The Mysterious Ruins, 6am

The mysterous young woman suddenly finds herself standing in the middle of the Balinese forest, a few meters near the mysterious ruins. Deciding the investigate the area, the young woman walked towards the ruins. As usual, the sounds of eagles soaring above the ruins can be heard as the young woman approaches it. The mysterious woman then stopped walking and gives the ruins' main building, the spaceship-like temple, a good stare. Suddenly she hears something weird. The sound of a swarm of locusts flying. At first she tried to ignore it, but the sound gets more intense in every passing minute. Focusing her senses, she could hear the sound coming from behind her. Turning around, the mysterious woman widens her eyes in shock. A huge swarm of locusts is coming right at her. As the young woman looked at the swarm, the insects suddenly went towards her. The mysterious young woman screamed and flailed her arms frantically as the locusts literally overwhelms her...

Sudirman District, at the same time

All of the sudden, the mysterious young woman founds herself standing on a sidewalk at the Sudirman District, her face dazed and confused at first before she pulls herself together. She then looks at her surroundings. The noises of cars and motorcycles making their way towards work replaces the haunting noise of the locust swarm. Horns honking and engines revving filled the surrounding atmosphere. The sound of people walking towards their office can also be heard. Suddenly the young woman founds herself standing in a middle of a crowd, ready to cross the street. As the crossing light in front of the crowd went from red to green, the crowd crosses the street, leaving the woman by herself again. Deciding that she must be daydreaming about the locust swarm, the mysterious young woman followed the crowd across the street. As she walked through the sidewalk, she is unaware that she is being watched from behind by a 25 year old tan-skinned man. The man has a muscular build and spiky black hair. Currently, the man was wearing the same clothes as the mysterious woman, a black leather jacket over an olive green T-shirt, blue denim jeans, and black, military boots. The man's brown eyes focused themselves at the mysterious young woman, before a smile appeared on the man's lips.

The screen went black for a few seconds before a huge explosion brings the screen to life, as red and blue energies danced around to Kenji Kawai's Main Title. The energies twirled around, forming the title "ULTRAMAN NEXUS: THE NEXT GENERATION" before several streaks of light smashes through the letters, shattering the letters' red and blue coating, revealing the title's true color: a shining dash of silver.

OP: Eiyuu by doa

Episode 5: Dunamist

SCBD Park, 6.30am

The mysterious young man walked along the small artificial creek surrounding the newly opened SCBD Park, before noticing the mysterious young woman is sitting at a nearby park bench. The mysterious man decided to approach the mysterious woman, who is currently reading today's newspaper. The man looked at the headlines, which reads out "MYSTERIOUS EXPLOSION AT CASABLANCA TUNNEL, 3 DEAD."

"Mysterious accident, eh?" the mysterious man asked, approaching the young woman as she turned her attention towards him, "Don't you think there have been way too many accidents lately?"

The young woman looked at the man, before turning her attention towards the creek, making a rather sour face.

"I can't believe the Second Liutenant is using her leave to invesigate this," the man said, before noticing the young woman's sour face, "Hey, what's with the sour face? Are you unhappy to see your First Liutenant again?"

The mysterious young man takes a seat next to the mysterious young woman, before taking out a can of Coca Cola from his pocket, offering it at the young woman.

"First Liutenant Nikolaus!" the woman said, rejecting the offer.

"Please, during your leave, you can call me Niko," First Liutenant Nikolaus Topas Baruna Putra said.

"Fine, Niko," the mysterious young woman said, "How's the Delta Force doing without me?"

"Well, they're doing quite well," Niko replied. The Delta Force is an elite military team based at Blok M District, their task is to eradicate all forms of insurgency in Indonesia. Sometimes they helped the Densus 88 in chasing down terrorists. The team is so elite, they answer directly to the Indonesian military's highest command. Apparently Niko and the mysterious woman are members of the team and from their ranks, Niko is the leader and the mysterious woman is his second-in-command.

"Why are using your leave to investigate these accidents?" Niko asked.

The mysterious young woman got off from her seat in response, her eyes fixed at the artificial creek in front of her.

"Hey, hey, don't be angry," Niko said, approaching the young woman, "You can use your private investigations as a way to...let's say...calm yourself down. You did leave the team with a rather...unbalanced mental state."

"F**k off," the young woman responded much to Niko's shock. "That's right, I can say that to a superior officer during my leave," the woman said again as she walked away from a bewildered Niko, "You're bothering me, Niko. Please leave and don't follow me again!"

As the woman walked away from the scene, she accidentally bumps into a young college student, causing the student to drop her books.

