I hope you're all enjoying this, because I certainly am.

Kyoko would be walking forward right now. In fact, she would've, if not for living, breathing, waste of oxygen that was confronting her right now.

It was that Hale bastard.

"Haha, so we meet again, redhead b*tch! Now, you may be thinkin' of punchin' me out, but let me tell you something, that ain't happenin', red, that ain't happenin'! My popularity with the ladies proves it!. I've wrestled bears, snakes, crocodiles, buildings and sh*t all across the motherf*cking world!. I've even fought Gods, babe. You know who struck the killin' blow on Deuszilla when he was rampagin' across Athens? It was me, moth*rf*cker, PURE AND SIMPLE!" he stretched out his arms to the sky. "Are you ready to get your nerves tOMmpf!"

"Why don't you shut the hell up!"

Kyoko puched him in the face.


Hard enough to send him smaking through a wall, in fact.

"Ouch, that was nice one, ladies' and gentlemen!" the colour commenter said.

"A bit sudden, though, don't you think?"


Kyoko pulled back her fist, revealing that she had miniature spears tucked right in-between the fingers, pointing forward.

"Didn't your parents teach you to respect women?" she asked, cracking her knuckles hardly.

"Geez, I wonder why the hell you have so many fans, given your obnoxious as f*ck attitude and all that..." Kyoko wondered aloud, walking over his barely-conscious body. She shrugged.

"Ah well. Don't need to waste my time on obnoxious small fry..." she said, walking off into the sandstorm.


The rapid pattering of rapid footsteps were heard.

"Hurry, we need to find the others!" Corona shouted.

Going straight into the center of the enemy zone would be, of course, suicide. Only someone headstrong and hardheaded to the point where they could break diamond would dare charge into the middle of it. So of course, of course, Vivio did so.

She just hoped she didn't end up with her lungs filled with sandstorm dust. That'll be nasty.

A fourth pattern of footsteps was suddenly heard.

"Huh? Who's there!" Miura shouted.

"Heheheheheheh... I am so goddamn lucky to be the one meeting you girls right now... I don't think I could've held it in any longer..." Narcissa Bloodwen said from behind her, as she bit her finger and lustily licked the blood off of it.



*chink* *chichink*

She sensed a small metal object flying towards her at obscene speeds, and she quickly raised a hand to block it.

'Phew, that was a close one. If I'd spent any more time lusting over them. my neck would've been red chunky salsa...' she thought to herself, backing up and looking at the trio of girls before her.

'Let's see... There's a real physical type up in front, there's the typical squishy bookworm down at back(Who're usually the ones with the most stamina. Shocking, I know), and some other kid whom I suspect is melee too, but I'm not entirely sure...' she thought to herself, assesing the situation at hand.

The woman grinned. Oh how she would pleasure herself to these toys.

"Oh, don't worry, little girl, I'll be gentle..." she lewdly said, moving quickly and putting her hands on Miura's shoulders.

"G-G-Get away from me!" she warned, kneeing her in the stomach.


It was only a feeling, a light one, at that, but she could've sworn she felt something draining from her, something very important...

"My, that was a wonderful strike you had there, cutie pie..." the enemy said, rising from the ground a few metres away.

She shifted her head to dodge yet another fast as hell projectile (Where the hell were they coming from?), and jumped up and over the group...

She took down a golem...

She threw hunks of it back towards them...

Then, she rushed forward to meet the forward combatants in melee.

One punch.



Swift kick.

Dodged under.


Fire infused strikes.

Singed. Even if only barely



Mere stone is no match for her martial-arts training.


It wasn't a full fledged kick to the face, since the little tot diverted her leg it at the last moment to graze only the side of her face.

Which was enough.

Miura jumped back, stumbling, and launched a high-powered flying kick...

Only to get her leg in the way of devastating downwards chop, breaking her upper leg bone. She then got socked in the face by a flurry of fists that, in retrospect, she should've been able to dodge.

Come to think of it, she should've been able to tell by instinct that making an outrageous kick like that, while the opponent was totally unoccupied, was basically an open invitation for the opponent to kick your ass.

"Hahaha, foolish girl, all of your training is useless now! My Stand, "No More", allows me to steal other people's fighting skills on touch! Every bit of muscle memory, all of the hundreds of your hours spent sparring, training, fighting against man and machine, all of it is gone now!" the woman said with a wide, eriee grin.

"Umm... mind if we ask, miss, but what's a "Stand"?" Corona asked, clearly flustered.

She spared the silvette a look.

"Find it out yourself."

She looked back at Miura.

"Now then..."

Casually lifting the peachette's little arm, she began to break an arm, crack her ribs with a powerful strike to the chest, and brutally twisted her shoulder, turning it into living, fleshy equivalent of twist pasta.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAHH!" the peach-haired girl screamed in pain.

"AAH! AAH! It hurts! It hurts! Kirsten-chan, I can't take it anymore!"

"Charlotte! I'm sorry, Charlotte, I'm so sorry, but please endure it a little bit more!" Kirsten pleaded.

The pink-haired girl wailed even more.

It was supposed to be a simple operation. The few files on emergency soul extraction said as much. Just reach into chest with a mana-saturated hand and pull it out, then quickly transfer soul to clean container. You don't even need to cut anything.

Of course, said "simple operation" becomes a thousand times more complicated if you don't have anesthesia.

"S-Stay still, Charlotte! I'm almost done!" the navy blue-haired girl shouted.

