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Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape

Rating: M

Genre: Humor/Hurt/Comfort


Beta-reader: GabbyFreak – Have I ever told that you're just marvellous? :-)

+ + + Chapter 1 - "Disgraceful Downfall?" + + +

"Get the hell outta here, Ron!"

Ron Weasley ducked instinctively as the bottle that was flung at his head burst against the doorframe. "Go find yourself another stupid chick that you can get sloshed and take advantage of!"

"Hermione?" Ron replied, shell-shocked. "Are you out of your bloody mind? What is the matter with you? You never rejected a glass of red wine before!"

"Oh really? Didn't I, Ron?" Hermione kept sputtering with rage. "Well, that was before I overheard your latest 'master plan' as you like to call it."

Ron cringed. "Um...what exactly did you hear?" He asked sheepishly.

"What exactly did I hear!" Hermione spat at him, perplexed and arms akimbo. "You boasted your plan all over the school yard!" She started mimicking his voice. "I'm Ron Weasley and the concept of my 'master plan' is: First, she gets hammered, and then she gets nailed. Hehe."

Ron frowned. Now he understood her furious behavior. Hermione had never wanted to be in a committed relationship with him. Nevertheless, they occasionally had had some intimate encounters...until lately.

Sometime, about a month ago, Hermione had almost killed him after their latest sleep over, and kicked him out right afterwards, stating that their 'friendship with benefits' would be over. Hermione hadn't been the same since she'd had to report for detention at Professor Snape's office in the dungeons. After that, Ron had started dating other girls, realizing that some wine would make them way more responsive to his efforts than if the girls were sober. Well, of course he had to share this secret knowledge with his male mates at lunch-break...and a little boasting would do his ego good, he thought.

Ron was cut out of his haze by Hermione's hysterical voice. "Ron, you're such a schmuck! Such behavior is very poor, even by your standards!" She threw a book towards him and reached for her wand. "And now, you're trying to manipulate me. Me, Ron! Now get out of here or I promise, I'll transform you into the pig that you are!"

Ron stumbled backwards, reaching for the door for protection, then slamming it shut quickly behind him. A furious Hermione was a dangerous Hermione. That he knew for sure.

As soon as Ron had left, Hermione headed for the bathroom. She tried to calm down; brushing her bushy hair and applying mascara to her lashes. Unlike Ron, she had matured over the last months. She was Head Girl now. Absent-mindedly she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Had she been overreacting? Maybe Ron had every right to date other girls and it was none of her business what trickery he used to reach his goals. Still, Hermione was frustrated. Dreamily, she recalled that fateful night of her detention with Professor Snape...

Her worries. Her secret and inappropriate expectations, her spanking, which had turned out to be more of a turn-on than a punishment. And then...

"Damn it!" Hermione snarled to herself. Her encounter with Snape had helped back then. It had made that awful urge go away...for a while. For a very little while, though. But now that urge was back, stronger than ever and Hermione was going nuts over that fact. For weeks she had been trying to deal with the problem; studying harder to get her mind off of her night with the professor, fantasizing about him while she pleased herself and even when she was doing it with Ron. However, it didn't work. Her time with Snape had left an emptiness in Hermione that Ron simply couldn't fill – in more than one way...

Hermione felt a rush of fresh desire dampen her panties.

She had to do something, and since Hermione had just kicked out her one and only chance for intercourse in the near future, the only way to get rid of her ache was...well, confrontation. She was so eager to learn more...

And as with any topic, Hermione wanted to know everything about intercourse, in detail. But much to her dismay, that kind of knowledge wasn't attainable from a book. She definitely needed to get some practice, so she decided with an uncertain heart that the only logical solution to her problem was – as much as the mere thought frightened her - to ask Professor Snape for another 'special detention', or something like that...

The next day Hermione felt her stomach knot as the shrill sound of the familiar school bell ended potions class. She had turned her plan over and over in her mind the whole day and now the moment of truth was near.

Hermione pretended to gather her books and parchments as she watched the other students file out of the classroom out of the corner of her eye, leaving only Professor Snape and herself. Apparently he hadn't noticed her presence yet as he was still pouring over some essays. Hermione sighed silently and walked over to her Potions Master's desk.