"I'm so sorry," the young woman said, picking up the books, "I was having a lot of things in my mind."

"That's alright," the college student responded, recieving her books from the woman, "Thank you very much."

As the college student walked away, the young woman looked at her, letting out a solemn sigh as she takes out a photograph from her jacket pocket. It depicts her posing together with a young, 21 year old woman. The woman has white skin and brown hair that reached her shoulders, while a pair of half-moon glasses can be seen on her face. Both of the women in the photograph are wearing casual clothes, the mysterious young woman is wearing a white T-shirt, while the 21 year old woman next to her is wearing a yellow T-shirt. As the young woman looked at the photograph, a teardrop rolled from her eye, as the sounds of footsteps running inside a cave, several MP5s being fired, a Glock being fired, and a scream of pain rolls through her mind.

"Aure...I'm sorry I couldn't save you..."

Base Pandawa, Night Raider HQ, 7am

Captain Alvin sips his coffee as he sits on his chair, looking at the empty command centre room in front of him. After a few minutes of waiting, the other Night Raider members showed up on the command centre room, before taking their respective seats as Michael and Elisabeth opened their laptops. Immediately Captain Alvin places his cup of coffee back on the command table, before activating the command centre screen as he stood up, displaying the image of the silver giant on it.

"Today's meeting will discuss about the silver giant," Captain Alvin opens the meeting, "Or codename: Ultraman."

"Ultraman?" PJ asked.

"Yes, from now on we will call the silver giant as Ultraman," Captain Alvin replied, "Please thank Krishna for naming the silver giant."

The team immediately broke in to applause as Michael high-fives Krishna, while at the same time PJ gives the young man a good kiss to the cheek.

"Thanks, guys," Krishna blushed at the attention he'd recieved, "But I didn't really name him. The name just poppped up in my head by itself."

"Now, for the serious stuff of this meeting," Captain Alvin said as he pressed on a keyboard located below the screen. Immediately the image of the silver giant switched into the video feed from Krishna's Chrome Chester Alpha. "This is the footage that Krishna's Chrome Chester Alpha took of the Meta Field," Captain Alvin said again.

"Meta Field?" PJ asked again.

"Michael, will you do the honors?" Captain Alvin responded.

"Ah, yes," Michael said, typing something into his laptop, "A Meta Field is created by bending phase and creating a tear in space."

The screen then showed the scene of Ultraman's battle against Pedoleon Guros.

"The can create a subspace battlefield for himself," Michael explained again.

"That's correct," Krishna added, "Apparently he does it to minimize damage created from the battle. This proves that Ultraman is humanity's ally!"

"Shut that bullshit!" Elisabeth interrupts.

"Aw, man not another arguement about this!" Krishna whined, "This is a hard evidence that proves Ultraman is helping the humans! What else makes you think that Ultraman is still our enemy?"

"He just lured the enemy into a battlefield where he had the advantage," Elisabeth simply said that.

"Good point," Krishna said, "But what's the real reason he's willing to put his own life in danger to fight the Beasts?"

"Perhaps it's to limit them," Elisabeth replied, "If both he and the Beasts eat humans, then it'd be better to eliminate the threat now."

"I was saved by him! Twice!" Krishna argued.

"Member Krishna!" Captain Alvin broke up the two of them, "I said before, Ultraman is an unknown life form. That kind of power may be a threat to humanity someday."

Illustrator Room, at the same time

Widi watched the unfolding arguement in the Night Raider HQ from her computer, smiling as she watched the drama in front of her.

"Ultraman, eh?" Widi wondered, "Interesting..."

Night Raider HQ

"Assuming he's one of us would be dangerous," Captain Alvin finishes his explanation.

"Yes, Captain," Krishna said in understandment.

Base Pandawa Corridor, 7.10am

Elisabeth was walking down the corridor that runs through Base Pandawa when Krishna approaches her.

"Deputy Captain!" Krishna called.

"Yes?" Elisabeth responded as Krishna runs towards her.

"Why do you hate Ultraman?" Krishna asked.

"Hate?" Elisabeth asked back.

"Yes," Krishna said, "Why do you hate him so much?"

"Maybe that's because I've lost my ability to make rational decisions," Elisabeth replied.

"Deputy Captain...could it think she's Ultraman?" Krishna asked.

"Who?" Elisabeth asked back.

"The young woman that had been following you!" Krishna replied.

Suddenly Elisabeth stopped and looked directly at Krishna's eyes.

"Deputy seems like you know something about her," Krishna said again.

But Elisabeth didn't responded. She instead walked away from the still puzzled Krishna, leaving the young man drowning in his own questions.