She had no choice but to put her pink-haired friend into a one-handed straddling chokehold on the ground, stopping her from struggling around too much. Her other hand was already in Charlotte's body, following the feelings of warmth and emotion that she felt more strongly the closer she was to her soul. Souls return to the body in the next life, if you were wondering.

Shifting carefully, she slowly moved her hand and pulled out the small, warm, spinning torrent of willpower and emotion that is her soul from her body.

Charlotte's body slackens.

"*sigh*, thank good-"



The soul she was grasping stretched and grew. Within the sweet glowing light, Kirsten could sense... darkness?


Wrapped in the ensnaring DARKNESS the crow the lolcat crow screams the scream of a thousand screeching tape recorders the sweetsweet symphony of a crying girl resonates with 9000 year old white birdies with slit eyes and giant rods overlooking the lan tea party of naked, screaming girls wielding boxes and wearing orgies, bashing each other's heads in and sucking out their brains through a straw in their EARSSSsSssSSSs.

Kirsten didn't knew what she was fighting against, exactly, but she knew that if she lost, the consequences would be very severe.

*struggle* *struggle*

Boxes, BoxesBoxesBoxes... BOXES EVERYWHERE! Boxes which are cardboard! Boxes which sre made of fine lacquered wood!

"S-Stop! Stop it!"

Oh, but you know you can't resist BOXES, Kir-chan, BOXES, especially the Hard, Opaque ones, because people don't like their secrets hanging out, do they, Kir-chan?

"S-Stop talking in Charlotte's voice! You're not Charlotte! I've seen Charlotte, I've felt her! You're sultry voice can't replace Charlotte's!"

Oh, but I'm not trying to be Charlotte...

All of a sudden, Kirsten felt a searing pain within her heart.

She screamed.



Her mind warped into a mindscape of overwhelming despair. She was naked and kneeling, wrapped in unbreakable chains made of black fire. Right next to her was an equally naked and chained up Charlotte, except she has her eyes closed, her head down and her mouth hanging open.

A deranged black wind hit her face.

Confronting her were two foul, unspeakable beasts, slithering in and out of one another. One was a giant flatscreen monitor, on which the image of a young girl with long hair over her face was seen. Slithering in and out of the monitor, in and out of reality, was a long, multicoloured giant caterpillar, who looked as though it was made out of sweets, stitched and animated together, like Frankenstein's monster.

The long haired girl spoke with Kirsten's own voice, filtered, as if said through a headphone.

heeey theeere, elly...

"Oh, you're referring to me by my screen name now?" Kirsten asked.

Yep! I know how much the good old days, of going online and trying to become an internet star, trying to let the world know that you still matter, WHICH YOU ARE!

"Yeah, I remember... I did that when I was young, before Kyubey contracted with me... but then I realised, I didn't want to become an internet star because it was fun doing so, but because I wanted validation for my existence..."

Yeeesss, and wouldn't you want that now? Look at you now, how many people know your name? How many people know YOU? Even the majority of your peers in Heaven don't know. All you have to your name are two tots and a minor Goddess. So HOW ABOUT IT, elly, HOW ABOUT IT? We can have SO MUCH FUN together :D

She looked up at it with uninterested eyes.

"Lady, I'm currently allied with Sayaka Miki, a Hero of Justice, and Kyoko Sakura, someone who could probably annihilate you a million times over if she wanted to. We're currently working together to, possibly, save the multiverse!"

With newfound strength, she snapped out of her chains and stood upright, staring down the darkness with righteous anger. "And here you are, a monster, trying to waste my time with delusions of granduer. Even if I have no-one else, I still have Charlotte, goddammit! She been with me through thick and thin. I know her more intimately than lovers ever will! And Gertude! I need to stay Kirsten, for Gert! She's also been with me, through the hard times, through the easy times, and while she may not be here with us right now... I know, with all my heart, that we'll meet again! We have all the time in the world, after all... And if you're trying to distract me from doing good by appealing to desires I have long since disposed of, then do you even know who the hell I am, lady! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM!"

She rushed forward, howling and smashed the monitor into a million pieces...



There were two points of light in front of her, one glowing with hints of pink, of sweetness and cuteness, but with a dark side of greed... the other, harbouring an electric blue hue, harbouring the act of harbouring, of keeping sacred secrets and dark secrets side-by-side, never knowing the difference until it was too late...

The latter rushed towards her and went down her throat, surprising her somewhat. The former floated to her open palm.

Now, only one more thing remains...

'Where the hell do I put this?' she asked herself. She can't this forever, it'll dissipate!

Kirsten panicked for a few seconds, before realising that, along with her prodigious skill with technological magic, she was also the Box Witch...

She facepalmed.

Conjuring up a small wooden box, she kept the soul within it.

She stood up, pinkette-over-shoulder.

"Now then, I wonder where the objective is..."

"Miura!" Corona shouted, who tried to make something resembling an attack before Narcissa threw the peach-haired girl into the silvette, putting them in a heap.

Towering over the two girls, she grinned sadistically. She turned towards a nearby wall and slowly raised an arm...


The wall, and the building it's a part of, exploded with great prejudice, all the debris flying away from the fist.

She held up her arms and cracked her knuckles.

"Ah, I remember your breed of magician... the confused types that happen to stumble scross dimensions to our domain. It was always to fun to screw with them. I remember this one time, when an exploration force stumbled across a magic shop, which they claimed was lost technology. It was bull, of course, but since it was an old, old shop, we decided to humour them and gave it away, but not before cursing the shop and all it's contents to curse whoever handles them to an unavoidable, painful death..."

The silver-haired girl's eyes widened. "I-I heard of those before! The cursed black logia! I thought they were just coincidences, but..."

