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Chapter 6

Severus Snape was worried. He did not like the way Dumbledore was treating the son of his beloved and he was getting tired of constantly having to pretend he did not like the boy. He had secretly enjoyed the way Harry had constantly gotten over on the Death Eater's spawn. Severus and Draco had sat for hours and discussed the need for Draco to appear to hate Potter. He had to goad him into controlled fights; it would not do for young Harry to go up against the older Slytherins. Yes, he and James had been bitter enemies during school but they had secretly buried the proverbial hatchet, well… over a couple bottles of Firewhisky and a fistfight. Damn, James had an awesome right hook, and him having what Remus called and abnormally large nose it was an easy target.

Lily had patched them both up and the hexed them both for acting like boys when they were supposed to be men as she had put it.

"What can you tell me of your father's plan Draco?" Severus asked.

"Well Sir, so far it's a two part plan. I am supposed to find a way to get some of the Death Eaters in to the castle and secondly I am to kill Dumbledore." Draco said with a smirk.

"They think a sixth year student is going to be able to kill a wizard that the Dark Lord himself has been trying for years to unsuccessfully do. They must think a lot of you young dragon." Snape said with amusement in his eyes.

"No, you and I both know it's a suicide mission, my real part in the plan is the way into the school after that they don't care if I live or die, My mother will be contacting you to ask for an unbreakable vow to aid me when the time comes. The Dark Lord just wants the old fool out of the way and figures you would be in the best position to do this." Draco said.

"Oooook, well how are you supposed to get them into the school? Maybe I can help you come up with a plan to subvert their plans." Snape said.

"There is an old cabinet in the come and go room. It has a match in Borgan and Burkes'. You are supposed to be able to step into one of them and be transported into the other one, no matter how far apart they are. The one here is broken and they want me to fix it." Draco sighed.

"Ahhh I know of this cabinet, it is called a Vanishing Cabinet and it's not technically broken. One of the Runes on it has been altered slightly. Back when I was a student here, one of them stood in the Marauder's dorm room and the second was set up at James Potter's home. Back in my third year, Lily Evans and I found out about the so-called pranksters and we snuck into their dorm and altered the runes on it. I guess one of the house elves must have moved that one and someone stole the one at the Potter's home." Snape smirked.

"Well can you fix it and what are we gonna do about it, I don't want a bunch of Death Eaters running around the school." Draco asked.

"Let's give this some thought, Draco, first I can fix it, it would take about thirty seconds. What we need to do is figure out where we want the Death Eaters to end up when they come through." Severus said.

"How about the south pole let them freeze a while before they get back." Draco chuckled.

"That, while humorous, would not be to our benefit young dragon; they would come back and the Dark Lord would know of your treachery. What I had in mind was a little more permanent. But the question is where to send them? We can add a rune to the cabinet to disarm them as they come through but where do we want them to end up?" Severus pondered.

"I've got it, the Mariana Trench! Its eight miles below sea level. And it would crush anyone that stepped out of the cabinet. We send the one in the "come and go" room to the bottom of the trench and tell them it is all set." Snape chuckled.

"And we can add an enlargement rune on the inside of the cabinets and get them all at once, because something tells me that when the door opens, the second cabinet will be crushed." Draco said.

"The problem is going to be opening the second door, at that pressure the door will not open even with a blasting hex." Snape pondered.


Albus Dumbledore Supreme Mugwump, Chief Wizard and Order of Merlin: First Class holder was screwed. He was sitting in a cell in the bowels of Gringott's and no one could help him, he had been relying on Fawkes to save him when he called, but there had been a problem with that plan. Those damn goblins put up that blasted ward and that ruddy bird had gone through a forced burning day when he hit the ward. He just hoped that his spy inside the bank could help him out. It took a lot to get the goblin to work with him; the creatures would do anything for profit. All he had to do was show the goblin how he could make a profit with the funds from the Potter's vault and he would help him out, but the audit the Will had called for would cause a problem if the money were not put back. He needed to get a message to his spy to put the money back until the audit was done, if no money were missing then he would be free and clear.

"Ahhh Griphook my friend, I am glad to see you, can you get me out of here? You need to put the Potter money back into the vault until this audit is over." Said Dumbledore

"Dumbledore my friend I have some bad news for you. First, I never removed any money from the Potter vaults so the audits are not a problem, second, my brother knows all about your attempt to get me to steal for you. He is my brother after all and goblin magic is a little different from your wizard magic, you need a spell to read minds, we do not, goblin-kin are what some call a collective consciousness. We know what members of our family know, when you came to me and asked me to spy for you and steal from the Potter's vault, Ragnok knew and told me to go along with part of your plan. We felt as long as you thought you had an out, you would not put up much of a fight when we finally got you here." Griphook said.

"But Ragnok said I had been charged with theft, if you didn't take the Potter money, then what did I steal? Thus you have no right to hold me." Dumbledore said smugly.

