A/N: The following story is a complete work of fiction; all character names and personality traits have been modified from those created by, and copy to, Stephenie Meyer.

All prompts were pre-read/beta'd by soup_lover_9.

The Twilight Twenty-Five
(thetwilight25 .com)

Prompt: 17. lick
PenName: thewasofshall
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: T

lick: v pass the tongue over (something), typically in order to taste or moisten

They'd been best friends forever – since before they'd stopped looking the same undressed, learned that holding hands meant something, or lost any teeth.

And then they weren't.

He watched from across the cafeteria, her left foot jiggling while she nodded to what Jessica was saying. Tyler was going on about football tryouts, and he knew that it was important to listen, but he didn't care.

Not now, anyway.

Not when Bella was slowly eating a fudge bar, the pink tip of her tongue tracing her finger before everything melted and dripped down her arm.

He would tell her… eventually.