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1 Saiya-jin Blood

OR Something About You

Chapter 1 – Blue Eyes

It was a beautiful day at Gohan's house, mainly because Chi-Chi was nowhere to be seen, and Videl… well, Videl was there…

The sun was shining down on her face, her bright blue eyes sparkling like only hers could, and her short black hair moving slowly in the breeze. She looked at Gohan, and smiled.

"Gohan, when will your mom be back?"

"Why, Videl?"

"I dunno, I just… wondered whether I'd be able to taste some more of her delicious cooking…"

"Videl, I know my mom's a good cook, but you don't mean that…"


"I can tell."

Videl started to blush, so did Gohan, and the whole world seemed to be silent. But the peace was soon broken when Goten entered the room. He looked at the two a little suspiciously and then began to speak.

"Gohan, your cell phone was ringing…"

"I know, but I was busy…"

"Well, I answered it. It was mom."

"What did she say, Goten?" asked Videl.

"She said that Gohan was in trouble for not answering his cell phone, and that it could've been something important, and-"

"What else, did she say when she'd be back?"

"Uhh… yeah. She said she was going to see Bulma for an hour, and then she'd come home. Why are you so interested, Videl?"

"No reason… just wondering, that's all."

Yeah, right, thought Gohan, She's up to something, I know it!

He looked around, Videl was stood behind him and a little to the left. And she was blushing again. Goten noticed, he giggled and ran out of the house singing.

"Gohan and Videl, sitting in a tree! K - I - S - S - I - N - G!"

Now Videl was REALLY embarrassed, her pale cheeks had a soft pink glow, unlike any Gohan had seen before. She started to sway, and he caught her just before she collapsed.

"Gohan, I don't feel so good…"

"You almost hit your head on the chair, maybe you should go home, I'll take you, you might pass out in midair…"

"No, I don't wanna go home. I'd rather stay here, with you."

"With… me???"

"Yeah… I'm feeling a bit better already, y'see?"

"Videl, I… you said… and…"



"It was nothing… I don't wanna go home, 'cause…" and then nothing, she had fainted in Gohan's strong arms. The arms that had defeated Cell, the arms that her father took all the credit for…