She leaned closer. "Oh, and there was also this time when one of our magic mikos checked into a magic clinic. It was clear that she could use magic, her body was absolutely flooded with it, and she even demonstrated a few spells. But guess what, they couldn't find a Linker Core! She had none! She showed me the pictures later, and they were hilarious, flailing around in confusion at the break in one of their "scientifically proven" rules of magic... Of course, others take the cruder route, hunting down and killing exploration teams on uncharted worlds and in deep space for sport, but I think these people are much too uncreative..."

Grinning, she towered over the two.

"Even so, even if they'll come down on me hard, seeing the faces you'll make when you'll be begging for your lives is worth any punishment..." she snarled and grinned, raising a hand, on which her fingernails grew as sharp as the edge of a well-maintained katana.

Rio's eyes widened.

"Don't touch them!"

A twin pair of flying dragons, one made of fire, another made of lightning, flied towards Narcissa, making her soar into the next building over...


...causing the building on fall on top of her.

*rumble* *rumble*

"Hey, genius, you alright?" she asked, helping her up.

"I... think..." the silver-haired girl said, shifting out of her friend's grip. "But her power is trouble some... A power to steal away fighting skill... That probably means she steals our combative muscle memory and fighting instincts. Unbelievable, that's the craziest ability I've ever seen..."

"That doesn't mean she can't be beat! Miu still had her BJ aftertouching her, so I think she can't steal our magic too... C'mon, I think I have a plan..."

Rio rapidly whispered something into Corona's ear and her eyes widened, before nodding rapidly.

The darker-haired girl then ran off into the nearest alleyway.

"Y-You... bastards..." Narcissa grumbled, dusting dust and debris from her body.

*rumble* *rumble*

All the dust and debris slowly floated towards her, and started to stick unto her body.

"What the..."

Once she realised what the other girl was doing, she jumped clear out of the area immediately.

She landed behind the young silvette.

"Nice try."

She rushed the little girl.


Corona then threw a golem at her.


The magically put-together puppet of rock was kicked through easily.

"A puppet-master, eh?"

"They're golems!" the silvette angrily retorted.

"Whatever, It's the same in practice." she said, dashing forward to meet her. in melee. Corona jumped up and kicked her in the chin with surprising strength. She then ran off.

"Gah, that hurt, goddamit!" Narcissa grumbled angrily."I'll kill you, you sh*tty brat!"

She ran down after her.


'I can't... t*hrrgh*ake it anymore!' Vivio screamed inwardly.

*skkring!*, the bullets ring as they fly off into the distance, reflected by an unknown force.

"Huh? Who..."

Vivio opened her eyes to see a purple-haired girl standing over her.



She nodded.

All of a sudden, the gunfire intensified even more.

"Gyah! V-Vivio-san, I can't hold the bullets off for much longer! What's his ability?"

"I-I'm not totally sure, but I think he conjured up this sandstorm, Tsu-chan..."


"Gah! Vivio, let hide!"

They slipped quickly but quietly away from the area and into a nearby visible house, shielded by the dust storm and a psychic cloak of invisibility.

The door was closed very tightly.

They both collapsed against a wall.

"So, Tsu-san..."

"Umm, Vivio-chan..."

"Do you have any ideas!" they both asked a once.


"S-Stop, Vivio! They... err... he might hear us..."

"Oh, sorry for that, Tsu-chan..."

"So, like before, if you have any ideas, please tell them to me, Vivio-chan. I'm just an ordinary girl that happened to step into the magical multiverse completely by chance, but you, your mom was career military! You said were learning the basics of magic years before I gave up my dollies! You even said you trained against the best your world had to offer, Vi-chan! Surely, you know how to think your way out of this..."

"Tsu-chan, fighting strong opponents one-on-one doesn't exactly prepare me for being hunted down..."


"But don't worry! It's not our situation is hopeless or anything..." the blonde reassured her. "Let's see... we're trapped in a sandstorm right now, holed up in some worn-out house. The only ones we have are me, a mage specialising in close-combat with some long-ranged options, and you... umm..."

Tsukasa sighed. "Telepathy, Invisibility and the ability to create an energy cage..." she listed off with her fingers.

"The last one seems strangely specific... I don't think he uses magic, though. I sense no magic on him."

"I think all his abilities are tech-based. Sayaka-san always liked to talk about all the non-magic fighters she met on her travels..." the purplette suggested.

"Ah! So maybe, I can take him out in one shot!" the blonde said.

"We're in a sandstorm, though. And we also got attacked from several different directions too, remember that..."




A large chunk of the wall blew up beside them. In through the gaping hole came a foursome of fearsome robots, hovering in mid-air, scanning the room with their solitary red eyestalk.

The two girls only barely kept themselves from yelping.


Looking beside her, Vivio spotted a tin canon the floor next to her.

[Scanning Main Living Quarters: COMMENCE]

Before they could start searching the room they were in, though, a tin can was thrown in the air. From the robot's point of view, the can would've come down from upstairs, since it landed on the bottom few steps of the staircase, and came clattering down the steps to the floor.

*clatter* *clatter* *clatter*



*clang* *clang*



Out of nowhere, a gigantic laser, with a width large enough to swallow a truck whole, exploded out of the center of the storm. It collided with the house the robots were in(and every other house in the vicinity as well), and blew it up. Utterly. Turning it into a streak of ash on the ground...

In the house on the other side of the street, though, the two girls were holed inside.

"That was one big laser..." the purple-haired girl muttered.

