Paired Couple: Jim HawkinsXDimitri Sudayev/SLASH!/Lemon

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Finally, the fighting had ended. The battle had been grim and brutal, but it was done. The last standing survivors of the onslaught had managed to tie up and gag those that were merely knocked unconscious and depositing them in the cells of the brig. But there was still something that was left undone…

He couldn't trust her. She was the last of her crew to be left standing and it seemed as if she couldn't trust him either. Despite having watched her take down her own men, he couldn't be sure if there was an ulterior motive behind her actions. He cocked the hammer of the blaster back, expecting to take her down moments before she could fire her own blaster on him.

"Captain! Stop!" Doppler dived in the way, knocking the blaster out of Dimitri's hands. "She's not your enemy!"

The Russian picked up the canid by the collar as easily as he would a sack of rotten purps. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Let Doppler go, or I'll blow your head off!" Amelia snarled.

"Not until you drop your weapon!"

She smirked, "Hm. Bold words coming from a dead man. I don't think you're in a position to make demands."

He grinned back at her while reaching for his boot. Whipping out a small dagger, he turned the canid to face her, holding the blade against the astrophysicist's throat. "Aren't I, though?"


"Dimitri! What the fuck?!" Jim yelled from across the brig, running to the scene.

"Stay out of this!" Dimitri pierced the brunette with a deadly gaze, before turning back to the felinoid. "I'm only going to say this one more time: DROP YOUR FUCKING WEAPON!"

With a clatter, her blaster fell from her hands as she eyed the pirate captain with loathing.

"Now…" He let Doppler leave his deadly embrace, the latter breathing hard with fearful adrenaline. "…kick your blaster over to me. If you don't… let's just say I'm better at blade tossing than slitting a throat."

Her hackles raised, she kicked it off the floor to spiral into his outstretched hand. Seeing the triumphant smile on his face caused her to narrow her eyes in fury.

"Heh. I knew he was a weak spot. Glad I was right, so I could use him as leverage."

Jim stared in appalling confusion at the outrageousness of Dimitri's actions, before turning his dropped jaw into a dark scowl.

"Don't give me that look, James. You knew it was the only way."

"Really?! Are you fucking serious?!" He blurted. "You could have listened to Doc, instead of threatening to blow his brains out!" The twenty-one year old stomped over to his captain and lifted said canid to his feet, planting Delbert's arm around his shoulders. "Isn't he your friend? Your crew mate?"

"Those he may be, but it was the only way I could have ensured that this Captain Amelia here wouldn't do something she would rue."

"She's been fighting on our side! Are you fucking blind?!"

Dimitri cast him a dark, meaningful look. "Don't question my methods, Hawkins." He turned back to the felinoid. "Now, give me one good reason to spare your life."

"Because I am the only one that can answer the questions you may have regarding your bounty, as well as the bounty on Hawkins and Doppler."

He eyed her critically, thinking hard upon the statement. Slowly, he returned his blaster to its holster, folding his arms over his chest with the second blaster sitting comfortably in his left hand.


"Very well," Amelia sighed with defeat. "It was six years ago, when Doppler, Hawkins, B.E.N., and I were coming back to Montressor's Space Port after the destruction of Treasure Planet."

He laughed. "Treasure Planet? What do you take me for?"

"It's not a myth, you imbecile! By now, you should know that. That's what all of this is about! The bounty on all of your heads is the result of Treasure Planet's discovery, which was never supposed to be found."

"This still doesn't make any sense, though! How did we get this way? Why can't I remember you correctly? Why have we been separated for six years?" Doppler interjected, finding his footing.

"When we were on our way back to the Space Port after the destruction, Hawkins released the pirate captain, John Silver. A month after his release, Silver had kidnapped and killed the Prime Minister of Quadrant Eight-Zero-Zero-Three. The government would have counted it as a tragic event, had it not been the fault of Hawkins and myself.

When we had Silver captured in our hold, along with several other pirates under his command, I had contacted the government about the capture of Silver and his crew. However, when we were accosted by the Galaxy Police at the Space Port and they asked after the pirate captain's whereabouts, Hawkins had told them that he had killed Silver when he was trying to escape the ship.

I didn't question it, as Hawkins had told me that Silver had been shot and fell to his death into the Etherium; that was right after he let Silver go. That was good enough for the Galaxy Police and they relayed it to the government officials. But when it was found out that Silver was still alive and at large, having killed the Prime Minister, the government believed that we had helped Silver escape. We were arrested and taken into custody four months later."

"So what does Treasure Planet have anything to do with all of this? And why would James let this Silver escape to begin with?" Dimitri questioned, still skeptical.

