Story note: The female character is one created by a friend of mine and the story was written with her in mind.


Gibbs chuckles as he dangles the dainty object off the tip of his finger.

"Missing the other one aren't you?" He says as he turns around and stops staring at the countertops.

"Eve, what is going on?" He asks and I smile as I take the small red object from his fingers and continue working. I was almost finished before he'd walked in and so I diligently applied pressure every few seconds, until the dough was used up. sliding the last pan into the oven, I walked over to the sink and washed up my utensils then turned to face my husband.

"Well, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and had mentioned that you told me if I bought one more pair of shoes you'd make me eat them if they were leather or take them back if they weren't. So she sent me that. It arrived in yesterday's mail."

Gibbs by now is laughing softly as he takes in the side counters laden with the different kinds of shoes I've purchased over the years. Each pair is similar to the original, only smaller and in this case, tastier than when I'd bought them.

He picks up a pair of leopard prints and starts nibbling on the heels, trying to remember when I'd bought that particular pair and smiled when I told him. As he nibbles the straps off the first shoe, I chuckle to myself and silently applaud my friend's ingenuity. There hadn't been much of a note but then again it had come with the original gift she'd sent me.

The idea of making smaller edible versions of my shoes hadn't occurred to me prior to the arrival of the small red shoe shaped cookie cutter, but now I can buy my shoes and eat them too. I just have to make sure he doesn't find the other item she sent me. The Cowboys and Indians magazine with a certain blue eyed individual not only on the cover but with a full article written about him on the inside, I made sure to hide that in my desk drawer… no sense in giving the poor man a complex!

The End.

A/N: Yes, I really did send my friend a shoe shaped cookie cutter...and the magazine mentioned within...therefore, the magazine, Eve and of course Gibbs do not belong to me...comments are welcome ^_^