"I wonder how it compares to mama's... Anyway, I think get it now! He's using robots to scout out areas that he can shoot with his massive laser gun! ...I think..." Vivio pondered. "Well, I think it's him because of the big gun he was holding, but whoever is firing that massive beam, we need to take 'em out, fast!" she concluded, her hands in fists.

Tsukasa put on her magic zooming lenses and tried to peer into the giant beam's source.

"Vivio... What's the range on your Sonic Shooter?"

"I heard that my beam can cover a football field, maybe a little more, but I'm not exactly sure, since it doesn't really matter to a hand-to-hand cambatant like me..."

"Well, it's important now."

Vivio peered out the window beside her. "Even if I could get my magic to go much further, I can't hit him without knowing where he is! We need to get closer!"

"But how? There are probably more of those patrols out there, and he can destroy us with that attack of his, how can we... we..."

The purplette looked down at the street.

Vivio looked at her with worry. "Tsu-chan, what's wrong?"

"Vivio-san, have you noticed that when we were escaping, there seem to be more than a few inches of sand covering the streets right now?"

"Yeah... you could hide a person under that much sand..."

The two girls looked at each other.

Narcissa was almost downright insulted. That little twat, instead of facing her face-to-face in pitched combat, she would run away while sending her constructs in the way constantly. It was all so friggin annoying!

Sighing, she faced yet another wave of enemies. One of the golems charged in. She put a fist through it's stone gut and threw it at another charging golem, turning both of them into steaming piles of wreck. Another golem snuck an attack behind her, kicking her back. Annoyed, she retorted by grabbing the damn thing and ripping it in two.

She saw the brat round an alleyway.

She followed.

Chasing after her, Narcissa suddenly felt the wind of the sea on her face. Looking ahead of her, she saw that she was chasing the little brat all the way to the beach area.

After sending yet another wave of golems at her, the little shrimp turned around curled her mouth into what appeared to be... a smirk? With her hands behind her back.

It's been approximately fifteen minutes since you've threatened to kill me. Yet I'm still here! Is it maybe because your bored of me or something? her smirk grew wider.

"In fact, you seemed rather annoyed at having to fight through all of my constructs before getting to the "Grand Prize". In fact, if I had to guess, is it maybe that you're weaker than what you think? It happens. I've heard stories..." she said, shrugging.

Narcissa shook.

That damn smile returned to her face again."Orrr... May~be, you actually like me..."

The woman gritted her teeth in raw anger.

"Why you... cocky little sh*t!"

The woman ran like the bloody wind towards her.

She threw a forceful punch to her gut...


...then a kick to her head.



A vicious pain shot through Bloodwen's arm and leg.

"Ouch! What the..."

The hand she punched her with was bleeding from the knuckles, and there were bruises along her fingers. The foot she kicked with was also felt broken and seemingly bent out of shape.

All the kid got was a stone-esque cracks(cracks?) across her face. The kid had only budged a few inches, either.

"Who, or What the f*ck are you?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm just a sh*tty brat, nothing special..." she said.

Narcissa wanted to punch her in the face with her other hand for saying that, but she didn't come this far for being an idiot.

She tried lifting her into a throw, but almost to her non-surprise, it seemed like she was bolted into the ground!

Now, what to do, what to do...

The silver-haired girl then stuck her tongue out. "Bleh! You're this close to beating me up, and yet you can't do it!" she said, widening the sides of her mouth with her fingers and wiggling her tongue at her. "And I even saw you break down a building with your bare hands! So why can't you break through a soft little girl like me? What happened? Did you get bitten by a bedbug last night?" she continued, grinning wildly all the while.

'It'salljustatrick, It'salljustatrick, She's just riling me up and makingmelosefocusF*CK YOU YOU DAMN BRAT!' the older woman thought to herself.

This went on for another half-a-minute, leaving her distracted.

Just as planned.

*shift* *shift*


"Masses of solid rock are, overall, much easier to control. All you have to do is move a point, and the rest moves with it. Grains, however, are much more more versetile..."

The sand and pebbles of the beach quickly enveloped her enemy in a coffin of sand. Narcissa tried to kick through it like she did Corona's stone constructs, but since she was hitting sand, she might as well be hitting water.

So she started to grab entire handfuls of sand an started to shove them into her mouth.

"What in the... Rio, do it now!" she yelled.

That's where she spotted her. The dark purple-haired girl, up there on top of a nearby two-storey building. Who was, until now, hiding under a nondescript cardboard box.

She removed the container of cardboard from over her, started to aim quickly.

The woman started struggling even more.

The purple-haired girl acted quickly, putting both of her hands in a mock shooting position, with an arcade coin held between the two thumbs.

She focused electricity into her hands, detecting the magnetic fields given off, perceiving them, shaping them.

The coin started to revolve and spark with electricity.


*brz**brzz*... *bzbzbrzz*


The coin in her hands flew off in a straight line, hitting Bloodwen square in the face.

Into her eye socket.

And making her spit out all the sand she tried to devour.

"AAh!" she screamed, as she clutched the hot and sparking coin that was embedded into the corner of her eye socket.

"Gahck...!" she coughed out blood. She checked out her left eye, and to her surprise, she saw that the eyeball itself was mostly untouched, with the metal disk only lodged in the corner of her socket. Sure, it still hurt as all hell was, but she didn't seem to be blinded in any way.

The silvette started to approach her.

Narcissa started. "F*ck off, you're not even close to beating me yet!You f*cking shrimp, you, you..."

"Miss, I highly suggest you give up now, before you hurt yourself any further."

"No way I'm losing to a bunch to damn kids like you..." she growled, standing up in defiance and ripping out the coin lodged in the corner of her eye socket.