The Mysterious Ruins, 10am

The sun began to set over the mysterious ruins as the mysterious swarm of locusts strikes again, this time the swarm was larger compared to the swarm from earlier that morning. The gigantic swarm headed straight towards the ruins' main structure, the spaceship-like temple. As the mysterious young woman watched on in horror from her usual rock formation, the locusts turned around from the temple and headed straight for the woman, overwhelming her once again as she screamed in terror...

Location Unknown, at the same time

The young woman woke up, sweating heavily as she gasped. The woman is currently inside a medium-sized room, having slept at the room's couch for a few hours. In front of the couch is a green, wooden coffee table with photos and soda cans littering it, the young woman's leather jacket can be also seen on the table, the Evoltruster and the photograph of the two young women are seen next to it. The room's floor is also full of photographs, papers, and soda cans, as well as used lunch boxes. Stacks of dusty cardboards can be seen around the room, and behind the couch was a small desk with an old IBM computer, a wooden seat is present in front of the desk. Hanged on the room's wall were a collage of combat knives, used AK-47s, and army berets, while a dusty army uniform can be seen next to the couch.

"Damn, it's that nightmare again," the woman gasped, before looking at her Evoltruster. As usual, the device glowed several times.

The young woman took a deep breath and grabbed the Evoltruster and the photograph, placing them inside her jacket pocket before putting on her jacket and running out from the room and into the open. A blue Toyota Vios taxi past by her as she hailed at it, causing the taxi to stop. She then quickly hops on into the taxi.

A few seconds afterwards Niko is seen running after the taxi, wheezing in exhaustion as he gave out a frustrated yell. Suddenly another blue Toyota Vios taxi approaches Niko, who instantly hailed at it. The taxi stopped and Niko immediately hops on into it.

"Follow that cab!" Niko commanded as the taxi drives away from the scene.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Toll Gate, 11.10am

"Thank you Sir," a chubby, white-skinned young man with curly brown hair and a green T-shirt said to the toll gate attendant as he accepts his change.

"You're welcome," the toll gate attendant replied.

The young man, named Chris Oswin Simatupang, rolled up his windows on his silver Chevrolet Optra and floors the gas. The silver car immediately moved away from the toll gate and into the toll exit. As the car drives through the winding toll exit, Chris turns up the volume on his car stereo (which is currently playing Pop Shuvit's Marabahaya) and looked at his passenger. The passenger was a young, white-skinned Chinese woman with chin-length brown hair, wearing a white lace jacket over her blue T-shirt along with a white skirt. A white blindfold is seen wrapped around the woman's eyes. Chris then turns his attention back on the road. After a few meters of driving, he saw a brown, dragon-shaped gate on the road, which has the letters "WELCOME TO TAMAN MINI INDONESIA INDAH" written on it. Smiling, Chris decides to slow his car down and takes off the blindfold on his passenger.

"Sonia, we're here," Chris said, unwrapping the blindfold around Sonia Hartanto's eyes. The young woman slowly opens her eyes and looked at the gate in awe.

"You're taking me to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah?" Sonia asked.

"Yeah," Chris replied as he floors the gas on his Chevrolet Optra again, "What a place to celebrate the first anniversary of us dating!"

"And the music," Sonia said again, "How do you know I like Pop Shuvit?"

"You said to me, sometimes you want to go to Malaysia," Chris replied, nodding his head along with the music, "And Pop Shuvit is one of Malaysia's most successful bands."

Suddenly the sounds of insect wings flapping distracts Sonia from her boyfriend, who is still enjoying the music. She slowly looked towards her window and saw a giant shadow is flying above them.

"Hey," Sonia called, "Do you hear something?"

"Nope," Chris responded, snapping his fingers along with the music.

Sonia immediately reaches for the car stereo and turns it off, causing an obviously annoyed Chris to glare at her.

"Hey, you said you liked Pop Shuvit! Why the hell do you turn the stereo off?" Chris asked.

"Now do you really hear it?" Sonia asked back.

Chris focuses his hearing on his surroundings. True to Sonia's words, along with the noise coming from the car engine, he can hear the sound of insect wings being flapped.

"Son of a God..." Chris gasped, "What is that sound?"

As Chris wonders what insect could create such a noise, Sonia looked at the rear view mirror and saw a giant talon is coming towards them from behind.

"Holy shit!" Sonia cursed, "What is that?"

"Hey, Sonia, watch your language, please," Chris said, still drowning in his thoughts.

