just say it, and I could Solo you."

"Solo me?" Naruto repeated questioningly, smiling as he pushed Sasuke's hair out of his eyes and then flicked him lightly on the ear.

Sasuke grabbed his wrist. "Friendly fire will not be tolerated."

"Ha, that's cute. Told you you're clever. So to Solo someone, I take it that's when one person says 'I love you' and the other one says 'I know'? And you say I'm the one who's a big nerd?"

"Well, you're the one wanting to come up with a way of saying it without having to say it, and, as your boyfriend, I'm here to help you out where I can."

Naruto nodded. "I see. We can try it. It's just roleplaying, right? So it doesn't make me seem incredibly mushy and as gay as I actually feel for you?"

Sasuke nodded, trying to maintain a serious expression. "Of course."

Naruto hummed suspiciously but put a hand to Sasuke's cheek and affected a very serious, dramatic expression. "Sasuke," he said. "I love you."

Sasuke smirked and took a second or two to respond in a suave tone of voice. "I know."

Naruto started to crack up as he put his head on Sasuke's shoulder, body shaking with laughter. He felt Sasuke's hand patting him slowly on the back.

"God, you are the fucking best thing that's ever happened to me," he said suddenly, lifting his head and wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. "Seriously. How did I go this long without you?"

Sasuke leaned in, bringing their mouths close. "Funny. I was thinking the same," he said and kissed Naruto until all the breath was gone from his lungs. "And to think it took you so long to warm up to the idea of being with a man."

"I know, right? What was I thinking?" Naruto smiled broadly. "And the sex isn't bad either."

"It's... certainly worth having again," replied Sasuke. "Maybe we could have it right here. On your bed this time. The one I'm sure, after you spent that first night with me, you lay down on, jerking off while you thought about what happened between us."

Naruto covered Sasuke's face with his hand. "You are so full of yourself."

"I'm not nearly as flexible as that." Sasuke smirked and took hold of his hand, kissing the center of his palm.

"It's a good thing you're pretty," sighed Naruto. "Maybe I should consider moving in with you, after all."

"Ah, don't tease," Sasuke nipped at his bottom lip. He slid a hand into Naruto's hair and, slowly, let it travel to the back of his neck. "There's no rush, but..."

"But...?" Naruto leaned in, eyes closed as he gave Sasuke's lips a soft, lingering kiss.

Sasuke's thumb stroked his cheek once they parted. "The invitation is there whenever you're ready."

"So long as I don't sing in the shower?"

Sasuke chuckled. "If that's what it takes, I'm willing to put up with your singing. I like all the parts that make up who you are, Naruto. There's not a single one I've seen yet that I don't like."

Naruto gazed at him fondly. "But that would make me perfect."

"Mm. Perfect for me." Sasuke kissed him on the lips, thumb tenderly brushing the underside of his ear. "I don't believe I need anything more than that."

The End