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Black Resolution

Target 1: Blank, White, and Orange


During a cold, lonely night in Italy, a figure was standing on the top of the building. His face was covered with a hood except for his eyes. Said blank eyes roamed the vicinity until he finally found his target. He was walking inconspicuously in an alleyway, alone and no one around to witness anything. Perfect. He grinned as he readied himself for the right timing.

He lunged at the man with a poisoned dagger in hand. The assassin planned to make his death a quick one, as to proceed to his next mission. I don't wanna waste my time anymore. Just give up already and die for me. He sighed in exasperation. When he swiped, the man dodged. Damn, and I already blew my cover, too. That was definitely not a smart move on my part.

He ran off as soon as he saw the person who was sent to take him out. He moved stealthily but quickly behind the rundown buildings. Sweat was running down his face, and fear was slowly creeping into his systems. How did he find him so fas— shit.

He felt a hand ghosted over his left shoulder. His eyes widened and he sprinted away immediately before the said hand could grab him. The person gave a 'tch'-ed but smirked at the thrill of the chase.

For it was the prey's resistance, that made it very exciting to him. Adrenaline at its peak, he quietly followed the man— wait, where was his target? He looked at the direction where the man ran off to. He was gone. The attacker sighed and walked around, trying to feel the other's presence. You can run but you can't hide, prey. I can still detect the stink of your fright.

The man panted and groaned as he slumped into the wall beside him. He sighed in relief. Phew, that should be the last of him for a while— A click was heard. He bit his tongue from shouting out loud. He slowly turned to his side, only to see his attacker grinning wickedly at him, his gun's safety released. See? What's the point of running when you can't conceal yourself properly? You're just making it more thrilling for me.

"Dendro Chilum, 38 years old. Known as the strongest lancer in the Millefiore Famiglia. A member of the 5th squad, Black spell. Has a wild boar for a box weapon. Signature move is the Triple Lance. Offense to the Millefiore, killed one of its trusted informants and sold secrets to a rival Famiglia." He gulped when all the information about him was spilled. The figure lost his grin, but there was a hint of merciless sadism in his eyes. He couldn't see his face very well since it was covered by a hood, except for the eyes.

He brought out two long katanas out of nowhere and stabbed both of the man's thighs, as to prevent him from escaping. The man howled in pain. He smirked, but it was devoid of any emotion. Simply—


"No, please don't—! Don't do it…!" He cried as his assailant bore his eyes unto his soul. His assailant lifted his gun, aimed it straight at his target's head.

"Your assistance is no longer needed, especially when you betrayed him." Dendro shook in utter fright.

"Please, no—!" He flailed his arms before—

A gunshot was heard.

Dendro fell slowly to the ground. The last thing he saw was the assassin removing his hood to let him see his face.

—an indifferent expression and blank, dull eyes.

The figure gently shook his head and closed his eyes in silence, and somehow, regret.

I simply want nothing more than the strength to break free from these chains.


The assassin hurriedly went to his employer's office. It was time to bring in his report. He knocked politely. Finally it was over—

A teenager about his age with orange-like red hair opened the door. It was his employer's most trusted subordinate: only next to him though. What was his name again? Irie something-something…

"I assume you have disposed of the target?" He asked, but the assassin could clearly see his nervousness. He nodded nonetheless. He seems too good to be his right-hand. The teen fidgeted under his gaze and he narrowed his eyes.

Irie gulped. He noticed the blank eyes directed at him, as if reading his whole being. He stepped aside to let him enter. "Then, please come inside. Byakuran-san is waiting." He paused. "Japanese, I presume?" Meanwhile, the Japanese boy was shaking slightly. Byakuran-san's helper is too observant and at the same time, too oblivious. Didn't Byakuran-san told him before that I was of Japanese descent? He paused in his thoughts. Though knowing him, he probably didn't. Maybe. But since it's the advisor and second-in-command, it must be because of his forgetfulness.

The assassin coughed slightly to get the other's attention. "I said, are you Japanese?" The right-hand unconsciously flinched at the cold, harsh tone. "Y-Yes." He tried to hold back a stutter. This person is really dangerous…! He thought to himself.

