Crazy Girl

This one is based off of and inspired by the song crazy girl by the Eli young band.
You don't have to listen to it to understand the story, but it is a nice song.

She had ruined everything. Eliot was gone.
Swinging her feet rhythmically over the building edge where she sat, Parker desperately tried to clear the tears that just wouldn't seem to go away.
If she would have been a little more reasonable than they never would have fought and he wouldn't have stormed out, huffing about needing time and space.

Eventually everyone needed space when it came to her.
How could she have been so dumb? She should have known what they had wasn't real, that eventually he would change his mind.
Setting her resolve Parker wiped away the rest of her tears. What was done was done and she wasn't going to just sit there and wallow.
She was never one for self pity and that wasn't about to change now.

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Walking down the street Eliot was trying to decide how he would fix things with Parker.
When she had told him that she wanted to spend the night breaking into the most secure buildings in the city he really had thought she was joking.
So he went along saying that she was a bit rusty and could probably withstand a little polish.

They always joked about their jobs and jabbed about softening since joining the team.
When she agreed with him instead of saying something about his retrieving skills though he knew she was completely serious.
As he started to worry he had tried comforting her by letting her know he was just teasing.

And that's where their fight had started. She had screamed at him that he was a liar.
When he had tried to find out what could have made her so insecure she just withdrew, calmly stating that she could
do what she wanted and he didn't have a say. She wasn't going to be kicked off the team because she was no longer the best.
That's where he lost control of his temper saying he needed time and space.

He had seen red. For the last year and a half he had made sure to avoid risky jobs, not wanting to make Parker worry about him more than necessary, and there she was saying he had no say in her decisions.

And that's why thirty minutes later he was outside this jewelry store trying to decide how he was going to apologize.

If Parker was a normal woman he would just go inside and buy her the biggest diamond they had. But no, Parker was insane, she didn't get the sentiment behind apologizing with gifts or flowers. Smirking slightly as he realized that was exactly why he loved her and had given her the name Crazy girl, he decided it was time to go home and make things right again.

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Entering the apartment Eliot was shocked to see that it was completely dark.

As he put his keys away he was glad to see that her bag was still there. At least he knew she wasn't out breaking into a building somewhere.
Deciding against calling out for her, Eliot made his way to the bedroom hoping Parker had decided to call it a night.
As he entered Eliot noticed two things; the bed was empty and the window was open.
Smiling Eliot looked out the window, Parker wasn't on the fire escape so that meant she must be on the roof.

Quickly exiting the apartment Eliot took the stairs to the roof two at a time. What he saw when he got up there nearly broke his heart.
Sitting on the edge of the building was Parker, fiercely wiping at her eyes.

Walking up slowly so he wouldn't scare her Eliot carefully whispered, "Parker."

Making sure her face was clear of any stray tears, Parker got up and questioned fiercely, "What do you want?" but didn't leave any time for an answer before continuing, "You made it loud and clear that we're done so I don't see any reason for you to be here. Don't worry though, no hard feelings, we're still good. I'm just damaged. I should have known that we weren't a good idea. I mean you literally told me just about everyday that there was something wrong with me. I was pretty stupid not to take the hint, huh?" Parker choked out, tears flowing freely again.

Shocked by how Parker was putting herself down, Eliot moved closer and pulled her into a hug, unsure of what to say to make things better.
Although he would never admit it Eliot had a weak spot for women and tears. Hearing Parker cry was hurting him more than anything he could remember.

Just holding her close, waiting for her tears to subside Eliot started whispering soothingly in her ear, "Don't do that to yourself, you hear me? There isn't a single thing about you I'd change. You're perfect, and I really hope that you didn't mean we were a bad idea cuz you know what?" Eliot asked pulling away slightly to look her in the eye.

When all he received was a slight shake of her head he continued, "The best thing I ever did was make you all mine."

"Really?" came the sniffled reply.

"Yes" he said thumbing away the remainder of her tears. "Before you I was living my life completely wrong. You're crazy if you think I would dream of going somewhere."

Pulling away to sit back on the edge of the building Parker couldn't help but ask, "But you left. You said you needed time and space.
Why would you just change your mind and suddenly come back?"

Sitting against the wall Eliot pulled Parker down with him, wanting to keep her close for what he was going to say next.
"Parker, we're going to have a fight or two. That's what couples do, but I'll never change my mind. You should know that Crazy girl, I love you."

Pulling closer to Eliot Parker whispered, "I'm sorry Eliot. I know you love me, I love you too."

Happy that he had made Parker feel better Eliot decided to do the one thing he had been struggling to do for months now.

"Parker, while I was out walking I went past a jewelry store." Seeing the confusion in her eyes he rushed on, " What would you say if we went back there and I really made you all mine?"

Getting up quickly Parker grabbed Eliot's arm and started to pull.
Seeing the silent request Eliot stood, wondering if she had understood his question.
Pulling him close Parker gave him a quick kiss before saying, "Only if we can break in and steal it."

Stealing another kiss Eliot replied, "It's your ring, we'll get it anyway you want."
Watching as she bound happily down the stairs Eliot smiled, she was one crazy girl and he was about to make her all his. FOREVER.