Suddenly the giant talon grabs the car, causing the couple inside to scream in terror. The talon slowly lifts up the still-moving car, shaking it's contents as it does so. As Chris and Sonia continues to scream, they saw the road had disappeared and was replaced by the sky, before being replaced again for the last time...this time by a giant mouth. It was the last thing that the couple saw.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Car Park, 11.15am

As families and tourists board off their vehicles and headed towards the park's main entrance, the ominous sound of insect wings suddenly filled through the area. As the park visitors looked up, they saw a giant, black cockroach flying above them. Immediately the visitors ran and screamed in terror, as two more talons extends out from the cockroach's body. As the park visitors flee for their lives, an American tourists accidentally trips himself against a rock. The talons saw their chance and swooped down from the sky, grabbing the American tourist as the other park visitors watched in horror.

Night Raider HQ, 11.16am

The Night Raider Scramble Alarm blared through the command room, prompting everyone to run towards their lockers, grabbing their protective gears and their Divalt Launchers.

"Damn Beasts, so they attack in the day too?" PJ exclaimed as she puts on her helmet.

"I don't know," Krishna responded as he grabs his Divalt Launcher, "Just ask them."

The Night Raider members immediately assumes their standby position at the elevators. As usual, Captain Alvin ensures that there is no one left behind.


Immediately the elevators are launched upwards towards the hangar.

Base Pandawa Hangar, at the same time


The orange rectangles containing the said Chrome Chesters are being unloaded and launched towards the runway.


The rectangle containing Chrome Chester Alpha opens up as the plane is being guided towards the runway. Today Deputy Captain Elisabeth will pilot the plane and Krishna will act as the gunner.

"Safety lock, check!" Krishna reported.

"Optical Camouflage system nominal," Elisabeth added.

The runway doors opened up as the rectangles containing Chrome Chesters Beta and Gamma opened up. The planes are then guided towards their respective runways. Michael will pilot Chrome Chester Gamma with PJ as the gunner, while Captain Alvin goes solo in his Chrome Chester Beta.

"Disconnect ground equipment," PJ reported.

"System green!" Michael declared, "By the way, PJ, aren't you forgetting something?"

PJ puts up a puzzled face for a moment, before immediately grabbing a sickbag from the plane's glove compartment.

"Just don't fly it too fast, okay?" PJ said.

"Will do," Michael responded.

"All systems clear," Captain Alvin reported from his Chrome Chester Beta, "Chrome Chester, take off!"

Blue flares began to lit up from the exhausts of the Chrome Chesters and the jets were launched from their respective runways into the sky, activating their invisibility cloaks as they take off from their runways.

Illustrator Room, 11.17am

Widi typed furiously in front of her computer as the screen in front of her showed the whereabouts of today's Space Beast attack, along with the map of the famous Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

"Since it's not night the blocked off mission area is larger than usual," Widi said, "Please be thorough. Especially in the upper air."

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Main Gate, 11.20am

The taxi that brought Niko had arrived at the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Main Gate, which, of course, due to the recent Beast attack, has been blocked off by the unsuspecting police. The taxi was quickly stopped by the two policemen guarding the roadblock.

"I'm terribly sorry," one of the policemen said to both Niko and the taxi driver, "But you can't enter Taman Mini Indonesia Indah right now. There's a fatal roller-coaster accident there. For your own safety, please go back."

"What? You can't do that? Don't you know who I am?" Niko asked, "I'm First Liutenant Nikolaus Topas Baruna Putra of the Delta Force, for God's sake!"

"Where's your badge, then?" the other policeman asked.

"Okay, I'll show you!" Niko said, reaching into his jacket pocket only to found out that his jacket pocket is empty. Niko then checked into his jeans pocket, but he found nothing as well. "Eh?" Niko gasped, before realizing something. "Oh, shit, I left my badge at the barracks again," Niko muttered.

"I'm sorry, Liutenant, but without a badge we can't get a proper ID authentication. Please go back," the first policeman said.

"Fine," Niko said, before turning his attention towards the taxi driver. "Go back to the Delta Force Barracks, please."

"Where is it?" the taxi driver asked.

"Blok M District," Niko responded.

"On the way, Sir," the taxi driver said.

As the taxi driver turned his car around, Niko began to wonder, how on Earth the mysterious young woman had managed to enter the park without being stopped? If he'd recall, his taxi was neck-on-neck with the mysterious young woman's taxi after leaving the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Toll Gate.

"She must have stopped a few meters from this place...but how can I couldn't see the taxi that brought her here?" Niko asked, "There must be a shortcut around here somewhere..."