He did not even bat an eyelash about the fearful glance, and his eyes showed a little glimmer. It's not my fault my voice sounds cold… right? Geez, I should really stop scaring people unnecessarily. It's such a bother. He inaudibly sighed. His eyes reverted back to his old dull ones. He closed the door on the frozen-on-the-spot right-hand. Irie blinked dumbly when he heard a click. Wow, he didn't even notice it.

As he walked into the room, he observed the changes in decoration. For some reason, there were countless lotus flowers in the room. Is this another one of his weird fetishes?

A white-haired man grinned at him as he neared towards the said person. "Ah, you're finally back. Of course, as promised, the money has been transferred to your bank account and—" The man was suddenly in front of him. "—you are to do one last mission before you achieve your freedom." Byakuran gave him a sly smile, but he didn't pay any attention to it. What matters is that he can finally grasp the liberty he so badly wants.

The assassin's eyes gained a little light immediately. He gently removed his hood and bowed his head. "It has been a pleasure working with you, Primofiore(1)."

"No, no. On the contrary, I should be thankful to you—" He was about to say the other's name, but he received a glare.

His grin widened. "Oops, I meant… Cielo." He handed him a file. The assassin skimmed through it.

Target: Kazuya Mochida, or Mochida Kazuya in Japan. Another Japanese? Hm... His mind wandered to that Irie boy he met. Suspicious, very suspicious.

Age: 18. Cielo tapped his chin in thought. A year older than him, huh?

Status: Heir to the Spada Famiglia, a Family who betrayed the Millefiore alliance. Ah, the typical double-crossing scenarios.

Offense: Lead the third Spada danza revolution. The third sword dance, hm? The incident where a lot of Millefiore's men were killed? Cielo's eyes darkened immediately. Byakuran grinned at the sudden change. It seems that his favorite toy entered his 'assassin mode' again. He has a feeling that he's going to leave without a word.

Cielo put his hood back on and left the room silently, as if a conversation never happened between them. The white-haired man's assumption was correct.

When he was gone, Byakuran chuckled, until the chuckles turned into a laughter of cruel mockery. His eyes narrowed with an evil gleam in it. You are a big idiot, you know that?

He let out a small 'pfft'. He snorted. Did you really think I'm just going to sit down and let my favorite bunny leave? Byakuran stood up from his chair and looked out his one-way glass window-slash-wall, and stared at the countless people walking down below. You are too different no, unique for me to let go.

One day, you will learn where you belong— The white-haired man gingerly picked up a folder from his desk and a picture fell out of it. Nonetheless, he threw it into his fireplace at the side, crouched down, gazing at the picture of a certain person.

Ah, Cielo is so adorable, having such innocence that I madly want it— He grinned again, picked it up, burned it with his own flames. Byakuran gazed amusedly at the flickering fire on his hand.

to crumble away beneath my hands.

I only desire control for a pure new world, and a new beginning.


Giotto scanned through the different files compiled messily on his desk. He sighed tiredly and ran a hand over his spiky blond hair. He feels as if he was sucked dry by a vampire. Seriously, no one works as hard as he does. I mean, who the hell works for three straight days without even a wink of sleep? He grumbled under his breath about his Fate and the man who caused all of this. Damn you, Reborn.

Somewhere, a black-haired man sneezed a little.

He pinched his forehead. He feels a severe headache coming along later. The blond man just wants to retire to his room and sleep the rest of the day off, or maybe take a stroll in the town. His face broke into a happy expression. That's not a bad idea.

The young boss had a stupid grin on his face as he tiptoed towards the door, when it slammed open.


"PRIMO, ALAUDE JUST TURNED IN HIS REPOR— …Primo?" He looked around the room, trying to find his boss. His left eye twitched. He ditched his work again? He shook his head as a sly little scheme formed in his mind. Well, it wouldn't hurt to be childish once in a while, right? Besides, it works everytime.

He pulled out something from his pocket. It was a pack of caramel biscuits. He waved it around as he would to a dog. "Oh, Giotto~! I have something for you!" He purposely called the other by his first name and talked in a sing-song voice. G inwardly shivered at his own act. Maybe I shouldn't stay near Daemon too much. He opened the pack and let the smell do its wonders.

