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Slits of it burning through her eyelids...

Tsukasa woke up with a start.

Everything looked the same, but... at the same time... different...

Ah, now she remembered, she had just moved from her original hometown to Mitakihara Town, because of her dad's new job.

She sat up and covered her face with her hands. "Well, at least my sister's still here..." thought Tsukasa, though she'll surely miss the blue-haired geezer.

She took a peek outside her room. That was strange, she was usually one of the last of her family to wake up, but the house was empty. Tsukasa looked at her clock.

11:20 AM, Saturday

Good, at least she didn't have to rush to school today, especially if it was a new school in a new neighborhood.

She looked around her new home. She hadn't yet become used to the layout of the house yet, but she at least knew where the living room and bathroom was. She looked inside both of them.


She wondered around the house, trying to familiarise herself. She walked up the stairs to the level where her room was (For their house had two stories) and noticed another room right next to hers. Kagami's bedroom, perhaps? She wasn't sure, she was way too tired to do anything but fall asleep right after they moved last night.

She opened a cracked and peeked inside the room. There she was, Kagami. She was sleeping peacefully enough. Tsukasa decided not to disturb her.

She slowly closed the door...


She heard the sudden sound of breaking wood just right above her head.

Tsukasa slowly looked up. What could be-

It was a knife.

A big knife

And it barely missed her head by a few inches, causing a few strands of bright purple hair drifting down from her head.

Then, there was silence.

It wasn't your ordinary absence of sound, the one that you could hear in any sufficiently deserted area.

No, this was silence was different. It was way more silent then simply silent, as little sense as that made. But Tsukasa felt it.

"Tsukassssaaaa-sissss..." a very familiar voice whispered to her behind the door "Letzz PLAYYYY..."

Tsukasa certainly knew what her sister sounded like, of course, but even though the voice of her dear sister was what she was hearing right now, she swore it was definitely not the sister she knew and loved. It was different, somehow. It was more hollow, more echoey, more...


She ran.

Jumbling down the stairs, she heard the sound of multiple doors opening. She looked back. There she saw her family chasing her, knives in hand, and with those terrifying grins on their faces.

And their eyes...

My god, their eyes...

They were massively oversized and bloodshot. It looked like their eyeballs could fall out of their sockets any moment now...

She screamed.

Then, a hand shot out to grab her wrist.

Tsukasa's gaze shot to the side. There was a blue-haired girl, a blunette, who she didn't didn't recall seeing before, who was holding her wrist. She appeared to be around her age.

"C'mon, let's go!"

The strange blue-haired girl pulled her along, away from them and into a hidden door in the floor. That was strange, she didn't see any lines that could have indicate a trap door, it was like the floor cut itself to help them escape...

"Hurry, get in!"

Tsukasa shook off the distracting thought and jumped inside. She really didn't have any time to comtemplate what was happening to her right now.

The purple-haired girl landed in a painful thud on what felt to be a concrete floor.


Tsukasa looked up. It was then she realised that the trap door didn't have any hinges. She saw the blue-haired girl lift up the piece of floor and push it back into the hole they just jumped down from. It attached itself to the wall instantly, like a puzzle piece.

The blunette took out a cutlass from the big, blue cape she wore. It shone like a lantern.

Tsukasa walked under the former entryway. She went on her tippy-toes and touched around. She was astonished. No cracks, no gaps no indication that there had ever been a door here.

"Amazing isn't it? That's extra-planar magic for ya." the strange blue-haired girl said, spinning her shining sword like a revolver.

Tsukasa turned towards her. It was the first time she had a really good look at her.

She wore what appeared to be knight's armour, with a big, blue cape cape wrapped around her.

"E-Excuse me, do you know what's going on? I'm really-"



"Demons. Manifestations of human despair. I bet one of them's controllin' your family right now. Let's see... that bastard must be hiding here somewhere... Aww f*ck it, I'm just gonne blow it all up!"


"Oh, don't worry, your family won't have a scratch on them."

She threw her cloak over Tsukasa, covering her. The blunette peeked inside.

"Name's Sayaka Miki by the way, Hero of Justice. What's yours?"

"T-Tsukasa... Tsukasa Hiiragi."

"Well then, Ms. Hiiragi, you better hang on tight."

Sayaka closed her cloak back over her. Tsukasa held on tight underneath. She could hear the sound of swords being thrust into the ground.


And then...



The sound of an explosion viciously rang in Tsukasa's eardrums. Pieces of what she assumed to be debris rained down on her, protected only by the cloak the self-proclaimed Hero of Justice left her.

She uncovered her head.


That was the only word she could think of upon seeing the remains of her new house. Bits of concrete, wood and steel were all over the place. She could hear a croud of people gathering around her wrecked estate. The whirr of police sirens nearby was also heard.

"Tsukasa! Is that you? Oh god, Tsukasa, I'm so glad your alright..."

Tsukasa looked behind her, spotting her sister, Kagami. Her voice was now normal, as was her eyes.

She held her in a VERY tight bear hug.

Not that she minded it.

Kagami noticed the blue cloak. "Say, where did you get that, Tsukasa-chan?"

Tsukasa looked back at the cloak.

How should I explain this, she wondered...

"Homura-sama, Sayaka-san's missing!"

"What do you mean, missing!"

"We've sweeped the entire dimension. Twice. There was no sign of her!"

"How does one escape HEAVEN!"

"We don't know ma'am, we-"




In the next episode...

Kagami: Who are we running from!

Sayaka: Nazi zombies.

Kagami: Ha Ha, very funny, now really-

Sayaka: I'm serious, NAZI ZOMBIES.

Tsukasa: Err, sis, I think we should listen to her... She looks like an expert in these kinds of things.

Sayaka: Yeah! See this cape? This is a sign of my hero cred. You don't question hero cred.

Kagami: *Sigh*, she's another crazy one, isn't she?