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There's something on my face. It's wet, it's squishy, it smells weird, and it's not how I prefer to wake up in the morning. I open my eyes and push myself up on my elbows to find…..a thing. Lying on the pillow next to me with what I'm assuming is its disturbingly long tail draped across my shoulders. Other than that it's just a shapeless blob.

Moving carefully to keep from waking whatever it is up I slide out from underneath it and off the bed. No sooner do my feet hit the floor when suddenly the thing wakes up and lets out a strange squeal, startling me and waking up Tyler who is unfortunately lying on the edge of his bed. He starts, falling off the bed and landing on the floor with a rather undignified squeak.

"Ow!" he sits up, rubbing his back and looks around the room, his eyes catching the strange thing still on my bed. "What the heck is that?"

I shrug but before I can say anything the thing suddenly lifts what I thought was its tail and stares at me with large round eyes and starts chewing me out with loud screeches and squeals and bobbing its head in some sort of 'oh no you didn't' motion. Then it pulls its tail…er….neck…back into its blobby body and rolls off my bed and out the door with an arrogant air about it that reminds me of a cat. I stare after it for a moment before turning back to Tyler. He's staring at the door with a look on his face that suggests he's still half asleep and trying to figure out what happened. I don't really know either but I figure I can ask Larry later on. Tyler seems to have a different idea of how to handle it though. He gets up, wraps his blanket around him, falls onto the bed, and goes back to sleep. Guess that's one way to handle a confusing situation in the morning.

I slip my boots on and shuffle out the door. The blobcat is nowhere to be seen so I make my way down the corridor to the cockpit. Unfortunately, the only one there is…..one of the Bluglefluhgs, which one exactly I have no idea. They all look the same, almost as if they're all clones. It's a little creepy. Thankfully, it didn't talk to me so I don't have to try and figure it out.

I look out the window and see nothing but a dark sky. Which is strange since I could have sworn it was morning already. Unless….

"Cool, huh?" Larry comes up behind me, looking out the window.

"Are we…"

"In space? Well were else would you take a spaceship?" Larry grins.

"Where are we going?"



Larry's grin grew wider. "Their planet. It's in the next galaxy over. We're near it now though; you missed the cool blue streak of light speed."

"Oh," I turn to stare out the window again and now that I realize what I'm looking at I realize the stars kinda look bigger than they usually are. There's also a rather large purple planet in front of us. And by 'rather large' I mean HUGE. I didn't think planets could get that big.

"What the heck is that?" a familiar sleepy voice behind me. I turn around to look at Tyler who apparently decided to get up.

"Their planet, Bluhgledorf," I replied, watching as he just kinda stares out the window. He's obviously not much of a morning thinker.

"We're going to speak to Caesar," Larry explains. His explanation only results in odd looks.

"Like the salad?" Tyler asked. "Or the dude?"

"Like the blob. He's the leader of the Bluglefluhgs and he wants to talk to you guys about that dude who took you."

"Sir Buffoon?" I frown. Honestly, why was this guy so important?

Larry nodded. "Apparently he's an old friend."

Tyler grunted, rubbing his wrists as if he can still feel the wounds there. "Some friend."

The Bluglefluhg piloting the ship suddenly turned and said something to Larry.

"Oo, great! We get to have lunch in the Tralahg!" Larry grinned happily. I didn't see the importance of it. Tyler was too tired to care.

And then we were standing in a dark purple and blue garden surrounded by odd bugs, creepy animals, and strange moving plants that knew nothing of personal space.

Tyler yelped as one grabbed his butt with its odd claw-like stem and jumped sideways into me. "What the heck, why the hell are we in a perverted garden?"

"It's not perverted, they're just inspecting you," Larry replied behind us. "They've never really seen humans before. And they can't really see either, or hear. So they use touch. Plus, Bluglefluhgs don't have 'personal areas' like we do."

"It's still perverted," Tyler replied adamantly.

I had to agree with him on that. No matter how innocent the actions were, the touching was disturbing, even when it wasn't in a 'personal area'. The plants were slimy and smelled weird too. Plus, plants weren't supposed to move. That was just a plain golden rule that shouldn't be broken.

Larry just laughed and led us towards a large blobby building. I think 'Blobby People' would have been a better name for these creatures. I tried to concentrate on that and the building and ignore the touchy plants. But then Tyler had to point out something totally unfair.

"How come they're not touchin' you?"

"Hm?" Larry glanced at the plants. "Oh, 'cause I've been here before so they know me already."

"You've been here before?" I look at him incredulously.

"Yep. Quite a few times actually, although it's been a couple months since my last visit."

I just stared at him. Tyler glared at him. And the plants ignored him.


I don't even want to know what that was. I don't think Tyler does either. Larry just grins though.

"Mmmmmmgluhhhhhhhhhhblanaba!" he replies.

Tyler leans closer to whisper in my ear. "Who's he talkin' to?"

"I have no idea," I whisper back, searching the garden and what I guess is what passes as a porch in this world in front of us for some creature or giant plant or unicorn or something. But I don't see anything.

The booming voice sounds off again and Larry hurries us forward eagerly. "Come on, let's get inside before the chapter ends."

"Huh?" Tyler looks so confused right now. I think waking up to having his partner chewed out by a blobcat jinxed him. Then again I have no idea what's going on either.

"The chapter," Larry repeats like that explains everything. It doesn't. He sighed. "If we're caught outside when the chapter ends we're gonna be locked out. Come on."

We run the last stretch of garden and come to a door. And the only reason I know that is because Larry said, "Here's the door," when we got to it. It looks like everything else I don't even know what he's referring to really.

He ushers us inside (a rather slimy experience) and we find ourselves in the largest room I have ever seen.

"Whew, we made it," Larry said relieved.

I still have no idea what the hell he's talking about.

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