Author's Note

Hello! First of all, thank you very much for reading my first Viva Piñata fanfic, Arrival Of A Legend.

Second of all... :P... I want to do the copyright. I don't own Viva Piñata or its characters. I do 'own' Ameena and the demon Tsi though, but I don't feel like anyone would 'steal' them... I won't call it stealing, anyway! If you want to use either of them in one of your own VP fics, go ahead, you have my blessing! :D

Now that we are talking about characters, EpicLaughter is the person who created Magnar, Dastardos' piñata pet. I'm very happy she did, because he came quite handy in my story! :D :D

I also want to thank EpicLaughter for always reviewing, and listening to my rambling about Viva Piñata and writing on PM. She helped me detect the 'desert' 'dessert' problem! :D
I love the stories she writes, and if you haven't already, you should definately check out Sahari and Sparcticus, Dirty Little Secret, A Different Look at Viva Piñata's Village and The Corruption of Stardos. The latter influenced my view at Dastardos and Seedos enormously.

Of course there will come future stories for VP soon. This tiny fandom doesn't keep itself alive! ;D

Arrival Of A Legend is the first part of a three-parted Legend trilogy. I am happy to announce that the next part will be called Roots Of A Legend, which will involve around Piñata Island's nearly forgotten religion - prepare for Demons, Dark Gods and abandoned temples! We will get some insight into the myths of the Islanders, their little traditions and the history behind the wearing of masks...

Further thanks go out to anyone who's read this story, really, and of course to anyone who's reviewed. Reviews are always welcome, especially those with constructive critism! :D
If you spot twitches in my plotlines or errors in my grammar, please tell me! I'm not a native speaker of English you know, and besides that, I'm always eager to know how I can improve my writing! :D

That's it for now! I'm glad you've read my dusty, boring Author's Note... Have a great evening everyone, I appreciate every all of you readers and writers of VP fics! :D

Lots of Love