True to his words, Giotto came out from behind the door, well… more of he crawled towards G, clutching his face. "That hurts a lot, G…" His right-hand man's eyes widened. "A-Ah, Giotto— err, Primo! I'm really sorry about that and I should have knocked before I came in nonchalantly and—" Said blond blocked out his friend's blabber as he stared intently at the pack of sweet treats on the other's hand. He instinctively licked his lips. Yum.

"—I should've trusted you more that you wouldn't ditch your work—" Giotto visibly stiffened, and that didn't go unnoticed. G's eyes twitched again. He had deadpan look on his face. "You were planning to, weren't you?" His boss laughed nervously.

"Ahaha… ow." He nursed his nose. I think it's broken or something. But there are more important matters than my nose. He stared at the pack of biscuits intensely again. As his right-hand man fished out a first-aid kit—Where did he get that?—and treated his swollen nose, Giotto tried to reach out for the pack. Keyword tried. G noticed his boss's gestures.

"Primo?" He inquired, but his boss stayed still, so he ignored him. But when his boss pulled on the biscuits,—his right-hand man had one hell of a death grip—his face flared in irritation.

"GIOTTO, STOP ACTING LIKE A KID AND LET ME TREAT YOU FIRST!" His boss pouted mockingly (and childishly).

"But G! The bishwits awe mow impowtansh." He said, but his voice was muffled because he rubbed his face gently. His guardian couldn't take it anymore until…

"THAT'S IT! YOU ARE GOING TO STAY HERE UNTIL ALL THE PAPERS ARE DONE!" He roared in anger. Giotto frowned. "If that's the case, you have to help me then." G snorted. "Yeah, right. You're grounded for the rest of the week! That's means no trips to the candy store, the bakery, and you can't go around town!"

The blond boss had a teary look on his face. "No fair! I wanna get rest and go… it's so boooring…" He clutched to G's leg as a child would. A tick mark appeared on his best friend's face. "Giotto, get. The. Hell. Off." He kicked the other with all his might. Giotto detached himself from the other because of the force.

The Vongola Primo regained his seriousness. "G, what was that about Alaude's report?" G cleared his throat and eyed him warily. You're not planning anything now, are you? He thought to himself. Because of the blond's hyper intuition, he was able to pick up his right-hand man's glance. He raised both of his hands defensively.

"What? Just because I suddenly changed the topic doesn't mean I'm gonna do something sneaky. I can be serious too, you know." G snorted. "Yeah, right. I didn't even say anything. Guilty, aren't 'ya?" Giotto may admit it or not, he did have a tinsy-winsy intent of it. But of course, that doesn't mean I'm caught red-handed, right? Right (cue rolling of eyes here).

"Ehem, as I was about to say, Alaude managed to get an information about some guy named Dendro Chilum." Giotto raised an eyebrow. "So what's it got to do with us?"

"Dendro Chilum is—was a member of the Millefiore Famiglia, the same Family we're gonna meet with at the grand mafia ball a week from now. Apparently, the guy sold out his Famiglia to Millefiore's rival, a former ally of theirs." The Vongola Primo sighed. It was the usual cases of treachery. He rubbed his temples in frustration. Nowadays, loyalty is a hard thing to acquire especially when you're in the mafia.

"And who is this former ally Family of theirs?" He had a bad feeling about this. His stomach had a repulsive, unnatural feeling in it. If there is any god out there, please, just please stop making my life harder than it already is.

Unfortunately, there were no gods merciful enough to pity him. After all, gods don't exist in the mafia world.

"The Spada Famiglia, that Mochida-bastard's Family." Giotto had a look of disbelief on his face, and at the same time, an expression that he expected it to happen. Daaamnif it's that Mochida, then this is gonna be more complicated than I thought it would be.

He clutched his forehead. "Those guys… I already told them to back off from the Millefiore. But being the most ruthless in the Vongola alliance, I wouldn't be so surprised."