But as the taxi is about the leave the blocked main gate, the black Mazda 6 sedan appeared again, passing by the leaving taxi. Niko gasped as he looked at the car, especially it's license plate. The car doesn't have any license plates at all.

"Can you stop here for a moment, please?" Niko said.

"Certainly, Sir," the taxi driver responded as he stopped his taxi.

Niko then takes out his iPhone 4, aiming it's camera at the Mazda 6 sedan. Like the taxi before, the black sedan is also stopped by the two officers.

"I'm terribly sorry, but you can't enter Taman Mini Indonesia Indah right now," the first policeman said.

The car opens up it's driver window, revealing Atee on the driver's seat. Immediately the MP Captain grabbed her badge and showed it to the police officers, much to Niko's shock and envy.

"Ah, sorry! You may pass right now," the policeman said again.

"How come a car with no license plate has government officials inside it?" Niko asked as he snapped some pictures of Atee and the policemen, "Must be the investigators investigating that roller-coaster accident. Lesson to myself, never leave your badge at your barracks."

As the Mazda 6 sedan enters Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Niko places his iPhone back on his pocket, turning his attention back to his cab driver.

"To Blok M, please," Niko said.

"Okay, Sir," the taxi driver replied.

Illustrator Room, 11.23am

The computer screen in front of Widi suddenly displays a familliar signal alongside the usual Beast signal, startling the young girl. Quickly Widi looked at the signal, examining it.

"Another signal?" Widi wondered, before coming to a realization. "Ultraman. I knew you'd come."

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, at the same time

The mysterious young woman is currently running through a section of the vast Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The rides and attractions around her are currently deserted, as the park has been evacuated a few minutes earlier. As the young woman runs past the famous Keong Mas IMAX Theatre, she suddenly saw the giant cockroach from before flying above her, screeching loudly as it does so. A huge gust of wind then blew through the area, as the result of the cockroach's movement. The young woman tried to keep her balance as the wind literally rips apart the surrounding vegetation, stripping the leaves off the trees, turning them into bare wooden structures. As the wind gust is over, the young woman is now on the move once again, this time chasing after the giant cockroach. After a few minutes of running, the young woman founds herself standing in the middle of a plaza, looking directly at a gruesome sight.

A mountain of stacked, crushed, and torn cars stood in front of the young woman, fresh blood can be seen dripping from the wrecks. Suddenly Chris' Chevrolet Optra, now crushed and mangled, dropped from the sky, fitting into the wreck mountain like a piece of block in a Tetris game. Another car then dropped from the sky into the ground, a new addition to the gruesome collection.

The woman then turned her attention from the wreck pile into the source of the falling cars. It's a kaiju-sized, cockroach-like Space Beast, standing on it's two feet. Unlike most cockroaches, who has six appendages, this giant cockroach only has two, it's arms, which are tipped with talon-like claws, and it's powerful, two-toed feet. The cockroach's slender neck arches forward, with a small, rounded head with no eyes and a pair of jaws on the end of the neck. The color of the cockroach was mostly black, with brown leathery armor covering the neck and the head, a pair of translucent brown wings folded on the cockroach's back, as well as brown, leathery armor that covers the Space Beast's rounded abdomen. The cockroach's thorax area is covered with brown, ribcage-like structures, while two, tube-like structures sticks out from the cockroach's shoulders, the ends of the tubes are sticking on the cockroach's back. A set of spines can be seen on the Space Beast's neck. The codename for this cockroach-like Space Beast? Bugbuzun.

Bugbuzun spits out two more cars from it's mouth, before rubbing it's throax with it's claws, a sign that the Space Beast's hunger has been satisfied. Bugbuzun then opens it's mouth again, before using it's right talon to yank out a smashed car door from between it's bloodshed teeth.

Having enough of this sick sight, the mysterious young woman takes out the Evoltruster, releasing it's cap and waving the device into the air, screaming loudly as she transforms into a ball of red light. The ball of red light then flies upward and crashes itself into Bugbuzun's body, sending the Space Beast tumbling down on the ground. The ball of light then flew upwards once again, before dropping down gracefully in front of the fallen Bugbuzun, transforming itself into the silver giant, or Ultraman as we're going to call him from now on. Ultraman immediately assumes his usual battle pose as Bugbuzun got back up to it's feet.


Bugbuzun screeched as it charges towards Ultraman. Seeing the incoming attack, immediately Ultraman grabbed Bugbuzun and soon the two wrestled. Tried as Bugbuzun can, it's strength was no match compared to Ultraman's, and soon a kick to the thorax was enough to send the insect to the ground once again. Ultraman assumes his battle pose once again as Bugbuzun stood up, screeching in anger.