"I'm figuring that Silver had saved Hawkins' life on Treasure Planet, just before the planet self-destructed. Although the trip to the planet was long and arduous, Hawkins and Silver had bonded like a father and son would. Hawkins looked up to Silver, that I knew for certain, before it was found out that Silver and his band were a bunch of turncoat pirates."

"So why would the government want to hide the fact that Treasure Planet exists?" Jim broke in, trying to make sense of all the disjointed flashbacks he had been experiencing. "So what if it does exist?"

"You don't understand… None of you do. The actual existence of Treasure Planet was regarded as top secret by the Etherium Government because of their illegal association with the planet's very existence."

"Wait, what are you saying? That the government has something to do with all that loot?"

"In a matter of speaking." She said matter-of-factly. "Rather, it's the fact that the government allowed Flint's trove to exist at all."

Doppler cut in with an almost disbelieving tone. "Hold on! Are you saying that the government allowed Captain Flint to plunder the galaxy?"

"That is exactly what I'm saying. Captain Flint had been hired on as a mercenary of sorts to keep the Procyon Armada away from our galaxy, since he had the strongest ship and the most ruthless crew in all of the Etherium at the time. So long as he was given royal pardon from his misdeeds in the past, as well as being allowed to take whatever he pleased from any cargo ships that ran across his path, he played the loyal lap dog of the government.

However, being the cunning pirate that he was, he built himself an almost nigh indestructible ship, and armed it with the largest band of pirates as he could muster. After he had beaten back the Procyon Armada for us, the government's intention was to rein him in and arrest him after all was said and done.

But again, like I said before, he was cunning and thought two steps ahead. He knew our government's intention to take him down, so he backstabbed them before they had a chance to and took off to parts unknown for a couple of years.

Unfortunately, we had armed him with the best weapons that money could buy, as well as components and blue prints for a holographic map that would instantaneously transport him to different parts of the galaxy in order to fight off the Armada-or, at least, that was the original intention behind it. Instead, during his two year disappearance, he had kidnapped a well-known engineer by the name of Dr. Sympluta to work on his map, whom was never seen again."

Dimitri snorted. "How are you so sure about this?"

"Over the past six years, I've essentially been spying so as to understand why we were targeted for this. Letting Silver escape only proved to be a viable excuse to arrest us-again, compliments of Hawkins and I."

"I think I'm starting to understand," Doppler mused. "What you're saying is that, because the government let Captain Flint run amok around the Etherium, in return for his protection against the Armada, they allowed him to steal and pillage to his heart's desire. Thus, when he finally turned against us, the government couldn't let anyone know about the secret pact they had made with the pirate, or else the rest of the Etherium would overthrow the government. And those within the government wouldn't want that; they're the ones in power and they don't want to give that up.

Plus, with Flint's trove out there, waiting to be discovered years and years later, the government was probably hoping to cash in on the stolen loot. And if anyone should find it, despite whether or not the people knew about the pact, the government would have had to hand over the stolen loot to their rightful owners. So they were probably hoping that our expedition to finding the planet would prove to be successful so that they could take the gold for themselves and silence us in the process, therefore they wouldn't have to do the grunt work."

"Because we blew up the planet, though, and we survived the explosion, they didn't want our tales of the expedition reaching anyone else. That's why they had you and Hawkins' memories erased, while B.E.N.'s memory circuit has been removed."

"Who is B.E.N.?" Jim asked.

"He's the robot that we found marooned on Treasure Planet. He was Flint's personal navigator, albeit he was a bit… odd."

Dimitri reflected on the entirety of the discussion, finally responding. "So the government has wiped their memories of Treasure Planet, I get that part. But what do I have to do with any of it?"

"They believed you'd be able to unlock Hawkins' memories, back when he was court-ordered to go to therapy. You were the key to unlocking the past."

After a moment of shocked silence, the Russian shook his head. "But that's completely out of mere opinionated speculation! They can't possibly know that I would be the one to bring back those memories!"

"On the contrary," the felinoid shot back. She turned to Jim suddenly. "During any time when you went to therapy, did you ever experience seemingly random flashbacks or odd recurring dreams when you were asleep?"

"I-I don't believe so."

"Think hard, Jim Hawkins. Try to remember….


He sat up in bed, recalling an odd dream that consisted of two bright yellow eyes flashing erratically at him and hearing a voice calling him over and over… calling him "Jimmy"…

That was after the second week of dealing with the infuriating Dr. Sudayev.


While staring off and listening to the droning of his therapist, Jim had been thinking of a weird recurring flashback of a cyborg teaching him about knots. He wasn't sure when that ever happened to him… he merely categorized it as a result of sleep deprivation. He never really did have an easy time sleeping as it was.


