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Arthur was doing his favorite pastime. He was sat in his chambers secretly pretending to be looking over documents that he had already checked and knew full well what they were about whilst he was watching Merlin from afar as he was leaning over and making his bed.

Times when Arthur had watched him do this and fought against every ounce of strength he had to not just walk over there, push Merlin on to the bed and fuck him into the mattress.

Merlin had taken his jacket off and folded it over a chair as it was hot and removed his scarf, laying it on top of his jacket and rolled his sleeves up and continued to work and clean the Kings chambers. For some reason, Arthur had told Merlin he wanted his chambers to be thoroughly cleaned.

And Arthur had always left him alone when he was doing this as he always had Merlin do it when he knew that he was in a meeting that would drag on. But Arthur had some documents to look through and instead of doing it in the throne room like Uther used to when he was king, Arthur for some reason, chose to stay in his chambers whilst Merlin was cleaning them.

Merlin pulled a chair out from under the table and moved it to the bottom of Arthur's bed and was about to stand on it when Arthur stopped him.

"What are you doing?"

"I need to reach the top of your bed to clean it and in order to do that I need to be higher. That's why I have the chair."

"But you boots are filthy."

Merlin sighed and hopped from one foot to another as he took his boots and socks off. "Better?" he asked the king as he was now bare foot on the cold floor.

"Are you alright Merlin?"

"Me Arthur? Oh I'm fine. I would hate to stand on one of your chairs that has yet to be cleaned in my boots." Merlin replied sarcastically.

"You haven't cleaned the chairs yet?"

"How can I when you are sitting on one of them."

"You get cranky when cleaning don't you. I know now why I always tell you to clean whilst I am in meetings."

"Then why is today different?"

"I had no meetings and I wanted my chambers doing Merlin."

Merlin just nodded and stood on the chair to reach the top of Arthur's bed. Arthur went back to secretly watching Merlin again and had to stifle a moan when Merlin reached up to clean, making his top ride up and his breeches drop a little more, making them hang loose on the slender pale hips, Arthur was that busy staring at the trail of dark curls that led to under Merlin's trousers, to see that the chair Merlin was on started to wobble as he lifted one leg up and placed his foot on the high back of the chair as he tried to reach further. "Whoa." Merlin shouted out and grabbed on tight to the top of Arthur's bed as the chair fell from under him.

Arthur stood up and rushed over to Merlin and wrapped his arms around his legs. "I've got you Merlin." Arthur said as he found himself facing Merlin's crotch. Arthur couldn't help but move his face further forward and breath in Merlin's scent.


Arthur pulled back and looked up at Merlin. "Let go Merlin I've got you."

Merlin slowly let go as Arthur loosened his grip and let Merlin slide down through his hold. When Merlin's feet were on the floor they stood staring into each others eyes, Arthur arms still around Merlin with his hands on Arthur's shoulders. Arthur broke the eye contact and cleared his throat as he slowly backed away. "Thank you Arthur."

Arthur gave an awkward smile and returned to the table where the documents still lay. Arthur sat down and avoided eye contact with Merlin who seemed to be staring at him.

"What Merlin?" Arthur asked after a few seconds of feeling Merlin's eyes on him. Merlin blinked and continued with his cleaning. Merlin turned his back on Arthur and started to make the Kings bed again. Did Arthur deeply inhale when he had his arms around my legs? Shaking his head at the silly thoughts, Merlin finished the bed and left the room, telling Arthur he wouldn't be long.

Merlin had returned twenty minutes later with two buckets full of soapy water, starting at the far end of the room, Merlin got on his hands and knees and started to scrub the floor, not knowing that he was making his king smile by giving him the perfect view of his arse.

Oh this was torture, and yet... it was perfect at the same time, Arthur was that busy looking at Merlin that he didn't notice Gwen come in and place a plate of food before him until she cleared her throat and Merlin turned to look over his shoulder with a big grin on his face. "Hello Gwen."