G crossed his arms as he 'hmph'-ed in annoyance. "Seriously, Primo. You're the only one who would be considerate enough to think people can change and give them a second chance. You shouldn't forget what Mochida did to you 5 years ago. That incident—"

"—shows how bad they are. I know, I know. The Spada has always been a sly organization. Though I also know that we shouldn't let the past affect our judgement. I maybe stupid to let such an atrocious Family into the alliance but you can't deny the fact that they have been helpful to us. Not only that, it's better to have a good relationship with them." The blond glanced at the window outside.

"With what just happened, I think it's virtually impossible for us to be allies or to have a peace treaty with the Millefiore. I'm sure both sides would not want to have anything to do with each other. The feud that has been going on between them for the past 4 years, you can't deny the facts."

Giotto gave him a determined nod. "And all the more reason we should meet with the Millefiore on the grand ball. Think about it G. If we manage to get on good terms with Byakuran and his men, we can help placate the grudge of the two Families. Therefore, eliminating all possibilities of a mafia war." He closed his eyes solemnly as he waited for a response from his right-hand man.

"You know I can't say no to you once you made your decision. So, are you sure we should continue?"

His boss stood up beside the door. "There's no turning back now. We better go over to the Spada Famiglia, now. Hopefully, they will cooperate in the contract between us and the Millefiore." The red-haired man sighed. "It ain't gonna be easy."

"I know."

His friend crossed his arms again. "Giotto." The said man turned around, his hand on the door's knob. "Yes?"

"Where do you think you're going?" A wary look was shot at him again. The blond laughed nervously. "What ever do you mean by that?" The man gritted his teeth as a threatening aura surrounded his persona. "Your paperwork, Giotto. We still have time before we go to Mochida's place."

Giotto flashed a sheepish grin and exclaimed in a happy voice, "I guess you'll just have to finish it for me. See ya later!" He closed the door hastily with a slam and ran as fast as he can away from his office. The right-hand man blinked before chasing after his boss. A voice boomed through the whole mansion

"DAMMIT GIOTTO! GET BACK HERE AND DO YOUR WORK!" He roared with all his might. When the said blond heard it, his grin widened. Sorry, no can do. You'll just have to drag me back in there, G!

I wish for power, to protect everyone precious to me.

In this room, there were lavish furniture and admirable paintings. The sunlight gently shone and cool breeze went inside from the balcony.

A woman with brown hair and blue eyes stared at the picture on her hands as she sat on a lush chair. She pursed her lips and glanced towards the big blue sky outside her window. Her hands clenched. "Do you think we'll ever find him, Dino?" She turned to the blond just beside her. His companion looked at her with the same sad eyes because of the sudden question.

"Elena, you and I both know that we'll succeed soon. You shouldn't lose hope because I'm sure Giotto, Daemon, and the others are gonna help us." He placed a reassuring hand on the woman's shoulder. "So while we're here, it's better to do what we can than sit around and cry about it all day long."

"It's been ten years since he went missing!" Elena sniffled. "Dino-nii—" She started, purposefully calling him in their mother's native tongue. Dino flinched slightly. Please don't start the waterworks, Ellie. You and I both know I don't know how to handle crying girls!

"Imouto," He said. "It's gonna be fine, I'm sure of it. Even if it takes us forever, we'll search each and every corner of the world and drag him back to our side." He hugged her as to comfort her. When they broke from their embrace, she opened her mouth slightly.

"Thank you, nii-sama." She smiled as tears of joy poured down her face. Dino smiled as well and ruffled her hair.

He looked at the crumpled picture in Elena's hand. We'll find you, otouto. So hang on until we get there, okay?

I seek the inevitable, to reunite my family once more.

I guess it is time to contact him again. Cielo closed his eyes as he laid down on his bed.

Once he opened them again, he found himself in a breath-taking scenery. Trees could be seen near and far until the horizon. The sunlight lightly prickled his skin, but not too much. Calming rushes from the banks sounded peacefully. Chirps from lovely birds could be heard everywhere.

"Oya, oya. It's my dear Usagi-chan." He purred slightly as he pronounced the other's pet name. "So what did I do to earn a visit from my favorite bunny?"

