So hi, this is kind of new to me, I usually don't get random inspiration like this but it was irresistible! A friend of mine recently introduced me to the fandom and I'm hooked, and please forgive me if this has been done before!

Disclaimer: now honestly, who would write fanfiction for their own series? That just makes it canon ._.

Warnings: All situations here are to be determined by the reader, the resulting mental images are not my issue, because they just aren't honestly

"Well it's not like I would want him to do it to me, I just figured it was something that came with the job. As a servant I should help him relieve pent up frustration no matter what it does to me." Merlin's voice carried down the corridor, and a few of Arthur's knights, namely Gwaine, Leon, Lancelot and Percival all stopped dead in their tracks. Around the corner stood the boy talking casually with another of the servants, and Gwaine pressed himself next to the wall within earshot motioning for the others to follow. Lancelot moved first, the other two both looking hesitant before doing the same.

The girl Merlin was talking to asked a question, but her voice didn't carry.

"Well sometimes as often as twice a day! You wouldn't believe how quickly he builds it up!" Percival lost all the the color in his face.

"And he's not gentle about it either. I've asked him to stop before but then he'll just do it harder; I almost passed out once because of that!" By now Lancelot had a death grip on his sword, and Leon was a red as a beet.

"But that's just how he is I suppose, I can't imagine him going soft on me. It's the best way for him to let it out, trust me, he's tried other things."

The knights all exchanged mortified looks of disbelief as the girl responded with what sounded like another question.

"Unfortunately yeah he does. And it gets everywhere! It's not easy getting it out of your clothes either, I wish he would take that into consideration before he did it!" There was a pause, then a sigh, "But he's always in a much better mood once he's done it, and I guess sometimes it's good for me too. I can get a bit mouthy, and I think the only noise he likes to hear me make is one of pain." Gwaine had Lancelot the by his collar trying to hold him back, and Percival and Leon looked genuinely disturbed.

"But Honestly! How rude can he be? Throwing goblets at me!" and immediately after Merlin nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of armor hitting the floor from the connected hallway.

Honestly what where you all thinking! Haha, sorry! Got the idea while reading a separate fanfiction for no real reason.

note: thank you guys so much! I was so surprised by the amount of love I got for this! And to answer a question a few of you had, at the end the knights all hit the floor, kind of an over dramatic fall of sorts ^^; sorry for not making that more clear