"Dumbledore let me explain a little about the goblin mentality. To a goblin everything is used for profit, for example your beard, to you it is just that a beard, to us it is a tool to make money; we would cut it, clean it, and then weave a hat out of it. We would then sell it as a hat made from the great Albus Dumbledore's hair, thus we would be able to charge 10 times more just because it had your name on it. What did you steal you ask? Why Harry Potter of course, when you sent your agent to Godric's Hollow and took the child away from his rightful owner, one Sirius Black, you stole from him. You then placed the child in a home that he should have had no contact with at all. You then started a publishing company selling books of the adventures of the young Potter, without his or his legal guardian's permission. We have confiscated those funds and placed them into the Potter vaults by the way. So you see sir, you are a thief by goblin law at least." Griphook said.

Griphook closed his eyes and got a look of fury on his face. Dumbledore was about to speak when Griphook raised his hand and Dumbledore was slammed against the back wall of his cell.

"Dumbledore for what you have done your death will take weeks, hopefully longer. My brother just preformed the gladiack ritual bringing young mister Potter into our family and I now have all of his memories. You left that young man in that hell for 10 years and you had him go back there every summer. You sir, shall never see the light of day again. If your Ministry tries to get you back, we will go to war.


"Hermione, can I ask you a question? How did you get into Gryffindor?" Luna ask.

"Well to be honest I ask the hat to put me there. I had read all the books with information on Harry Potter and found out that his parents were both in that house. I felt the need to be in the same house as he was I can't explain it. The hat thought it was funny the way I had my reasoning already thought out and ready to do "battle" to be in the same house he was. I grew up always being the smartest in class, I knew in Ravenclaw I would be just another brain. I will admit that I am rather spoiled when it comes to academics. I have to be the best and in Gryffindor, I would stand out. There was also another less honorable reason; it can be summed up in two words, Cho Chang. I happened across her and her clique, she came across as a snob and I really didn't want to be anywhere near her. She was wearing Ravenclaw robes, so to me they were out. Why?" Hermione ask.

"Ok I can understand that, the reason I ask is I have it on good authority that you have a magical ancestor, you see I have a confession to make to you. I am the Heir of Hufflepuff. I ask the hat not to put me in Hufflepuff because I knew I wouldn't fit in there. I have a hard time in Ravenclaw because I'm different but it would have been a lot worst with the 'Puffs. They value loyalty above all others and although it's an excellent trait, loyalty for the sake of loyalty rather defeats the value of it. Do you know why so many 'Puffs believed the fraud Lockhart. He was a Hufflepuff. They knew he was lying but he was a 'Puff so they supported him. Heck, I read every one of his books before the term and I knew he was a fraud. The dates did not work out. In three of his books, he was supposed to be in three different places on the same day. Each place was well out of apparition range." Luna said.

Hermione blushed like a ripe tomato as she recalled her reactions to the smiling professor. "Well in my defense I was 12 and he was a published author. Fiction or not, he wrote books and that made me admire him. Although I later found out he didn't even write them, he used a ghostwriter then obliviated them. The man wouldn't share credit with anyone." Hermione stated.


"Darkness, it's away dark here, I have been here for so long the dark is now comfortable. I can't even see the hand in front of my face it is so dark. I miss them yes, but I don't remember who they are. I know I should remember, but all I know is "them". I used to know who they were, but now. They are important to me but I don't remember why. The darkness won't tell me." A bright flash of light suddenly filled the space. And faded to a point in the far distance. "Where did that light come from and where did it go? Maybe I should go see what it is."

"Silence, it's always quiet here, I have been here for so long the silence is now comfortable. I can't even hear my own voice. I miss them yes, but I don't remember who they are. I know I should remember, but all I know is "them". I used to know who they were, but now. They are important to me but I don't remember why. The silence won't tell me." A loud scream rent the air then faded to a distant low buzzing melody. "What was that? It sounded like a voice maybe I should go in that direction."


Ron sat on the couch in the sitting room at number 12 and was bored. Harry and Hermione was supposed to be here any day now and he was growing impatient. Ron and Ginny had found some hair in the rooms they had shared with the two of them. And had the potions all ready, now all they needed were the vic…subjects to show up. Ron had found a black hair on the floor under Harry's bed and Ginny had found one of Hermione's in the shower drain. What neither had realized was the hair Ron found was actually a red hair that was dirty, and Ginny had found a red hair while it was wet. Ron's hair looked black while Ginny's looked dark brown. The potion they were using was a lot more controlling than the normal love potion; it was made with the hairs of the anchor-person added toward the beginning of the brewing process and the thrall's hairs added at the end. They had found the hairs at just the right time and now the potions were ready and just waiting to be slipped into their juice. The potion would ensure that the thralls craved sex and would stop at nothing to bed the anchor-person.

Ron, Ginny, or Molly did not see the small elf as he collected samples of the potions to be "found" in their trunks later.


The castle waited, just a little longer and her masters would be home. Once she got them inside her walls, nothing or no one would harm them again. September the first could not get here fast enough for her.