Narcissa ran forward and did a running kick at the golem master...

The younger girl barely jumped out of the way.

"I'm sorry, I was hoping we could settle this with as little damage as possible, but now I have little choice now..." Corona said, clearly not liking what she's about to do.

Sand and tiny bits of rock rose to enclose Narcissa's feet and lower legs.

"What the hell! This sand crap again!" she said, as she turned and looked towards, Corona, who was straining to keep her down.

"I. will. NOT. LOSE TO WORTHLESS GUPPIES LIKE YOOOUU!" she bellowed, as she dashed towards the little girl, despite the heavy sand weights around her legs.

"S-Sorry, but you've left me with no other choice, lady! Brace yourself, because this is going to hurt." she said. She held open an open palm, and then closed it shut.

"Sand Crush!"

The collected mass of sand and rock smashed inwards, reducing her leg bones to tiny splinters, her leg muscles into the consistency of fine wine, and the skin of her two legs into the colour and texture of dried grape...

Or at least, that's what she could've done. Instead, she only added enough pressure to crack both her arm and her leg bones into two each. She also cracked her jaw too, just in case.


She fell over, her eyes rolled back from the pain.


Corona confidently strode over to the nearest alleyway, then, when she was out of sight, she collapsed.




Pools of blood and vomit covered the ground.

"Coro? Coro! Are you alright!" her dark-haired friend said in panic, having run down from the two-storey building.

"Taking all those strikes head-on... took a lot... out of me...*guh!*... It was extremely ballsy of to face her attacks head-on in the first place... even while I was fused with a golem... I am never going to do that aga*hh!*ain..."

"Careful there, Coro. At this rate, you're gonna vomit out your intestines at any moment now!" she warned.



"You know, girlfriend, I really think I'm starting too*urk!*"

*shift*, *shift*, *shift*...

Stop, I hear patrols coming this way...


The distinctive sound of a robotic sentry passed right over two suspicious sand mounds. Suspicious, that is, if they could see more than a few feet from their cameras in these conditions.





*shift*, *shift*, *shift*...

Meanwhile, a certain redhead has trudging through the sands...

'Gah, I can barely see anything in this sand-encrusted hellhole...' she thought to herself.


'Aw geez, not another one...'

The bot turned and looked straight at her.

[Scanning Living Being: ENEMY CONFIRMED]


She dove out of the way, though some bullets still tore up her chest

"Oh, you want some, tinheads! You're getting some!" she screamed, tearing through them like a bullet through cardboard.

*kraaang!* *scrrraaang!* *clatter* *clatter*


A lone bot, which Kyoko had not destroyed enough, apparently, was looking at her with barely-functioning eyes.


She looked ahead, and she saw a blinding point of light, and instinctively dived out of the way.

Thesounds of destruction were clearly heard from behind her.

'Well, that didn't happen before...' she pondered. 'Granted, it was probably because I tore them all up before they could do that, but goddammit, man, what the hell is up with this place...' she wondered.

"Well, at least I know where the bastard's firing from..."

Meanwhile, in the eye of the storm, where the whether's all clear...

Quad adjusted the sights on his Precision Laser Cannon.

*shift*, *shift*

'Damn, there are three of them now? Well, no worries, so long as they keep getting blinded by my sand...'

*shift*, *shift*

'I am undefeatable!'

"Take this! SONIC SHOOTER!"



The leader gets propelled over a few feet, his giant beam cannon shrinking into a pint-sized handgun.


"We... we won!"

"not quite, my preeties..." said a scarily familiar voice.


The two turned around to see Quad, unharmed and currently poing two handguns at each of their heads.

"don't u dareth move. These guns have anti-magic properties. a headshot is a headshot with these things..." he grinned.

"B-But, you were, we saw..."

"hahaha, that was a Decoy. A diposable CLONE. It was simple, really. I create a clone with me memories and abilities, and make it a decoy for me. It was just a mere tool, that's all..."

The blonde's face darkened. "How dare..."


"How dare you speak of him that way!"



"Guess you'll be the one to die early, then..."

"Die early on this, childkiller!"

"Huh! Aah!"

His cry seemed more out of surprise than fear, it seemed, as Kyoko's spear tore through his head made the duststorm stop suddenly, all the sand vanishing in thin air, just like a music record grinding to a halt.

"You bastards... Is that you can do! Huh! I've seen biggah people hold me up with two fingers and pop my head down tha muddy stream all the way to a remote african village in the middle of NOWHERE! I've got BASTARDS tyin' me to a SPACESHIP, a FRIGGIN' SPACESHIP! And I ESCAPED! You're NOTHING to meee, NOTHING!" he yelled as his skull was pierced through with a long and pointy red spear, with blood and grey brain matter leaking out.

"I guess all the leaked brain matter accelerated your stupidity, eh?" Kyoko said, walking over to the pillar of ice they were supposed to destroy to win this thing...

Only to be stopped by a man with a spear in his head, leaking copious amounts of blood and brain matter, stepping in front of her.

He grabbed the shaft of the spear and pulled it out.

Blood and brain matter geysered out of the twin holes on his head.

A little girl screamed.

"You... THIS AINT OVER YET, WEABOO WH****!1!" he roared, picking up his handgun and loading a silver magazine in it.

He turned it on his head, and shot himself with it.

He fell over.

His body hit the ground.

The clouds in the sky clumped and spiralled together into a raging heavenly maelstrom, churning and screaming like a blender blending explosive knives.

