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Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Prophecy



Chapter 1

"Nooooooo!" Harry screamed as he sat bolt up right in bed. The boy looked around him sweating, confused, and alone for the tenth time in seven days. He had the same nightmare every time he fell asleep. He felt helpless as he watched his Godfather slip in to the Vail, again.

"Sirius, I'm so sorry, it's all my fault." Harry sobbed.

The boy sat with his knees drawn up and cried. That was his routine; for the last seven days he had done the same thing. He screamed, woke, cried, and slept. He hadn't got out of bed at all. The day he had returned to #4 Privet Drive, he walked slowly to his room, lay on his bed and dreamed.

The boy with the lightning bolt scar had been happy until the event that currently plagued his mind occurred. He was so sure that Voldemort had captured Sirius; he raced off to the Department of Mysteries without hesitation.

His friends went with him ready to fight. There had been the voice of reason; his best friend, Hermione Granger, trying to tell him that it was a trap, but he was so sure it was real. He should have listened…he had led his friends into a trap. Sirius hadn't been beaten and tortured. Instead the Death Eaters were waiting on them. They fought with everything they had and were holding their on, but they were getting hurt and tired.

The Order had showed up and the fight started to go their way when it happened. Sirius was fighting with Bella, his cousin, and appeared to be winning when a curse hit him driving him backward and into the Vail. Time slowed down for Harry, he watched in horror as Sirius floated away.

Later that night, Dumbledore had told him that damn prophecy, something about Voldemort marking him as his equal, that he had to kill or be killed, cause the two of them couldn't be here at the same time.

"Yeah right," Harry smirked.

Harry screamed again, this time not in pain, but in anger. Why must everything he loved be taken away?

As he screamed, something started to happen within him, His Emerald eyes began to glow. His whole body began to vibrate; the house shook with the force of an earthquake.


"Come on Dudley, this time we wont stop."

Vernon and Dudley raced up the steps as fast as their enormous bodies would let them, freaks be damned. This time they were going to kill him.

As the two entered the door of the smallest bedroom they were not prepared for what they saw. Harry was glowing and he was hovering about a foot off the floor.

They gaped at the sight before them, but before they could move a bright brilliant light exploded from his body. They would have been blinded for life had either of them survived the force in which they hit the wall behind them.

Petunia was sobbing and afraid. She would have screamed had she had time but the house vaporized around her.

The Authorities were baffled, because the house was gone and a large black crater remained. That though wasn't the problem, none of the houses around it were touched, and all that remained was a mint green cupboard door.

Dumbledore sat in his office with a knowing smile on his face; his plan had worked perfectly. Sirius was no longer around to influence his weapon. It had been too easy; he had Snape open the pathway to Harry and Voldemort's connection under the guise of helping the boy. He then just had to plant the suggestion in Peter's head to get the Dark Lord to lure Potter to the ministry. He knew there was a chance of someone getting killed and he had hoped that by the time he got there Sirius would already be dead. However, the old dog was doing better than he had thought, but as usual he had to take matters into his own hands. Cloaked and standing slightly behind Bella, he was able to take his time and line up his shot. One bludging hex to the chest at the right moment and Bingo it was done. Sirius fell right through the Veil; maybe if he had waited just a second later he could have gotten that filthy werewolf too. He was good at that Muggle game billiards after all, even without magic.

If the world only knew whom the real Dark Lord was. His days with Grindewald were fun; he had groomed him all to well. The wizarding world had understood that Grindewald was the famous Herman Göring, but they had never realized that he himself had been Adolf Hitler.

Then later he had carefully molded Tom in to the current monster he was, but Tom had gotten too careless and that spell had backfired on him somehow. Sure he had told the Potter boy that his mother's "Love" had saved him, but he tended to believe that it was the small crack that had appeared in the tip of Tom's wand. Although he didn't know for sure, after all he was in the Master bedroom pleasuring himself with that fiery redheaded Mudblood. The screams Harry had really heard that night was for a different reason. Just a simple mind spell and the child would think it was her trying to help him.

Now that old Tom had come back he would use his new toy to defeat him, then he would make Harry Potter the new Dark Lord puppet. Simple really just keep taking everything he cared for away and the boy would do what he wanted him to.

"Well this coming year it will have to be one or two of those Blood Traitor Weasleys. Although I don't think it will be the girl, not yet anyway. There is just something about a redhead." Albus contemplated.

"I guess it will have to be Molly and that waste of space son of hers Ron. Let's see Tom can kill Molly and I will prepare a devastating Quidditch accident. Right in front of Harry." Dumbledore mused.

Albus sat staring out the window thinking of how gruesome he could make the accident, when Fawkes burst into flame.

"Ruddy bird, forth time this year you've done that." Albus grumbled.

As the old man stood to check on the bird, his office began to shake. He stumbled and reached for his desk, missed and fell behind the huge piece of furniture just as all the devices he had monitoring Harry Potter exploded.

Ron woke late, and lazily got up to head down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Ginny sat at the table hoping to be finished eating before her brother came down. He sat down and began heaping food onto his plate. The usual morning meal for the family consisted of bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, pancakes, porridge, pumpkin juice, and coffee. Ron tucked in for a hardy meal and spoke, " 'Ey 'inny 'ere 'ou 'onig?"

"For the love of Merlin Ron will you please stop doing that, chew first, swallow, then speak" Ginny yelled.

"And just look at that plate, I mean if mum didn't have to feed you we might be rich" she yelled.

