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Gakupo stood facing the couple. It was completely silent. Kaito was the one to make the first move, he tightened his hold on Luka's hand. Luka blinked and looked from Kaito back to Gakupo. "Oh I'm sorry Prince Gakupo, you must have me confused for someone else." Luka slipped her hand slowly out of Kaito's and picked up her dress to curtsy. "It's an honor to meet you, my name is Lukana."

Kaito gave a stiff bow," and I am Kaito." He also pulled Luka towards him by her waist," and I am Lukana's husband."

Gakupo kept his eyes on Luka seeming to brush Kaito's introduction aside. "Yes, but please Miss Lukana, I'm no longer a prince but please refer to me as Gakupo." He walked up and kissed her hand," I'm sorry but I must say you remind me very much of my first love."

Kaito stepped in once again,"yes I heard you're just a duke now." He also plucked Luka's hand out of Gakupo's," be careful Duke, people might think you're trying to steal my wife."

Gakupo gave Kaito a sideways glance before he turned to him smiling," what would you do if I was trying to steal her?"

Kaito returned the smile," why I would kill you."

Gakupo kept his smile," such strong words Sir Kaito, be careful, you must remember you're still speaking to a duke."

"Um, yes, we must be going," Luka patted Kaito's chest. She turned from Kaito and nodded at Gakupo," it was nice meeting you Duke Gakupo." Luka tried to pull Kaito away as he tried to keep his eyes on Gakupo.

With his eyes on Kaito Gakupo answered," it was nice meeting you too, I hope to meet again, Luka."

Luka acted as if she didn't hear but Kaito knew that she did. Luka spent the rest of the day in a daze and Kaito noticed. They were looking at nicknacks inside a store when Kaito decided to intervine. "Do you like that," Kaito asked Luka.

Luka looked up,"what?"

Kaito plucked a little glass angel from her hands,"you've been staring at this for a long time, you must like it." He turned to her smiling," do you want me to buy it for you?"

"Oh no, I was just looking at it," Luka exclaimed snapping out of her stupor.

Kaito waved the item above his head as he went to pay for it,"I'll buy it for you, a momento from our first date."

Luka blushed lightly, it finally hit her that she was on a date with Kaito for the first time. She chuckled to herself they had been "married" for about a year and this was barely their first date. Her smile dropped when she realised that she wasn't a very good date the whole day. She was thinking about Gakupo. She was wondering what he was doing walking in a small town. Why had he been demoted to duke. If he knew the truth that she was the Luka that he knew and sacrificed.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Kaito returned. But unlike there trip into town their trip home was silent as Luka kept thinking of Gakupo. Kaito had a clue that Luka was thinking of the purple haired man but kept quiet just holding her hand. That night Kaito held Luka's sleeping form. He looked down at her and knew she tired herself of throughts of the ex-prince. He kissed her forehead and brought her body closer to his. He prayed that she wouldn't go back to what caused her so much pain.

The next day Kaito was out in the yard working on a table someone requested when he saw Luka walk out the front door. "Where you going?"

Luka looked at her feet as if guilty," I was just going out to get more fabric."

Kaito stopped what he was doing and wiped his hands with a towel," why didn't you just ask me to get it, like you usually do."

Luka looked up," well, you looked busy. And I didn't want to bother you so I decided to go get it myself."

Kaito nodded lightly still keeping his eyes on Luka," hmm."

Luka waved nervously wanting to get out of Kaito's gaze," well I'll be leaving now."


Luka had a clue that Kaito knew what she was really doing. She was headed into town in hopes to see Gakupo again. While she was headed towards town her guilt started eating at her and she debated heading back towards home several times. When she decided for the uptenth time to head home she was stopped.


She turned around to see Gakupo coming out from behind a tree. "Duke Gakupo."

Gakupo walked up to her laughing," I told you, just call me Gakupo." Luka nodded avoiding looking him in the eyes. Gakupo walked over and held Luka's hands causing her to jump," I actually wanted to see you again Luka."

Luka nervously pulled her hands out of Gakupo's," I I', sorry D- Gakupo... I'm married and I must be going."

"Oh yes let me escort you into town then," Gakupo smiled not bothered by Luka's statement. He lightly placed his hand on the small of Luka's back and led her into town. "What might you be looking for?"

"I was looking for more fabric," Luka answered.

"Oh yes," Gakupo exclaimed," heard from the town you are quite the tailor."

"Oh it's nothing," Luka waved the compliment off embarrassed.

After Gakupo helped her pick out the fabric he insisted on helping her carry it home. Luka had no choice but allow him. Luka noticed that Gakupo had changed since the last time she saw him, he was more bold and confident then the sweet clumsy guy she knew.

"Why didn't that husband of yours come to help you," Gakupo asked as they were walking.

"Kaito was busy with work, he usually buys the fabric for me."

"So work is more important than his pretty little wife?"

"No, that's not it! I-"

Gakupo turned around and placed the rest of the fabric in her hands,"I should stop here before your husband gets the wrong idea. But he seriously should have gotten you a ring if he didn't want others to get the wrong message."