Quad's appearance changed. His own body righted itself, and out of his back came one spike, then two. Then, the whole goddamn collection. A giant, metal, thing tore out of his body, screaming and screeching, like two high-powered spinning sawblades meeting each other at the edge. The thing rose to covor the sky, looking rather like godzilla, if Godzilla had been infected with an extreme case of metallic skin cancer and never died. He looked like a walking coral reef made out of military hardware, in fact.

The giant metallic beast climbed up the referee's tower and proceded to snack on the referee.

"What! Oh, hey, hey, hey! Aww, geez, and the fortuneteller said that things would be different this ye-*CHOMP*"

Tsukasa put her hands on her face. "Aah! The referee got eaten! What are we going to do now!"

"hahaHAHAHAH! WITNESZ dE POWER, FOOLS!" he boasted with the ferocity of a million screaming stars, surfing down to Earth on surfboards made out of the fresh corpses of long-dead death gods.

"Oh, turning into a giant monster, how original." Kyoko deadpanned.

He stretched out his massive, metal arms out wide, pulled his head up to the sky, and roared. A savage, feral, demonic and faintly unnatural roar and pierced the heavens, parted the clouds and caused windows to break.

Kagami's glass of soy bean milk broke into tiny, tiny pieces in her hand. "Damn, and I just paid for this too..."


Raising his hand to the air, he made the skies change. Dusk turned into dawn. Day turned into night. The sky turned a shade of blue, then green, then yellow, and finally, a bright bloody red.

Waving his arms around once more, he pulled in the moon, once o distant in the sky, to cover up over half the heavens.

"Pfft, showoff..." Kyoko said. Then she sighed. "Well, if that's the only way... then I guess I'll have no choice but to use... that."

"That?" Vivio asked.

She simply pointed a spear at the moon.

"Okay, it's now or never!" she said. The upper third of her spear, including the tip, broke off from the main body, connected only by a chain made of even smaller spears, tied together by even more microscopic spears.

"Here. We. GO!" she shouted, spinning the spear around and around and around, before thrusting forward the spear, causing the upper third of her spear, by it's own momentum, to fly off into outer space.

"Huh? What the hell are you doing!"

Rearing a massive arm back, the thing casually unleashed a barrage of planes, tanks, explosives and bullets at the tiny piece of spear flying into the sky.

Kyoko expertly weaved the spear tip around obstacles, moving the spear handle ever so slightly.

Something snagged unto the redhead's spear.

The "chain" of miniature spears tightened.

"Whoah, this one's a big one..." the redhead said to herself. She turned to Vivio. "Hey, kiddo, guess what I'm gonna do next!"

"Something crazy?" she said.

"Close enough."

Gripping her spear tightly, Kyoko pulled down with all the strength she had. Her muscles were clearly visible on her skin, and the scent of magic was think enough to smell.

"Whatever the hell you're doing, I'M NOT GONNA LET THAT HAPPEN!" the giant metal monstrosity roared, and snapped the chain-of-spears in two with a massive claw.

The redhead collapsed.

"Kyoko-san!" Vivio cried out.

"hahahahaHAHAHAhahaheheHAAAA! Where is your god now, suckers!" he gloated.

Reaching up, Kyoko made a downwards pulling motion with her hands, and smirked.

She fell unconscious.

A giant rumbling was heard, the thick clouds parted like water from the red sea. In through the azure came a gigantic hunk of rock...

A gigantic hunk of rock was falling to Earth at high speeds, pulled along by a portion of the spear "chain". It may not have been the size of Texas, but it was certainly large enough to inspire fear and awe among viewers.

The beast looked up in disbelief.

"What in the fu-"


The falling mass landed with a boom that sounded like a great hammer made of lightning, striking the Earth with insatiable bloodlust. The monster got hit point-blank and the space rock carved a hole through the thing, from head to tail, before the force of the impact sent military equipment flying everywhere. All buildings within a few hundred metres were reduced to their foundations, if not completely collapsed. The shockwave made by the impact made the arena buckle on it's foundations, it even caused a minor earthquake, and massive tornadoes spontaneously formed in the distance.

Later, reports would be gotten that what can only be described as a "land tsunami" demolished several villages and flattened miles and miles of perfectly good savanaah.

Everyone in the audience gaped in awe.

"Holy crappin' sh*t, these ladies never cease to amaze us, do we, Bob?"

"Yes, indeed, buddy. Yes indeed."

Meanwhile, in a different match on a different plane of existence, two ki-using martial artists, one human and one demon, was engaging in a stare-off, when footage of the moon chunk killing Quad was shown in a holographic mid-match update.

"Well, won't you look at at that?" the human remarked. "She pullin' on a grand finish to her show, yet here we are, staring at each other like lovestruck puppies. It almost makes me sick."

"Indeed, why should some lowly magi like her overshadow great men like us!"


They flew towards each other, blazing fists at mach speed.

In another plane, a highly-trained human task force was in a pitched gunfight with a crew of phazor-wielding cyborg-zombie pirates in a WWII Eastern Front-front themed arena, for the glory of their country! The humans were being overwhelmed, having had half of their members unable to fight, and the other half holed up in a broken-down inn, with enemies at every door and window.

All of a sudden, footage of the moon chunk being pulled to Earth was shown in front of each and every one of them.

"Holy sh*t, it's that girl! The one who helped us back on the train, sarge!" one soldier remarked, blowing away a zombie with a shotgun.

"The ginger one?"

"Ha, look at us here, all cornered and helpless, while all them magic bastards hogging all the glory..." said another soldier, lighting up a cig.

"If she's overshadowing us, it's only 'cause she was nuch more entertaining than the rest of us." another soldier commented.

