Celesta: okay, so I haven't wrote a disclaimer, but I'm just a fan which you can probably tell by the quality of the story so far. So, I don't really think a disclaimer is necessary, do you?

Chapter 3 – Confused

"Gohan sweetie, where are you?"

It was Chi-chi! She'd just got through the front door and was hanging up her coat! Gohan quickly pulled away from Videl, who was starting to come around.

"Oh Gohan, there you are, you had me sooooo worried! And you didn't answer your cell phone or anything! If you ever-"

"Mom please, be quiet!"

"Huh? Oh, Videl's asleep. Wait a sec, Videl's… asleep…"

"Actually, I've just woke up. What on earth is going on?"

"Videl! You're awake! Thank Dende!"


"No matter. But you're FINALLY awake!"

"I'm gonna faint, Gohan… I want grandchildren, but…" THUD. Chi chi fainted. ~No surprises there! *sniggers* ~

"Uhh, Gohan?"


"Shouldn't you make sure your mom's okay?"

"Nah, she does that all the time."

"Uhh, okay. Gohan?"


"Did you… kiss…me?" asked Videl.

"I… don't know… Does trying to wake you up, and trying out my little brothers crazy idea count as a kiss?"

"Um, yeah."

"Then, I guess… I kissed you," said Gohan



"That's the first time a guy's kissed me!"

"That's the first time I've kissed a girl!"



Videl decided that it was really late and that she oughta go home, so she hopped into her little plane and flew away. Gohan could tell she didn't want to leave, he didn't want her to either, but he let her go anyway, Mr. Satan would be worrying about his precious little daughter.

Precious. Albeit precious and confused, but still very, very precious. To Gohan.