The Twilight Twenty-Five
(thetwilight25 .com)

Prompt: 13. beach photo (found at thetwilight25 .com/round-5/prompts)
Pen Name: thewasofshall
Pairing: Bella
Rating: K+

The photo was silly, but Bella smiled whenever she saw it. They'd acted like they were fourteen on purpose, if only to stall the clock from creeping any further past twenty-five.

It represented all of them together like they'd been since high school, spending long days at the beach and warm nights drinking on the deck of the Cullen's beach house. (They did that at fourteen, too.)

They'd just needed one more summer as a sextet; one more moment before two pairs moved away, and one got married. One last hurrah before they were forced into adulthood.

And it worked.