"Hell yeah, we're not gonna get outmatched by some girls in dresses, are we!" yet another shouted, lifting up a flamethrower and a shovel."I say we napalm them zombies, dig ourselves under, and then call an airstrike to finish off their burned, barely breathing corpses!"


Back to our heroines...

"Oww, that hurt. You should've warned us Kyo-"




She wasn't sure what surprired her more. Kyoko being unconscious while her and Vivio were fine, if a little dazed, or that something huge was thumping towards them...

"You think you've won, little girlies! Well, this big lump says otherwise!"

It was Hale.

"P-Psychic Cage!"

Bars of mystic force surrounded Hale in a cage-like structure.

"P-Please, listen to what I have to say!" Tsukasa begged.

He didn't listen.

He grasped two of the "bars".

Heaving heavily, he pulled the two of them apart by sheer manly strength.

"Ah, Kyoko-san, wake up!" Tsukasa shouted. It was useless. The red-haired spear user was out for the count.

The blonde stood between Hale and her allies. "If you want to hurt them, you'll have to go through me!" she shouted, running forward to meet him.


She was swatted to the side like a pest.

"Ah, Vivio-san! ...H-Hey, wait a minute..." the purplette said, feeling something small in her pocket. She pulled it out.

"Now then, since your little red lady over there can't help you anymore, what are you going to do now, huh? What're you gon-*GRAAAAAAHH!*"


He felt a searing pain in his crotch, followed by weakening legs and the impact of his face against the hard floor.

*thump*. . .*thump*

"S-Sorry for doing that, mister, but I really had no choices left... I'll hope you'll forgive me for my indiscretions..." she said, bowing to him.

"Rrraaaaaaaaaaaaagggh!" he growled ferociously. "Do you know what you've done to me, girl! Now I'll never live life again! Aaarrgh! I'll take you down with me as retribution!"

Lifting up his bulky arms, he pounded at the ground as hard as he could. The ground shook from his mere poundings.

The ground gave way under them.


. . .

"Owww... Where am I..."

She looked around, and all she saw was rubble.

She looked in front of her, and there lied Kyoko.

"Ah! Kyoko-san!"

She rushed towards her, and she noticed that she was massively thinner all of a sudden. In fact, she seemed to have shrunk. Her face was stretched out, making her bloodshot eyes bulge out like two ping-pong balls. Her skin was as white as seedy snow, and she could clearly see her bones and blood vessels underneath.

"Ah, Kyoko-san! What happened!" she shouted. She looked around. "Help! Someone help!"

She heard a pattering of footsteps near her.

"Hey, Tsu-chan!" a familiar voice shouted.

"Kirsten-chan! You have to help! Kyoko-chan is, Kyoko-chan..."

She looked at her.

"Umm, what hapened to Charlotte-chan?"

"Things." the navy-haired girl said, putting down Charlotte's body. "Now what's happened here... crap."

"What is it, Kirsten-chan!" the purplette worriedly asked.

"Goddamn it, she overexerted her magic too, didn't she? Crap. Why, God, why do you enjoy torturing me so! I'm not a doctor, goddamnit!" she ranted, causing Tsukasa to step away from her somewhat.

She hoisted the redhead's body over her other shoulder. "C'mon, Tsukasa! We need to get outta here, quick!"

She hoisted herself up the rubble, towards an opening she spotted above. The purplette followed.

A few seconds later...


"Aah! Now that was a power nap!" said Kyoko, who sat up from the ground. She noticed the medics and healers surrounding her.

"Huh? Did we win?" she asked, standing up.

Walking towards her, he raised her hand and the hands of her teammates in the air.

Team M.T.L. winsss!" the announcer shouted into his mic.




Reactions were mixed, but lively. Some people cheered and screamed, others booed and threw their garbage down at them, others went into complete shock and were convulsing like mad on the stands.

"Well, what do you know? The newcomer underdogs beat up the goddamn champions like pros from the skin of their bloody teeth! I don't know if that's stupid or bloody amazing! It's like something out of a cheesy inspirational sports movie!"

"Wohoo! We did it! And not in that sissy, kiddy kind of way either, we really did it, like REAL MEN!" Kyoko shouted, grabbing Vivio by her little hands and spinning themselves around like they were in a large, dusty, open-air, dancing hall, where Kyoko was prince and Vivio the cute, innocent and very underaged princess.

She then ran over to Tsukasa and did the same to her.

Almost on cue, Killer Bee pulled down his sunglasses and looked straight at the gigantic blast crater.

"Damn, that was badass,

That whole can of whoopass,

This crew of badness,

Was totally hardass..." he rapped on a whim, causing the surrounding spectators to nod their heads in mutual gangsta-induced agreement.

'They may act like mere charlartarns, but I know a possible threat when I see one...' Deth thought to himself, spectating in his own special spot.

'Hehehehehe, oh yes, oh F*CK yes!'

The source of Kagami Hiiragi's less-than-ladylike behavior mostly stemmed from an overwhelming excess of money she got for betting sensibly. The other betters were rather jealous of her and her incessant schoolgirl sparkling, so much so that they sent some guards to the area to prevent a possible massacre.

As for Kagami, oh yes, she can see it now... Yaoi doujin as far as the eye can see! Bishie hug pillows being commisioned just for her...

"Hah! Stupid elitist! You think you're so smart, eh? Well, look at you now! You're just just a pile of melted ash now!" Kyoko gloated over the battlefield's blackened remains.

"Umm, Kyoko-san, I think he's already dead..." Tsukasa said.

"Quiet, you. I ned to savour my kill a little more..."

