Chapter 30

August 20th, 2011

Summer into Senior Year

"Can anybody find their home?"

Russell had always thought that buying that damn trampoline would be a waste of money, but the way his youngest daughter had looked up at him with hopeful hazel eyes had caused him to surrender and purchase the damn thing. As he remembered that day years ago, he sat on his deck, lounging with a glass of Judy's iced tea sweating in his hand, watching the sun begin to drop in the sky.

Quinn gazed up at the same sky, in the same yard, on that same damn trampoline she begged her father to buy years ago. Many nights had been spent this way as a child. Looking up at the stars, a young Quinn had lost herself in the bright lights and cricketing bugs. She always felt so small and slightly empty. Now she felt so full. She was filled to the brim with her Daddy's famous hot dogs and macaroni salad. She was filled with love as she laid next to her girlfriend. She felt hopeful yet fearful of their future together, but that didn't seem to matter so much right now.

Rolling onto her belly, the blonde looked deeply into the brown eyes staring away from the sky and now at her.

"Hey," Rachel breathed.

"Hey yourself," Quinn answered faithfully.

They didn't say anymore, rather they let the night consume them. The sky darkened quickly. It only took seconds for their breathing to become synchronized. Quinn's arm snaked around Rachel's petite waist and pulled her closer, letting the warmth spread to her body. Rachel sighed and smiled contently. Bowing her head, Quinn kissed her smooth forehead, the gesture electrifying her body to a practically glowing state, before returning her eyes upwards to the sky.

A hand suddenly covered hers and their fingers entwined perfectly in the dimly lit night. Above them the leaves danced to the music of the wind. It was refreshing, the whoosh of cars combined with the symphony of insects. Rachel shifted her weight a little bit, causing the soft and slippery surface below them to cave in and then up suddenly. They giggled simultaneously, warming the other's souls.

As the two reveled in the other, Russell revised his past thoughts. He never thought in a million years that he'd be sitting in his yard watching his little Quinnie spooning with another girl on that damn trampoline. Even more, he never have imagined himself accepting it let alone enjoying it. He had come to love the sounds of their laugher, the sight of them staring at each other from across a room or cuddling up on the couch in the family room, or the feeling of happiness that was forever engraved upon his Quinnie's face.

"It's crazy, isn't it?"

Russell snapped out of his stare to look up at the woman he had fallen for so many years ago. She had that same awestruck look he had just worn as she gently rested her hand on his shoulder.

"I think we're in it for the long haul," a male voice declared from inside.

Russell and Judy laughed and turned to see Hiram and Leroy through the window, hand in hand, washing the dishes. Russell offered his ex wife a hand and guided her inside to give their daughter privacy.

Quinn watched her parents leave, and swiftly straddled the brunette, looking as if she has no intention other than to stare forever at her girl. After all, they did have forever. Their lips met magnetically. Quinn could practically able to see the sparks fly out of their bodies.

"Yes," Russell said with a hearty laugh as he peaked once more before closing the door, "we most certainly are."

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