Bugbuzun tried to attack Ultraman once again, but the silver giant grabbed the cockroach Space Beast on the neck, before lifting up his right hand.


Ultraman chopped Bugbuzun on the neck, forcing the Space Beast to screech in pain as it stumbles back. Before Bugbuzun can do anything again, Ultraman jumped to the air, performing a flying side kick on Bugbuzun's thorax. As Bugbuzun bends down in an attempt to withold the pain overwhelming it, Ultraman jumped again and grabbed the Space Beast's exposed neck once again. As Bugbuzun struggled to free itself from Ultraman's grasp, the heroic warrior twirls around, bringing Bugbuzun along with him, before kicking the giant cockroach on the side. Bugbuzun screeched in pain as Ultraman releases his grip. Ultraman then went for the offensive once again, giving Bugbuzun two jabs to the head, before a jaw-shattering uppercut finishes the combo. Deciding that he hasn't had enough yet, Ultraman charges again, only for Bugbuzun to headbutt him on the chest. Ultraman stumbles back as Bugbuzun prepares it's razor-sharp talons, swiping them around as Ultraman dodges the incoming swipes. Bugbuzun then lunges itself towards Ultraman, trying to slash the hero with it's talons.

"SHEWAH!" Ultraman counters by performing a hook on Bugbuzun's thorax, sending Bugbuzun stumbling back once again.

Ultraman then jumped and kicked Bugbuzun on the head, before twirling around and landing a powerful heel kick to Bugbuzun's thorax. As Bugbuzun tried to slash Ultraman, the hero grabbed the Space Beast's arm with his left hand, before grabbing Bugbuzun's thorax with his right.

"HEAAAAAH!" And with a mighty heave, Ultraman shoulder-throws Bugbuzun, sending the cockroach-like Space Beast crashing to the ground with a mighty thud. As Ultraman approaches the downed Bugbuzun...


Bugbuzun's abdomen, which is tipped with a pair of black, sharp mandibles, grabs hold into Ultraman's ankle. As the silver giant groaned in pain, Bugbuzun stood up, yanking Ultraman off his feet. Bugbuzun then turned around, screeching in triumph as Ultraman struggles to stood up, before whacking it's abdomen at the downed hero, sending Ultraman to the ground once again. Bugbuzun turned around once again, screeching as it charges at Ultraman, jumping off the ground as it tried to bodyslam itself against Ultraman. But Ultraman manages to roll out of danger just in time, causing Bugbuzun to crash into the ground. Ultraman got up as Bugbuzun screeched in pain, trying to recover himself.

"HEAH!" Ultraman jumped into the air, twirling around as Bugbuzun got back up to it's feet. Ultraman then assumes a dropkick position, kicking Bugbuzun right on the head as he landed. As Bugbuzun recovers himself, Ultraman performs a roundhouse kick on Bugbuzun's head, huge sparks flying out from the kick's immense power. Screeching in pain, Bugbuzun collapsed to the ground on it's side. As Bugbuzun tried to stood up, Ultraman crosses his arms over his chest, transforming into a blur of light as he literally shifted himself behind the recovering Space Beast. As the blur of light reverted back into Ultraman, the silver giant notices Bugbuzun's abdomen, the mandibles that tipped it clicking madly as the insect Space Beast is unaware of Ultraman's presence. Ultraman then grabbed the abdomen, trying his best to avoid the mandibles.


Ultraman uses all of his brute strength to lift Bugbuzun off the ground, hoisting the Beast over his head. As Bugbuzun lets out a confused screech, Ultraman throws Bugbuzun into the ground, a loud thud noise is heard as the giant Beast's body made contact with the ground.

Illustrator Room, 11.27am

An amazed Widi watches the fight between Ultraman and Bugbuzun as she typed on her computer with her usual furious manner. A dialogue box displaying Ultraman's current stats appeared on the screen.

"Incredible," Widi said in awe as she looked at the stats, "His battle ability has increased from six thousand to eight thousand! He's literally getting stronger in each battle!"

Widi then gives off a brief smirk as she pulls out a book from behind her keyboard: "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. She then reads the book, examining it's contents, before letting out a smile. She had found a perfect plan for the current situation.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, at the same time

Bugbuzun lets out a screech of pain as Ultraman approaches it, while at the same time the three Chrome Chesters de-activate their invisibility cloaks behind the silver giant. The Night Raider team has arrived.

"Ultraman!" Krishna said as he notices Ultraman in front of the team.

"Slight change in plans," Widi said over the Chrome Chesters' intercom, "Chesters Beta and Gamma, please attack the Beast according to the initial plan."