She then burst into another fit of maniacal laughter.

"And nooow, since we have our icebreaking match over and done with, let's move on to the next portion of this exciting tournament!" the colour commentor said, pulling out a handful of cards from his sleeve.

"Uhh, what are those, Fuun?"

"Why, these cards are the tournaments Grand Prize!(One of them, at least). Were you even listening to the prize announcements!"




"Then you weren't listening hard enough! That, or the writer was completely stupid and left a gaping plot hole that bothered him but nobody else. And for that, we apologise, dear viewers..." he solemnly said, sitting and bowing down until his head touched the floor.


On the stands, Kagami spoke.

"Sayaka-san, those are..."

The blunette nodded. "The few remaining Soul Cards..."

Kyoko grinned. "Heh, the power to destroy dimensions, a handful of which are contest prizes. This is a classic. I'm almost getting hot right now!" she squealed.

Rio looked up. "Holy crap, isn't that what we've been searching for?"

"I wonder what they're even doing, giving away dangerous artefacts as prizes! I will never understand some people..." Kirsten mused to herself.

Madel grinned. "Partner, looks like we found the prize..."

Lord Homu of the 1670th simply leaned forward with interest.

The announcer went up and tossed all of them into the air, where they all hung there for a few seconds, then they flew around, past all the spectators, and finally, into the the sky...

All of a sudden, a competitor in the stands gets catapulted out of his chair, right into the sky and disappeared mid-air. Then another. And another.

Draken felt the sound of a spring unfolding beneath him.

"What. In. The..."



Being the experienced assasin that he is, Deth Murderochi calmly checked if his pouches were snugly closed...


Cracks began to form underneath Kyoko and Vivio.

Kyoko held the blonde tight.

"Umm, Kyoko-sensei, what's going on?" she asked.

"Madness, Vi. Madness..." she answered, grinning like lunatic hooped up on speed.


A large underground spring platform rose up and catapulted them into the air.



Large cracks also formed around Rio and Corona's area.

"Uh oh..." the former said to herself.

However, unlike the others, they didn't get carelessly catapulted into the air. Instead, a mysterious, transparent bubble formed around them and the small piece of ground they were on, floating up and carrying them within it.

The same cracks formed around Kirsten and Charlotte, as well as the same bubble and the same "flying on a flying platform" shtick. Her platform flew right next to the Mid-Childans.

"Wait... why aren't we getting catapulted into the next zone?" Kirsten wondered aloud.

"It's for safety reasons, of course!" the mad maestro screamed like a mad manatee, riding right next to them in the same rock-platform-surrounded-by-bubble that they are.

Tsukasa eeped. "What are you doing here? didn't your team lose?"

"They did. I'm just going to spectate." he said, pulling out a milkshake from behind a rock.

Rio blinked. "You know what? I'm not even gonna ask."

"For safety reasons? When has this tournament ever cared for contestant safety?" Kirsten asked, crossing her arms in frustration.

"Ever since the summer of '98... Hey, we have different standards of safety here! Besides, it's not like anybody's been killed horribly so far. Mostly, they were merely incredibly seriously injured..." he defended.

Kirsten sweatdropped. "Merely...?"

"And why are you riding in one? You don't look very roughed up to me!" Rio said, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"Ah, but I am wounded, young lady..." he gestured grandiosely to himself. "My heart, It has been comepletely shattered. The moment our dear leader got hit by that terrible, terrible meteor, it was as if God and The Devil conspired to pull out my heart and cut it into a million bite-sized pieces, and then cook them into fried nuggets and served them to the ghost of Adolf Hitler. I don't know if there could be any fate worse than that..."

Kirsten sweatdropped even more. "That's bull**** and you know it." she said.

"Who's Hitler?" Rio asked.

All the while, they passed through a portal into the next stage...

Zzzzzzz... Zzzzzzz...

Wait, snoring? She was snoring?


Something's bright...

*tweet* *tweet* *tweet*

The birds seem to be up and about today, too...

She opened her eyes to a faceful of soft pillow. Well that's something she didn't have in a while.

Oh, of course. The last thing she remembered was...

That blue-haired girl. And that red-haired one too, if she remembered correctly.

Yes, yes, she told her that she had something special to her, and then they led her off to... someplace, and she apparently fell asleep on the way, apparently.

She wondered where she was right now. It was soft, sunny and...

There was something very uneasy right behind her.

Someone, or something, was breathing behind her back...

Nervously, she turned around onto her back, and when she did, her breath caught in her throat.

Because right in front of her... right in front of her face, in fact, was a tiger larger than a two full-grown man kneeling on thie hands and knees andstacked on top of each other, wearing both a graduate's cap and a very classy monocle.

It was looking at her with very intense eyes.

"Heheheh, um... hi there... kitty?" she eeped out.


Hey, I had to add something to make Kag something other than just "Snarky Straight Woman". Might as well make her a yaoi fangirl.

Since the TSAB is almost always overpowered in almost every crossover I see (Naruto, Harry Potter, Dresden Files), I thought it would be neat to instead make them the yukkuri of the setting. People who think they have magic and the multiverse all figured out, but are almost meaningless except as playthings in the larger scheme of things. A big fish in a small pond, in other words. AND I LOVE IT.

I usually write fight scenes while listening to classic 80's metal and IOSYS's awesome rock remixes. It helps, especially if you're a fan of someone like Hirohiko Araki.

And as always, give me your constructive feedback on my series. Because I want to know. I absolutely MUST need to know!

Also, tournament arc ends next update. Or the update after that, I dunno. I don't plan things to the exact milisecond.