"I just thought those were really weird dreams. I never considered they were anything but that." Jim admitted.

"Those weren't dreams. Those really did happen. When I placed you under Silver's wing as a cabin boy-him being the ship's cook at the time-he taught you the ways of the ship, since you were ignorant of the protocols and necessary skills to do the tasks charged to you. You were a quick learner, if I remember correctly." Mused the felinoid thoughtfully.

"How old was I when this all occurred?"

"You had just turned fifteen, from what I was told. You were the youngest on my ship."

"It… It makes sense…" He said, aware of everyone looking at him questioningly. "I always thought that the past few years were kind of a blur, as if someone else told me what happened… But what about mom? Does she know anything?"

"Sarah had also been taken into custody when we were arrested. I convinced you four to agree to the memory flash, instead of being hung and imprisoned for letting Silver escape. I think that was the hardest thing to watch; recognition dying in all of your eyes. From there, they injected the three of you with serum to placate you as they took you all away and brought you back to Montressor. They took away B.E.N.'s memory chip and decided to use him as a menial task robot off on a remote planet somewhere in Quadrant Five-Two-Zero-Four."

"But Sarah didn't know Silver, did she? Why would they hang her?" Dimitri asked.

"She didn't, but they were going to imprison her, as well as Doppler and B.E.N., because of their association to us. Hawkins and I would have been hung for our crimes."

Suddenly, a voice called out around them from seemingly nowhere. "Captain Amelia, this is Colonel Richter. Do you hear me? We've received word that you might need back-up. Come in, Captain Amelia."


They stood at the wheel of the ship five minutes later, holding their breath, as Amelia began to respond to the Colonel's call over by the controls. She held the clunky microphone in her hands, thinking over in her mind of what she should say.

"This is Captain Amelia reporting. What is the problem, Colonel?"

"I had the inclination that you were having difficulties on the ship. I can send a dispatch to your current location in the matter of an hour, if need be, by transport of Nova Cruisers. Please let me know of your coordinates."

She stumbled on her words, thinking fast. Now that she had basically aligned herself in with taking down the government-and indeed the very man she was talking to-she couldn't very well have reinforcements coming to the ship to kill the few of them that were left. Besides, she was still at the mercy of Captain Sudayev, for she knew that he still didn't exactly take her word for what it was.

She knew it all came down to this moment; of whether she lived to help them and possibly die later if she should be found out by the Colonel, or die by Sudayev's hands here and now. Amelia knew where her heart lay, however, and didn't hesitate in her choice.

"That won't be necessary, Sir. I have the situation under control as we speak. A prisoner had managed to leave one of the cells down in the brig, but they were easily waylaid. As I've always said, the crew you have selected for this mission is without a doubt the best I've had the pleasure to work with."

A momentary pause passed before everyone around her breathed sighs of relief. "…Very well. I'm sure you have it under control, Captain. I will be calling hourly to check in on your progress back to Fairbronal, to make sure that everything is under control. I know you have quite the hold of prisoners under your watch."

"Thank you, Sir. Captain Amelia, over and out."

"This is Colonel Richter, over and out."

"So what do we do now?" Jim said, breaking the silence.

"It's obvious, isn't it? We go to Fairbronal and give those assholes a fight to remember!" Dimitri said savagely. "But we'll need a bigger crew, considering there are only twenty-seven of us left. That coward, Sinbad, took off with the remainder of his crew over an hour and a half ago. If he would have stayed, we might have struck up a momentary truce with him and joined forces."

"He only managed to escape with eleven others, though." The canid replied, holding onto a recently pacified Gishna in his arms. "That's not much man-power against the Etherium Government and the rest of the Galaxy Police."


At this, Amelia spoke up. "What we need to do right now is to find ourselves a crew willing to aid us in this venture. A few of my former crew members are knocked out, but I'm sure I can convince a couple of them to join our ranks. But as for recruiting more, I don't exactly know where we could go."

Suddenly, the whole ship jerked wildly from an unknown force, causing them all to sprawl on the deck. The Primetorian was the only one to safely maintain her balance by jumping out of Delbert's arms and wrapping her tail around the base of the wheel to hang off of it like a pendulum.

Jim staggered to his feet, rubbing his sore back as he did so with a grimace. "What the hell was that?"

Doppler got back up and looked over the control panel, furrowing his brows in confusion as he hit a couple of holographic keys on the board. "I-I'm not sure. Nobody should be out here except for us and The Compass Blade in the Legacy's custody."

"I bet you it's the Colonel's dispatch."