"Um...Professor Snape?" Hermione nervously cleared her throat. The Professor looked up from his work, his expression as peeved as usual.

"What is it, Miss Granger? Class is over. Stop bothering me." He reached for his red quill.

Nevertheless, Hermione didn't move.

"Professor, I really need to talk to you about...some...um...serious business. Do you have a minute?" He looked at Hermione again and nodded, then motioned for her to fetch herself a chair. Hermione put it in front of his desk and sat down. She plucked up all her courage and steeled herself for the upcoming conversation.

"Well?" He harrumphed. Professor Snape's patience was obviously wearing thin already.

"I need to talk to you about my detention...you remember?" Hermione tried her best to let her voice sound strong and free of any emotion, yet didn't quite succeed at it.

Snape leaned back in his chair, arms folded across his chest. "I do. What about it?"

"I...I guess I..." Hermione struggled for words. "I guess I desperately need a...repeat performance." She finally managed to spit out, mentally head slapping herself over her odd choice of words. Bollocks to that! Well it was out...

Snape arched an eyebrow. "Repeat performance?" He slowly repeated, drawling the words in a silken voice that sent shivers down Hermione's spine. "Is that some odd Muggle-term, implying that your recurring inappropriate wanton desires towards my person still aren't adequately sated?"

"Um...yes, I guess so, Sir." Hermione replied, then quickly added. "Not that I hadn't been sated last time...it's just...that ache has come back and seems to be rather persistent, so..."

Hermione almost leaped to her feet when all of a sudden Snape interrupted her harshly.

"So what exactly do you expect from me, Miss Granger?" He snarled at her, effectively emphasizing his words by leaning over the desk, dangerously scowling down at a deeply blushing Hermione. She held her breath and ducked as she heard him hiss sardonically. "Did you have something…special in mind or do you think it sufficient if I just spanked and brutalized you over my desk as I did before?"

Hermione gasped, Snape's deliberately chosen words instantly eliciting naughty memories of the night of her detention, dirty images popping up in her mind uncontrollably. As much as every ounce of her body wanted to scream 'YEEESSSSS!' that tiny, tiny remaining common sense in her hormone overloaded brain forced her to answer in a coherent sentence.

"Actually...I hoped to learn something, Professor." Hermione replied, hardly audible. It took her great effort to concentrate on trying to avoid the fact that her scent of arousal would betray her, like it did last time. Nonetheless, she couldn't help her physical response to Snape's intimidating and sinister demeanor. Hermione just hoped that she would manage to hide it...

Professor Snape looked bewildered at her answer, leaned back and narrowed his eyes. "Go on."

Hermione sighed with relief as she recovered her personal space. Well, at least she seemed to have his attention now...

"Well, you see, Sir...I had thought it might be appropriate to combine business with pleasure, and since that urge definitely won't go away by itself, I had hoped you could...teach me something in the process? Rather than simply...ravish me until I can't tell up from down..."

Did she really just say that? Hermione wrung her hands in nervousness. "Please?"

Snape didn't answer. The air was tense to the breaking point as he simply sat there and considered Hermione Granger. This was so characteristic for her; always the eager student, always keen on learning, no matter what, absorbing every tiny piece of knowledge like a sponge. Hardly surprising that she tried to approach such a delicate issue as sex in the same manner; with logical thinking and a scientific attitude. He was her teacher; she wanted to be taught by him. Simple logic. The professor couldn't fight back a quick smirk as he saw the image of him, mounting Hermione before his inner eye, Hermione meticulously writing down notes as he did so. Yes, he thought she would be quite capable of such behaviour.

While Snape was playing this scene quickly in his head, Hermione could have sworn that for the blink of an eye she had seen a smirk upon his usually cold and stern features. Hmmm. Now, was that a good sign?

It seemed an eternity before Snape finally replied to her indecent proposal. "So, Miss Granger, am I getting this right? You're not only asking me to fuck you but to give you private lessons in how to fuck as well?"

