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Kaito's Tale

God had sent Kaito to a church that had a dark aura around it. When Kaito landed he found a beautiful nun, with a gentle smile and hair that seemed to glimmer like gold in the sun and blue eyes as bright as the sky. He instantly fell in love but she was a nun, a servant of God, she would avoid him if he appeared as his male self so he asked Luka if he could take her form. Luka felt this was a bad idea, even though God didn't forbid falling in love with humans it was looked down upon by angels because eventually the human will have to be returned to God. But Kaito told Luka that he was only going to watch over the nun in human form and protect her from the dark aura from the area. Reluctantly Luka allowed Kaito to take her form. Kaito placed himself in the church as an injured woman and was found by the nun. She was attracted to him without knowing that it was because she sensed his holy presence.

But as Kaito spent more time with Rin, the nun, he fell more in love. But since he was in the form of Luka, a woman, Rin only looked at Kaito as a sister. But as Kaito spent time with Rin he also found out she had a twin brother, Len. Len could sense that Kaito was an angel. He explained to Kaito that Len and Rin were born with a special sixth sense, Rin could sense Holy and Dark presence but she couldn't distinguish which it was, but Len could. Len also explained to Kaito the only reason that Rin became a nun was to find the presence was because she wanted to find where the presences came from. Len promised Kaito that if he gave Rin one of his wings that would make her happy.

Blinded by his love and longing for Rin he allowed Len to rip one of his wings off. Kaito then reverted back to male self excited to see Rin. Rin looked around for the woman Kaito but found a male Kaito injured in the church. When she saw Kaito's smile she knew it was familiar and was mesmerized. She realised that she was in love with Kaito and things seemed to be happy for the two. But Rin held a secret along with her brother one that involved betraying Kaito...

The twins were abandoned at birth and were raised in the church. But they knew that one day they would be adopted and seperated and that was one thing they couldn't stand, they only had each other. Seeing their special sixth sense he used their weakness for himself. He told the twins if they are able to catch an angel he could keep them together. Rin sensed a presence from him but didn't know if it was holy or dark so she trusted her brother to tell her. Len could tell it was the devil, but not wanting to be seperated from Rin, told her to trust him. They decided the best way to lure an angel was in a church so they sent Rin in as a nun. But not telling Rin that they were going to use a dark aura to lure out an angel. The angel happened to be Kaito.

Now with one wing Kaito couldn't run away. When Len showed Rin the wing Rin understood but she refused to turn Kaito over. Len realized that it was because she had fallen in love with Kaito. Len couldn't take it, he wouldn't allow anyone to get between him and his sister. He gave into the dark feeling he possesed and tried to kill Kaito. Rin couldn't allow it and stood in front of Kaito and took the bullet that Len shot. The truth was that the devil was just playing with the twins, he knew that Len would become overcome with jealous and try and kill Kaito and that Rin would protect Kaito so he had kept his promise, he intertwined the twins hearts, so when Rin died so did Len. Kaito overcome with sadness prayed to God to save Rin and Len and sacrifice himself instead. But God was a kind God, he revived both Rin and Len and got them adopted together but instead of wiping away Kaito's existance gave him back his wings but he was never to see Rin again. Kaito left heartbroken but glad that Rin and Len had another chance at life. Luka upon seeing his return sighed telling him,"I told you so."

Luka's Tale

Upon seeing the misfortunes of Kaito's experience she was determined not to fall in love with one single human. Kaito laughed at her decision, "As if you could choose to fall in love or not." Luka brushed that thought off and continued with her guardian missions. She was sent to watch over a town that also had a dark aura around it, this town had caught on quick and sensed it too but didn't know where it came from. In their fear they began witch hunts and murdering innocent people in hopes of stopping the evil presence. Luka was sent down to find the source and ease their fears. With her angelic presence the people of the town instantly felt at ease in her presence.

While in her search for the dark aura she met the prince of the land. She fell in love and he fell in love with her in return. She forgot about her mission and gave into her feelings of love. She finally understood what Kaito was talking about. But she was so distracted by her love that she didn't notice that the presence of sin was nearing her. It turned out it was the towns priestess.

The priestess wasn't always a priestess, Miku used to be a regular girl but she was also madly in love with the Prince Gakupo. She was just a regular girl so she was always invisible to the prince. She prayed to God to somehow be noticed by the Prince but the devil tricked her into trusting him when he heard her prayer. He put the power to control doubt in Miku, Miku used that power to accuse the women that were popular in the town as witches. She claimed the reason that the reason the women were so popular were because they seduced the people with their spells and Miku promised that she could rid them of the witch. She used the ability of installing doubt into the people. Not sure if the women were really witches or not the townspeople didn't know but that small amount of doubt ate at them. Not wanting to take the risk they turned the women to Miku and they were burned at the stake. Miku was instantly popular and all the town saught her out for safety and she didn't even have to accuse people anymore, their self doubt caused them to attack random women. Miku felt guilty but since the news of Miku's "power" reached Gakupo he also saught her out for safety. She finally got what she wanted and a couple of meaningless lives were worth it.

That was until Luka showed up. Gakupo fell absolutely in love with Luka and Miku could see it. She had to get rid of Luka.

She went to the prince and warned him, Luka was a witch. The leader of the witches to be exact. If they got rid of her then all the witches would disappear. Gakupo was hesitant, he loved Luka. But Miku convinced him that he was being seduced by her witchcraft. Hesitant he finally gave into his fear and handed Luka over to Miku. Upon seeing Luka Miku felt all the hatred and jealousy she had towards Luka out. She told the townspeople that Luka seduced them with her beautiful clothing and entangled them in her spell with her luscious hair. So Luka was dressed in rags and her hair cut. And to add more insult, Miku had Gakupo cut Luka's hair. As they hung her up on the cross Luka called out to them. She called out to Gakupo, she thought that their love could save them. But Gakupo was to caught up in his fear and doubt, stood by Miku. As Miku called out hollow prayer Luka called out to the townspeople but they were all deaf to her cries. Finally seeing that Gakupo wasn't going to save her she cried to God wondering what to do. He gave her the strength to break free and flee. The townspeople were left in shock, they weren't about to sacrifice a witch they almost sacrificed and angel. Kaito had witnessed the whole thing with a heavy heart and when he saw her in her tattered clothing and cut hair he gave her a sad ,"I told you so."

They were both right. But they wished they weren't.

Well here's the start, this is going to be a short story though XD but that means I'll be working on the other stories more! -DBSKLOVER