Luka looked down at her left hand, it was suspicious if two people were married for over a year without even a small ring.

"Well not all of us peasants can afford rings like you can Duke," Kaito answered stepping onto the porch. "If you're afraid of me gettinf the wrong idea then you really should leave now."

"Oh yes, I must be going," Gakupo turned to Luka," I would love for you to make me something so I can see that wonderful talent of yours." Before he left he whispered so only Luka could hear," if you ever have any problems with that husband of yours you can always come see me."

Luka looked after Gakupo's departing form when she heard Kaito step into the house. "Kaito, it wasn't as it looked, I just met him on the way to town."

Kaito turned around and smiled at her," it's okay I believe you." But he headed to bed without another word. Luka put her things away nervously, she wasn't sure if Kaito was seriously not upset at her. She hesitantyly went to bed and found his back facing her. She moved into bed slowly and with a deep breath hugged his back. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep hoping Kaito would turn around and hold her like he normally did. She waited in silence and with a sigh Kaito turned around and pulled Luka into his chest. Luka smiled to herself and finally fell asleep in peace knowing things were okay. But things weren't okay, while she was asleep Kaito was awake. Something was weird about Gakupo, Kaito pulled Luka towards him protectively, and he didn't like the way Gakupo was approaching Luka.

The next couple of days Gakupo made sure to drop by. His excuse was that he was checking on the robes he asked Luka to tailor. But with every visit he brought flowers and jewelery as if he was courting her. Luka would always look to Kaito nervously but Kaito just continued his work treating Gakupo like any other customer of Luka's. "He's just another customer right?" Was his answer when Luka asked him what he thought about it.

Luka nodded in agreement but she couldn't help paying more attention to his robes and keeping him entertained when he came by. She couldn't help wanting to keep his attention and seeing him pleased. She would stay up later than she usually would to work on the small details on his robe and whenever Kaito passed by her she felt like she needed to hide it. "It's fine, you don't need to hide your work from me. Besides, we aren't really husband and wife right?" Was what he said the last time she jumped to cover the robes. After that Luka noticed that Kaito held her closer when they slept but always woke up and was gone before her.

It was another visit from Gakupo, Kaito was outside working as he usually was. He sat across from Luka as she finished up his robes. When she placed it around his shoulders in front of the mirror for him to see he caught her hand. "Luka this is beautiful, let me take you out to dinner as a thank you."

Luka looked outside the window and say Kaito's back to them, working on sawing a piece of wood. Usually she would decline an offer like that but she felt complied to agree. "Sure, I'll meet you in town."

Dressed up in a robe, hiding her nice dining clothes underneath, Luka headed out the doors telling Kaito she was going to get more fabric.

"So late," Kaito asked. "Don't stay out to late," was all he said before headin back to work.

Luka went out to dinner with Gakupo and was yet again charmed with everything he did. He was completely different from the Gakupo she loved but she couldn't help being charmed by him. She laughed and enjoyed being the object of his affections again. She realised she really missed him but she kept having to fight Kaito out of her thought. But by the end of the meal he was completely forgotten as she accompanied Gakupo in a late night walk through a garden.

He offered to give her a ride home and that was when Luka remembered. She asked to be dropped off a little farther away from the home and he understood. When he dropped her off he repeated his offer,"remember, if you have any problems with your husband you can always come to me."

Luka snuck into the door hoping Kaito already went to bed. "You're back late," Kaito spoke from a chair facing the fireplace, he was holding the little figurine angel tha he had bought Luka.

"I had a hard time finding the right fabric," Luka lied, her heart threatening to beat out of her chest.

"Then where is it?"


"The fabric," Kaito turned around," if your going to cheat then you shouldn't forget your alibi."

Luka's face flamed in embarrassment,"I wasn't cheating and if it bothered you so much you could have said something!"

"It doesn't bother me, I'm fine, see that jerk all you want! Get your heart ripped out again," Kaito stood up extending his arms in frustration.

"What's wrong with you? You know what maybe I should just go with Gakupo, he's always treated me better than you ever did!"

Kaito tossed the glass angel down and it shattered on the floor. "Then go!"

Luka glared at him with tears in her eyes before she ran out the door. She ran till her chest hurt, wiether it was from lack of air or from Kaito's words she didn't know. She couldn't help wanting to see Gakupo, she wished that she could control her feelings but she couldn't help it, it was as if she was under a spell whenever she was with him. A spell.

When she reached the entrance of Gakupo's mansion she felt her tears stop, all of a sudden all she could think about was Gakupo. Gakupo opened the door and extended his arms his smile more sinister,"it took you long enough." And smiling she ran into his arms.

Kaito stood in their home huffing. He ran his hand through his hair and leaned down to pick up the broken glass. He cut his hands several times but he didn't feel the pain. By the time he picked up all the pieces his hands were cut up and dripping with blood but all he saw was the ruins of the angel in his hands. He slumped into the chair and held the pieces tenderly as if it was still in the form of an angel. The next day he was out in the yard cutting up the wood again with bandaged hands. Day in and day out he worked on his projects and went to bed and repeated the pattern. Some of the villagers noticed his bandages and the missing Luka. Finally one day a little old lady approached Kaito with that subject.