Hermione cringed at the bluntness of his statement; unlike her, Snape obviously did not have any problem in speaking out loud what he was thinking. Hermione swallowed hard.


Snape regarded her again. Now that, he had definitely not expected. Hmmm. That naive and curious little Miss know-it-all most likely had no idea what she was getting herself into. Very well, time to clarify that Miss Granger would probably get way more than she had bargained for.

"I see. Very well, Miss Granger..." Snape gave her a smug glance. "...in that case I presume you are aware of the fact that such private lessons would include several tasks that you might not have considered yet." Hermione blinked at him, not yet catching his drift.

He tried again. "As in class, my private lessons would prove to be thorough, challenging and...arduous. I tolerate neither 'pick and choose' nor shirking away. If you are taking this seriously, you must be prepared to go for...the whole package."

The Professor intentionally overemphasized the last few words, wondering when the penny would finally drop. Usually Miss Granger was quick with comprehension but now she just seemed so preoccupied that she overlooked the most obvious.

"The...whole package?" Hermione repeated uneasily. Snape sighed in annoyance.

"Meaning..." He explained in a silky voice, looking her straight in the eye to boost the shock of realization that was just about to strike her with all its force. "...involving any opening anatomically provided."

Hermione's eyes grew wide, her jaw dropped and she started breathing quickly. Blimey! How could she have forgotten about taking those options into consideration? Hermione cursed her hormone-flooded brain for such a careless mistake.

"What?" She asked weakly, playing for time as she simultaneously tried to calm her adrenaline-fuelled thoughts and other parts of her that were making themselves known. Her original plan was now completely thrown out of joint.

Would I? Could I? Hell, I didn't even know how exactly...oh crap, I'm screwed...!

"You heard me, Miss Granger." Snape purred. "I never do things halfway. It is all or nothing...your choice." He looked towards the old clock sitting in one of the classroom's corners. "And make it a quick one."

Hermione started shifting in her chair uncomfortably. This was quite a mess she had gotten herself into and as her professor had already hinted, time was running pretty short for an answer. As much as parts of her simply wanted to run and hide, she also recalled that cowardice was definitely not a Gryffindor quality.

"Tick tock, Miss Granger. I am losing the little interest I had in this conversation – which can be very dangerous. Your answer...NOW." Snape hissed scornfully.

"Alright!" Hermione scrambled to say. "Alright professor, I'm in." She couldn't believe her ears as she heard herself giving this unconditional and binding promise.

"Very well." Snape nodded in agreement. "Now, just for the record – you initiated this arrangement, not me. This gives you the freedom to stop it whenever you see fit." Professor Snape stated as if he were reciting the school regulations. "Nonetheless…" He added with a sadistic smirk "…you ought to keep in mind that if you decide to do so - for your own sake - don't you ever dare come crawling back to me, begging for release from you carnal desires. Is that understood, Miss Granger?"

Hermione listened carefully, realizing the seriousness in his statement as she nodded slowly. Just as she was about to sigh in relief over the loop-hole she had been given, Hermione was completely taken aback by Snape's immediate course of action.

Rising from behind the desk, he predatorily walked around it, invading Hermione's personal space once more. Stopping right beside her, the Professor glanced down at her with piercing black eyes that sent shivers of thrill all through poor Hermione…

(censored part…)

The old clock struck seven in the evening. "Ah, supper." Professor Snape stated casually. "Lesson's done for now. I expect you back at nine."

Hermione got to her feet, still in a trance. "Back in class?" She asked silently.

"No. At that late hour my private rooms will be more adequate." Snape replied. "I'm sure you remember the way to the dungeons, don't you?" Hermione nodded as he ushered her out of the class room after withdrawing the protective spells from the room.

"Very well then, Miss Granger. Nine o'clock sharp. And explicitly NO makeup." He added, referring to her mascara.

"Alright professor, no makeup." Hermione was too upset to ask for the reason of his last request and for the moment she didn't really care. All she cared about was a good amount of pumpkin juice and mashed potatoes for dinner to get her mind off this odd and surreal, yet so alluring encounter...

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