Hey so this is about Wynter a girl who was in the tour Heidi was leading when bella and Edward left volterra, and how she has a gift and adapts to life in the volturi guard. Alecs character will be a little bi polar but yeah, ill give it a try.

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The day, the last day of my life, was just like any normal day, that was until we went on a volterra castle tour, with a beautiful girl….that's how my immortal life grew.

I was in the back of the tour, behind everyone else, there was something about Heidi, her eyes that was the first thing I noticed, her eyes were violet pure violet so much so that I could almost make out red specks in her eyes, or it could have been blue contacts over red eyes, at the time I was more frightened then I'd ever been. Her smile was alluring, her teeth bleached white they also seemed sharper, her skin was pale and smooth as if someone had went and washed every flaw she could've possibly had with a wipe, her hair was a shiny brown colour and had volume, much like those off of modelling shows, but even more beautiful. Her figure was good of course and her red dress only made to emphasis her beauty, making her look like a Greek goddess, many of the women and girls here were coveting and envious of her, hearing them say things about her, but I didn't, there was something about this…creature that was off, completely inhuman. Not like the naturally pretty girls that you could see walking down the shops or something, no, this this was beauty in its very design, a unique beautiful but I didn't trust her, no matter if everyone else here did. As we were heading to the old ''throne room'' as Heidi had told us in a clear chiming voice, 3 people passed us, one, which immediately caught my attention because of his pale skin, looked like Heidi, he was of average height and weight I supposed, but his hair colour and look was different, his hair was golden brown, a hard colour to detect, but his eyes once again I was glued to them, he had the same as Heidi, violet, but the strange thing was they were contacts! My hearts beated furiously in my chest making me almost whimper.

Near him were a boy and a girl, about 18 or so, although they looked completely different, the girl looked normal and still had a flush of normal skin on her although she was pale naturally, her average brown hair and brown eyes made me wonder why she was here. The boy next to her was like the other creatures, but looked more…alive? His hair was messy and bronze, his eyebrows slightly thick and his eyes were a slight golden colour, in contrast to his pale skin. The girl whispered something to him and looked at me, right in the eyes, fear and worry in her expression made me feel even more uncomfortable what was going to happen to me? But as quickly as she looked she looked away back to the ground, I stared in front of me where Heidi had just opened huge French\Italian looking doors, people trailed in after her until I was the only one left, I heard high pitch ear shattering screams, making me wince as someone laughed sadistically. I wouldn't be escaping today, maybe I would die, maybe I would be kidnapped but something bad was going to happen to me, I just knew it.

I walked in, tears trickling down my cheek as I did, for some unknown reason, no one ran to me or did they try to hurt me, even as I fell to the ground at the sight before my eyes. I gasped, wheezing, I wasn't squeamish or afraid of blood, it was just the sight of it made me want to hurl, how could such people be so horrible to their own existence. People…bodies, lay on the ground decapitated or in an unnatural position, for everybody there was a beautiful person, at their necks…feeding off of them, all pale and too beautiful too eerily beautiful. These people had been alive just a couple of minutes ago, and here they were lying lifelessly on the floor, their hearts stopped beating and their eyes glazed over. My focus, though despite everything was on a certain vampire feeding off something that resembled a human, I could only see the feeders back and hair, but his hair, somehow allured me in, not the way Heidi's had, but something different, it was curled at the back of his neck, a shining brown\black colour, he suddenly turned around…that's when I realized I must have been in somewhere between heaven and hell.

He looked…like an angel, or something more so, his whole appearance was gorgeous painfully beautiful. His face was childish, although you could see his high cheekbones through it; his lips were formed like that of a prince's lush and full, his hair had bangs that fell over his left eye, his eyes were the thing, sickly enough that I found most beautiful, his eyes were black and red spinning together, like they were made for me to swim into, it took me a while to realize they were looking right back into mine. I took a step back, an angel was going to kill me…a deadly angel. For some unknown reason, he didn't move he just stared at me, and then tilted his hand in a humoured manor; I had no idea why any of this was funny. But I soon found myself tilting my own head in an equally funny way, copying his moves, if you asked me what I was thinking in them little moments, I honestly couldn't remember, despite the fact id just seen him casually sucking blood from someone's neck I wasn't afraid of him, not like the others. An amused smirk played up on his face, looking like he'd usually smirk all the time, I found myself smirking or trying to with him, he abruptly chuckled and regained his posture crossed his arms over his chest and suddenly walked over to me, so quickly I barely seen his legs move, this was too surreal.

He stood next to me, facing me I could feel the coldness his arm brought with him, like it was a winters day and he was ice. He studied me for a second more, and sighed slowly moving his gaze to a little blonde girl, she looked like the angel in a girly way, blonde hair tied up and her most dominant feature her glowing red eyes and they were different to the angels. Hers were colder and looked like death itself was forming in her eyes; despite her childlike appearance I could tell there was something about her something unnerving, she was looking like she was straining to look at the angel who I guessed was her twin and I. ''Alec, brother I can't look at you, why''? The girls voice was just like you would imagine her appearance to come with, high pitched and childlike, Alec.

His name was Alec, it rolled over in my mind more than it should have, Alec what a good name for him, it suited him, I had no idea how it just did. ''Jane you can't see her' '? Alecs voice, was like music to my ears, velvet and soft but laced with something dangerous. ''see who brother what are you talking about'' janes voice perked up, I flinched at the sound of it so sickly sweet something of a horror movie, although I loved them. ''focus your energy on letting everyone see you'' alec's voice said to me, I did as I was told mesmerized I was still alive. Suddenly everyone's eyes in the room locked on me, all of them with red eyes, even Heidi and the man that walked passed me. I felt sadness overwhelm me as I realized my life would end soon, this Alec creature had made me feel happy…in under a minute, I hadn't been happy since 3 years ago. ''young one it seems you have a gift of invisibility to some extent,we need a new guard memeber alec change her if you will'' The voice came from another creature, this one different, he was standing next to 2 other figures who looked vaguely the same, there skin did anyway, the one that had spoken had black long silky hair and his eyes were more clouded then Jane and alec's , but the three of them had pasty papery skin. I looked at alec What did they mean change me, into one of them! He glanced at me, his eyes had something in them I couldn't work out, and as quickly as he looked at me he was infront of me, I seen him open his mouth, and a sharp pain flamed up from my hand ''AAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH''! I screamed, fire fire fire, it was burning me alive from the inside, something was wrong something was so wrong. ''Alec stop it please oh god, what did you do to me''! I got no response, no one talked to me, I couldn't hear anything but my screams. It was just burning me, I tried to think of something, something distracting,alec's eyes …alecs eyes…alecs eyes…


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