Hi there!

I'm sorry, no new chap on this story but I didn't know how to reach you dear readers otherwise. Since my essay "The Potter 'Bad Boy Phenomenon'" has been deleted from ff.n and those who subscribed to it here can't follow it any longer, I just wanted to let you know that the final chapter is now up and can be found here:

archiveofourown DOT org/works/374753/chapters/842025

I also started to archive my stuff on a great new site called "The Maple Bookshelf". :)

Additionally, I'm working hard on the new chap of "Embracing My Very Own Darkness" (The final part in my Harry Potter trilogy "The Guilty Pleasures of Hermione Granger"), so I hope it won't be too long till an update. ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Best regards,

The TV-Junkie :)