"Roger!" both Captain Alvin and Michael responded.

"Chester Alpha...please attack Ultraman," Widi said again.

"What?" Krishna gasped in confusion, "Illustrator, you can't be serious about this!"

"Roger!" Elisabeth replied. Much to Krishna's horror, Elisabeth replied the command with a somewhat delightful and pleased tone. As if she wanted to attack Ultraman on purpose, or she had planned to attack Ultraman during the mission. "Commencing the attack on!" Elisabeth said again.

"Beta and Gamma, come in from the right," Captain Alvin said from his Chrome Chester Beta, "Alpha, come in from fourty five degrees from the left. Attack!"

"Roger!" both Elisabeth and Michael responded from the intercom.

Chrome Chesters Beta and Gamma splits away from the initial formation, firing their laser cannons at Bugbuzun. Bugbuzun lets out an enraged screech as it is covered in explosions that blisters it's skin, much to Ultraman's shock. Meanwhile, Chrome Chester Alpha flew towards Ultraman, attracting the silver giant's attention.

"Please wait!" Krishna pleaded.

"Fire in the hole!" Elisabeth exclaimed as she pressed on the trigger.

Chrome Chester Alpha fires it's laser beam at Ultraman, who sees the incoming threat. Immediately Ultraman crosses his arms in front of the red V-shaped mark on his chest, creating an orange energy shield as Ultraman throws his arms apart. The laser beam was dispersed by the energy shield. As Chrome Chester Alpha turned around, it fired a flurry of laser bullets from it's underside, which were deflected by the shield until a lucky shot shatters the energy shield. Chrome Chester Alpha then fires another barrage of laser bullets that created huge explosions, bringing Ultraman to his knees. As the dust resulted from the explosions settled, Ultraman can clearly see both Elisabeth and Krishna inside the incoming Chrome Chester Alpha. Krishna gave an uneasy look as Ultraman stared at both him and Elisabeth.

Illustrator Room, 11.28am

"Deputy Captain!" Krishna pleaded from the video footage, "Please cease attacking! Ultraman is our ally!"

Widi looked at the unfolding arguement in front of her, letting out another smile as she takes out "The Art of War" book once again.

"Exactly," Widi said, "Sun Tzu once said, in order to fish out someone's true colors during combat...we must attack him."

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, at the same time

Bugbuzun got up, screeching as it once again tried to attack Ultraman. Ultraman stood up as well and charged towards the incoming Space Beast. Ultraman side-kicks Bugbuzun, before performing a roundhouse kick on Bugbuzun's head. As the Space Beast screeched in pain, Ultraman jumped into the air, trying to perform a flying side kick but Chrome Chester Alpha fires it's laser beam at the same time, striking Ultraman mid-air.

"UNNGH!" Ultraman groaned in pain as he is sent crashing into the ground.

Seeing the weakened Ultraman, Bugbuzun took it's chance and swipes it's right arm towards the hero's exposed thigh. The sharp talons that tips Bugbuzun's right hand stabs themselves into Ultraman's thigh.

"NYAAAAH!" Ultraman groaned in pain once again as Bugbuzun pulls out his right arm, causing a significant amount of golden light to leak out from the puncture wound on Ultraman's thigh. Bugbuzun screech in triumph as Chrome Chester Alpha flew past the two of them.

Krishna looked at the unfolding scene in horror as Ultraman struggled to recover himself, gasping and wheezing as light continues to leak from his thigh. Bugbuzun walked towards Ultraman, ready to finish the job with it's left arm, when suddenly Chrome Chesters Beta and Gamma fired their lasers at the insect Space Beast, causing it to back away from Ultraman. The two Chrome Chesters then fired their lasers again, this time aiming for both Ultraman and Bugbuzun, weakening the two fighters as they are covered in small explosions. Ultraman collapsed to the ground, heavily wounded and weakened as the V-mark on his chest began to beep and pulsate, flashing red in every passing second. Bugbuzun, in the other hand, decided that it has experience enough pain for the day. The cockroach-like Space Beast screeched as it opened it's wings, before flying away into the sky, while at the same time Ultraman assumes a crouching position, still weakened from the laser blasts and the wound on his thigh.

"The Beast is fleeing!" PJ exclaimed.

"Beta and Gamma, follow the Beast. Alpha, resume attack on Ultraman," Captain Alvin commanded.

"Roger!" both Elisabeth and Michael responded.

Chrome Chester Alpha flew towards Ultraman, firing it's laser beam at the weakened giant. A huge explosion occurs on Ultraman's chest, sending the silver giant back into the ground.