"Are you and Luka okay deary?"

Kaito put what he was working on down and just held it in his hands," I don't know."

"You should go look for her," the old lady patted Kaito's cheek," I couldn't help but forgive my husband when he did that for me." With that she left and Kaito sat in the same spot until the sun went down. But the next day he just continued with his work.

While Kaito was obsessed with his work the town was in an uproar. The women were dissappearing one by one without a clue to where or why. Little did they know the answer was right under their noses. They were all being tempted into the Duke's home. With Luka as his first target he used the power the devil gave him to enchant any woman he wanted. After catching her as his first target, his first love and in capturing an angel it fueled his power and allowed him to catch the other women with a faster pace. He captured Miku, the woman who abandoned him and Gumi, the childhood friend who betrayed him next. And added more and more women to his collection. Here all the women adored him and no one ridiculed him. He looked outside the window of his mansion to see all the men search for their lost daughters, wives, and lovers while they were right in front of them. They were unable to find Gakupo's mansion to to the spell he placed around the castle, the only ones who could enter where the women under his charm.

Finally the darkness got so big Kaito felt it in the air. He was waiting for the day that Luka would come back but it dawned on him, what if she was trapped and couldn't return to him. When the townsmen passed his home he noticed they were always searching for women. He slowly pieced things together and went back into the house and picked up the last dress Luka was working on. And a dagger.

Stepping into town Kaito noticed the large mansion that the townspeople passed by as if it didn't exist. And in their eyes it didn't. Kaito stepped into the castle without a problem. He walked down the large hallway heading towards the sound of women's laughter. As he got closer he heard Luka's laugh and he felt the adrenaline rush. He gripped the dagger tighter in his hands. When he reached the door it opened to show Gakupo sitting in a chair surrounded by women. One of them Luka, playing with his hair eyes glazed.

Kaito was glad to see Luka again but disgusted by the situation she was put in. Gakupo noticing the new guest stood up to great her. "Another beautiful woman," Gakupo entended his arms," come now don't be shy."

Kaito hid a smirk and ran into Gakupo's arms. When Gakupo looked into the eyes of said "woman" he noticed but too late. Kaito had plunged the blade into Gakupo's chest. "I told you I would kill you if you ever stole Luka from me," Kaito smirked into Gakupo's ear as he dropped to the ground.

As Gakupo screamed the women snapped out of their trance one by one and ran away at the sight of the a wounded Gakupo. Gakupo called out after all the women that left the last being Gumi, the last to break his heart and he cried out one last time. Luka was held in Kaito's arms watching the whole thing, when she saw that he had stopped she ran out of Kaito's arms and placed her arms over Gakupo.

"Luka what are you doing,"Kaito exclaimed," he was a servant to the devil."

"No he was just a toy to the devil, like Rin was," Luka explained as she began praying for Gakupo," he wanted to be loved and he felt like this was the only way. I can't just abandon him."

Kaito stepped back," I understand."

God had heard Luka's prayers and in an instant God had renewed the town to before Luka had came the first time and where Gakupo could have a new start and find love naturally without any memory of Luka.

Luka and Kaito watched as Gakupo and Gumi passed through their town for their royal wedding, both beaming and looking at each other with love. Miku had found love coincidentally with Len and her and the twins lived happily helping the church.

"Everything's better," Luka smiled as she watched Gakupo's carriage leave.

"Are you sure you're okay," Kaito asked Luka.

"About Gakupo," Luka asked smiling gently," I don't regret falling in love with him, I'm glad he's happy now. I can let him go with a smile."

With that Kaito gathered Luka into his arms. "I missed you so much, I felt like I was going to die," Kaito kissed the top of Luka's head.

Luka chuckled,"you're overexaggerating." She tried to move out of his chest but he held her tighter to him and she looked up at him surprised at his sudden pull.

He ran a hand down her cheek,"I wish I was." He slowly leaned down to kiss her but paused when their lips where a breath apart. Letting Luka close the distance. His kiss then became desperate and he attacked her lips hungrily. When he broke the kiss Luka was out of breath and shocked. He touched their forheads together and closed his eyes," I never want to lose you ever again."

Luka looked at him with gentle eyes and held his face in her hands,"and you never will."

Kaito shook his head and pulled her hands from his face,"no I have to make sure." Luka looked at him confused and he rummaged around in his pocket,"I worked my but off while you were gone so I could give this to you when you got back, which you never did."

When he pulled it out Luka gasped and tears began to well in her eyes. Kaito got down on one knee and held the ring up,"Luka, will you marry me, not pretend this time but truly be my wife?"

Luka answered him with a tackled, tears, and several kisses all over his face. They were wedded and are seen hand in hand helping love troubled couples whenever it was needed as guardian angels on Earth.

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