Cielo completely ignored the other's flirting as if he never said anything. "You know what I came here for, Mukuro. There is no need to ask for pointless questions as such." He sighed. Can't you take things seriously, even at least once?

Mukuro chuckled eerily. "Kufufufu, you know how I am." He paused and sat on the ground. He patted the space beside him. "Come, come. It would be rude if I sit on the ground and let my superior stand there all day." The assassin complied.

"So… is it the usual?" The illusionist inquired. Cielo nodded. "Mmhm, but the target is someone of interest and also the last one." The indigo-haired man perked up and showed a real smile. "Oh, really now. And who, may I ask, is our next and final hit?"

"Kazuya Mochida, the bastard from those treacherous snakes." Mukuro tapped his chin in thought. "Ah, the Spada Famiglia, hm? How… expected. What is so fascinating about him anyway?"

Cielo grinned wickedly. "It is not his status nor his Family, but their heirlooms." He fished out a picture from his pocket and handed it over to his companion. "The missing Hell rings."

The illusionist cackled. "Kufufu— kuhahaha! How devious of you, my dear boss." He faced the other with an expression of mirth. "This has got to be one of the best heists we've ever pulled off." He grabbed the other's shoulders. "Count me and the rest of us in. The mission is definitely something big and I won't let you have all the fun, kufufufu." The man disappeared immediately.

"Mukuro, I owe you a lot." He suddenly collapsed on the ground. The man whispered his last words directly at the assassin's ear.

"Anything for you, my lovely Tsunayoshi-kun."

I dream of having everything, just to grant you your true happiness.

Giotto stared at the intimidating building at the end of the road. He saw the gates from afar, a pair of crossed swords placed across a shield was visible in the middle of it. The Spada's official crest. He inaudibly gulped and fought back a shiver when he saw it. No matter how much I look at it, it still gives me the creeps. Out of the blue, his intuition rang alarms in his head. What was that all about? An explosion occurred afterwards and the ground shook from it.

He stuck his head out of the carriage's window. "What's going on out there?" He asked his coachman, also peering at his guardians from his periferal view. Asari and G looked like they were ready to pounce on something.

The coachman gave a shaky reply. "P-Primo, it seems that the S-Spada mansion is under a-attack." He pointed towards the said mansion. The blond's eyes widened before it narrowed as he directed his gaze at the man. "We should make haste. Please, let us hurry to the mansion." He noticed the disturbed expression of the man.

"Don't worry, we'll protect you and the carriage." Said man nodded as he let out a shaky sigh of relief. "Roger that, Primo!" He ordered his two horses to go faster.

As they arrived at the gates, the blond could not shake off the ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. What is this presence? He asked himself in bewilderment when he picked up a great murderous intent leaking out from one of the rooms on the top floor. He turned to his guardians.

"Let's us hurry before it's too late." They pushed the gate and it corroded with one touch. The group completely ignored this face because of their worry and ran inside the mansion. Two pairs of eyes watched quietly in the shadows.

"Do you think they'll get to the queen, Master?" The younger of the two asked. He slightly tilted his head in pure curiosity. His master gently patted his head. "That's where you're wrong, my student. The real question is, will they survive when they encounter him?"

His student nodded in agreement. "I think… not."

In the end, they never did expect what was greeting them inside.

Once you enter the door for which you aspire, you can never go out again.

(1) Primo (first) + Millefiore (thousand flower) = Primofiore (1st flower). He calls him that since he's the founder and automatically, the first boss.

So I got help from my beta, ahahaha… thanks for reading this. I'll try to update at least every two weeks. I hope you all like this!

If you noticed, G calls Giotto 'Primo' but sometimes fails at it and slips out his name.

Tsuna is 17. Giotto is 19. Byakuran is 20. Dino is 21. Elena and Mukuro are 18. Giotto's guardians are around 19-21.


"He's a demon, a monster!"

"I simply want to be free, and you're in the way of achieving it."

"W-Who are you?"

"That's classified."

"Why? Why are you doing this?"

"It's none of your concern. Purely business."

"Aren't you horrified with killing people?"

"That doesn't matter."

"Yes, it does."

"No, because my feelings never mattered."