"OAKH!" Ultraman grunted as he collapsed, while at the same time Chrome Chester Alpha fires a barrage of beams at the downed hero, pinning Ultraman to the ground within a series of explosions.

As Chrome Chester Alpha flew over Ultraman, the silver giant gradually stood back up to his feet, his eyes fixed at the fleeing Bugbuzun. Ultraman then places both hands on his right side, charging blue energy within his palms. As the energy danced around, Ultraman's hands slowly developed a blue glow, a sign that they are fully charged with energy. Ultraman then crosses his arms into a plus shape, the blue glow on the hands transforming into red as the silver giant fires a beam of red energy from his vertical left palm. The beam of energy streaked though the sky, startling Chrome Chesters Beta and Gamma as the beam raced between the two jets, before striking Bugbuzun right on the back! Bugbuzun screeched in pain as it was shot down from the sky, plummeting into the ground below. Disappointed that his energy beam couldn't destroy Bugbuzun, Ultraman collasped to the ground once again, his body glowing white as he disappears into nothingness. At the same time, Chrome Chester Alpha appeared from behind a series of clouds, inspecting the grounds where Ultraman used to stood.

"He...disappeared?" Krishna gasped.

"I detect Ultraman's signal is still nearby," Widi said from the intercom, "Chesters Beta and Gamma, search for the Beast."

"Roger," both Captain Alvin and Michael responded.

"Chester Alpha will land and pursue the signal," Widi said again.

Immediately Elisabeth finds a clearing on the ground and lands the Chrome Chester there. A minute later, both Elisabeth and Krishna are running through the park grounds, with Elisabeth already wielding her Divalt Shooter and Krishna wielding his Divalt Launcher, as the two of them are searching for the source of Ultraman's signal. As they searched through an abandoned merry-go-round, Elisabeth opened her Pulse Breiger, which displays the map of the surrounding area. Ultraman's signal is getting stronger. Slowly Elisabeth and Krishna followed the direction of the signal and soon they found themselves standing in front of a portable toilet.

"You're kidding me," Krishna said as he looked at the toilet in front of him, "Ultraman's inside there?"

"Nope," Elisabeth replied sternly.

"If we find Ultraman...are you going to shoot him?" Krishna asked.

Elisabeth didn't answered Krishna's question. Instead she closes her Pulse Breiger and runs towards the back of the portable toilet, with Krishna following her. Behind the portable toilet is a vast field, which is usually used for picnics. But like the other attractions of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, it is currently deserted. The mysterious young woman is seen limping on the field, clutching her right thigh which is badly bleeding. Quickly the woman takes off her boots and pulls out her socks, before tying the socks on the thigh wound in order to stop the bleeding. Putting her boots on again, the mysterious young woman slowly reached for her jacket pocket and takes out her bizzare-looking pistol. As the woman turned around and tried to limp away once again...


Suddenly Elisabeth and Krishna appears from the nearby portable toilet. Immediately Elisabeth aimed her Divalt Shooter at the young woman. As Krishna runs towards his Deputy Captain, he suddenly notices the tied socks around the woman's thigh, a few drops of blood can be seen seeping from the tied socks. Krishna suddenly remembers Ultraman's thigh was stabbed by Bugbuzun a few minutes ago. Then, the truth dawned upon him.

"I know it..." Krishna gasped, "You're Ultraman."

The young woman turned around, facing both Elisabeth and Krishna as she brandishes her pistol. Seeing that the young woman is armed, Elisabeth opens fire, only for Krishna to grab her wrist and forces the shot to blast the ground instead.

"Deputy Captain!" Krishna yelled.

The sound of the blast is enough to put the mysterious young woman on high alert mode, as she glared at the two Night Raider members while at the same time trying to lift up her pistol to the sky.

"Stop it, please!" Krishna pleaded as he stands in front of Elisabeth, "Don't fire!"

"Move out of my way!" Elisabeth shouted.

"No f**king way!" Krishna said, "Ultraman had saved us and this is how you repay her...or him...or whatever! Are you going to let your vendetta against the Beasts get in the way of your common sense?"

As Krishna and Elisabeth continues to argue, the mysterious young woman lifted her pistol, firing a red bullet of energy to the sky. Seeing that the woman has fired her weapon, Elisabeth punched Krishna out of her way, as the red energy bullet disperses itself into the sky, flashing briefly like a flare signal that the Army commonly used. Elisabeth then aims her Divalt Shooter at the young woman and fired it, releasing a red dart of energy that headed straight for the young woman...

ED: Forever by Kamelot