As Ron opened his mouth to speak the entire house began to shake violently, Molly screamed from the yard as the house looked as if it were about to fall over from all the shaking.

Ron and Ginny barely made it out of the house as it came crashing down.

Hermione sat at her desk trying to read her favorite book, "Hogwarts: A History", but she couldn't see thru the tears. She was worried and confused. Professor Dumbledore had told her not to write to or contact Harry in any way. She knew he would be having a hard time and couldn't understand why the Headmaster had told her to leave him alone…when she was young she had lost several animals to death and being the overprotective parents' she had they had taken her to grief counseling and the first thing the doctor had told her was she needed to talk about her loss.

She had made up her mind she was going to write him a letter. She just had to figure out how to get it to him. She pulled out a pen and paper and started to write:

Dear Harry,

I am sitting here trying to figure out why the Headmaster doesn't want me to contact you this summer when I know perfectly well you will need to talk to some one. When some one suffers a loss it is very important for them to be able to get their feeling out in the open so they can better deal with them.

Harry we have been friends since first year when you saved my life. I know it was you and Ron that came into the girls' bathroom that night, but I also know that if it weren't for you Ron would have never bothered to help me. Harry you have been there for me through everything. Harry I want to help you but I don't know what to do.

As I write this letter I have no idea of how to get it to you. I was thinking of sending it Muggle style, but would your Uncle give it to you?

I have been doing a lot of thinking these past few days and I have started to realize a few things that I think you need to know. After the past two years I have figured out that Ron will never be anything other than a friend to me, back in third year when we had the blow up about the broom both you and Ron stopped taking to me. At the time I was really upset and spent hours at Hagrid's cabin crying and if truth were told it was you not talking to me that hurt the most. Harry I think I may have started having feelings for you.

I know what's going through your head right now too, you are thinking something along the lines of " it might ruin our friendship or but I cant do that to Ron…well Ron had his chance and instead of making the most of it he didn't even try…I thought after the Yule Ball incident in fourth year he might pluck up the courage and at least say something. I waited all last year and he did even hint he was interested.

Well I have rambled on long enough and totally got off track, but its how I feel Harry I guess it's the best example of how to open up to someone I have told you everything Harry and I want you to be able to open up to me. If you want to talk I promise I will always listen.



Just as Hermione was finishing up the letter she looked up and saw Hedwig fly in and land on the perch she had bought last year for her.

'Hi girl you are just in time I just completed a letter for Harry. Do you want to take it to him for me?" she said.

Hermione tied the letter to the snow owl's leg and Hedwig just hung her head.

Hermione looked at the bird and was about to speak when her attention was drawn to the TV in the background.

Breaking News Alert: Number #4 Privet Drive was completely destroyed just moments ago. Of the four current residents it is unknown what has happened to them, as there is nothing left where the house used to be. As you can see behind me, the only thing left is and old green cupboard door. We will keep you up dated to the current news as it comes available.

Hermione just looked at the TV in denial. She slowly turned around and looked at the owl that had remained motionless.

"Where is he, Hedwig? Please tell me you can find him?" she sobbed.

As she looked at the bird she thought she understood. Hedwig didn't know where Harry was either and she looked scared.

Griphook sat at his desk working on the paperwork he had been assigned for the morning when he felt the pressure of the Ancients, but that couldn't be right that magic hadn't been used in a thousand years.

His door was opened and in the doorway stood two goblins, Ragnok and the Elder. Their heads were slightly bowed and for them that was not normal.

"He has been freed, you know what to do. He is at the Manor and he is unconscious." Ragnok said softly.

Griphook stood, bowed, and Apparated away.

The Elder raised his head and spoke softly, " Dobby!"

Dobby appeared with a soft pop bowing deeply, " You called for Dobby sir?"

"Dobby, it is time. He needs her…and bring the bird she has something he needs." The Elder said quietly

"Yes, Wise One!" and Dobby popped away.

Voldemort let out a scream and fell from his throne gasping for air. Peter stood and rushed to his side. Just as he reached his masters side and placed a hand on the Dark Lords arm to help him back to his seat. He too screamed and passed out. The Death Eaters looked at each other in confusion. He-Who-must-not-be-name was sweating uncontrollably and was in pain but it was no ordinary pain this was a pain deep within his soul. After a few moments of struggling he passed out. When the Dark Lord passed out all the Death Eaters succumbed to the same ailment. Little did he know the Anchors he had so diligently made were destroyed. Including the one on Dumbledore finger.

Dumbledore stood slowly and looked around at the carnage that was his office. He looked down at his left arm, what had been black from the ring, had been blown off from the elbow down. The ring had exploded at the same time as the rest of the items in his once neat office. He found the ring and looked at it and the stone in the center, the real treasure, was split in two. Dumbledore turned the stone over three times in his hand and nothing. The Hallows were destroyed.

Neville Longbottom sat quietly as he did every week during the summer. He was softly talking to his parents telling them about Harry and being able to help him at the Ministry. He explained how Sirius had fallen through the Veil. His crush on Susan and that he thought that she liked him as well. A single tear ran down his face, he had been coming here every week till he was eleven and then every week during the summer for the last five years. He had begged, cussed, cried, and prayed that something would change. But to his great sorrow nothing ever did. He finally stood as his Gran walked in and told him it was time to go. He turned to leave hugging the only person that understood, when the miracle happened…both his parents moaned.

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