"That's not possible," Amelia shook her head. "He couldn't have gotten the ship out here that fast."

"Could it be Sinbad's ship?" Dimitri asked as he was being pulled up by Jim.

Doppler looked over the information that flashed in the air. "The energy discharge left by his ship indicates that he chose a course that would take him away from here as far as possible, perhaps to find refuge in Sector Nineteen of the galaxy, where many wormholes are known to appear. I don't think he'd be willing to come back with only eleven crew members and half a top mast. He left pretty crippled. I'm surprised he didn't completely destroy his ship using the last amount of fuel he had on a turbo boost."

"Then what the hell happen-" The ship jerked again, but in the opposite direction.

Although they fell once again to the deck, Doppler managed to hang onto the control panel, looking over the readings. A screen popped up, showing a picture of another ship. It had the figurehead of a three-eyed humanoid woman clad in a simple dress, gazing serenely into nothingness, her hair flowing behind her in ringlet waves. Doppler's eyebrows furrowed as he read the name on the hull.

The Siren.

"Does anyone know this ship?"

Dimitri and Jim looked at the ship with confusion. "I don't believe I've ever heard of The Siren before." Dimitri replied, shaking his head.

Amelia-instead of looking at the ship on the screen-looked out into the Etherium with searching eyes. Suddenly she pointed to the far right. "Look over there."

The other three followed her gaze. Gishna cooed in wonder from her perch on the wheel as they all witnessed the life-size version of The Siren approached the starboard side.

"What now?" Jim muttered in frustration, taking on a fighting stance.

"Let's hail them first; see what they want." The felinoid walked over to the railing, leaning herself against it as she tried to peer at the crew members onboard the ship. Dimitri walked up alongside her, Jim at his side.

"Ahoy there!" Dimitri yelled. "This is the captain of The Compass Blade, as well as the captain of the RLS Legacy! State your intentions or we'll blast you out of the Etherium!"

"We don't have that kind of power to take on a fully functional ship!" The canid whispered frantically, as if afraid those on board the other ship could hear him. "We'll be turned into dust particles before we can manage to draw up sufficient force!"

"That's why it's called a bluff, Doc." Jim rolled his eyes, clapping the canid on the back. "No one in their right mind will take on two ships, considering they don't know that we're crippled."

"Ahoy there!" replied a baritone voice in turn. "This be the cap'n o' The Siren! The grandest vessel in all o' the Etherium! If ye don't want to fight us and suffer agonizin' death, I suggest ye hand us all your loot, eh?"

At this, Amelia bristled with indignation. "Who are you to make demands of us? We have not done anything against you!"

"I can asks ye the same question! Who am I addressin'?"

"I'm Captain Sudayev of The Compass! Again we ask you, who are you?"

Instead of answering, the voice laughed. "Captain Sudayev, eh? The Captain Sudayev? Yer name is well known around in these parts! There's a price on yer head, as well as on certain members o' yer crew: a Doctor Delbert Doppler and a James Hawkins! Just about everyone is after ye!"

"And who's side are you on?" Jim couldn't help but ask.

"Side? I don't much care to help the Galaxy Police! They'd more than likely clap me in irons rather than hand me over a hundred thousand dubloons! I'm just as famous as ye three, if not more!

If yer willing, I'd be more happy to come aboard so we could discuss more about this! Plus, this'd give me a chance to meet up with a few old friends o' mine!"

"Friends? Forgive us, but no one has ever heard of your vessel before!" Amelia shouted. "Who are you, exactly?"

"Oh, ye know me very well, Cap'n Amelia!"

At this point, the light from a nearby sun shone on the approaching ship, illuminating the speaker from the shadows that had been cloaking him. Revealed though, he was a cyborg with a rather large nose and a portly stomach. He leaned against a cybernetic leg and lowered his arms from his shouting, one being organic and the other being robotic parts. He had an easy smile on his face, his cyborg eye flashing in the sunlight.

"John Silver?!" Amelia cried, shocked.

"Well met, Cap'n!" He grinned. He looked over the four of them, his eyes pausing briefly on Doppler. "Doc! Long time, no see! I thought that was ye! Ye ever get used to that Bonzabeast stew I always made fer ye?" He chuckled heartily.

Then his eyes rested upon Jim at long last. "Ah, Jimbo! It's so great to see ye, my lad! Thought I'd never see ye again after our last encounter! I can't ever thank ye enough for letting me off easily!"

Jim looked at him with astonishment. "S-Silver..?" Although he said the name uncertainly, a small bit of memory came back to him, despite being unable to place the cyborg completely within memory.

"Lemme on board and I can fill ye in on everything that's been happenin' to me ever since we last saw one another!"


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