"Hello Merlin. I see you are busy as usual, I just came to bring Arthur his dinner."

Merlin nodded and continued to work. "Arthur why don't you just tell him how you feel?" Gwen whispered.

"I can't Gwen, if I tell him how I feel then he most likely recoil and find it wrong."

"He won't Arthur. To say you spend as much time as you can watching him, you don't know much do you. When ever a female flirts with Merlin, he just grins and gently lets them know he isn't interested, but when a male does it, all he does is blush. That is why Gwaine always flirts with him, because he finds it funny that Merlin blushes."

"No-one should see him blush like that." Arthur growled.

"No-one but?"

"But me Guinevere." Arthur said, loud enough for Merlin to hear and look over his shoulder once more. "Are you alright Arthur?"

"I'm fine Merlin."

Gwen smiled at Merlin and gave Arthur a sympathetic smile placing her hand gently on his shoulder in comfort before leaving the room.

Merlin who witnessed the smile and touch, pulled a sour face and went back to scrubbing the floor furiously now which didn't go unnoticed by the young king.

It was later that day after Arthur had finished his training that he walked into his chambers to see that Merlin had done him a bath. "Thank you Merlin. I could certainly do with one." Arthur went behind the screen and undressed, only emerging once naked, missing the blush and turn of the head from Merlin until he was in the bath.

Merlin cleared his throat and began to wash his back with a soapy cloth. After washing the kings' back thoroughly, Merlin then wet Arthur's hair and picked up the soap and began to wash it.

Arthur closed his eyes in content, happy with the feeling of Merlin's long and slender fingers threading themselves through his hair as he massaged his scalp and washed his hair, Merlin rinsed his hair and ran his fingers through it to make sure that there were no more soap suds when Arthur jerked forward, realising he was hard.

"Are you alright Arthur?"

"I'm fine Merlin."

"Are you ready to get out now?"

"No Merlin. You are free to go Merlin, enjoy the rest of your night off, I am capable of drying myself."

Merlin frowned. "But your bath-"

"It's alright Merlin. I will get another servant to sort it when I decide to get out."

Merlin stood up. "Yes sire. Good night."

"Good night Merlin."

It was only when he heard the chamber door shut behind Merlin did Arthur let out a breath and lean back, moving his hand down and wrapping it around his aching member, he quickly began to stroke himself to completion whilst thinking only of Merlin.

That night whilst laying in bed, Arthur couldn't sleep, the thought of Merlin kept playing on his mind, that and what Gwen had said, Gwaine flirts with Merlin because he always blushes when he does so. Knowing that if he didn't do something fast then he would lose Merlin, Arthur chucked the sheets off him and got dressed, with one destination in mind.

Merlin was blowing out the candles in his and Gaius' quarters when Gwen came in. "Oh Merlin you're still up."

"What's wrong Gwen?"

"It's Gwaine."

Merlin was about to walk into the tavern when someone came stumbling out. "Gwaine?"

"Merlin." Gwaine slurred and wrapped his arm around Merlin to help him stand up straight. Merlin wrapped his arm around Gwaine's waist and tried to help the knight back to his chambers. That was the plan, but trying to get a drunk Gwaine to walk up the steps were impossible, opting for the easier option, Merlin changed course and set off to his and Gaius' quarters.

Arthur turned a corner and saw Merlin stumble into the corridor ahead of him, he was about to shout out when he saw Gwaine, he had his arm around Merlin which slowly made it's way south, his hand giving Merlin's arse a tight squeeze causing the sorcerer to yell out in surprise and jump forward.

Gwaine laughed and buried his face in Merlin's neck. "You smell good Merlin."

Arthur watched in anger and jealousy as Merlin lifted Gwaine's face from his neck only for Gwaine to kiss Merlin on the lips, his hand on the back of Merlin's head to keep him still.

Merlin didn't push away. Balling his fists in anger, Arthur turned and stormed back to his chambers.

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