Paired Couple: Jim HawkinsX?

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Jim quickly got off of his solar surfer, the day fading into dusk. Expertly, he kicked the solar surfer out from underneath his feet and he grabbed it with the tips of his fingers and tucked it under his arm, racing to the Benbow Inn.

It had been three years since he had last heard of Dimitri Sudayev, and he hadn't heard of or from him since. Although the ache, the longing, would always grab a vice-like grip on his emotions, Jim had to move on.

He still helped his mom out at the inn, but he was also working at a mechanics shop about two towns over on the weekends; sometimes they insisted he work four days out of the week. Jim usually stayed with his co-worker friend for every night that he stayed in the town. He was a junior mechanic, but he was praised for his attentiveness and quick reflexes. Jim knew that he could make an enjoyable career out of this pursuit at the shop-and would even become an engineer one day-but for the moment, he worked on small, everyday repairs for common vehicles. It was boring, easy work, but he seldom complained.

The brunette rushed through the front door of the inn and set his solar surfer against the wall next to the door, scanning the busy dining room.

Sarah Hawkins looked over at the front door and smiled warmly, albeit somewhat sadly, making her way over to her son. They momentarily embraced.

"Hi mom. It's great to see you." Jim smiled casually, stepping out of the hug.

"It's great to see you, too, Jim. How was your weekend at the shop?" She wiped a stray tear of happiness from her dark brown eyes.

"It was alright. Not too busy." He remarked. "How's things here?"

"The same, really. But it's so good to have you home." She walked over to a nearby table and picked up an abandoned cup and bowl. Jim followed in her wake as she collected more dishes for the inevitable chore. "It's been a mess all weekend. If Delbert hadn't been showing up every day to at least keep me company, I would have gone insane."

"How's Doppler doing?"

"He's doing good. You actually had just missed him a half-hour ago when he was still here."

"I'll see him tomorrow I guess." Jim shrugged, following her into the kitchen.

"Is there anything you want to eat? I had just got done serving up dinner and there's still plenty of Glorb meatloaf left."

"I'll have some of that. I'm starving!" Jim smiled as he sat down in a chair at the kitchen counter, appreciating the decent food that he would be eating. The food that his coworker friend wasn't exactly fresh.

Moments later, the twenty-one year old was digging into a plate of a dark orange slab of meat while his mom was cleaning a small pile of dishes in the sink.

"So, any mail for me today?" asked Jim casually between mouthfuls of food, his eyes never leaving his plate.

The sudden clink of dishes colliding into each other in the sink caught his attention. He looked up and saw Sarah shaking.

His chair fell to the floor as he sprang up and turned her around. "Mom? What's wrong?"

She was biting her lip, preventing herself from crying. Tears welled up in her eyes anyway. In a quivering voice, the woman looked up at him-since he had grown so tall in the past couple of years-and said in a defeated whisper, "Oh Jim... I wish there was another way for me to tell you this... We received a message about Tyranisernum two days ago..."

Jim's heart skipped a beat. Tyranisernum...?

"I was just so h-happy for you that I couldn't wait until you got home... I thought he was contacting you... I looked it over... and..." Unable to say more, she clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her sobs, and pulled out a wrinkled paper from her apron pocket before turning her back to him.

His hand quivering with fear, he unfolded the paper and read it.


All nearby planets and their occupants of quadrant 2138 of the galaxy, be aware! At 15:00 on Friday, the thirty-first week of this era, there was a space pirate attack on the Planet Tyranisernum. The planet had been looted and set aflame, with many of the occupants killed or left to die with mortally fatal wounds. There are NO ships to be dispatched to Tyranisernum at this time, while the Galaxy Police are out looking for these vagabonds. Keep a close lookout for any suspicious aircrafts or characters. They are on the loose! Should you witness anyone that is a pirate or belongs to any pirate vessel, or should you witness the vessel itself, please contact the Galaxy Police as soon as possible! We urge you to keep close to home, with the doors closed and locked. At this time, we are also not allowing any press release of this attack so that the attacking vessel and its crew members do not know that any other planet knows of their attack and so that we can locate their position and bring them to justice at a quicker rate.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Quadrant 2138 Galaxy Police

The notice fell to the floor...

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